Trip To Shizuoka-ken

I have too many stories in pending sigh!

Anyway on the weekend before we went to Shizuoka-ken to visit hubby’s friend and his little family. It was also the longest and farthest outing for Ihsan so far since he was born. Towards the exact day before we started our journey, I had been planning and preparing stuffs both for us to bring along and after we came home. I ironed hubby’s work uniform, prepared some frozen foods because I was sure we would reach home late on Sunday, I baked some buns and muffins to bring along and I ensured that our needs and especially Ihsan’s for the outing were complete. Once everything was readied it looked as like were going to leave home for a week instead of 2 days and 1 night! 😛 Well… there is no way you could pack light for a travel with a baby. So I wasn’t surprised because I kinda expected it already.

We left home on Saturday, November 28th, 2009 at about 6.30 am. Luckily throughout our journey the traffic was smooth and Ihsan was very behaved. He usually sleeps when put in his infant car seat. Still after a long time he started to become fussy might be because he was boring. So I distracted him with his toys besides making funny faces. That works most of the time except when he is hungry 😀 No compromise when it comes to his hungry little stomach. We headed towards central Nagano before turning towards Kofu in Yamanashi. We were actually quite near to where ‘Abid is laid rest. Earlier before the day arrived, hubby asked whether we wanted to stop to visit ‘Abid and we could also fix the new tombstones that we have been keeping at home all these while. It sounded like a good plan and I too really wished to go there for a long time. But I didn’t want to take the risk of bringing Ihsan along. Ihsan is still too small and I think he is not suitable yet to be brought to cemetery area. So we didn’t go there. I don’t know when else I could go visit ‘Abid. It surely gonna take some times to wait until Ihsan is grown up a bit. If only there is someone else to look after Ihsan for a while so that I could go together with hubby then. Might be I should have gone there already when I was pregnant with Ihsan. But still, I didn’t because I needed to be extra careful while being pregnant with him especially for the reason that I had a few bleeding during the early pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy with Ihsan the farthest I went was to Matsumoto that is about 90 km from home. Even that was after constant nagging to hubby before finally he agreed to bring me. Anyway I think I should just leave this matter at the moment.

Now back to the story, we stopped at Kawaguchiko to enjoy the view of magnificent Fuji-san. We arrived there quite early at about 9.00 am but unfortunately the environment was too bright and foggy too at the same time. So all the pictures we took were either with our faces looked dark or the Fuji-san turned out very blur. So after a while we decided to come back later during our way home. We continued our journey and reached Yamanakako. Apparently the view of Fuji-san in Yamanakako was much more beautiful and clearer too. I told hubby we should make a round of the lake and find a suitable place to stop. But hubby drove towards up the hill instead. Grrr mana lah nak nampak Fuji-san tu because we were actually at the kaki gunung itself! So after a while I said to him to just move on with our journey. Along the journey towards Shizuoka, we passed a breathtaking view of very wide yellow grassland with the mountainous sight from afar and the surrounding was covered with contrast bright blue sky. It was so beautiful! 😀 Hubby stopped at the roadside and we took a few pictures. There were a few other people too stopped to enjoy the view like us. The grass was so tall and the soil was black in color. We could actually walk into the grassland but I hesitated since Ihsan is still small and there might be a lot of fine grass hair everywhere that we couldn’t see we our naked eyes. Plus the ground wasn’t that firm and we still had a long journey to go.

So, we continued with our journey headed straight to Fuji Safari Park. Actually there are 3 sections in the park, the Safari Drive, the Safari Walk and the Safari Petting Zoo. We just paid for the Safari Drive and the Safari Petting Zoo. Seriously, I really enjoyed the Safari Drive area! It was my first time so of course I was so excited. Especially when we got to be soo near to the wild animals. Hubby too was amazed looking at the animals! Ihsan??? He was just busy looking around but I’m sure he didn’t understand a thing ahaha! 😛 The funny thing is, we kept passing Ihsan from back to front to back because we wanted to include him in the pictures. At one point he was tired and hungry so he started to get cranky. So we continued looking at the animals while I nursed Ihsan. Might be we should bring Ihsan again when he grown up a bit and knows what lion is 😉 By the way, I enjoyed looking at the grizzly bears the most. They were really hairy and biggg! After our round in the Safari Drive, we entered the Safari Petting Zoo. There, we saw the sheeps, small monkeys, hippo, pony, kangaroos, rabbits and many more. We could actually play with the animals. You know… touch them and feed them. But since Ihsan is still fragile so I didn’t bring him so near to the animals. Plus we were lazy to wash our hands afterwards every time we play with the animals. It was fun and worths the money. Lastly we bought a few souvenirs and headed straight to Numazu in Shizuoka.

We arrived at Uncle Neko’s place at about 4.00 pm. Ihsan got to meet Auntie Ida and Kawaii Nabilah! Nabilah was born exactly 3 weeks earlier than Ihsan. She is such a gebu baby! It was fascinating to see them playing together side by side. Well, actually they didn’t play together. Both of them are too young and each of them was busy being in their own world. We, the parents who were busy imagining them playing together 😛 Auntie Ida prepared delicious meal commonly prepared on hari raya. So we had peanut sauce with nasi impit, rendang, lontong, ayam bakar and tart nenas gulung. Yummy! But I couldn’t really enjoy eating standard la because kejap2 interrupted by Ihsan. Jarang la dpt makan dgn penuh nikmat sejak jd Mama ni 😛 Anyway we had fun eating, chit-chatting, and laughing. At about 10.00 pm the babies started to become cranky. So I went to sleep first with Ihsan while hubby was enjoying updating each other with his buddy. On the tomorrow of the day, we woke up quite early at about 6.30 am. Ida was already in the kitchen since the early morning. We had breakfast of nasi lemak. At about 10.00 am, everyone was readied. We went out to the beach and took a few pictures. After a while we went to Niji No Sato. I thought it was actually a small common park. But apparently the place was thronged with visitors who came to enjoy the autumn view. It is actually a huge park with a few different types of gardens in it. We walked around and took many pictures. I really had fun there. Ihsan slept most of the times in his stroller and only woke up only every once in a while. I no longer worried going for an outing with Ihsan because usually he would be such a dear. After a few hours, we decided to go home even though we hadn’t explored about half of the park area since we were already running out of time. But I managed to buy a few souvenirs though.

Pics semua lebih krg previous entry jer.

Fuji-san as seen from Kawaguchiko

With tulips at Fuji Safari Park

Kitorg g UK sbnrnya ni tau! 😀

At Niji No Sato

Ihsan with Nabilah. Ihsan wat muka pelik. Nabilah tgh mkn KFC 😀

We went back to Uncle Neko’s house to perform prayers and fetch our things. After a while we bid goodbye to each other. It was already dark at that time. Actually hubby planned to stop at Gotemba Outlet on our way back but since we were already late and we had long more journey to go so we just straightly headed home. Furthermore hubby had to work on the next day so he really needed some good rest. We really enjoyed and had fun during our trip to Shizuoka especially when we found out hat there are actually many interesting places between our places. Besides, it was less cold in Shizuoka to be compared with our place during this winter season. I could feel it was quite a vast difference between these places. I even felt so dread to go home since the weather in Shizuoka felt quite nice and comfortable! 😛 Perhaps we could visit them again next time! 😉

6 Replies to “Trip To Shizuoka-ken”

  1. waa sebenarnya lagi setengah jam je beh kurang umah kitorang ngan tempat yg korang pegi tu.. huhu, tapi time tu pun kami masih berada di Mesia. takpe lenkali kita wat reunion lagi ek.

    Yekeee! Dh dkt sgt laa. Sng la nnt dh tau dh. InsyaAllah tiba masanya kiter jmpa lagi ye 😀 I nk rikues u msk apa ye? Ececeh sesuka hati je haha!

  2. ina….mai laa datang lagi.rasa mcm sekejap sangat jer 2 hari tu.tak puas jerrr nak citer dan lihat ihsan ngan nabilah bermain.insyaALLAH kami pun nak berasa tgk salji kat rumah korang.

    Tulakan sekejap je 2 hari tu. Sibuk dgn nk jln2 n layan bb lg so xsempat nk bercerita sgt. Xpe InsyaAllah ada rezeki kami p sana lagi. Korg if nk dtg bila2 pn xpe gtau je kay! 😀

  3. omg!dah lama tak tgk ihsan!!comeinyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.geram tgk dia dalam baju tuuuu..nampak mcm tembam giler.haha…padahal baju tebal tu kan..

    alaaaaaa…bila la dpt pegang ihsan niiiii….geramnyeeeee….makin comel la dia!!

    Aah baju tu tebal. Sebagai persediaan nk main snow nnt hehe 😛 Haa meh laa sini kalau nk pegang2 Ihsan 😀

  4. seronoknya bawak baby jalan2.. cuaca sejuk, baby kurang meragam tak? kalau kat malaysia yang panas terik ni, sesuai bawak gi shopping complex aje agaknya.. 😛

    Tak jugak Emi. Sejuk2 sgt pn kdg2 xselesa. Bb kalau dia dh xselesa, lapar ke mengantuk ke dia meragam jugak kdg2. Tp rasanya better la kot sejuk2 drpd panas2 kan? hehe

  5. seronoknya ihsan jln2,ye? kite dulu since pregnant berjln ke sana ke mari 1 jpn. lps ada fateh, dgn fateh2 skali kite angkut bwk g jln2, mostly sbb g program IPIJ. kite pernah travel alone dgn fateh sampai ke niigata + toyama naik densya without stroller. lps hubby blk pn ade g jln2 zoo higashiyama, nagoya. sume naik public transport berdua dgn fateh. ptg2 mesti bwk fateh naik stroller pusing2 neighbourhood. xpn bwk g tmn nearby. sudah nye fateh ni jd outdoor person. ni fateh tinggal dgn parents kite, everytime sape2 kt umah tu nk keluar rumah je…berlari2 die kejar + peluk kaki sambil jerit, ‘nak ikuttttttt!’ , xpn ‘kunciiiiiiii’ (nk suruh amik kunci kereta). ihsan ni kalo mama dgn papa rajin bwk jln, jd mcm abg fateh jgk gamaknye(^^)

    Hehe comel nya Fateh! Xpe Fadh jauh perjalanan luas pengalaman/ pemandangan kan? 😀 Ihsan ni sumer org especially pakcik+makcik Nihonjin pesan jgn bwk kuar sbb Ihsan kecik lagi n skrg sejuk+ musim influenza. Tp sesekali bwk gak kuar itu pn sbb Mama Ihsan dh bisinggg kt tinger Papa Ihsan! Yelaaa kiter tetiap hari since Ihsan lahir mesti amik gmbr dia hari2 so takkan Ihsan keje nk bergmbr dlm rmh je kan. Ihsan pn nk gak tgk awan ke burung ke kan. Nnt Ihsan dh bsr sket leh la bwk jln2 slalu n nnt leh la geng dgn Abang Fateh ye tak? 😉

  6. akak, ida tu ex ofismate kite.. ahaha.. actually dialah yang promote kak ina nyer blog sampai sue lekat sampai ari ni haha.. kirim salam kat ida and his hubby, min ek kak ina.. betulla, nabilah sangat gebu.. geramnya tengok diaorg berdua..

    Lorrr yeke hehe. InsyaAllah jmpa diorg nnt akak smpikan salam. Ntah2 ida dh baca ni hehe. Blog ni punyala bosan n merepek cmnerla Sue boleh melekat? haha 😛

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