Ihsan’s 2 Months Milestones

Ihsan turned 2 months young yesterday, October 21st, 2009. Alhamdulillah until today he is growing as a healthy and happy baby πŸ™‚ I weighted him and took measurement of his height yesterday myself. As of now he is already 4.5 kg of weight and 56 cm of height. This month he is growing not as rapidly as during the first month. I can see that he drinks milk less compared to during the first month. In fact, these days he doesn’t really concentrate and tends to play while drinking milk unless when he is really hungry. But of course he is growing normally as he should. Obviously he was having growth spurt during the first month. But even nowadays he is already quite heavy for me to hold in a long time. I have to be in the right posture if I wanted to lift him up while sitting, not like before when I could lift him up as anyhow I wished. Anyway, Ihsan looks chubbier and bigger these days (well, of course! duh! :P). His body looks longer and I keep wondering that he used to be fit to stay in my womb before. That kinda give me an incredible feeling to see how much he has grown now. He also already has puffy fingers and feet. They look like dough that ready to be baked in the oven. Everytime I look at his fingers I would think of how tiny and skinny he used to be. I really miss the adorable mini fingers and palm. But these days I really love to hug him since he feels full in my arms and that kinda give me an indescribable contented feeling. His hair has grown longer to which his forehead has been covered back with fine hair and his sideburns are also becoming more obvious. So sometimes, I find that he looks more like when he was born. Even once in a while he shows the resemblance of his elder brother, ‘Abid. Sometimes when looking at Ihsan, I couldn’t help to imagine having his brother around.

To move on, I can see that Ihsan already recognized our faces. He loves to converse and play with us. He smiles and laughs a lot these days especially when provoked. When he is in a good mood especially after having enough sleep and full tummy, he could be placed to play with himself. Usually I would take that chance to do whatever I need to do in a jiffy before Ihsan starts to feel boring. I would first leave him with toys all around to make him occupied. But nowadays he usually ignores his toys and none toys seem can make him entertained. Not like during the early days when I could easily hear him kicking and batting his toys. When I show or offer toys to him, his eyes would most of the times be glued to our faces. Even the funny thing is, every time when I pass by him, his head would turn to see me or to find where my voice coming from. Sometimes I feel guilty that when I’m concentrate in doing something and suddenly when I catch a glimpse of him, I see that all those while; apparently he was looking at me non-stopped. Also as usual, he loves to be held. He couldn’t really stay lying alone in a very long time. Because of that, I always forget to spend some tummy time for him. He managed to lift his head up to 45 degree but he does that very rarely. But when put on the chest, he would do it more. Obviously he needs more practise. Because by the end of the third month he should be able to hold head steadily and roll over. But I’m not worried though since I know each baby develop in their own pace.

Not only being his living ‘canteen’ and recently ‘toy’, I’m still his comfy ‘bed’ especially at night. He just loves to sleep on me. Especially nowadays when the weather is becoming colder from day to day. The heat from my body definitely could guaranty him to sleep more comfortably. But I don’t really encourage and let him spoilt with this habit most importantly because he is getting heavier. I get backache more often these days because of his habit. So only when needed, I let him sleep on me. And usually he sleeps more soundly and happily of course. I noticed that Ihsan loves to sleep with his face facing close to our skin. Sometimes it’s worrying to see his face covered and I need to once in a while keep checking on him. So, that also means less quality sleep for me πŸ˜› It is difficult to put him down to sleep without the right techniques. Usually for doing that, I need to also sleep with him first. So usually during day time like this, he sleeps on my lap; like right now πŸ˜€ And that gives me leg cramps more often these days too. He is not easily awakened when he sleeps on me. But that also means only a few chores I could do when I’m stuck with him. On some common things, he manages to open and shuts hands, push down with legs when put on surface, kick legs when put on back, bring both hands together, blows bubble! πŸ˜› and etc.

These days I’m busy collecting study materials for him. Everyday I sing ABC and Alif Baa Taa songs for him besides Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Well… that are only the songs I know at the moment πŸ˜› Since his brain is functioning like a sponge and at its peak to absorb, I wish to take this chance to expose him to knowledge. Actually I’m planning to introduce Alif Baa Taa, short Surahs, short daily Doas and etc to him but at the moment my source is limited so at the moment I only manage to get some from the internet and TV besides reciting them myself for him. I’ve yet to collect enough material for my mission. Most probably I need to get somebody to get them for me from Mesia. Besides I also plan to do some scrapbooks for him to learn. Although most of the times I see that my baby seems lost in his own world and I am the one who busy enjoying the game, video, song or the story but I think those are good exposure for him. Well… of course I’m not gonna teach him like a teacher giving a lesson to a student. I’m not that irrational and impractical πŸ˜› I know he is still a baby and I definitely don’t expect him to recite ABC right back at me. But my point is instead of I pointlessly or nonsensely babbling or playing with him. I could make my time with him more beneficial and fun. So that he could play and eventually learn at the same time. It’s not about wanting him to be able to read or count fast so that he could get into TV or newspaper and be proud of it πŸ˜› I don’t mind though since I know eventually he will know how to read and count too the latest is once when he enters school. But my main objectives are for my baby to be able to recite Al-Quran as soon as possible and on-goingly stimulating his mind by enjoying whatever knowledge available around him. Furthermore, this can help him to learn better someday if something is already a common thing to him.

I can’t believe it that it has been already 2 months we are running our lives with him. Well, truly I couldn’t even believe it that there he is right in front of me already. I would always wonder did I really give birth to him and now have him whom I can touch. Honestly, I still couldn’t even believe it that I really got pregnant for 2 consecutive years and went into labor already twice! I know that people give birth everyday but going into labor is such although an incredibly amazing, yet it is a very painful experience at the same time (to me). I couldn’t believe it I already have 2 sons. I couldn’t believe it that I even had my first son long gone before me. I couldn’t believe it I had come to this far. I still feel bizarre and it makes me feels like in a dream. Everything is so surreal to me. Still, as time goes by, I’m now more adapted to our new lives. I don’t really feel panic every time when my baby cries his lung out. I could be more cool nowadays and take my sweet time to settle whatever I’m doing and think properly before attending to him.Β Since he already reached 2 months, we planned to take him out for an outing. He needs to see the world (and me too! :P). Furthermore we need to get some new winter clothes for him.

I was actually trying to capture picture of his taik idong πŸ˜›


He was cranky and crying at that time. I unintentionally put the bonnet that way. But he suddenly became quite and when I raised the bonnet up, he already fell asleep. It was hillarious. So we pulled the bonnet back down and took this picture πŸ˜›


He loves to sleep with face covered like this.


He was making faces and I managed to capture this πŸ˜€


Just woke up during the cold morning.


I put him under the kotatsu but he lasted only a while. He wanted to be held while sleeping πŸ˜›


Cute, isn’t he? πŸ˜‰


His smile makes me melts! πŸ™‚


The latest picture of him which I took this morning. It was cold thus he was seemed unsettled to really fall asleep. So I covered him that way and suddenly he dozed off! πŸ˜€


But of course I didn’t simply let him sleep that way. I fixed the layers of blanket and let his face free for clear airways πŸ˜‰


It is truly a bless having a baby which of course comes with more big responsibilities and not forgetting tiring too πŸ˜› Looking at my baby always makes me think how bad I had been to my mom all these years. Thus this makes me appreciates my mom more. Owh I miss my mom and my dad too of course and also my brothers. Nak balik! Huwaaa! πŸ™ Well… I love my baby ever so unconditionally. Especially after what I had to go through before I been blessed with him. I wish to be a better person in order especially to be a good mom. I have high hopes towards him but in order to achieve that, I have to first change and be that way. I want Ihsan to be proud having me as his mom. At least if can’t be the role model myself, I could be his inspiration or greatest backbone who will always motivate him and give him support; perhaps πŸ™‚

8 Replies to “Ihsan’s 2 Months Milestones”

  1. ararara kawai~~~
    makin montel dah ihsan yer,syok nak gomoi2 kan…
    ihsan sama je mcm rafiqh dulu,suka sgt tidur atas org.nak2 dulu masa blk sini time winter lg laa dia syok tido celah2 mak dia.haa pasni ihsan pulak laa tu,melekat je kat papa mama,hihi.
    betul ina,bila jd mommy,kita jd lbh prihatin pd parents kita,terkenang2 pengorbanan diorg dulu…
    take care,peluk cium utk ihsan yg cumel itu…

    Itula masa awal2 dlu mmg takut nk gomol2 dia Fith. Setakat cium2 je. Sbb halus sgt masa tu. Skrg ni hmmm habis laa dia hehe πŸ˜› Haih mmg keje melekat je dia ni Fith. Anak manja sungguh. Hubby kata dia dh jadi ‘kerusi malas’ Ihsan. Sbb Ihsan kdg2 duduk saja2 pn nk dok atas kitorg gak hehe. Tp itula kami pn dh xikutkan sgt kehendak dia tu. Tkt nnt dh terbiasa naik lemak plak. Cpt Fith tempek pic Raziqh plak byk2 πŸ˜€

  2. Owh.. Ada baby mmg sangat seronok..

    Jieyyy how r u? Ala rindu la nk baca bebelan Jiey. Hopefully Jiey n Ian sihat slalu. Peluk cium utk Ian kay πŸ˜‰

  3. nazhan pulak still berpeluh kalau tdo dlm kotatsu or futon..aiyarkk mommy & daddy dah shivering .. dia bleh berpeluh huhuhuh

    Wah Nazhan jenis suka sejuk2 ke n xtahan pns? Sng la mummy n daddy nk bwk Nazhan main snow nnt hehe πŸ˜€

  4. hye lil ihsan & mom!!

    erm…comey nye la budak tecik yg bam bam ni..
    seem like to punch ihsan blotted bum bum cheek…hehe
    gewwam tgk die…nak geget2 and gomol2 je si syommel ni..

    Hehe Ihsan nk minum susu banyak2 nk jd bam bam n comel mcm Abang Aqeel n Abang Aqeef jugak! Nnt leh main bola sama2! πŸ˜€

  5. bulat nyeeee mate ihsan. tomeyyy!

    ina, fateh dulu umur 4 bln fadh dh start bg tgk ‘abc’, ‘aliff, baa, taa’ , lagu2 bintang+ video2 lagu2 anak islam kt youtube. sbb nye ms tu byk keje nk buat dgn blk lab nk masak, mengemas bagai…terpakse bg fateh ‘layan’ video2 pelajaran kt youtube dulu sementara mama nya siap sume keje.

    alhamdulillah…bila fateh 1thn 2 bln, fateh dh boleh ikut rythm semua lagu2 yg dgr sejak kecik dulu:) siap bole sebut “a, ba,ta” lg! lps tu binatang2 kalau tgk gambar die tau bunyi nye mcm mane. kalau fadh nyanyi ‘tiger..harimau’, nnt die sambut ‘aummm, aummm’ (nmpk lambang maybank ms kt mesia ari tu pn dok ‘aumm, aumm’ jgk). same la dgn binatang2 lain. alhamdulillah…sgt chumil! buahan2 pn die tau+sebut sbb tgk youtube (apple, banana, orange)

    dulu ms awal2 mmg rs xbertanggungjwb jgk la sbb slalu biar fateh tgk youtube sbb nk buat kerja2 umah. tp, Alhamdulillah…semua benda yg fateh tau pandai ckp skang
    kebykannye sbb tgk video2 pelajaran yg berlagu kt youtube. tp, InsyaAllah, lps2 ni xde la fadh nk ‘serah bulat2’ kt youtube lg. bila ada kelapangan ms kalo bole fadh sndr nk jd ‘youtube’ , menyanyi sambil mengajar utk anak2 yg lain plk!

    Fadh, kiter ada tgk video2 Fadh upload kt FP. Fadh nyanyi n tgk video2 Islamic dgn Fateh. Kiter dpt idea drpd Fadh jugak la ni nk carik video kt Youtube πŸ˜› Kalau kt Mesia sng la nk bli kt kedai especially bhn2 learning yg Islamic kan. Setakat ni kiter pn byk kumpul website learning utk baby, video2, tv program n etc je. Tp tula nnt ngadap pc n tv aje plak keje nyer kan. Nnt nk cuba kumpul buku, wat flash cards n scrapbook. Harap2 jgn hangat2 taik ayam dh ler. Skrg ni bila blaja dgn Ihsan, mcm ckp sorg2 je. Ihsan ntah dh kemana2 terawang-awangan dlm dunia dia sndiri haha πŸ˜› Tp xpela dh bsr sket nnt pandai la dia nk blaja sama2 dgn Mama dia kan. Xpe nnt Fadh dh free sket leh la Fadh jd Youtube utk Fateh n adik2 Fateh. At least Fadh biarkn Fateh dgn pemerhatian. Bknnya bg tgk video bebas sesuka hati kan. Fadh pn ada byk komitmen lain. Fateh pn bkn blaja kt Youtube je. Dia blaja jugak dgn tgk cth tauladan mak ayah dok tnjuk hari2. Nnt Fateh pn rajin ler blaja mcm parentsnya jugak ye tak? πŸ˜‰ Btw hopefully nnt Ihsan pn jd pndai mcm Abang Fateh n suwittt juga mcm Abang Fateh hehe πŸ˜€

  6. salam…

    wah besar dah Ihsan…comey…Abrisam dah setahun hari ni…dah pandai jalan..tapi selalu jatuh2…eksyen tu…tak nak merangkak lagi..hehehe..

    akak sekarang ni banyak relax…abrisam lebih suka melayan diri sendiri..huhu..

    Salam akak! Wah bday Abrisam ke arini. Xlama lg dh nk dpt Adik plak. Bagus la Abrisam dh nk start bejalan. Nnt boleh ‘tolong’ ummi dia jaga Adik hehehe πŸ˜€

  7. Salam Ina .. hehehe, so sorry tersenyap aje few months nieh .. aku pun xtau la apa yg aku bzkan nieh … muahahahah ..

    Anyway, miss u la darling .. how’s Ihsan .. seronok aje aku baca ur story nieh .. for sure ur life skang neih dah bz sesgt kan .. am really2 tumpang happy with ur happiness .. xtau laa bila ada rezeki bleh nak jumpa ko neih ..:)

    Apa2 pun jaga Ihsan bebaik .. jaga diri ko bebaik ok .. have a nice day πŸ™‚

    Lots of luv,

    Salam Yatie. Hehe aku tau ko bz main fesbuk kannn mcm la aku xtau haha πŸ˜› Aku jrg main fesbuk. Masuk pn nk tgk2 je. Tau pn rindu kt aku. Aku pn rindu kt ko. Ko blog la blk mcm dolu2. Tp citer biasa2 pn ok je. Btw ko pn take care ye. Always keep in touch! Mmuahhh! πŸ˜‰

  8. Salam. Hi..

    Ya Allah comelnya Ihsan. Teringat masa anak saya dulu, he was under weight baby. 2.45kg. Sekarang, dah 13 bulan. Baru nak menapak berjalan πŸ™‚


    Salam Wafaa. Tq for dropping by. Itulah my sons pn both lahir kecik aje. Ntah2 next bb pn mcm tu jugak. Sbb parents nya pn kecik2 je hehe. Tp xpe yg penting anak2 sihat kan, Alhamdulillah. Oo anak dh dpt kaki. Wafaa makin bz mengekor dia jela plak kan hehe πŸ˜€

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