I Love Snow But Not Coldness

Sigh… susah betul nk siapkan n publish even an entry. Anyway whyyy there’s nobody trying to stop me from privatizing my blog? 😛 Actually I don’t really like to go private because I myself will have to log in even every time I only want to browse my blog. But I’m thinking of privatizing because I just discovered something. Anyway I would just bear with it at the moment until when I don’t feel like can take it anymore. Actually it’s not really a big deal. But I just happen don’t feel comfortable with it.

Just the other day I told to myself that this year’s winter isn’t so cold compared to last year. But already after a day of non-stop snowing, I’ve started glancing at the calendar and counting when this cold winter will end! It will be about 2 months more before the weather will slowly become warm again. My heart filled with joy witnessing the first snow shower of this winter 😀 In the morning, the ground turned whitish but only for a while before the ice was melted by the rising sun and it turned back to whitish again as the night setting in. The environment looked gray during the day and the cold wind keep blowing the snow flakes to everywhere during the night too. It’s so cold that I have to keep the heater ON almost all the times 😛 If it’s only me, I could try to bear the coldness but I can’t do that being with Ihsan. But gladly today is quite sunny although the weather forecast showed that yesterday and today’s temperature are the lowest. I don’t even turn the heater ON because it doesn’t really feel that cold.

The first snow of winter 2009

After 2 days

I’m quite excited welcoming the first snow of this winter minus the coldness. In fact during the first night the snow falling, I took some ice and put them on Ihsan’s hands. He was blur and although the ice was of course cold, only after a while he moved his hands away 😀 I can’t wait for next year when I already could see him enjoying and playing with the snow. I can’t wait to join him! Ihsan cepat lah besar! 😛 By the way on last weekend hubby was working on Saturday whereas on Sunday we just stayed at home and I just raced to finish up all the things I needed to do before Monday arrives. I feel so lazy to do anything during this cold winter. If only I don’t need to cook, if only there’s fireplace in this house, if only I could put heater in the bathroom :P,  if only I could just fly back to warm Mesia and… the list goes on. I dread to blog too because my hands and feet are cold and also not forgetting I’m experiencing brain-freeze too 😛

Remember that I told about spring cleaning during a few past weekends? One of the agendas was to maintain our compound in front of the house. A few days before that there was some piping job done in order to replace the old ones. In order to do that, the plumber had somehow dig our compound and once he finished with the job we got not only better water quality but a nice clear compound too. So, hubby decided to plant some flowers and he did plant 24 pansy flower plants! Hubby bought them in a few different colors and some of them have ‘face’. They are beautiful and cute! 😀 Pansy is cold weather plant and it could survive short period of snow. But previously after 3 days of non-stopped snowing, the flowers are now already dwindling. Apparently we have to put dry winter mulch, since very soon the ground will be covered with prolonged snow. Gonna have to buy some mulch soon and perhaps the pansies could keep our compound looked nice for at least right until end of spring 🙂

The newly planted pansies

The one with face 🙂

Now some things on Ihsan, on previous Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 we attended Ihsan’s 3 to 4 months check up. Since then I got a few important matters to think about. Actually I think not all people would think hard on these matters but since I have no other job to do, so let me be. Owh on yesterday, Monday, December 21st, 2009 Ihsan turned 4 months young! Surely will come up with his 4 months young milestones later and the important matters I mentioned earlier. Well… honestly I was kinda worried just now during the whole day but gladly now I already feel at ease. I’m trying not to but I couldn’t lie to myself. Actually, I don’t know whether I should be worried at the first place or not. Once we woke up today, I held Ihsan onto my lap to nurse him. That was when I noticed his right hand was puffy, red, firm and cold. I thought to myself like, “Wow he is really getting bigger fast!”. Then my eyes looked at his other hand which weirdly was unlike the other one. His left hand was so pale, warm, soft and looked smaller. Instantly I was like… “Eh? What’s going on? Is that hand actually swollen?”. To cut the story short, I called hubby to inform him and I monitored Ihsan’s his condition for the whole day today and tried to remember if there was any uncommon behavior he showed or anything happened in the past few days. However he was as his usual self, active and cheeky as ever and also there’s nothing extraordinary that I could remember of. But by this time, his hands looked already the same and their condition is in the between of the 2 conditions earlier. I guess maybe it’s just because of the coldness or the position of his hands while sleeping. Although every night I’ll make sure to wrap him and the only skin exposed is his face but that might be not enough. So tonight we are going to shift place and perhaps the same thing won’t repeat again tomorrow. After all maybe I’m just being overly worried 😛

Anak Mama yang kacak merah2 pipi sbb sejuk 😀 Kerut2 kening pun sama mcm Papa. Semuanya lah mcm Papa. Hidung yg mahal tu je tak 😀

Actually my main purpose for this entry is just to upload a few pictures of foods that I had tried before this. But nampak gayanya lain kali je lah. Dah terciter benda lain plak 😛

9 Replies to “I Love Snow But Not Coldness”

  1. big boy dah…ingat lagi masa ina letak his newborn pics, kecik jer….bila lar baru dpt ketemu budak jepun ni agak nya.

    Kak Yati kitorg pn smpi arini mesti xsangka every time tgk blk gmbr2 dia from day 1 to 1 month. Lainnn sgt! 😀

  2. ihsan dah bam bam la.. geramnye tgk. sungguh kakui la. comel comel comel..

    p/s sebenarnya tgk gambar ihsan sambil bergenang air mata bila fikir balik perit jerih yg kita semua lalui selama ini..

    Tulakan kdg2 xsangka. Bkn sng2 je nk smpi ke chapter hidup yg skrg ni. Akan dtg xtau la plak kan. Moga baik2 n indah2 je InsyaAllah.

  3. handsome boy…..dah besar laa dia.kawaiiii……..

    Mama paksa minum susu byk2 barula ada makwe terpikat hehe 😛

  4. tunjuk la picca ihsan pegang snow tu…nak tgk sgt…

    wah semakin bam bam si ihsan ni..

    pipi merah menyala…cian ihssan sejuk…ehheh

    erm rambut die lurus ke kerinting tu na???

    Dia xpgg pun snow. Aku ltk je sket ats tgn dia hehe. Rambut dia tgh2. Xkerinting tp xlurus sgt. Ada wavy sket2

  5. geramnyaaaaaaa pipi ihsannn!!!!!! meh aunty nak gegetttttt.

    hihi, handsomenya anak hang ina!! jadi menantu aunty nak??


    Haaa Aunty Syana pastikn la anak sulung anak dara. Kalau anak bujang berderet cmner nk jd menantu aunty? Hehe sesuka ati je mcm la leh pilih2 nk boy or girl 😀

  6. ya Allah, Tuhan yang memberikan rezeki, comel sungguh ihsan ni. Subhanallah!

    Ihsan, comes to kakak meh, let me hug and compress u dear! Kak ina, cepatla balik mesia sebelum pipi ehsan jadi kempis.

    alalala~ ihsan sayang!!!!

    kakak, post beby sini 😛

    Ehhh kalau post Ihsan mcm mana akak nk tdo mlm2? hehe 😛

  7. alalala…ihsan…..ina, kak kim tgk muka dia more to mama dia la..
    anyway, happy new year to ina n family! kalau nak privatekan blog jgn lupa sama kak kim eh.

  8. ehh da ade baby dah..syoknyer..tp mmg ikut muke ko la rina..hik3

  9. hi.. lama x ke sini… wahhh dah besar baby… comel….

    Hi Kak Nad how r u doing? 😉

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