Of Confinement

My confinement this time is more or less like how I went through my confinement last year. Although I’m not so strict with the confinement regime but I still concentrate on postnatal healing. I’m more comfortable with modern confinement style and I even continue to follow what I got to know from the hospital. My mother and MIL also never taught me to be so strict but they told me to be flexible with myself. In fact I believe not only I have to take care of my health excellently during confinement period but also during other ordinary day, everyday. Before giving birth hubby and I had discussed that we will try to let myself to rest and heal as optimum as I could during this confinement period. So that once the confinement period ends, perhaps I will be very healthy and rejuvenated enough to start my mundane routine like before. Moreover this time I definitely will be busy attending to the baby in between doing chores.

This year I’m all alone with hubby and our newborn not like last year my mother flew all the way from Mesia to take care of me. Since I’d decided that this year I’m going to go through the confinement period all by ourselves so I’d ready myself mentally, physically and materially. I’d prepared whatever things necessary beforehand before I went into labor. So far everything going on just fine. I spent the first 6 days after labor in the hospital (compulsory) and once we came home hubby took charge taking care of us. Hubby took a few days leave during the earlier days and every day we started the days with him massaging me with herb oil, putting param, pilis, and tapel on me, tie the traditional binder (bengkung) on me and prepare the hot waterbag for me to press on myself (bertungku).Β  He alsoΒ  prepared my meals, bath the baby, do the chores as well as help taking care of the baby. I also wear socks most of the times to keep my feet warm. Since during these times hubby takes charge of the house chores, I manage to rest myself in between taking care of the baby. I prohibit myself from doing even the easiest chores but sometimes I can’t stop myself from helping hubby. But I just do only the simple jobs like hanging the clothes, folding the clothes and washing the dishes.

To go into details, since there are only ourselves in the house to manage everything and hubby too needs to go to work and everything, the confinement regime like applying param, tapel, and pilis, berbengkung and bertungku only had been done less than 5 times so far. But hubby try to do the massage on me almost every day at least when he couldn’t do all the former things. As for food, hubby cook as simple and as healthy as possible with my help. I guide him by giving instruction and once in a while supervise him. I eat majorly fish during my stay in the hospital but once I came home I eat majorly chicken and sometimes fish. Of style of cooking, hubby usually makes vegetable soup with lots of black pepper and as for the chicken or fish, they are usually grilled with seasonings, black pepper and ginger. During this confinement period I do avoid some foods that I noticed can make me sick or just eat them in very little quantity like cucumber, brinjal, watermelon and etc. Other than that, I take lots of fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, pears, prunes and grapes, drink lots of milk and eat lots of yogurt to help ease my bowl movement. I also eat dates, drink Shaklee Performance drink and consume my supplements in order to ensure I get enough nutrients to restore the ones that I have lost. Owh I haven’t consumed Β any jamu yet at the moment and gonna take it much later like after the baby is 1 month old maybe. Because I’m scared the jamu would give any effect on my baby so perhaps after 1 month old might be his body is strong enough to tolerate the jamu I eat then.

As on Ihsan, I do whatever I think comfortable and suitable to us in taking care of him. Most of the times I just continue whatever I saw and learned from my stay in the hospital. Although Ihsan is born during the end of summer but he still needs to be kept warm under layers of thick blanket. At first I thought wow doesn’t he feels hot or anything? but actually all babies were done the same and the babies stay fine. I was asked to check my baby body temperature from time to time. And his temperature should be in between 36.5 to 37.5 degree C. So at home I still continue swaddling him but loosely and put another one more thick blanket on him while he is sleeping. I rarely put mittens and booties on him unless when i think the weather is cold like at night. Because I want to let the baby ‘s hands and feet to be exposed to different kind of texture for him to feel. I have baby binder, the velcro type, but i only put on Ihsan once. Because the binder kept going upwards an became loose so it was quite annoying to me. But fortunately I think Ihsan is fine and not gassy since he farts very often. But for precaution I just put a little baby oil (minyak telon) on his feet, stomach and on the area above his butt.

I noticed Ihsan got some cradle cap on his head and eyebrow but very mild which at first I thought his skin hasn’t completely peeling off yet. So I put some baby oil Β (Johnson’s Baby Oil) on the area then brush them gently with hair brush and tissue. Then during bath time I’ll wash that area with baby shampoo and brush them again softly using hair brush or bath towel before rinsing. I hope the cradle cap won’t get worse like the ones in the website I linked. Other than that, Ihsan is gaining weight from day to day. As of now his weight has reached more than 3 kg. Because of that he looks chubbier too and his cheeks are getting puffy that makes them esily be pinched. When he was just born looking at Ihsan reminded us of tulang dinasour or some call it rangka ayam goreng yang jual kat pasar malam tu. Because he had not gained much fat yet under his skin I could easily feel and see his bone too and that kinda scared me. But I’m glad he is getting heavier from day to day and what most important is stay healthy always. I’ll always take good care of my food intakes and keep breastfeeding Ihsan exclusively as long as I can, InsyaAllah. Hmm there’s so much if I wanted to tell about Ihsan. Will continue more a bout him next time.

Who says boy can’t wear pink? πŸ˜‰ This clothes set was bought by MIL last year for Lil’ Munchkin No. 1. But at that time we weren’t comfirmed yet with Lil’ Munchkin’s No. 1 gender. By the way, noticed Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s puffy cheeks? Compare it with his picture in earlier entries. πŸ˜€


Burping time.


Sleeping soundly with happy stomach.


Owh the bonnet is closing his eyes.


Huwaaa! Mama help me!


It is indescribable. Everything about him is fascinating and amusing (except when he is cranky and keep crying :P)

Anyway, It’s quite tough for hubby to have to juggle in between everything. Furthermore that he also has to sahur, fast, breaking fast and do the terawikh prayer at night too. Of course it would be much better in many aspects if I urdergo my confinement in Mesia. But I can say that hubby is doing a great job so far for us and for himself. What’s important is we are always together during all the ups and downs and that’s what makes me happy and contented at the first place. I’m proud of you Ayang, thanks a lot for doing your best for us πŸ™‚ Talking about fasting, Aidilfitri is approaching end of this week. I don’t really feel like celebrating raya since I don’t fast at all at the first place. But still I’m thinking of living up the day for hubby at least. I also feel like wanting to make some raya cookies. But it seems nearly to impossible. But perhaps Ihsan is gonna cooperate then if I determine to proceed with the plan πŸ˜€

3 Replies to “Of Confinement”

  1. comelnye ihsan pakai baju pink tu, masih lagi terselah kehensemannya.. teringat balik mase pantang tiap hari mkn sup sayur black pepper, sampai tetamu dtg umah pun dihidangkan lauk tu gak. hihi..

    Lauk pntang ni sng je kan. Cmpak2 je buh air buh black pepper. Tp hari2 lbh krg je dh naik boring la plak skrg ni πŸ˜›

  2. aaawww…comel baby pinky tu.hehe.kawan aku pon rilek je pakaikan romper pink utk baby boy dia.haha.doc ckp baby girl..tp kuar boy.hahah.nasib laa…..tp ihsan menten cute je pakai pink okeh.heheh

    ko ckp mcm rangka ayam..aku terbyg rangka ayam okeh.haha.funny lah ko!

    anyway,walaupon ko tak posa..aku nak wish..”selamat hari raya” okeh…maaf zahir & batin…take care!!mwah!nnt thn depan leh beli baju melayu ihsannnnn..heheh..

    Tula bj dh bli kena la pakai. Ihsan ni baju byk tp mcm xcukup baju kaedah nya. Sbb saiz dia comel sgt tp aku byk bli baju besar2. Haah mmg kami tgk mcm rangka ayam pn kehkeh sbb dia slim sgt. Skrg ni dh makin byk lelemak aku dukung pn dh lenguh. Ko raya best2 tu ingat2 la aku ni yer πŸ˜‰

  3. i am happy to know that you ‘enjoy’ your confinement period….kihkihkihkih
    btw it’s getting colder now…take care

    ‘Enjoy’ xtdo mlm huahua πŸ˜› Tula makin sejuk skrg xtahan huhu

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