Ihsan’s Birth Story I

Although it’s kinda back-dated but it’s never too late for me to tell mine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

During my 38th week pregnancy check up which took place on August 13th, the doctor had done a membrane sweep procedure on me in order to try to trigger labor immediately. Membrane sweep is a way to induce labor naturally but its effectiveness depends on a few factors. However the procedure seemed like didn’t take effect on me during the first time. Then during the 39th week check up on August 19th, another doctor did the same procedure. After the procedure I did went to the loo and nothing seemed unordinary noticed. However during my third visit to the loo, there was a bit bloody show. However we remembered that the doctor did say that it is normal to have a little bloody show after the procedure because of the wounded tissue. We decided to wait and see if it would end. On August 20th, the bloody show kept going on. In fact the volume kept increasing bit by bit and the characteristics of the discharge weren’t like because of the wounded tissue from the membrane sweep procedure but more towards like during early labor. In the morning before ย going to work, hubby called the hospital and told about my condition and the midwife said that most probably it was because of the procedure I went through from the day before or I might also already have the early signs of labor. But since I haven’t felt any pain or contraction so I just had to keep monitoring the bloody show whether it would stop or becoming more obvious.

After having dinner we rested together in front of the TV. While watching Nur Kasih together I kept monitoring the baby’s movement. He wasn’t being really active but once in a while he responded when I poked him. I also listened to his heart beat using the fetal Doppler and I was relieved to hear the very slow WOW-WOW sound. The fetal Doppler is a very helpful and interesting instrument. As the pregnancy progressing and the baby got bigger, we could hear the baby’s movement and heart beat although of course not as clear and loud as the fetal monitor. We planned to buy a fetal monitor before but it usually very expensive. The cheapest we could find was either out of stock or not delivered to Japan. Anyway at that time I also noticed my tummy kept hardening more often but very slightly. But I didn’t feel the contraction wave come and go. I was worried but since the baby kept moving every once in a while so I didn’t really let myself get away with the emotions and thoughts. I kept praying silently to Allah that if it was already the time for me to give birth, I beg for Him to show me the obvious signs like the on-going bloody show and increasing early labor pain, and please make everything going on smooth and safe for me and the baby. Hubby kept saying that he really felt that I was already having early signs of labor and the baby would come out very soon. But being tired of waiting, I didn’t put high hope that it would happen soon although of course I kept wishing that it would really gonna come true though.

I told hubby about feeling the on-going hardening and hubby’s first usual reaction was, “Hah?! Dah nak beranak ke?!Baby gerak tak?!”. In fact since once I reached full term every time I told him so, I would get the same reaction to which really come to my annoyance ๐Ÿ˜› I would always reply to him, “Mesti lah gerak!” or “Gerak ler!” or “Apsal tanya mcm tu? Malas nk jawab” or “Relax laaa Abang ni apsal panic sangat?!” and etc. That night we went to sleep a bit earlier than usual at about 11.00 pm. Hubby was fast asleep and snoring while I kept tossing and turning in bed. I couldn’t rest my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking for the worst to happen. I felt nervous and I could hear my heart pounding loudly. By midnight, I noticed that the hardening kept going on more constantly and becoming more obvious although no pain and contraction wave were felt. Since I couldn’t feel the wave, so I put my fingers on my tummy to feel the hardening started and lasted. I decided to check the timing and I noticed that it becoming more regularly, every about 5 minutes apart and lasted about 30 seconds every time. I managed to fall asleep somehow. I tried to sleep since I thought if I might give birth very soon, I was scared that I won’t be having enough energy due to insufficient rest.

At about 2.00 am I suddenly awakened because I felt pain from menstrual-like cramping and the contraction wave came and went. I still tried to sleep but only managed to doze off every once in a while because the pain slowly becoming more intense. I continued changing my position to ease the pain and kept holding on. Only at that time it struck my mind and I started to believe that I would be going into labor very soon. I didn’t want to wake up just yet since I knew it was too early and the pain was bearable. Furthermore I wanted hubby to have enough rest too so that he would have enough energy to give support to me later. I kept checking the timing and monitoring the baby’s movement. As time went by, the pain becoming stronger that I started to think of waking hubby up. However finally at 4.00 am I surrendered. I thought I better got myself and everything prepared before the pain becoming more excruciating. If I waited a bit later I was scared that if suddenly I didn’t have enough time and willingness to do whatever I wanted to do. I grabbed some more necessary stuffs and readied my things at the front door. I also had early breakfast of cereal with milk, some prunes and dates, and air zamzam. I recited a particular doa before drinking the air zamzam. After that I went to toilet to get my bowl movement settled. Then I went to take my bath. I took my own sweet time comforting myself under the hot shower. It made me more relax and helped ease the pain. After settled with bath, I performed Subuh prayer. Finally I took out the futon, blanket and pillow into the hall for me to lie. Only then I woke hubby up for Subuh prayer. This was how the conversation took place:

Me: Abang bangun la. Sakit perut ni.

Him: Ha? Hmmm. (Continued to sleep).

Me: Abang! Bangun la sakit perut ni! (I kinda yelled to him although I didn’t mean it. Sorry Ucuk! :P).

Him: Haa?! Yeke?! (Instantly woke up! Only then hubby realized of the situation. He kinda perplexed seeing I was resting in the hall and everything).

Him: Sejak bila Rinny bangun ni?

Me: Dah lama dah bangun. Org dah siap mandi makan berak sumer dah.

I described to hubby how I was feeling at that time. Then hubby hurriedly prepared himself, took shower, performed prayer, and had breakfast. While waiting for him I lied in the hall. I recorded my contraction timing while kept reciting doas at the same time. I even got on-line to check my mail. I did reply a few comments in the blog and wrote new status in the FB. I wrote, “Is it time?” and immediately got reply from a friend saying well wishes to me ๐Ÿ™‚ By that time at about 6.00 am the pain started to be intense at about every 5 minutes apart. I couldn’t think of any other thing anymore and continued to lie down. Hubby called the hospital and was told that we could come to the hospital already. I went to the toilet to pass motion for the second time. Only then I got readied. I wore the clothes which I prepared days before. I believed that being comfortably readied would eventually help kept me motivated. But I forgot to take last picture of me with my lovely swollen belly :(Every time the contraction came, I stopped whatever I was doing and hubby would come and massage my back. We called our parents first to inform about my condition then only we got out of the house at about 7.oo am. The traffic was started to become busy but over all it was quite a smooth journey. During in the car, I kept moaning and groaning every time the contraction happened. I kept doing the breathing technique to help calm me down. Hubby only managed to tell me to be patient and keep holding on. I SMSed a few friends telling them I was on the way to the hospital. Once reached hospital, hubby called the office to tell that he was on leave. Then we walked into the hospital. Hubby did the registration while I waited in the waiting hall. After a while, a midwife came to fetch us and brought us to the maternity ward at the 3rd floor. We just walked since I said I didn’t need the wheelchair.

I was brought right away into the delivery room and it was already about 8.00 am. This time, the room was a bit smaller than before and was quite packed. I heard there was already a woman in labor. All the time I could hear her doing the breathing technique. She was alone because her husband was waiting outside instead. I was placed beside her. We were separated by curtains side by side. Since I was in pain, I said to hubby that I don’t know how long I’m gonna be in labor this time. But if according to past experience, I might deliver the baby only during in the afternoon or worst by evening. The midwife introduced herself and her name was Shanna-san. She immediately checked for my dilation. To our surprise I was already 4 cm dilated! ๐Ÿ˜€ Shanna-san commented that I was progressing fast. I was asked to change into the pink hospital gown. She then fixed the CTG scan belts on me and we got to know that the baby’s heart beat was also stable. Hubby reminded Shanna-san that I have GBS in order just to be safe just in case she overlooked my record. She then fixed the IV of antibiotic for me. She told me to inform her if I suddenly felt like shivering or vomiting. But gladly my body was tolerable with the antibiotic so I just felt fine. Hubby was told to get my things ready so he went to the car for a while to take them. He was also given an access tag for him to wear.

To be continued…

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