Ihsan’s 1st Autumn

Hubby is out playing badminton and Ihsan is now sleeping behind me. I’m keeping my fingers cross he won’t end up sleeping on my lap later 😛 Well… it is as usual. If I remain silent it means I’m occupied with Ihsan… or simply not in the mood to blog. Especially like nowadays when the weather is getting so cold, I really don’t feel like typing at all even though I have lots of things in mind. The temperature can be as low as 2 degree C sometimes during in the morning and even the wind blowing so strong too. What I hate during this weather is I tend to sneeze every once in a while, have runny or stuffy nose, feel less productive and the cold water which really makes my hands condition back to worse. Hmmm the hands… I don’t know when they will be fully recovered. I keep applying the medication prescribed by the skin specialist I visited. But as he said, as long as I keep doing chores especially cooking, it is hard for my hands to get back to normal. Amende punya penyakit la. Pelik betul. Duh~~~ if only I could get myself a maid. Ahaha that’s so not gonna happen 🙁 Sigh… I miss eating using hand. It has been more than a year I use fork and spoon to eat macam mat saleh. Tp makan dgn tangan baru la nikmat. Sometimes I feel so depressed with my hands. Rasa mcm nk cpt2 balik Mesia je so that my hands would heal completely. Owh I said so because this illness is common in 4 seasons country especially in Japan (I don’t know about other country). This is also one of the reason yg membantutkan niat I nk baking kdg2. Sbb menguli2 tu buat tgn I kering n merekah. Ops! Now back to the main point. I couldn’t stand this cold weather and it is still autumn. Funnily I have started wearing my beanie in the morning and even during sleeping in order to cover my ears. Huuu I love snow yet I dread for the winter to come!

Anyway last Saturday we woke up early to attend my follow-up appointment with the dentist. But only yesterday was the final appointment. My teeth are fine now but the dentist suggested that I go for teeth scaling since my teeth are covered with plaque at here and there. Obviously I never went to get my teeth cleaned up, that’s why 😛 The dentist wanted to start yesterday right away but hubby said we would start at other time. Moreover it was already late. Plus, I think I should wait until Ihsan is a bit bigger so that it would be much easier. Hmmm… that sounds it is gonna take quite a long time. I hope my teeth won’t get worse and give me trouble in the meantime. I persuaded hubby that he should go first. We will see 🙂 It was raining earlier in the morning but the weather was fine during the noon. After the appointment on we went to Santa, a thrift shop. I bought a few clothes especially sweaters just to be worn at home. Then we straightly went home. After lunch I thought of making apam and clean the house but hubby was sleepy and wanted to sleep. Actually I felt sleepy too. Also did Ihsan. So I thought of having a short nap before continuing with my plan. Hubby was fast snoring in his sleep. Unfortunately for me throughout the 2 hours Ihsan was being soo fussy! Geram! I couldn’t sleep at all! Tdo ntah ke mana apam ntah ke mana. Hubby got up from his sleep and took over looking on Ihsan. It was already Maghrib so I just did whatever necessary after that.

Accompanying Mama to the dentist for the 1st time.

Accompanying Mama to the dentist for the 2nd time. During the 3rd time Ihsan buat kecoh during waiting for my name to be called. Dgr suara dia je dok bising2 😀

Whereas on Sunday as we planned earlier, we went out to Komagane Farm to enjoy autumn scenery. We woke up late in the morning obviously because we went to bed late too on the night before. After waking up we hanged the laundry, I made some cucur udang and after having brunch, hubby went to buy some groceries. We went out only after Asar. The weather was sunny but it was too windy. Once reached the Komagane Farm the grey clouds were covering the sun. There were many people at the farm. I didn’t expect it was gonna be that cold. Most people were already wearing thick winter jacket. I felt as like I was being in the wrong season. I only wore light jacket. Apsal la I ‘bijak’ sgt kan? What was I thinking? 😛 The farm is big but we just walked around near the entrance. Furthermore Ihsan was refused to sit in his stroller and he didn’t stay still while being held too. So it was quite difficult since the wind was strong and cold and I wanted to cover him from the wind. I don’t want him to catch cold or flu. The scenery was beautiful but we only managed to take some pictures. If it was sunny I’m sure the pictures we took are gonna be much more beautiful. The flash function didn’t give much help anyway. Lastly we decided to just go home. But before that I had a soft cone with coffee and milk flavor which I craved for 😀 Which resulting with me having stuffy nose during sleep until last night. It is hard to sleep and it is slightly hurting to breath using mouth. I hope I’m gonna have better sleep tonight though.

At Komagane Farm. Angin kuat! Sejuk!

Ihsan couldn’t stay still! Gigih pegang dia kuat2 supaya gambar xrosak 😛

By the way it seems like Ihsan is doing fine, phew! Perhaps he won’t catch cold or flu at all. I’m scared if I have to take care of a sick baby. I would be in great worry surely and I hate that feeling 😛 Owh yeahhh know what, Ihsan been sleeping like an angel on last night and on the night before. He only woke up once! I rarely have my milk factories so full since I constantly nurse Ihsan every more or less 2 hours. But I was drenched with milk and needed to change my wear during past 2 nights. I don’ know whether he has changed his sleeping pattern or he just being so tired or what. Although he didn’t get up, funnily I was the one kept waking up automatically every 2 hours. My body clock really has been so used with him schedule. But if he really changed his sleeping schedule already, that would be even better 😉 Other than that, I did say that Ihsan has cradle cap. Gee… I hate this darn cradle cap! 😛 Although it seems like his cradle cap is getting better but I noticed some fine scaly skin on his face. I’m not sure though whether that is also cradle cap or his skin is too dry or what. While the red patch on his neck isn’t improved at all. I think I have given enough time for it to heal itself. I tried applying some particular medicated creams but nothing happened. I really should bring him to the doctor soon.

Owh on some interesting notes, my baby is becoming more chatty these days. Sometimes he laughs, shouts and sighs very loudly too. He is also now busy discovering his hands and fingers. From time to time he is so fascinated with what his hands can do. It is amusing to see him playing with his own hands and fingers. Sometimes he is being very focus staring at them. And the most interesting part is since past 2 days he started to suck his hands. That’s ultra kawaiii! 😀 Siap ada bunyi lagi! That is actually one of a way a baby discovering his own hands. But of course I really hope it won’t become a habit and my baby will pass that stage soon. However at the moment, I should just try to keep his hands clean always. Somehow today I noticed scratches on his forehead. Apparently he got them by scratching using his sharp finger nails. Mengapa kah? Gatal kah? Or is it simply because he is practicing using his fingers? Haih Mama runsing la Ihsan Ucuk. Anyway in order not to make it worse, I put on his bonnet so that he can’t scratch there.

8 Replies to “Ihsan’s 1st Autumn”

  1. Baby Ihsan ni makin comel la..
    Ada scratch pun still ensem cam papa dia neh..

    Ihsan garu2 smpi berdarah huhu. Ala Abang Ian pn apa krgnya Auntie Jiey. Makin bijak n comel. Cheeky plak tu 😉

  2. hahaha! dh jd mama and papa pn masih ade smiley face ke ina? org nk tgk gambo 1 happy family.

    Eh itu semestinya la Fadh 😛 Ni pn seb baik ada Ihsan leh la tnjuk muka dia hehe 😀

  3. kakak, salam singgah.

    saya dapat link akak dari suraya. katanya, sebelum beroleh ihsan, akak pernah lalui saat sedih macam saya. erk, saya tak tahu akak dah baca post kat blog saya atau belum.

    erm. saya baru sahaja kehilangan bayi dalam kandungan sewaktu kandungan berusia 6 bulan. saya tak pasti kisah kita serupa atau tidak.

    akak boleh spesifik kan post mengenai kisah kehilangan akak jugak? saya betul2 nak tahu. i mean, berkongsi.

    thanks akak. 🙂

    Salam Aishah. Tq for dropping by. Akak ada baca kisah Aishah. Takziah ye. Semoga sentiasa tabah n sabar. Mmg sedih. Tp anak Aishah pn dh berada di tmpt yg terbaik. At least that might make u happy when u think of it that way. Kisah kiter hampir sama. Only that I lost my baby masa betul2 dh tinggal tggu masa je nk bersalin. Dh 38 weeks pn masa tu. Akak xde entry spesifik pasal kisah ni. Akak cuma cerita serba sedikit sesekali je. But maybe u can read entries under label my babies or pregnancy. I gave birth to him on May 2008. So cuba check entries starting from May 2008 n seterusnya. If u want to know more maybe u can email me at heartily_ina@yahoo.com 🙂

  4. owh sana dh sejuk btul lah kalau dh reach 2deg.. kat sini pagi2 paling sejuk pun 5deg kot setakat ni.

    i guess baby memang leh tahan lah suhu sejuk ni sebab i tgk bbay Sn still berpeluh kalau duk dlm blanket mlm2 even if i tak on heater…hohohooh..mommy & daddy dah nak beku

    Tula tmbh2 kt sini sekeliling penuh dgn pokok2 n hutan2. Dh nama pn Nagano kan. Penuh dgn bukit n gunung jela. Sejuk betul huhu. Aah bdn baby boleh control n adapt dgn temperature sekeliling. Ihsan mlm2 tgn dia sejuk mcm ais. Kitorg je yg dok risau2. Tp dh dia relax je so mmg ok la kot. Tp kdg2 I bantai bungkus jugak utk menyenangkan hati sndiri 😛

  5. Ina,
    hiii berbungkus2 ihsan,mesti sejuk sgt dah kan.comel kan bila baby pakai baju byk lapis siap ada topi,nmpk montel…
    kat sini kdg2 sejuk kdg2 panas so fith n the babies still pakai shortsleeve hehe.tp mlm n pg tu mmg sejuk sgt.

    Aah comel kan kalau bb pakai baju bungkus2 tebal2. Sedap nk peluk dia. Cuma yg lecehnya n malasnya time nk tukar diaper la. Sket punya byk layer n kena cabut n pakaikan. Tmbah dgn buttons lagi. Bila basuh kain plak penuh ampaian sbb byk pakai n tukar baju 😛

  6. untung baby Ihsan merasa autumn, aunty tak pernah merasa pun 🙁

    tp dpt tengok pic Ihsan pun dah best….dah lain sket dah rupa dia.

    ini kalo Micah jumpa Ihsan nih, mesti dia new cute toy.

    Xpe nnt Abang Micah dh besar leh la Auntie Yati heret dia g travel hehe. Ihsan even dh merasa tp kecik lg Kak Yati. So xdpt la dia nk enjoy pn hehe 😛

  7. selain nak tengok muka baby, nak jugak tengok mama dia.. janganlah cover.. hehe..

    Ala Emy mcm la ko xtau muka aku cmner hehe 😛 Ada je 2 3 kpg gmbr xcover dlm entry yg lps2 kalau nk tgk.

  8. beby…comelnya…bulat betul mata dia kakak 🙂
    betul ea baby tahan sejuk?

    siyusli teringat masa g uk aritu, rasa sjuk sgt even end of summer pun masa tu.
    lama betul x kongsi cite kn kak

    sgt hepy tgk akak hepi skg.huhu.eyh, akak me dah abes blaja.tgh tgu posting.doakan dpt dkt yea…boleh jga mak nnti.insyaAllah

    slm syg:)

    Akak penah baca bb sng adapt dgn suhu persekitaran. Sbb heartbeat bb lebih laju than adult so bb lbh cpt rasa pns. Owh dh hbs study ye tahniah! Moga dpt posting dkt2. Slamat menjadi cikgu yg berkaliber ye Saffa. All best wishes to u dear 😉

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