Ihsan’s 3 Months Milestones

If only I’ve got all the times in the world! Sigh… Ihsan, Mama sorry for being late to update on your 3 months young milestone. I’d always been busy with so many things lately and especially you, my cheeky little monster, MMMUAHHH XOXO! Although actually I do have the times but still I rarely got the chance to blog because most of the times I’m occupied with you! As you turned 3 months young on last November 21st, 2009; you were 5.3 kg of weight and 60 cm of height. I’m grateful that until this day you have grown as a healthy and happy baby, Alhamdulillah. You are growing as you you should and as expected from a tiny little baby that you were! You are already at twice of the size when you were born now! 😉

There are so many things about you for me to jot down for my own remembrance. It is so fascinating to see your progress everyday and I feel even more lucky to be the first to witness all your surprises! You never fail to amaze me 😀 Nowadays, you are getting to be a very active baby! Unless when you are tired, moody or sleepy of course you would stay more still. When you are awake, you are always busy with so many agendas in your mind. You are such a chatty baby. You love talking with Mama and Papa. You whine, sigh and nag too. You also shout to seek attention or to let out your excitement and scream on top of your lungs when you are unhappy or mad. You smile a lot and it is very heart-melting to see the toothless smile of yours. Even during milk time, sometimes you would be very eager to look into my eyes and have a chat with me before continuing to drink your milk. You would do that several times thus causing the feeding session become longer than it should. Owh very recently, you had started to giggle too and everyday we keep waiting to hear that most beautiful melody very soothing to our ears!

Other than that, did I mention you are such a very active baby? Most of the time when you are in a cheerful mood (read: energy recharged with enough sleep and full tummy), you wouldn’t keep your head, hands and feet stay still even for a moment! You would be very busy and seem unsettled. You would turn your head to see here and there. You would raise your legs every now and then. Very recently too you just realized of how you could use your hands. You would explore of what your hands and especially fingers can do. You would try to touch everything around you and I love it most when you touch my face. Sometimes you would just stare at the fingers so concentrate that your eyes become crossed! The most interesting of all, you just got to know that your hands are much yummier than an ice cream 😛 You really enjoy sucking your fingers and wrist. But I really hope this won’t be a permanent habit though.

Also not forget to mention, you love playing with your saliva. You make bubbles and they would running down your chin. When anything touched your lips, you would love to lick and suck that thing. That little tongue of yours would cheekily play in between your cute tiny lips. This also explains why I always caught you with your shirt drenched at the front. You still love being held. You love brushing your face on our shoulders. You love to stand with support of course. The newest skill you have mastered is raising your chest with the support of your arms. And even just now I saw that you flipped yourself backward! Good job, baby! But you cried though 😛 It happened very fast and might be because of that you were shocked that suddenly you were lying on your back. By the way, I’m sure that it’s because of your activeness that caused your weight to increase a bit slower this month. You drink your milk as usual although not as often as your first month. But anyway, you use a lot of energy ‘exercising’ every parts of your body. But it’s okay baby. As long as you still gain weight and what most important is you stay healthy and happy all the times 🙂 Owh I can continue for like forever talking about you, baby. But that’s all the important ones that I wished to highlight at the moment.

Ihsan with Fuji-san at Kawaguchiko

Somewhere in between Yamanashi-ken and Shizuoka-ken

Ihsan with lions at Fuji Safari Park

Ihsan at the Fuji Safari Park petting zoo

Ihsan with kangaroos

At Niji No Sato in Shizuoka-ken

Ihsan with orange autumn leaves

Ihsan with Kawaii Nabilah. Will blog about Ihsan visiting Nabilah in next entry 😀

Ihsan, Mama still find it hard to believe that you are growing fast from day to day. I see you everyday and you looked the same but unbelievably without me realizing, it has been 3 months and in fact you have changed a lot! When did you grow up?!  Soon it’s gonna be 4 months since you came into our lives. You’d been with me 24-7 since the day you were born. The farthest we had been towards each other is only when I do the chores in the kitchen and you are placed in the living room yet, we are still in the same house. Although everyday you keep me busy and even sometimes you get me into my nerves and at the end of the day I feel exhausted entertaining you. But you really made each and every second of my life felt very wonderful. I really enjoy your behaviors from the BEST to the WORST! 🙂 I kiss you, hug you, pamper you, play with you and shower you with all the love in the world I could give but I still feel that I can never get enough of you. Although I tried to kiss you as long as my breath could take of your smell to fill my lungs, but that never could satisfy my feelings towards you even. In fact, I crave for more! Owh don’t grow up too fast baby! I’m already missing you! 🙂

6 Replies to “Ihsan’s 3 Months Milestones”

  1. Dah 3 bulan!!
    Cepatnya masa..
    Ihsan ni bila nak balik Malaysia ni?

    Sekejapan je. Rasa mcm baru je bersalin. Hehe tulaa bila laa Ihsan nk blk Mesia ni huhu

  2. Betul tu ina,sehari berjuta2 kali cium tapi still tak puas kan.kejap je dah besar,huhu.

    comelnya ihsan pakai baju tebal2,makin montel nampak…
    bestnya siap pi zoo lg tu,nanti besar sikit boleh bawa pi zoo lg,mesti happening n excited tgk gelagat ihsan…

    Aah even penat layan mcm2 kerenah dia tp sbnrnya hati rasa terhibur sgt. Bila dia tdo lama2 sibuk plak kacau dia saja buat dia mengamuk hehe 😛 Pegi zoo Mama ngan Papa Ihsan je terkinja2 over excited tgk animals. Ihsan lom phm apa2 pn lagi haha 😀

  3. sweater Ihsan kawaii sgt..selesa nmpk berbungkus dlm tu..nak cari gaklah utk baby SN eheh

    Ihsan selesa pakai winter jacket mcm tu. Snug je. Sesuai utk guna masa g main snow nnt.

  4. waa Ihsan dah bam bam.. mukanya dah nampak muka mama plak. meh2 dtg umah nak gomol2 Ihsan ni..

    Slalu time tdo la nmpk mcm muka Mama. Mmg kitorg nk g sana cuma xcnfirm bila. Tungguuu 😉

  5. wah…no more smiley face. Ihsan dah cheeky skang nih, nak2 gambar yg last tuh.

    Malas nk edit sbb tu xde smiley. Sesekali bg chance org tgk hehe 😛 Aah mmg cheeky pun.

  6. hye mama ihsan..

    salam kenal..
    our baby lebey kurg sebaya je kan 🙂

    btwww..beshnye baby ihsan dok jepun..
    i link u oke 🙂

    Hi Mama Qies salam kenal juga. I’ve been stalking ur blog all these while 🙂 Aah our baby beza 2 weeks je kan lbh krg. Geram tgk Qies yg bambam tu 🙂

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