My Breastfeeding Worst Fear

Ihsan finally got his first BCG immunization on last Wednesday, December 9th, 2009. We just went to the hospital nearest to us which actually I can see from home. So it was much easier this time and onwards since the hospital is usually not really that packed with people and not busy too. There were a few other moms with their babies at the same age of Ihsan too. So now Ihsan has 2 sets of 9 needles marks or 18 red dots altogether on his left arm. He cried even before being shot because he wasn’t comfortable being held so tightly. But the shots weren’t that painful I think and Ihsan just cried for a while and not that loud. Besides that, he was x-rayed to see whether the bones at his butt already attached or not. I can’t remember what’s the names of the bones and I’m not rajin enough now to search for that. The doctor was eager to speak in English but actually I preferred him to just speak in Nihongo with hubby. Because even he could speak English I couldn’t catch everything that he was saying clearly because of his Japanese slang. Hence, I hesitated to ask further. I pun takla terer but if he spoke US english ke British English ke sng la sket. Plus I believe he could explain more in detail if he spoke in Nihongo instead of at last balik2 ckp “everything is OK no problem”. I wished to know la jugak kan apa yg no problem nya. Might be he thought hubby’s Nihongo isn’t that good and we were comfortable to speak in English kot? We told him hubby works as an engineer when he asked so of course laa hubby can speak Nihongo. Never mind. I’m sure his intention was good and he was being concern to us. Plus might be he was also excitedly wanted to practice his English skill lah kan. Haa belum lagi I try guna my Nihongo skill nnt karang siap dgn bahasa isyarat sumer kuar ahaha! Eh xklaka okay jgn gelak! 😛 But I told hubby next time if we meet him again just straightly speak in Nihongo.

Anyway gladly Ihsan is progressing very normal as he should. The senior nurse also advised us on Ihsan’s bottom care since she saw that his butt was a bit reddish. That’s normal laa kan plus we have the medications n kalau dh habis ubat tu sng je nk cari. She also noticed Ihsan’s cradle cap was quite obvious so she advised us on that too of how we should do. I think she thought we don’t wash Ihsan’s head properly kot? Last time when we went to see skin specialist, the doctor made same remark on his head too. But what they didn’t know, I keep cleaning Ihsan’s head using brush and sometimes using oil before taking bath everyday! But once he wakes up on the next morning, there would be new cradle cap formed on his head. Ihsan’s cradle cap started very mild, just on eyebrows during the early days after he was born. But suddenly it became severe once he reached 2 months old. The cradle cap usually would heal by itself as the baby reach 3 or 4 months. I read that the cradle cap is caused by the overactive sebaceous glands in the skin of newborn babies, due to the mother’s hormones still in the baby’s circulation. So, until my particular hormones in his system is finished and the cradle cap is gone for good, I should just bear with his head condition and work on it everyday. Maybe I should clean his head using oil more often after this rather than only brushing it using comb. I don’t mind to be advised, really. In fact I welcome and appreciate it so much. But sometimes I wished I could just say shut up and don’t even think of it that I don’t take good care of my baby!!! Lastly, the nurse also showed me the position of how I could hold my baby to help his legs bones fully opened and fully attached at the bottom. We’ll go again to the hospital next week for Ihsan’s 3 to 4 months check up and again to get influenza vaccination shot for hubby and I.

Now, very recently my milk production was suddenly decreased. It was alarming that I’d started to think for the worst. Actually that was my second time experiencing such situation. The first experience was very mild and short. I only drank a cup of Milkmaid Tea and my milk production was back to normal right away. However during this previous experience, it took quite a longer time for my milk production to increase back to normal again. I tried many things to boost my milk like consuming dried longan water, white radish, Horlicks drink, Milo drink, cooked oat, and dates besides the Milkmaid Tea. I also tried massaging myself and hubby helped massage my back, tried long hot shower and frequent nursing. As of today Alhamdulillah my milk production has started to increase although not really as much as before. Seems like it’s gonna take some times to get back to normal. In the meantime I have to keep consuming the milk boosting foods. By the way, hubby bought a big white radish which have yet to be cooked. Besar lengan okay! Hamek ko! 😛 I wasn’t sure what caused the first experience but this time I know what’s the culprit. I’m already having my period for the second time and this time I could feel I’m having a tremendous hormonal changes. I was bloated days before I got my period. At first I thought I was gaining more fat and determined to start exercising. But just after I had my period, my tummy became flat and my weight reached 47 kg. My weight never been below 48 kg since after I gave birth to Ihsan. I also craved for chocolates and kept asking hubby to buy chocolates for me and I ate a lot of them! I thought it would be long time before I got my period again since I always heard breastfeeding mom usually got their period late. But it’s not for me and certainly breastfeeding isn’t the best family planning method for me too. So kena la beringat n hati2 if not karang ada plak Lil’ Munchkin No. 3 ahaha! Hopefully apa pun biarlah Ihsan besar sket n kami dh blk Mesia for good, InsyaAllah. Tp kalau dh Tuhan nk bg juga kami terima dgn hati terbuka 🙂

On another different matter altogether, last weekend was quite a tiring one yet very satisfying too. On Saturday we went out to buy Ihsan’s new winter clothes AGAIN??? 😛 and did some shopping on household items and groceries. Usually we would buy our weekly groceries during Sunday. However on last Sunday we did some spring cleaning in the house. Since Ihsan was born we usually clean our home in a jiffy. Kalau dlu siap belek n cuci dr sebesar2 barang smpi la ke celah2 butang remote control tuh. Tp skrg tidak lagi yer. Kemas smpi agak2 dh hilang habuk n kemas dimata tu pun dh cukup baik. Earlier on the days before I told hubby that we needed to clean the house, rearrange the furniture, throw away the things that we no longer use, detach Ihsan’s crib and so on. Actually we prefer separate sleeping however due to several factors such as, the small house condition, the cold weather, the ease of night feeding session, it seems like separate sleeping is a little bit impractical for us at the moment. So we have been co-sleeping since then. Terpaksa peram dulu Ihsan’s bedding set tu. Sempat pakai kejap je. Anyway, we ought to do whatever we wanted to do but haven’t finished yet and planned to continue them by this weekend. Actually we could finish everything but since we needed to look after and entertain Ihsan every once and a while in between doing our works so each mission took very long time to finish. Mula2 masa mood dia baik okaylah lagi dia boleh main sorg2. Tp lps tu terpaksa ajak Ihsan buat keje sama2 dgn Mama. Keje yg boleh buat smbil duduk tu xpela. Tersenget2 anak Mama duduk.  Itupun merengek2 nk dukung sbb Ihsan suka ‘berdiri’. Tp Mama nk kena bangun gak jalan sana sini. Every time Mama letak kt bwh je Ihsan nangis siap tertdo2 lagi. Siannn anak Mama hehe 😀

So by tomorrow we planned to continue doing spring cleaning inside and outside of the house. Hubby is gonna change the tires, clean up our house compound at the front, plant some flowers? (he wished to! we’ll see :P) and scrub the bathroom until glimmering. While I’m gonna rearrange our wardrobes, sort out and separate the clothes which we no longer use, clean up the kitchen and… urm I think that’s all. Perhaps we could finish everything by Sunday. Have  nice weekend, peeps! 😉

PS- Skrg ni slalu rasa mcm nk privatize blog sebab………. Anyway, boleh?

15 Replies to “My Breastfeeding Worst Fear”

  1. ahdik green tea jpns tu pun bleh boost up milk….

    abaout apsal sensei tu cakap london mayb dia ingat u all tak tahu nihongo kot sbb normallykan student ..tak ramai yg ada anak….

    Ok tq Kak Fid nnt pulun minum green tea. Mmg slalu minum pun tp semenjak 2 menjak ni jarang plak hehe. Doc tu tau kami bkn student in fact awal2 lg dia dh tanya kami keje apa. Sini jauhhh sgt drpd mana2 univ (sini taraf pekan je) so mmg jarang la jmpa foreign student n gaijin sgt lah ciput. Plus mmg dh gtau hubby boleh ckp Jepun. Rasanya dia saja suka nk testing cakap London dia la kot hehe

  2. private kan??? why ar? if yes, dun forget to invite me 😀

    Sbb kan I just discovered something 😛 Malas jugak sbnrnya nk privatize ni huhu haih

  3. baby I dah 6 bulan but i tak piyed pon lagi…mmg u should b extra caerful lah since dh piyed 2 times after giving birth to ehsan kan hehe

    btw, beli katne milkmaid tea tu? i mcm nk beli jugak la

    Aah tula but it’s not a problem for me sbb awal2 kawin dlu dh biasa buat family planning for nearly 2 years n I mmg rasa bf method can’t be fully relied on to pun hehe. Milkmaid tea tu my MIL hntr from Mesia during my 1st pregnancy.

  4. Ina,
    pasal doc ckp english tu,mmg normal laa kan org jepun ni klau terer sikit ckp english terus nak belasah english,padahal hagham tak faham pun,haha.ina suh hubby ckp nihonggo even though doc tu ckp english,nanti dia akan tukar laa,hehe.fith klau jumpa org gitu fith tetap balas ckp jepun gak,even mgkn niat dia baik tp buat apa berkomunikasi klau kita takleh faham,kan?hadoi…
    psl milk production tu,jgn risau2 sgt,nanti susu berkurang sbb risau,hihi…kena byk cuba mcm2 cara b4 kita betul2 jumpa kaedah yg sesuai dgn kita.gambarimashou ne…
    utk soalan akhir tu,klau nak private jgn lupa yer,invite fith sama…

    Hehe tula diorg pn excited nk ckp English. Kdg2 tu bila dia dh ckp English segan plak nk ckp in Nihongo sbb mcm kesian kt dia. Ok lain kali ikut cara Fith la blasah ckp Nihongo jugak. Eh bkn kiter la tp hubby hehe. Ituler risau betul aritu sbb sblm ni takla teruk mcm tu susu merudum. Xpela dh ada pengalaman lps ni kalau kena lagi InsyaAllah dh boleh relax sket takla gelabah sgt. Tq Fith ye 😀

  5. kak ina. thanks for the wish..

    tak normal ke kak ina klu period lepas bersalin?? apa pun, xder gambar ihsan la plak entry kali ini.. hehe.. mesti cepat jer ihsan berubah rupa kan??

    Klu private jgn lupa invite sue tau.. bnyk ilmu nak blajar ni..

    Hi Sue how’s married life? 😀 Nway akak susah betul nk comment kt blog Sue slalu xkuar tp akak mengikuti aje perkembangan Sue. Btw normal aje if bf mom cpt dpt period lps bersalin. Depends on bdn masing2 lain org lain hormone cycle dia. Tp mmg common la kiter dgr ibu yg menyusukan anak lmbt dpt period or period dia berenti kejap.

  6. ina;
    gambatte bykkan bm.. mmg byk dugaan tp insyaAllah kalau kita yakin & kuat semangat mesti Allah bukak jalan.emosi pon kena jaga..kena think positive. pasal period tu, mai dulu dtg period awal..xhabis pantang lagi period dah dtg… terkejut mai,igtkan darah apa.. tp mmg dia flow mcm period 7-8hari camtu… igtkan bila fully bf,lmbt period… lain org,lain kot ek…
    kalau privatize,don’t forget to invite us ok? 😉 happy spring cleaning!!

    InsyaAllah will always think positive n jaga emosi. Tq Mai 🙂 Tula Mai kiter pn start kena period masa masih dlm tempoh nifas. Baru je bercita2 nk pulun ganti puasa cpt2. Tp terbantut la plak hehe. Tp Mai kiter suka period sbb kiter pasan dr dulu berat sng turun if cycle period berjln mcm biasa. To me la. Lain org lain kan hehe 😀

  7. gambatte mama ina! Allah tu maha adil. kalau kite usaha sungguh2, lebih2 lg utk anak sndr, insyaAllah Allah permudahkan jln:) hmmm…lain org lain Allah tentukan kitar period nye,kn? kite spnjg bf fateh idok ler dtg2 periodnye. mmg Allah dh tentukn itu yg terbaik utk kite sbb kalo kite period kompem period pain yg super-sakit-sampai-muntah2-xlarat-nk-bgn. Allah tau agaknye kalo period dtg awal, kite nnt xlarat nk jg fateh + setiap bln kene cuti lab lg…tu yg Allah dh tetapkn cenggitu utk kite. ape2 Allah tau ape yg terbaik lah utk kite semua,kn?

    ina, hubby kite nk dtg jpn tonite from msia. tp, xbwk fateh sbb hubby dtg nk tlg kemas umah n settlekn a few things psl kontena nk bwk brg2 blk nnt. al-maklum lah…kite ni tgh bz writing thesis. xde ms nk pk sume2 tu (tp, bace n komen kt blog ina ade je ms:p) nnt insyaAllah if ade ms ingt nk g jln2 jmpe ina+bb cuti oshougatsu.xconfirm lg. itu pn kalo thesis kite siap la. doa2 kite dpt jmpe,ye?

    Tq Fadh! InsyaAllah kiter akan usaha sungguh2 bf Ihsan 😀 Ituler kiter sbnrnya baru berangan dpt cpt2 ganti poser. Skali terbenti2. Tp xtau la if tetiba lps ni period stop kejap plak. Depends on bdn masing2 kan. Mcm Fadh kata la ada hikmahnya juga utk setiap org. But hopefully if kiter period lg lps2 ni xdela effect susu sgt. Papepun kena be well prepared la mkn byk2 ke wat ebm ke kan. Bestnyaaa dpt la Fadh melepas rindu kt hubby. Semoga semua urusan korg dipermudahkn n Fadh cpt2 dpt siapkn thesis, amin! Haa kalau jd nk dtg bgtau jela ye. Harap2 ada la rezeki kiter jmpa. If xjmpa juga alamatnya kiter jmpa di Kajang nnt ler huhu. Tp bestnyaaa kalau Fateh ada skali. Dh lama sgt2 rasa nk peluk cium Fateh, seriously!!! 😀 Haih bila la dpt jmpa Fateh…

  8. haha samala kes kiter, period mai awal… mak bising kata sebab tak bertungku. entah la betul ke tidak.. kalau ikut pembacaan ikut badan. orang tua malas nak tegakkan benang basah sedang terang2 masa berpantang malas nak bertungku 😛

    tu la, aina punye breastmilk pun merudum, stok susu dah makin berkurangan, arissa sekarang minum kat bbsitter dah naik dari 12oz ke 15oz. Ada 2 bulan lagi sebelum start solid food. Tengah berdoa banyak2 moga dapat terus breastfeeding arissa :s

    Hehe sbb hormone sbnrnya kan. Certain org hormone yg hasilkn susu tu byk dlm bdn dia so hormone utk hasilkn period tu xcukup kuat utk menyebabkan period cycle berlaku. Begitu juga sebaliknya. Org2 tua kiter mmg slalu ikut je ckp org2 tua sblm diorg. Tp kiter skrg info dh dihujung jari. Sng je nk cari fakta based on science kan hehe. Jom sama2 usaha bf our babies selama yg mungkin InsyaAllah 😉

  9. I penah dgr jugak katanya kalau period production susu merudum.
    I tak penah experience lagi becoz my period dtg 11 months after i delivered and during that time, Tasneem pun dah x exclusive lagi. huhuhu

    well, anyway, kalau private jgn lupe jemput ek 🙂

    I pnh baca bila hormone period tu byk, hormone susu tu berkurangan so susu pn krg. But certain org susu xmerudum sbb hormone susu dia xaffected sgt. Even affected maybe hormone susu dia masih diparas yg tinggi. Huhu hopefully pasni if period lg xdela affected sgt, amin! 😀

  10. private?? jgn lupe daku ye…

    Huhu xde sesapa ke nk halang aku private kan blog ni? hehe

  11. jgn risau2 mommy, daku pun memang kene selalu leter kat midwives time check up tu. wat2 senyum kambing jekla. period pun tak dtg agi neh, tapi family planning tetap kene wat sebab takut terlekat nanti. takut den.. yg 2 ni pun tak terurus agi. tu yg berjaga2 gak walaupun tak period agi.

    Hehe betul2. Penah jugak baca org period xdtg skali tau2 je pregnant agaga! Mmg xde family planning method yg betul2 100% effective kan. Melainkan ikat terus tiub fallopio tu. Xpe tggu Zayyan dh bsr nnt tmbah ler lg ye tak? hehe 😛

  12. kalau private, invite me, ok!..

    ko ada pakai breastpump x? brand apa yang baik?

    Aku guna Avent Manual je. Tp xsmpi 10 kali pn guna. Aku bg terus je slalu hehe. Pump susah nk ckp mana yg bagus. Depends on yg mcm mana sesuai utk ko. Ko nk yg boleh double-pumping or single pumping ke? manual only, electric only or both manual n electric ke? n budget? Xsemestinya yg mahal tu d best for u but slalunya yg mahal tu la high quality n worths d money. Ko cuba study brand Spectra, Avent Isis IQ n Medela Swing. Rasanya brands ni sesuai utk ko bwk g keje.

  13. thanks for the advise.. sebab aku kan keje, tu yang kena beli breastpump.. so, now still looking for a good one.. tahan lama, portable and yang penting, affordable la.. for now, my choice is medela swing.. senang jugak bawak pegi keje.. nak tgk mana2 yang boleh bagi best price..

    Aah yelah kena cari yg sng utk bwk g keje. Nnt sng nk buat stok ebm kan 🙂

  14. ina…nk btau ko dah tau ke tak aku tak tau le..ape mengarut la kan..
    aku preggy 11 wks…hehe aku terima dgn hati yg terbuka..edd aku 12 july 2010…

    Wahhh Ita pantasnya! hehe. Alhamdulillah. Xpela cpt pn. Boleh Aqil n Aqif main dgn Adik diorg xlama lg. Bertambah meriah la rumah ko. Tahniah ye. Nnt online msg la aku leh sembang2. Take care tau 😀

  15. salam..

    kak.. jgn lah privateee…. 🙁

    nanti silent reader macam sy dh tak ley baca..

    Salam. Akak cuba xprivatize ye 🙂

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