Ihsan’s 1 Month Milestones

Alhamdulillah as on the past September 21st, 2009 Ihsan reached 1 month old. Yesterday we attended his 1 month old check up and my postnatal check up. Hubby took leave yesterday and we attended the appointment which was held at 2.00 pm. Alhamdulillah everything was fine for me and as of yesterday my weight was 49.15 kg. After giving birth my weight was 52 kg and it seems like I haven’t lost much weight since past 1 month. Lately, I have big appetite and I kinda feeling hungry most of the times. There were a few nights during Ihsan’s night feeding, I was craving for air sirap sejuk or air sejuk kosong (Yes, I do drink cold water during confinement but occasionally. Even when I was in the hospital I was served cold milk during every meal.) during the wee hours in the morning like at 2.00 am. So after tucking Ihsan back to bed with happy tummy I went into the kitchen to indulge my craving. I bet breastfeeding is the culprit. But still I don’t want to make that as an excuse. I think doing workout is gonna be a bit hard this time since I’m occupied with the baby most of the times. So I’m gonna try to control my appetite and eat wisely so that I’ll lose more weight and reach my target weight that is 45 kg. The sooner the better. Β My confinement period will end this end of weekend and Alhamdulillah so far I’ve been feeling very healthy and good although I don’t take confinement strictly. Thanks to hubby too for doing a great job taking care of me during these period πŸ™‚

Making him occupied.


Back to Ihsan, during all the check up procedures for him hubby was the one who played ‘Mama’ whom carried Ihsan here and there and discussed with the doctors while I played ‘Papa’ whom most of the times sat on the chair and observed them. Although I wished I could be the real Mama yesterday, but I pretty impressed with hubby and he had done a pretty great job without being ashamed being surrounded by other moms. Alhamdulillah as of yesterday Ihsan was already 3.868 kg and his height has reached 52.0 cm. As in average, he gains about 38 g per day. Ihsan was checked for vitamin K and was given some more too. He cried loudly when his blood was taken and again when he was forced to consume the vitamin. As of the check up’s result, Ihsan is growing up quite fast and he is developing very well without any problem. Only that his bum was reddish so the paed gave us a medication for that. After applying the cream for only 3 times, his bum is now already looked fine. During yesterday, definitely we as the only foreigners and especially me was already the eye catcher since I looked different with the scarf. Automatically people would want to look at Ihsan too, to see how he looks like. Of course Ihsan looked different too than other babies and most people were fascinated with his big eyes πŸ™‚

During after the check up.


From a tiny cute baby, Ihsan is now as in the size of average newborn baby. He looked different too from day to day. Now he has puffy cheeks and his bald head recently has now grown hair quite fast. He really looks like a miniature of his Papa. Only that he has my nose. And I believe that’s the most precious part πŸ˜€ Anyway, I like Ihsan’s sexy lips and curled eyelashes. Well… I think he is handsome πŸ˜€ I really miss the newborn Ihsan when he was so little and fragile and I kinda have a sad feeling about this. Where have all the times gone? If only I could freeze the time! Honestly from day to day I kinda feel lucky Ihsan was born small so that he won’t grow already bigger by now. Or else I would be missing the newborn him even more! But of course I was worried when the doctor kept saying he was small when I was pregnant with him. I was just scared if there was anything went wrong with the pregnancy. But Alhamdulillah Ihsan was born healthy and he is still now, perhaps always; InsyaAllah. Realizing this, makes me cherishes my every day with Ihsan but still I can’t get enough of him. I keep looking into his eyes and kiss him but the feeling just makes me addicting for more. We met other moms with babies whom were born more or less the same day with Ihsan. So I met a few friends whom stayed in the same room with me recently. Their babies weight have reached more than 4.0 kg and their cheeks were soo puffy! I can’t wait for my Ihsan to have that muffin cheeks too but still… owh how I’m gonna miss the tiny him! πŸ™‚

I like to pinch those cheeks πŸ™‚


There are so much to talk about Ihsan’s development and I can go on non-stopped about this. Everyday I never fail to take his pictures and write down notes about him. I’m thinking of producing 365 Pictures of him. I got this idea from other blog I stalk. But as for now I’m gonna highlight on some major progress on him only. During the early days of course it was kinda hard and challenging for us to adapt our lives with the baby since we were so new into parenthood. But as the days go by, we are getting used with the new life style and come to realize that Ihsan is a pretty good and easy baby, Alhamdulillah. Not like during the early days, now my body clock is getting well with Ihsan’s schedule. I’m also getting better in understanding my baby too. So, things gets much easier if I could know what he wants. I learn to read Ihsan’s cues like cue for milk, sleepy cue, wants-to-be-held cue, don’t-leave-me-alone cue and so on. The cutest one is the I-want-to-poo cue. Remember this entry? Apparently since the day he was born and might be even since in the womb he will suddenly become quite and with his mouth making ‘O’, he will concentrate do his business πŸ˜€ Once in a while he will make faces together with the urging voice of pushing. And sometimes he gets angry too. Ihsan usually busy pooping and farting during in the morning and during the noon πŸ˜›

I wake up every morning with this view beside of me πŸ™‚


Ihsan my Dracumilk is still demanding for milk about in every 2 hours. Well, that explains why he is gaining weight fast, aight? πŸ˜€ Β Ihsan could tolerate on other things but when it comes to hungry tummy, there’s no compromise. If he wants it, he wants it there and then or else he would cry his lung out πŸ˜€ He can accept feeding via bottle but that’s only when needed. So far, I’ve only given him EBM 3 times. The whole session of milk time is also getting easier too and I’ve long stopped trying to introduce him to pacifier, gladly. Β Ihsan is getting to enjoy bath time especially when he is in good mood, not sleepy and not hungry. But he hates me picking his nose. At night, Ihsan sleeps with us and I only put him in the cot sometimes only during other times. Nowadays Ihsan also getting easier to be put to sleep. He startles less and sleeps more soundly. Thus, we get more quality sleep too. Usually he will fall asleep once after his tummy is full. But nowadays since he is getting heavier and my slim wrists can’t get hold of him in very long time, I burp him by patting him on my shoulder. Then I would put him on my chest while I lie inclined on the pillows. He really loves it that way. When finally he really falls asleep, I’ll put him down. Sometimes I would sleep right beside him with my face touching his while my hand patting his bum. Once he falls asleep, I would get back right beside hubby πŸ™‚

He always fascinates me πŸ™‚


Other than that, Ihsan has started to coo and communicate with us more often. He can lock his eyes to ours and recognize our faces. He likes looking at the camera too. And usually if he is started to feel boring with his toys and the BabyTv channel, he would want to look at me although I might sit a bit off his sight. If we leave him alone, he will call us with loud ‘Ahh’ and ‘Ohh’ a few times before finally he starts Β to cry. Same goes to when he wants to be lifted up. But the cues are a bit different. He loves to be held and sleep on us. Ihsan has started to give real smile and laugh but we have yet to capture the moment or even really witness them. The Β smile and laugh lasted only for seconds and gone when we just started to notice and enjoy them. But he usually smiles and laugh in his sleep. I also noticed very recently that he drools once in a while. As like he is playing bubbles with his saliva. Ihsan is quite an active baby when he is cranky, grumpy or excited. He loves being held against the shoulder. Although his head is still wobbly but he likes to turn and push towards any direction a lot, unexpectedly. So nowadays we have to be careful while holding him or else he might fall or knock himself. By the way he knocks his head to my face Β so many times already and that hurts πŸ˜› Ihsan also getting better at using his legs and hands. He likes to stand with support and his legs kick strongly at times. His fingers could already held on things put right to his hands and he could move his arms towards desired objects randomly.

Bonding time with Papa πŸ˜›


On some other things, Ihsan first day out was on September 20th, 2009 during the first Hari Raya Aidilfitri when we went to visit Nuha-chan’s and family in Matsumoto. The journey is about 1 and half hours from here. We first went to the BabiesRUs in Matsumoto to buy some stuffs for Ihsan before going to celebrate raya at Nuha-chan’s house. We was so nervous and panicked at times while first time bringing him out for outing but we learnt a lot and I believe we can do much better next time. But sometimes, it all depends on the luck πŸ˜› Our second outing was during yesterday. We went to Nishimatsuya first to buy some stuffs for Ihsan then only we attended the check up. On our way back home, we stopped by at Daiso and I went in to shop alone while hubby looked after sleeping Ihsan in the car. It was my first time shopping alone without hubby. Not I can’t do that all these while but I just love to have company since I always need other’s opinion to make decision. I see that as long as we are well prepared, outing with a baby won’t be a disaster and can be fun! But of course it is always handful with a baby.

My adorable sweetheart πŸ™‚


Technically ‘Abid was the first child, first grandchild to both our parents and also first great grandchild to MIL’s side. But now Ihsan kinda took his place so everyone is so excited with his presence. Ihsan is showers with lots of love from everyone from time to time. Although the families are far away but I kinda feel like everyone seems like trying to gain back all the chance they have lost with ‘Abid. Well… honestly I kinda do the same too. I’m glad to know my sons are loved by especially their close families. I think that’s all for now that came across my mind on Ihsan. Actually there are so many things I want to tell but my baby needs my full attention 24 hours. But I’ll try to keep updating. By the way, I’m thinking of coming up with Ihsan’s birth story in next entry πŸ™‚ Till then.

8 Replies to “Ihsan’s 1 Month Milestones”

  1. waa anak buajng ni dah bam bam dah. cepat rambut dia tumbuh tak macam abe zayyan neh dr dulu dok cenonet jek. mama ihsan ade letak oil ke ape ke kat rambut ihsan tu, umi zayyan neh tak letak ape2 pun kat pala coz gondol sgt letak oil nampak berkilat. org kata letak minyak zaitun tu rambut lebat eh??
    kami nak naik belon dah ahad ni, lalallaa.. kalo ade ape nk pesan jgn lupe mesej tau. kan nanti nak dtg umah wat passport leh amek brg pesanan sama. kami leh bwk 70kg dlm flight neh, macam2 leh bwk.
    uihh gerun bila pikir camana nk handle anak dlm flight ni. mintak2 semua ok, wish me luck.. take care ok, peluk cium kat ihsan bam bam tu.

    Kuat minum susu kalo tak bam bam mmg nk kena la tu hehe πŸ˜› Kiter xbuh apa pn kt pale dia. Mmg jenis rambut tumbuh cpt kot. Rambut baru ni tumbuh sebijik ikut rambut Papa dia. Mmg anak Papa sungguh. Dgr mcm tu jugak. Cuba la buh minyak zaitun kt Zayyan. Cuba sket2 dlu takut dia allergic plak. Ihsan nk ikut la Ummi Mur balik. Nk msk dlm henbeg Umi Mur boleh? πŸ˜› Bestnya la hai. Moga slamat pegi balik ye. Terbayang2 je keseronokan korang huhu. Jeles nyer πŸ˜› Kiter terpk nk pesan brg utk Ihsan. Tgkla kalau jd kiter msg ye. Tq Murni πŸ™‚

  2. eeeee budak jepun nih, geram tengok gambar yg pipi dia layut tuh. kalo kiss ni mesti bau asyem, best kan bau baby??? tp a’ah ina dah nampak besar compare masa baru lahir, of course lar kan. yg tido kat ketiak ayah tu lagi lar plak, nasib baik tak kena hempap.

    Haah mmg bau mashemm pun. Especially pagi2. Bau muntah susu kuat πŸ˜› Skrg ni sedap sket dukung dia sbb bdn dh padat. Hehe itu Papa dia tgh tgk movie. Kalo ltk dia rapat2 or tdo ats bdn kitorg suka la dia. Slalu kalo nk tdokn dia cpt kitorg wat cmtu la pastu br ltk kt tilam. Tp kalo time tdo betul2 sesama mmg letak dia jauh2 sket.

  3. selamat hari raya ina.
    cepat ihsan dah besar ek…mcm baru jek baca ina gave birth.
    kasik cium kat ihsan eh…frm auntie kim..

    Slamat hari raya Kak Kim πŸ™‚ Tula ritu rasa lmbt je b4 bersalin.. Ni sekejapn je dh besar bdk ni.

  4. amboi comelnya ihsan,makin montel yer.aah laa ina,mukanya byk iras papa,tp part hidung ikut mama,tu yg mahal tu,hehe.
    betul tu ina,kejap je rasa budak2 ni besar kan.rindu saat diorg baru lahir dulu.
    take care…

    Tula xpuas kan Fith. Dh besar xleh kecik balik. Tp kdg2 xsbr gak nk tgk dia besar hehe mcm2 πŸ˜› Kena bersalin lagi la kalau nk merasa tiny newborn (amboi2 Ihsan baru umur sebulan tp dh berangan :P). Fith pn take care ye.

  5. salam ihsan n mama ihsan..amboi..comelnye die..ihsan ni bertuah tau mama die jaga die 24hrs..aunty ainul doakan ihsan disihatkan tubuh badan..hehe..jgn nangis lame2 tau nanti mama pening..ni yg taksabar nak jumpe ni..

    Salam Auntie Ainul. Ihsan xsbr nk jmpa kwn Ihsan tu. Auntie jaga diri baik2 ye hehe πŸ˜‰ Ihsan mmg xnangis lama2. Ihsan nangis kuat2 je mcm nk pecah gegendang telinga Mama! πŸ˜›

  6. waaaa…ihsannn dah comei bangat nih!!!sempat ke tak aku nak pelok cium ihsan ni…balik mesia bila ni?ehehhe…comel la diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    aku nak baby jugaaaakkkk.nak jugak bgn tdo pagi ada baby sebelah.ekekkeke.tgk ihsan ni buat aku teruja weh.isk,ya Allah,cpt la aku peknen.tp utk 3 bulan ni tak peknen la.takde laki.hahhahah

    anyway,take care!!!

    Ehehe xsempat la ko nk cium Ihsan. Xtau laa bila nk balik ni huwaa! πŸ™ Kak As, kalo dia tdo gitu mmg aman. Kalau dia xnk tdo rasa nk ltk blk dlm perut je πŸ˜› Bakal baby ko tu nk jd made in Qatar kot. So ko kene la cepat2 g Qatar InsyaAllah peknen hehe (doa ni tau). Ko pn take care kay πŸ˜‰

  7. ina…cepatnyeeeeeeeeeeeeee ihsan besar! ari tu tgk ms lahir tecik cenonet je..panjang plk tu. elok la dpt gene papa nye,kan? nk harap mama nye…comel lote la nnt (fateh mcm xde harapan nk tinggi je sbb kami due ala2 rendang2 gitu)

    kite dulu pn slalu teringin minum air sejuk tau ina. kite mmg cume pantang air sejuk+ais je ari tu. tp, sgt2 lah teringin. slalu curi2 amik takut kene marah dgn enchek hubby.

    ok ina. hug+kisses muah muah utk ihsan,k? nnt ade rezeki kite dtg lawat ihsan, InsyaAllah

    Haah dh mula terasa lenguh dukung Ihsan ni Fadh. Dah la tgn Mama nyer halus jek. Tinggi ke Ihsan ni Fadh? Bagus gak kot2 dia ikut gene pakcik2 dia ke πŸ˜€ Ikut2 kan kiter n hubby rendang aje. Rasa nya hubby Fadh tinggi jugak kalau xsalah ye tak? Kiter minum air sejuk je tapi ais xsentuh (tapi aiskrim mkn plak kehkeh :P). Mak kiter n MIL kiter pn diorg xstrict. Ikut style diorg je. Tp tula berpada2 gak xdela main redah je.

  8. meh2 ihsan masuk beg. kalo barang untuk Ihsan pesan byk pun takpe, kang mesej ek.

    InsyaAllah kalo jd kiter msg ye. Dok pk2 lg benda2 tu. Tq ye Murni.

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