Of 27th Birthday Recap & 5th Wedding Anniversary

Nothing much to tell on my 27th birthday which took place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010. I was at in-law’s place and hubby got home late past midnight on the night before. I was kinda expecting a surprise birthday wish from him when the clock needle struck 12 midnight but I already knew that he was going to come home late although I didn’t actually think it was gonna be that late. He went to play badminton with his friend and by the time he crawled into bed I was half asleep but he didn’t wish me anyway. I think he tried to wish me good night but I bluntly told him to just sleep following by a short nag of why he came home so late. On the actual day of my birthday I woke up early and had breakfast in the kitchen. MIL was the first to wish me πŸ™‚ Then I remember following MIL to the post office to help her post a package. After that we stopped at a restaurant and I took away some beef murtabak. While I went to settle all those things, Ihsan was taken care by MIL in the car. We straightly went home after that and I can’t really remember what did I do. But I left Ihsan with hubby who was still asleep. I think hubby was having a little bit of headache and he was pissed off when Ihsan was busy baby-talking and kicking at his behind. Followed by a constant nagging by me finally hubby woke up. He seemed not really in the mood. I tried to keep myself cheerful and thought might be he intentionally acted as like he forgotten my birthday. So I kinda expecting a surprise from him although deep in another corner of my mind I thought he might already forgotten that it was my birthday.

After waking up I accompanied him having late breakfast in the kitchen. That was when MIL asked him whether he had wished me or not and he replied not yet and asked his mom why she asked him at the first place. So by then I already knew that he had forgotten about my birthday. I kept myself calm although I was so disappointed. It was unbelievable to me that he really forgot my birthday! πŸ™ Then it was followed a little bit of misunderstanding during when we tried to plan our schedule on that day. To cut the story short, I kept silent with him for the whole day. I was really not in the mood. I was so disappointed, remember? But of course we acted normal in front of everybody else πŸ˜› In the afternoon we went to visit his best friend and wife at their house in Shah Alam. While on the way back hubby tried to coax me and suggested that we go celebrate but I just said that I wanted to go home. In the evening, MIL planned a dining-out to celebrate my birthday. I chose to dine at a typical Malay restaurant because I wanted to eat typical Mesian food. Hubby was asleep and didn’t want to join at first because he was also sulking towards me. But I forced him to follow me anyway because if he didn’t of course that’s gonna be weird since everyone else was going. So we went and had a good time eating all delectable foods. But once we went home, we continued being cold towards each other. I was waiting for him to say sorry to me but he chose to ignore me instead because he knew I was angry with him. But that made me even more furious towards him.

To cut the story short, we managed to make up after a few heated arguments. Yet I kept repeating to him from time to time that I don’t forgive him for forgetting my birthday. To me, there’s no reason at all could be accepted because at least he should has made an effort to not forget the day at the first place. I don’t know why but it has always been a really big matter to me for the supposed person to remember my birthday. I really care about my birthday. I don’t mind if friend or even best friend for forgetting my birthday but no excuse at all for my family members and especially my husband whom I share pillow, blanket, bed, silent-killing-stinking-fart coming out from the blanket and loud-annoying snore at night πŸ˜› Anyway personally I didn’t really feel joyous realizing the fact that my age is added 1 more year because it made me felt old. There’s another freaking 3 years towards 30-ish! I’ve always felt like I’m younger than my real age. How I wished I’m still 24 πŸ˜› When I was in Mesia recently there was one time at the mall when 2 girls were fascinated with Ihsan who was held by my mom. When I came near them, they were shocked and said how young I am upon seeing me. I asked them back am I really young? Which followed by a comment by them that I looked ‘awet muda’. Lastly I just laughed and said thank you. SecondΒ  incident which I clearly remember was when my family held a kenduri kesyukuran. I was holding Ihsan then one of my father’s staff, a young woman asked me how old I really am in a disbelief looked. Thirdly, when I was at a pharmacy looking for stuffs, the pharmacists addressed me as ‘Adik’. Well most of the times… I took those incidents as a compliments πŸ™‚ But sometimes it is just annoying because some people think I am as ‘budak skolah’ and asked me ‘blaja mana’ which is still okay rather than there were a few times they asked me ‘skolah mana’ agagaga! Plus sometimes when people think that you are still young, some people pay less respect and attention to you and they tend to ignore my opinion. Now with a baby some people think that I’m married just after finished school urgh! I know, my size and look are the biggest factors that made me looked younger than I really am. So nowadays I’m becoming more careful in choosing my clothes to wear. I have to ensure that I looked matured but still not that old.

Owh yeah back to the main story. So, hubby did forget my birthday πŸ˜› Anyway, last Friday, February 12th, 2010 was our 5th Wedding Anniversary. I didn’t really expect anything from hubby especially that he had forgotten my birthday before so I didn’t want to put any hope at all. But of course I hoped at least he didn’t forget the day at the first place and I had already kept in mind of what to cook on the weekend. On the night before that, I went to bed earlier than hubby. Usually hubby would go to bed the latest at 12 midnight. But on that night he didn’t go to bed as usual which made me felt fishy πŸ˜› However just after the needle past 12 midnight, hubby came into the room bringing along a bouquet of red roses to me. There were 5 roses meant for 5 years of marriage. He wished me Happy Anniversary and of course I was surprised! That instantly made me felt guilty for continuously kept bringing up to him about forgetting my birthday. So I knew he was in a way tried to make up for what had happened before. We went out of the bedroom since Ihsan was already asleep. Hubby took out a box of 4 slices cheesecake and 2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher from the closet where he hid all those things beforehand. I just laughed towards him and of course I was melted by his gesture. We shared a slice of cheesecake before finally going to bed since hubby still needed to work on the tomorrow of the day and it was already too late for him. As for yesterday, Saturday; I made Tomato Rice and Double-Chocolate-Oreo Cheesecake. However the cake didn’t turn out beautiful because I unintentionally refused to follow the instruction fully. Hence I didn’t decorate the cake at all. Yet, the taste was sinfully delicious still πŸ™‚

5 Red Roses

Already nicely wrapped chocolates. Yelakan kebetulan skrg musim Valentine’s Day. Pilih je chocolates mana nk buat present πŸ˜›

Cheesecake bli kt kedai pakcik Hatano. Kalau g kedai dia mmg bli kek ni je. Sbb ni je yg boleh mkn πŸ˜›

Wow it has been 5 years. Quite a small number to some but hey it still took a lot of hard work to achieve 5 years of marriage. Dearly Ayang, I am so grateful to be your wife and have lovely kids with you, for you to complete me and for you to accept my imperfections. When I look back along the way we had gone through together, there were time which I regret for the way it took place and wished that I could mendΒ  them back. There were also times which happened so wonderfully that I really wished if only we could experience them one more time. There were also times when we were at the lowest points of our lives which full of tears and also there were times when it were full with laughter and joy. However I should have realized that things had taken place as how they fated to be whether we like it so much or never at all. Upon our 5th wedding anniversary, I want to look back for each and every important things that had taken place during our lives together. What have I done all these while? For each of them, did I do the right thing or wrong? How should I become better? Why I want to become better? How better I want to be? I silently asked myself those questions and I should think of the answers myself too. I want to do this because I want to ensure that we manage to always stay strong beside each come what may in our future and I want to feel contented with my life of being with you no matter what it takes. I hope you think and feel the same too. Baby, I pray for more years to come blessed with full of happiness together with more lovely kids πŸ˜› our loved ones. I love you so and I pray that we will always be together until the hereafter. InsyaAllah. Amin XOXO πŸ™‚

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  1. Happy belated anniversary (eh ade ke org wish `belated` utk anniversary) :-p

    May Allah bestow HIS mercy upon your marriage.
    Moga jodah kekal hingga ke Syurga insyaAllah.

    It has been quite some time since I have posted a comment here…huhu..

    Eh xpe. Yg xde tula kiter ada2 kan hehe πŸ˜› Tq yer for the wishes. Ala blog ni pn skrg ni kena tggu tgh2 mlm bila Ihsan dh tdo br boleh update huhu

  2. happy belated birthday! fith pun sama mcm ina,sgt takleh terima klau hubby lupa bday kita kan,hehe,apapun,sabar je laa,insyaAllah pasnih sure dia tak ‘berani’ lupa lg,hihi…

    happy belated anniversary…soo nice,romantik!!! puas hati ler tuh,hehe…
    fith tak hbs fikir lg nak celebrate camner nih,ermmm

    Hubby kata mmg mggu tu dia penat sgt sbb bz kerja n mmg byk benda dia lupa. Tp tula rasa xleh terima apa2 alasan pn. Jgn nnt lps2 ni lupa ada bini plak dh la ahaha πŸ˜› Tq Fith for d wish. Kami mcm biasala celebrate simple2 je. Haa Fith pn beza bape hari je anniversary kan. Hope u have a very nice day nnt yer πŸ™‚

  3. happy belated birthday + belated anniversary ina!

    semoga Allah berikan kehidupan yg bahagia utk ina+family.

    p/s: wah2…brape kali ina tulis ‘to cut the story short’…tp, xshort2 pn. hehehe. lain kali ina xpyh la potong2 cerite,ye? kite seronok je bace cerite ina panjang2.

    Tq for the wishes Fadh. Ahaa maknanya kan Fadh kalau tak di ‘cut the story short’ makanya lagiii lah pjg citer nyer tau Fadh. Sbb tu la kena byk kali potong hehe. Fadh sila lah update FP Fadh tu dh bersawang dh. Org nk baca citer terbaru Fadh jugak πŸ˜›

  4. hai ina, ni norlin ni…
    noli memang selalu ikuti blog ina ni…hihi menarik cerita ina, dan suka cara penulisan ina…..macam baca buku cerita, novel…hihi betul ni…try la buat buku….

    ok ,noli ambil kesempatan ni untuk ucapkan selmat ulang tahun perkhawinan yg ke lima dan selamat hari lahir yg ke 27…hihi dah tua dah la kan…semoga hidup ina sekeluarga diberkati….yg pasal lupa tarikh tu, noli pun salah sorang jenis yg suka lupa tarikh…tapi sejak dah jadi ibu ni , noli cuba untuk ingat tarikh tarikh penting tu… πŸ™‚

    Hi Noli lamaa xdgr citer. Dok pk2 nk msg tp asyik la dok tangguh2 hihi. Ritu ada jugak baca blog Noli skali terhilang url. Kali ni kiter link ke blog ni ye. Rajin2 la update tau. Tq Noli for the wishes. Hihi agaknya jns lupa2 tarikh ni mmg penyakit kot ek kdg2 susah nk buang. Btw bila nk jln2 Nagano ni? Kot terlajak ke sini dtg la rumah πŸ˜€

  5. 3 kali buka blog mama ihsan kali ke3 baru dpt baca sampai abes, zayyan asyik dok kacau dok tekan2 keyboard. dah tido br umi leh melagho lama sket.
    waa bestnye dpt roses, bila la kita nk dpt tahun lepas tak dapat langsung. yg angin nye siap tanya nk bunga ke nak lunch kat luar, kena pilih plak, adoiila langsung tak romantik n sgt kedekut, hihi..
    papa ihsan ni romantik gak n sgt baik siap beli cake. kalo pg jgn beranganla dia nk beli cake kat kita kat sini, dia rela wat sendiri sebab dia kata mahal, punyela kedekut. apapun kena la terima, kang ade yg wat mogok nak lari umah, haha..

    Hihi paham2. Kiter skrg pn nk melagho lama sket tgh2 mlm masa dh tdokan Ihsan. Tu yg skrg leh update blog laju sket. Tp esknya bgn lg lewat ler πŸ˜› Alaa Murni kiter pn bkn slalu dpt bunga. Last time dpt pn masa 1st time jmpa dlu tau lama dahhh! Kali ni kiter siap tanya bunga sekuntum bape harga n baru je nk ajak dia g mkn2 ke. Tp xjd la sbb dh dpt bunga πŸ˜› Haha Latif dia dh merasa skali dlu buatkan kek utk kiter. Punya laa lama nk siap pastu esknya xbermaya je nk g keje. So dia bli je skrg ni sbb sng. Lain la Pg dia mahir bab msk memasak ni kan. Best apa leh mkn air tgn suami. Kiter jns xkisah asalkan xsshkan hubby n kalau dia buat surprise mcm ni kirer bonus la tu hihi πŸ˜€

  6. tahniah!!!!

    Tenkiu! πŸ˜€

  7. ina, happy belated birthday(my birthday-mate πŸ™‚ ) n happy belated anniversary!! 3 more years to 30’s kan? tp untung kawen dgn hubby yg lagi tua(3thn), mai selalu rasa muda..hik3

    Tq for the wishes n happy belated bday jugak Mai! πŸ˜‰ Kiter plak suka hubby sebaya sbb rasa terblk dgn Mai konon ada gang la sama2 muda plus rasa syok if hubby dh tua anak pn dh bsr sket hihi mcm2 πŸ˜›

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