Ihsan’s 1st Visit To The Library

It’s so hard for me to update the blog nowadays since having Ihsan. In fact many things have changed tremendously since his presents. Some things are already well managed within this new situation but still there are a few things which I’m still working on, blogging is one of the best example 😛 Ihsan is having his afternoon nap and I’m fasting today so I got a lot of times to blog. If not I might be busy munching non-stopped by now 😛

Again, this is about Ihsan and I don’t care if anyone gets boring as if I’m the only one on earth who has a child but to me every detail of Ihsan’s development is precious. So that’s why I have to write them down before I forget them 😉 Last Thursday, March 11th, 2010 we went to the city hall to attend Ihsan’s 6 to 7 months assessment. As of that day Ihsan weighted 7.29 kg (plus the diaper) and his height now is already 65 cm. He is in the average category but slightly less. As an overall everything was fine. Actually once we arrived the health officer said to us that Ihsan is big. Might be she expected that Ihsan would be smaller than he is now because she knew about our plan on delaying solids to Ihsan. In fact there were also a few other babies who were about the same size as Ihsan although they have started on solids. Anyway, on that day I’d seen a few babies have started to sit by themselves, some had started moving forward and turning everywhere. I can’t wait for Ihsan turn to come. As for now, I’m enjoying the moment in fact sometimes at the end of the day I already feel tired with his first stage of mobility. I’m sure I’m gonna need more patience and energy once he starts walking, climbing and jumping! 😛 After the physical check up we were explained about baby’s development of this age, how to play and encourage them at the same time and lastly about baby foods preparation.

At the end of the session all moms and babies were given baby foods to try but of course I ate Ihsan’s 😛 While other mom and babies were eating we were asked privately how’s Ihsan doing without taking solid yet and we told that he’s having no problem at all. Then the health officer briefed me once again on how to prepare and introduce solid foods to Ihsan. I asked a few things too to get some detail information. She also reminded that I can call if I have any problem or anything to ask about solids then. The way she talked to us as like she really urged us to please give Ihsan solids as soon as possible because solids is important for baby’s growth. We just listened and nodded. I do agree with that but knowing the benefits of delaying solids as I listed before in my previous entry, I knew I’m not doing harm on Ihsan. But somehow hubby and I had finalized our decision. Considering the condition that Ihsan was born less than 3 kg although full term, we decided to start solids on Ihsan this coming March 21st, once Ihsan reaches 7 months old. We could take Ihsan for blood check up but we don’t actually take this solid foods matter seriously to that extend. It’s known that usually prematurely born baby or baby born with less than 3 kg although full term usually has very low iron in their body. Although I do believe Ihsan has enough iron and it’s just his genetic that made him born small. But we better be safe than sorry since iron deprivation can cause serious illness to baby and it can’t be reversed. Before we left, we were privately introduced to a mama and baby class held on every Saturday. The health officer encouraged us to come so that Ihsan can socialize. We’ll see then.

After the check up we went to the library to take Ihsan’s book. The book is actually a present for him since he already reached 7 months of age. During last check up we were shown a few books and we were asked to choose one. So the book below was the one I chose. The title is Jya Jya Biri Biri. It’s a book about sounds of things and I like it because it’s small and easy for me to bring everywhere. Owh yeah, Ihsan is gonna get another book present again when he reaches 9 months old. This time, hubby chose a book of finding a goldfish. But I can’t remember the title though. Apparently, the librarian was a wife to a staff of the company so she knew about hubby from her husband. Her husband had just retired from the company. We were also given a library card for each of us and straight away I borrowed a few books for Ihsan and hubby borrowed 1 book for himself. We can borrow 10 books by 1 card. But we just borrowed 5 book first on that day. I think it’s very interesting they made it like this as an effort to introduce reading and knowledge at a very young age. The parents can get a lot of benefits too. By the way we already read the book for Ihsan and truly I really enjoy doing this! I can practice reading in Nihongo too. Listening to me reading, hubby chuckled and said to Ihsan that Mama is learning to read 😛 Ihsan doesn’t really pay attention while we are reading for him so we have to be creative by making lost of intonations and various of sounds to grab his attention. Ihsan loves staring at the book and most of the time he would be busy flipping, hitting or ‘digging’ the book by his hands and fingers 😀 After this we are definitely going to pay a numerous visit to the library. I really love books! 😉

His book present.

The book I chose.

The books we borrowed.

The free library cards present.

As for yesterday, March 15th, 2010 Ihsan got his 2nd DPT injection and next month will be followed by Polio immunization at the city hall. I think that’s all for today. I should be blogging like this more often after this. Shorter entry = less time needed = more entries = less updates forgotten. Right? Although this is still not that short. Will try to come up with a better one next time 😀

4 Replies to “Ihsan’s 1st Visit To The Library”

  1. Sekarang ni mmg masa yg cun nak ganti puasa kan,tak panas dan tak sejuk,fith pun masih berbaki bbrp hari lg nak habiskan bayar nazar,gambatte!

    Wahhh banyaknya buku.bestnya ada servis macam tu,fith ni selalu beli buku2 2R kat 100yen shop ja,simple,murah dan yg plg penting jenis tebal,hehe.

    alahai,kali ni takde pic ihsan,frust!huuhu

    Aah betul tu. Cumanya Subuh awal sgt kdg2 terlepas nk bersahur huhu. Gambatte! Aah best kan diorg wat mcm ni. Kalau sndiri2 jgn harap la nk g library n wat kad. Tp ni silently dipaksa g library n tetiba je anak branak skaligus dpt kad. So secara tak langsung terus willingly jd library member. Buku2 library interesting kalau nk bli mahal2. Puas la kiter meminjam pas ni 😀 Eh ada la gmbr ats skali Ihsan dok mengintai hihi 😛

  2. ala takde gambar ihsan.. ku kecewa.. hihi..
    derang bising plak soh bagi anak kita makan, huhu.. tadah jekla telinga tu pastu ckp hait hait..

    Sbnrnya Mama dh bosan bukak2 blog je blk2 tgk gambar Ihsan melambak2 haha 😛 Next time plak ye. Itula angguk2 jela dgr diorg ckp2. Malas nk pjg2 citer.

  3. wahhh..ihsan kecik2 agi dh gi library

    Nk ajar Ihsan punya pasal Mama pn terpaksala merajinkan diri ni ha hihi

  4. seronoknyer dpt buku comel2.. mama ihsan pon share same book ke? hehehe… silap haribulan, ihsan lagi hebat nihongo dr mama kot… mama,ganbatte! 😀

    Haah Mama share same book dgn Ihsan je. Blaja sama2 hihi. Library tu xde English books for adults pn 😀

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