We’re Home

I always dream and whined to hubby if only I could go back home to meet all the beloved families whom I’d been missing, if only I could run away from the winter coldness and enjoy the nice warm weather, if only I could get to eat all the foods I’d been craving, if only I could kill my boredom by enjoying the familiar lifestyle and atmosphere and on top of all if only I and together with hubby could bring back our baby sweetheart to meet all the people who had been loving and dreaming of him from afar all these while. Know what? My dreams really come true! Alhamdulillah 🙂 Owh I still can’t believe it happened 😛

Rezeki Ihsan. I feel so grateful to God 🙂

Our flight from KLIA was at 11.35 pm on last week’s Sunday, January 31st, 2010 and we touched down at Narita on the following day, Monday morning. We departed from the airport at about 9.00 am by car and arrived our home-sweet-home at about 12.00 pm. I thought we would be welcomed home by patches of ice on the ground at every here and there but to my relieve there was none! 😀 But it was weird though. Still, it was good that I was already so dread to come home because of the winter coldness what more if the environment was surrounded by so much of snow. However on the very next day the earth was covered with thick snow. Agaknya snow ni saja tggu kitorg blk baru nk turun ke? My first impression once I got into the house was, “Eh apsal rumah aku kecik sgt?”. Almaklumlah dah get used being in spacious Malaysian house for about a month. Namun terpaksala terima hakikat meneruskan kembali hidup di rumah Nihon yg sekangkang kera ni. Niat dihati smpi2 je nk rehat2 la dlu. Tp once jejak kaki dlm rmh je rasa mcm, “Alamak celah mana aku nk jln ni? Beg je dh gabak2 berbondong2”. Therefore after doing whatever needed to be done I straightly unpacked our luggage while hubby and Ihsan had their rest. Only after I done I joined them. Sempat la tdo 1 hour. At night, I cooked simple dinner and prepared all the necessary stuffs because hubby got to go to work on the very next day to report his 1 month duty in Mesia. Well… can’t believe it that it has been 1 week we are back. Time flies so fast. I still remember clearly the days of how busy we were knowing that we needed to go back to Mesia.

Actually it wasn’t in our plan to go back to Mesia very recently. Our original plan was only to wait until we are going back for good in mid 2011. To recap back, on Thursday night, December 31st, 2009; we just finished our dinner and at that time I was also just settled making plan with our friends to meet and play snow on the very coming weekend. Suddenly hubby got a call from one of his bosses. I was next to him listening to his conversation and kinda knew what was going on but I didn’t really care because to me it sounded quite impossible or ridiculous to be exact 😛 After done talking, hubby looked at me and said, “Sayang, ada berita baik tp ada berita buruk jugak. Kiter maybe kena balik Mesia tp berita buruknya Abang kena keja la”. Apparently there was an urgent job needed to be done in MEsian branch so about 10 engineers from Japan were ordered to go to Mesia immediately. The boss already thought that hubby definitely couldn’t leave his family alone in here to which of course hubby agreed. So, the boss told hubby to bring us along. If possible he wanted us to go back on the very coming Saturday, January 3rd, 2010 which was so impossible to us. Why? Because it was only 2 days to come. Furthermore Ihsan didn’t have his own passport yet, we haven’t applied for re-entry visa yet and on top of all the Japan government was on New Year holiday so all government offices were closed.

The boss still wanted us to go back so they bought tickets for us anyway. So by hook or by crook we needed to make it possible! We went through series of obstacles which each of them could compromise our chance to go back to Mesia. First, the city hall opened only at normal office hour so we couldn’t start our journey to Tokyo any sooner than that. We managed to depart at about 9.00 am since it took quite a while to get all the documents needed at the city hall. Fyi, the estimated journey to Tokyo from our place is 3 hours. Second, we arrived at the Mesian Embassy only 5 minutes past 12.00 pm and the time allocated for application or submission has ended 🙁 The afternoon session only started at 2.00 pm and that was only for collection. But somehow we got help from the embassy officer and managed to get Ihsan’s emergency travel document at the very same afternoon. Third, owh we got Ihsan’s emergency travel document only at 3.30 pm which meant only 30 minutes left before the Tokyo Immigration Office would be closed! Right after we grabbed the documents needed from the embassy, we ran from inside the embassy until we reached the car and moved towards immigration office which is 8km from the embassy. Fourth, tgh kelam kabut ikut navigator tu bleh plak tersalah msk jln. Yelah even tgk navigator pn quite confusing sbb jln in big cities kn byk n berlapis. But luckily boleh u-turned dkt2 situ jugak. Fifth, we arrived immigration department but the parking was full! At that time lagi about 10 minutes aje before 4.00 pm. We nearly gave up, blur n panicked didn’t know whether we should wait or search parking at other place. Lgpn if parking tmpt lain jauh jugak nk lari2 lintas jln pe sumer nk jln blk ke immigration office tu. Tp hubby still queued. Masa tu pk xpela g jelah. Dpt2 lah xdpt blk jelah rmh blk. Fortunately at the very last minute ada kereta keluar so we could get in. Lps parking je terus kuar kereta lari2 lagi selaju mungkin, naik tangga n ambik nombor. Wahhh masa tu rasa lega nyaaa 😀 If we were a few minutes late the machine number tu would already be kept. Lps tu terus duduk. Punyala tercungap2 rasa mcm br lps marathon. Pdhal br lari sket. Yelah kan dh tua 😛 At that time the immigration office was still full with people but we were the last person to leave the office 😛

After done with the documents, we straightly headed to Nikko Hotel Narita because we were already so tired. Owh, our list of obstacles didn’t end yet. Sixth, we followed the navigator but but it brought us to the airport staff entrance. Masa tu dh pelik apsal ada askar2 ni. Yelah the security system at Narita Airport is very strict. But they just asked where were we heading to and directed us to the road to get to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel a few minutes after that. We showered, we ate, I packed our stuffs more accordingly before finally joining hubby and Ihsan who were already asleep. On the next day, Tuesday, January 5th, 2009; We headed to the airport quite early although our flight was going to depart at 10.15 am. We arrived the airport at about 7.30 am and yet this is the most crucial part of our list of challenges. Kitorg dh smpi awal and we already called the service jaga kereta to pick our car beforehand. The person should arrive already by the time we arrived at the airport. Ihsan and I dh msk dlu and we waited for hubby right in front of the lane to check-in. Sbb masa tu sejuk sgt2 kt luar. Hubby waited outside the car with our luggage. Tp hubby waited nearly 1 hour kt luar sejuk beku tu tp org tu xsmpi2. Pelik sungguh! I saw hubby dh marah2 sorg2 siap tendang tiang tmpt dropping passenger tu 😛 and sekejap2 on his phone. As for me, I was already thinking cmner ni line makin lama dh makin sket org. Dh smpi tahap ni dh mmg sajer la kalau xdpt blk mmg sia2 sungguh! I could check-in for us tapi cmner plak takkan nk blk berdua je dgn Ihsan. Pastu pk sempat ke kalau hubby parking kete kt tmpt lain plak ke. Uish mcm2 kitorg pk masa tu serabut sungguh! But at last org tu dtg pun. Rupanya dia dh lama smpi tp dia g tggu kt domestic. Yg bestnya dia dh smpi dia xcall kitorg. Hubby dok call byk kali tu dok ckp dgn org office diorg. Yg org office tu pun bengong xcheck betul2 the information we gave and call staff dia apa semua cmner kan. Sng ckp, system diorg la bengong. At last, diorg bg la diskaun tp sket jela pun. Yg kiter ni dh nyaris2 nk miss flight dh 😛

Finally we managed to check in. Tp kitorg pn dh panic so kelam-kabut lari ke gate. Masa kt immigration gate tu dgn tersilap xisi form selengkap2nya, dgn tertinggal documents penting atas meja then lari2 amik semula, dgn Ihsan nangis sekuat2nya masa tu warghhh! Pastu dgn lari2 nyer lagi. At last smpi pn dkt gate. Sempat duduk2 n amik gmbr lagi. Ceh kalau tau xyah la kitorg terkocoh-kacah wat penat je. Flight delayed for a few minutes rupanya. But Alhamdulillah we managed to realized our mission. Yelahkan dpt blk free sng2 je. Tp ada gak la cabarannya kan. Along the journey Ihsan ok je xbyk kerenah. Nangis, merengek n menjerit sket2 tu biasa la kan. Dia pun boring dok dlm flight lama2. Penat sama. We both took turn la entertained dia. We arrived KLIA at about 5.00 pm. Masa on the way back to Japan plak masa dkt gate before entering the flight suddenly aje Ihsan mengamuk. Pdhal before that elok aje ceria bukan main. Dia dh ngantuk n lapar. Lgpun masa tu dh nearly midnight kan. But at that time org tgh sibuk beratur segala. Seb baik sekejap aje dia ngamuk. Before that I dh nk bg susu siap2 kt dia tp dia xnk sbb busy nk main. Throughout the flight plak Ihsan pn ok sgt2. Keje dia tdo sajer but on my lap la. Kalau ltk dlm bassinet tu sure dia xtdo punya. I held him most of the times because I wanted hubby to get sleep selama mungkin since he needed to drive plak nnt. Lega sgt Ihsan xbyk kerenah during our journey to and fro. Tp agak penat la jugak kalau sorg2 aje nk handle dia. Lenguh pgg dia lama2. Xsangka plak it’s already more than a week kitorg dh blk Nihon semula. Masa mula2 haritu xsangka dpt blk Mesia 😛 In fact our families also surprised getting the news that we were going back.

Honestly I feel so relieved we managed to go back because we could bring Ihsan to meet the families. At the same time we ourselves missed the families a lot too. Everybody had been waiting for the chance to meet Ihsan and unbelievably they could meet him much sooner than everyone thought. If only Ihsan would be back when we are going back for good then, he will be 1 year and 9 months already by that time. That’s gonna be long more time before everybody could finally meet him. Even at that time he is no longer a tiny little baby. So it’s kinda pity to the families since they couldn’t witness the fragile and adorable him by their own eyes. If cium2 Ihsan masa tu dh xde dh bau baby mcm skrg ni kan. Everyone was so happy and we are so happy for that. Ihsan was also so happy getting the unconditional love from everyone. He was the center of attention in the whole families because he was the youngest. When people met him for the first time, people would see him first as like we weren’t existed 😛 However I can say that Ihsan kinda looked bored during the few days after we came home and he wasn’t as cheerful as he was in Mesia. Poor my baby 🙁 Will blog about this some other time. But anyway our holiday in Mesia this time felt much more relaxed, longer, satisfying and better compared to when we got back last year. Might be because this time hubby needed to go to work everyday except weekends of course and we had to spend much time at home. It was an enjoyable holiday for me and Ihsan but not really for hubby. At times he felt so exhausted with work that he couldn’t wait to go back to Japan 😛 Poor hubby. During the last time we went back Ihsan was still in my tummy, about 2 cm long, at about 5 weeks gestation. But this time he is about 62 cm long and as heavy as 6.5 kg 😛 During the holiday, we stayed at the in-law’s in USJ Subang Jaya first then Ihsan and I went back to Sungai Petani, Kedah since my parents currently working in there. Then we went back to my parents’ house in Semenyih, back to USJ, to Semenyih again and finally departed to the airport from USJ. Most importantly, I got to eat a lot of delicious Mesian food too 😀

Lastly, things happen for a reason and everything is related to other thing, right? Thank you so much to the person who  caused this to happen at the first place and also to boss yg paksa jugak2 hubby balik. Alhamdulillah, syukur sgt2 dpt blk 😀 I have lots of important stories to tell like my birthday, Ihsan’s milestone and etc. and will surely try to get back at each one of them later. So, till then!

6 Replies to “We’re Home”

  1. wahhh bestnya blk bercuti lama kat msia,hehe.puas ker makan?
    ooo begitu kisahnya,patutlah tiba2 menghilang kan.
    tak lama dah laa ye ina n family nak blk msia for good,nextyear ek?

    take care

    Mkn tu tetap xpuas laa Fith. Kena dok sana terus baru puas hehe. Haah InsyaAllah next year. Cukupla tu 5 thn. Kena pk to start to settle down plak lps ni. Fith pn take care ye.

  2. confirm ek nak balik for good 2011 nanti, huwaaaa nak ikut!!

    InsyaAllah confirm la kot. Kitorg dh determined dh 🙂

  3. wow, akak pun penat baca ina punye citer ni… thrill sungguh. hahahaha
    eh btw, nak email add leh x?

    Itula psl. Seb baik la dpt blk gak kalo tak tensen je 😛 Email add heartily_ina@yahoo.com

  4. mommy izzdanish says: Reply

    ina…penat dan berdebar baca…step2 sampai nak masuk perut a.plane..dulu pernah rasa penat ada kejadian memenatkan begini..masa tu izz 2mons…lg lah naik shinkansen++densya dr hiroshima..dr pagi perjalanan..sampai malam br dpt rest hotel!!!!berjalan lg..kendong anak..suma sbb wat passport,surat beranak..pastu esok pg2 trus balik msia…all in one mission mmg memenatkan!!but now..remind as sweet memory for us……fil kt usj ker??alahai..rugi xsempat ctc awal2….ktrg kt usj 19…….belakang digitalmall baru… sorry bebel2 byk..hehe..lepas geram jarang dpt ctc org n berinternet..blk msia jadula everyday full!!!!!!!!! take care…xsabar nk wait 2011…panjang jodoh kt jumpa lg k…

    Haah Syima kami kena blk mengejut kan so mmg kalut la. Tp mmg best la sbb dpt gak blk hehe 😀 Laa yeke Syima dok situ dkt laa sgt2 dgn rmh in-law. Rmh kitorg dkt sgt dgn Pizza Hut USJ 9 tu. Nyesal nyer xmsg Syima awal2. Kami dh la lama dh nk cntct Syima sbb ada benda nk tanya. Kalau xsng2 je leh jmpa. Xpe2 ada rezeki nnt leh la kiter wat playdate slalu ye. Btw nnt kiter email Syima ye 😉

  5. patut l akak confuse apsal tetiba ada kat mesia akkakaaaa

  6. Kak Fid,

    Ni entry zaman bila akak baca ni hihihi ;P

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