6th Relationship Anniversary :)

Yesterday, November 10th, 2009, was our 6th Relationship Anniversary. We declared through YM on the very exact date 6 years ago in 2003. Wow 6 years! And perhaps more to go, InsyaAllah! πŸ˜€ I remembered about the day but at the very moment towards the exact day itself I kinda forgot about it. Earlier during the wee hours of the day, I just finished breastfeeding and burping Ihsan while hubby just done with his Subuh prayer. I went out of the room towards the toilet and as I walked by I had a glimpse of him checking on his backpack. I thought he was just keeping his wallet and zipping the bag. But anyway, I briefly told him to help change Ihsan diaper. When I went back to the bedroom, I saw hubby was lying beside Ihsan. We changed back to our place and just when I looked back to correct my sitting, I saw a bar of chocolate on top of my pillow. Definitely I was surprised! Hubby instantly wished me Happy Anniversary and shyly covering his face with blanket when I tried to touch him. I laughed and said to him that no wonder I saw him checking on his backpack just now. Actually I kinda felt weird too why must he looked at his backpack at that time. Apparently he hid the chocolate in there. I thank him and wished him too. To cut the story short, we went back to sleep. Hubby said he planned to buy Ferrero Rocher but there wasn’t any so he bought the Meiji Macadamia Nut Chocolate. It was just a cheap chocolate but the gesture and thought that were count! The chocolate was yummy and he was sweet! πŸ™‚ I ate all and left only one piece for him to taste πŸ˜› Anyway since the days before, hubby planned to take me and Ihsan too of course out for dinner at a restaurant. However, that had to be postponed. Why?

Because yesterday I was having a toothache! It wasn’t actually toothache. Starting from a few days before, my gum was swollen and yesterday the pain was getting worse and my gum already producing pus. Not forget to mention my mouth tasted funny and smelly too πŸ˜› I already had this problem since the wisdom teeth on my upper right jaw grew about 4 years ago. The tooth kept grinding the gum at the very end on of the jaw below. I went to the dentist first when the tooth started to appear but the dentist I saw in Sabah said that he also didn’t know what the problem was and only gave me painkiller. Stupid doctor! πŸ˜› The second time was during last year when I was 6 months pregnant with ‘Abid. Only at that time I knew what the real problem was. The dentist suggested for the tooth to be pulled out since it Β became a nuisance although actually the tooth itself was healthy. But I chickened out and didn’t even attend the follow-up appointment πŸ˜› After dealing with the on off pain, yesterday I decided to get it settle with. Although at first I kinda reluctant, but hubby made an appointment anyway with the same clinic we went last year. I got some advices from a few friends including one a dentist herself. Only then I had the courage and confidence to get the wisdom tooth extracted. After work, hubby brought me there. The dentist extracted my tooth and lasered the swollen gum. We were the last patient to leave the clinic. Fortunately Ihsan was being such a darling. He slept once we reached the clinic and until we reached home. So now, my mouth feel so free from trouble. Although the gum still feel a bit pain and swollen. There’s also blood still coming out from the gum above. Perhaps I won’t have any toothache anymore after this. By the way both side of the lower jaw haven’t grown any wisdom tooth yet but there are not much space left for the teeth to grow. And the left side of the upper jaw, the tooth grown a bit slanted. That sure gonna be worse problem if the lower jaw wisdom teeth start to appear. I wished they won’t!

On another different story, last weekend was a better one compared to the previous. We went out for ringo gari on Saturday. Matsukawa is full with dozens of apple farms. The apples are supplied all around Japan and even imported to overseas. We didn’t know which farm to go to but at last decided to just chose the one we visited last year. I like this farm because the fruit stall is big. An obasan attended to us to the farm. Upon leaving us she told me to keep hugging Ihsan what more after knowing Ihsan was only 2 months and a half young πŸ˜› Half of the farm was closed this time unlike last year. Might be some of the apples were reserved for selling. The open side of the farm got many apples too still. But half of the trees there were already run out of apple. Anyway, we had a great time there. We were the only customers at the farm so it was like the farm was ours πŸ˜› The atmosphere was so peaceful, cool, surrounded with apple trees and especially being with loved ones. So, it felt really nice obviously πŸ™‚ Hubby was the one picking and peeling the apples while I took care of Ihsan. As for Ihsan at first he was awake but then he started to cry for milk. After breastfeeding him and a few rounds of taking pictures he fell asleep. Not long after that we decided to go home. Hubby picked some more apples and we headed out. The obasans at the fruit stall were all fascinated with Ihsan. Each one of them eagerly came to us to take a look at Ihsan. They said Ihsan eyes are big and he is kawai. Well, all babies are cute aren’t they? πŸ˜› Funnily there was one obasan when she took a look at Ihsan, she slowly pointed her finger to Ihsan ‘s face. I kept watching her finger. She seemed wanted to touch Ihsan but she scared. But she touched Ihsan’s cheek anyway. Well… all of us just laughed πŸ˜€ Although actually I felt a bit hesitated for a stranger to touch my baby. Right before we left, they kept reminding us to keep Ihsan free from flu and fever. Hait! πŸ˜€

Ihsan with Fuji Β apple


It is really getting colder these days. Every night before sleep Ihsan will be bungkus by me macam lepat. That’s sure to keep him warm and has a good sleep until the morning.

Step 1: Wear the sleeping bag


Step 2: Bungkus macam popia with the swaddling blanket


Step 3: Cover with another blanket


Step 4: Cover with futon shared with Mama and Papa


Sejuk ooo sekarang ni! But hopefully Ihsan stays healthy always, Amin πŸ™‚

6 Replies to “6th Relationship Anniversary :)”

  1. so schweeeeet la your hubby, ina. congratulations to both of u! or…should i include ihsan? errr…3 of u? ape2 pn…happy family la korang ni! gambo ihsan yg step 3 tu sungguh tomeyyy…like he’s playing ‘baaa…cak’ with u! *hugs + kisses utk ihsan*

    Tq Fadh for d wish. Hehe Ihsan masa tu tgh dok excited bersembang, senyum2, jerit2 bagai. Tp dia xtau lepas tu kena paksa tdo dgn Mama dia haha πŸ˜› Btw Fadh slalu ol ym waktu bila? Ingat nk tanya psl Fadh bll berdua dgn Fateh ritu.

  2. best nye dah gi ringgo gari..kat sini tak gi lagi..nanti ingat nak gi jugak hehe

    sana mcm dh sejuk giler ye, sini baru belas2 je

    Haah sini dh sejuk. Pagi2 suhu bwh 5 degree pn ada. Heater apa sumer dh lama kuar dh hehe

  3. Waaaa sweet nya,berbunga2 hati isterinya kan,hihi.congrates~~~

    walla besarnya epal,sama besar muka ihsan!comel je dia tido berbungkus2,guess what,kat sini budak2 ni kata dah sejuk tapi kdg2 fith still kena on cooler sbb raziqh “bising” panas,haiyooo,budak ni nak kena campak pi hokkaido agaknya,haha…

    Hehe kiter je xwat pape utk hubby sian dia. Xpela hari2 dh msk dgn penuh kasih syg kirer orait la tu πŸ˜› Sini sejuk betul. Kami berdua ni mmg dh lama berbungkus2 bagai2. Tp Ihsan ni time pns ritu n sejuk ni pn dia relax je sbnrnya. Kiter je rasa mcm xbest so tula bantai bungkus dia skali. Tambah2 nihonjin sumer pakat pesan suruh bungkus2 dia bagai. So ikut jela as precaution πŸ˜€

  4. huhu…ihsan kene bungkus cam lepat…sheejuuukk ye …
    ina, aku paling suke tgk yg pict second last tu…syommell woo…
    pipi bam bam ihsan tu yg paling gewwaamm

    Sejuk la Auntie Nitaa. Rasa mcm nk blk Mesia je hehe πŸ˜› Ihsan kuat minum susu. Nk cpt besar nnt leh main bola dgn Abang Aqeel n Aqeef πŸ˜€

  5. best arr anniversary slps beberapa bulan bersalin.. aina 7 hari lepas bersalin… mandom je ada la hahaha takleh nak wat apa..maklumla berpantang muahahaha

    upss lupa plak.. Happy anniversary… ni patut kata dulu kan ina? hehehe

    kenapa kalau baby pakai topi macam tuh automatik rasa nak geget kepala die…haha ihsan chumellll

    arissa skarang ni baru nak berbedung sbb tangan duk kuis muka walaupun mata terpejam…

    Tq Aina. Ala anniversary couple aje bukan anniversary wedding. Kami pn xsempat celebrate lg ni. Tggu masa yg sesuai. Dh ada bb ni kena pk 2 3 kali gak la nk mkn luar. Tambah2 tgh sejuk skrg ni huhu. Agaknya bb nmpk comel kalau pakai topi sbb kebulatan pipi dia tu terserlah kot. Tula nmpak geram je tgk kan hehe. Ihsan pn kalau bedung dr dulu lg separuh bdn je. Sbb tgn mesti mau bebas! πŸ˜€

  6. Happy 6th relationship anvsry lalink…

    Comey..comey Ihsan…

    Tq kak. Ummi Abrisam apa citer sihat ke? Xnmpk pn online. Blog pn lama xupdate πŸ˜€

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