Lil’ Munchkin No.2’s 15th Check Up At Week 38

Yes, Adik is still in the tummy. I think he likes it in there rather than the scorching hot summer environment outside. I’d been so lazy to update the blog or even when I felt like wanted to, the situation wasn’t really being a comfortable one to allow me to sit and blog in piece. Furthermore with the hot weather nowadays, my mind easily melting at certain times and I really can’t think πŸ˜›

Today is Monday so officially Obon yasumi had ended by yesterday. Everything has gone back to normal, sigh… πŸ™ This year’s Obon yasumi is quite a short one for hubby thus honestly we didn’t feel contented with the short holidays that we had. I feel like we could have filled the times we had with more interesting things. Even with the a few things that we ought to do, I still think that weren’t enough time allocated on them. Somehow it is my condition that’s being heavily pregnant, the hot weather outside and also upon realizing the short holidays we had, made us spent much times at home resting and lazing around together. Still… I think we haven’t gotten or did enough pampering towards each other.

Anyway before I go further with the Obon holiday, let me start with the pregnancy check up update first. On last Thursday, August 13th, 2009 we attended the check up in the morning at 9.30 am. I’m not gonna explain in detail what happened on that day but as an over all everything was fine for both me and especially Adik. Only that I wasn’t satisfied with a few things and I felt a bit tensed after the check up. But after thinking back about it, I must trust that the doctor knew what she she was doing and I should not get too worried. Now I’m already at ease but still getting more anxious and really can’t wait for next check up on coming Wednesday. Owh yeah the doctor did the painful and disturbing membrane sweep on me and that’s also the reason contributing more pressure to me on that day. What is membrane sweep? Check it out here if you want to know more. Even if the procedure is gonna give some effects on me, it might take some times. But all I can say is nothing really progresses so far. Adik doesn’t seem to show that he is going to pop out soon. But I keep crossing my fingers for any sign to show in a sudden so that I could rush to the hospital. I know it could happen that way.

Somehow one thing that I realized that keep getting more obvious since the membrane sweep procedure is the pain on my lower abdomen once in a while. The pain is stronger when I stay in sleeping position for a long time. Tossing and turning around in bed are very difficult things to do because every time when I try to lift up my butt or roll over in order to change my position, I will feel something heavy pressuring my lower abdomen and that’s very hurting. And it feels worse when I have my bladder full. I need to go to the toilet for like once in an hour and even getting myself up is Β quite painful and hard thing to do too. Then once I’m up, I would walk to the toilet walking like a duck πŸ˜› But there is one thing that’s getting better. Before this I couldn’t really sleep at night especially with the frequent visit to the loo but since about 2 or 3 days ago I really can sleep like a log! I don’t have to struggle getting myself to fall asleep and I sleep very soundly too. I will only usually awake when I feel the urge to pee. Maybe this is because I tend to feel tired and sleepy most of the times recently so that’s why I manage to get my beauty sleep. Perhaps this is gonna continue until I go into labor only? I’m afraid that once the baby is born, I know that fatigue isn’t going to be much of a help. So… that’s it the update on the pregnancy.

Blood pressure: 124/81

Weight: 56 kg (I eat a lot before that sebab ada tetamu datang rumah. Bila seronok mestila makan banyak πŸ˜› But lepas2 tu berat dh turun balik around 55 kg πŸ˜‰)

Urine: Sugar (+-), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

His face. Mcm muka sapa la agaknya ek.


Now let me continue on things that had taken place recently. First of all, last week and the week before were quite a ‘miggu murah rezeki’ for us, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Why I said so are because first, we received an infant car seat as baby gift from Nuha-chan and her parents. They posted it all the way from Matsumoto since they thought I would give birth very soon then. The car seat is very cute and smart. I was excited that I tried using it by putting the teddy bear inside and carried it around! I was even glad that the car seat matches the infant head support that we bought recently πŸ˜€ If according to our plan, we decided to just buy the one which can be used until toddler so that we can cut some cost. But of course a good specifications come with a higher price. Thus actually, the infant car seat we received is much more suitable for an infant because it is specifically designed for infant. Even though it only can be used until the baby is 1 year old but in a way I can buy a new car seat which specifically meant for toddler later and keep the first one for the next baby. Thank you very much to Nuha-chan and family for the present πŸ™‚

Secondly, my only Mesian friend who is living in the same city, in fact in the same village, Regine sent me the used baby clothes and as well as a few new ones for Adik. She brought them in 2 pastic bags and upon looking at them I said, “Why so many??? I have my own clothes too!”. That’s the clothes that her sister Pei Pei who lives in Mie-ken kept insisting to hand over to me. The clothes are mostly used ones for newborn and there are a few new clothes but meant for baby girl. I think she didn’t get to use the clothes on her daughter before since her daughter was born quite big although the clothes are newborn size. I was so head over heels looking at the cute and sweet rompers but unfortunately the designs and colors are so not gonna fit my baby boy. There are only a few colors and designs that I can use though. Never mind, I’ll keep the girly ones or give them to others later. Regine also sent me vegetables like cucumber, cherry tomato, kangkung and chillies that she grew at home because she said there are a lot and xde org nk mkn. Yelah jiran2 pun masing2 tanam sayur sndiri jugak. My plants? Baru nak berbuah. Punya lah lambat! πŸ˜› Org lain dah puas ulang2 mkn hasil masing2. Not only that, Regine sent me again with more vegetables on another day so this time also we didn’t have to buy many from the supa. Siap pesan lagi nanti dia nk hantar sayur lagi. Last night I made spaghetti sauce using the tomatoes she gave xpayah guna tomato puree in can. Besides that ada lah lagi beberapa orang yang bagi itu ini serba sedikit. Rezeki gak tu. Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Thanks to each of them.

Thirdly, on last week we received a visit from Zayna-chan and family all the way from Yokohama! At last we got to meet kawai baby Zayyan for the 1st time πŸ˜€ The last time we met was a few months ago and baby Zayyan was still in her ummi’s tummy. They came with intentions to makan angin, send Adik’s present and meet Adik but unfortunately Adik is in fact up until now being comfortably snug in my tummy. They reached here on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at about 4.00 pm after about 7 hours journey from home. Biasalah hari cuti kan. Highway jammed tmbah2 plak from big city. Sian diorg penat. I just made simple tomato rice earlier before that as main dish. Xlama pastu kami mkn sama2 and secara rasmi nya mulut pun xberenti la bersembang smbil mengunyah (I lah tu :P). Yelah kan excited ada tetamu dtg apatah lagi dah lama xjumpa so mcm2 benda la nak citer. Lagipun rmh ni jarang2 sekali terima tetamu Mesian. Yelah kan dah dok jauh drpd org lain. Yg terdkt tu lah Regine tu sekampung and Nuha-chan family itupun kat Matsumoto 90 km lebih from here. Lepas mak2 makan, bapak2 plak makan. I dgn Murni smbung sembang kat hall smbil2 main dgn baby Zayyan while Zayna-chan mandi n main dalam ofuro. In fact kami lepak n sembang smpi tgh mlm. I pun amik peluang la tanya itu ini kat Murni pasal baby. Bila dh nmpk dpn mata ni baru kdg2 terpk nk tanya. Kalau xnmpk kdg2 mmg xtau pun. Murni pn dh byk pengalaman so kena la tuntut mana2 yg terpk masa tu πŸ˜‰

Zayna-chan dah makin tinggi and makin pandai. Cepat je bkd2 membsr. Si Zayyan plak alahai behave sangat2! Baikkk je. Sesekali je dgr suara dia nangis. Most of the times senyap je. Tp bila kiter rancak bersembang dia pun sama jugak bukan main lagi kuat suara nak join sama. Tp mmg ye lah hobi Zayyan suka mkn tgn πŸ˜€ Mmg geram sgt tgk Zayyan yg sihat rasa nak gigit2 je. Mmg puas la picit2 dia. Dia pun relax je xkisah sesapa dukung. Sungguh cool n macho la anak bujang Murni ni. Mmg berkenan betul lah. Mintak2 la kwn Zayyan dlm perut auntie ni baik macam Zayyan jugak πŸ˜€ On the next day pagi2 hubby and I pegi check up kejap so terpaksa tinggalkan jap tetamu kat rmh. Then after that ingatkan nak g momo gari. Unfortunately disbbkan last month asyik hujan so dh byk buah momo kena petik. Kirer dh habis la. So kami singgah beli buah nashi. After that dok lepak2 kt Katagiri Dam. Kebetulan terjmpa tempat ni masa cari tempat utk momo gari. I dgn hubby xpenah ingat pasal tempat ni. Dolu2 penah dtg tp Β masa tu ada renovation. Seb baik terjmpa semula so leh la kami lepak2 picnic kat situ. Tp makan buah, keropok, minum air, main air sungai je sket2 n pastu amik gambar. Zayna- chan je yg mandi sungai jap. Ramai org mandi sungai, picnic n bbq kat situ. I ckp kt hubby tu lah kalau tau awal2 leh bwk tetamu picnic n bbq kat situ. At least ada la benda nk buat. Sian plak tetamu dtg dr jauh tp xde tmpt nk bwk g jalan2. Yelah kat sini mmg xde apa. Kalau ada pun kene tggu musim ringo ke nashi ke, kalau time spring leh g Ina-shi tgk sakura n kalau winter g Komagane main snow ler. Dalam kul 3.00 pm camtu kami pun kemas2 n berpisah kt situ je.

Hubby and baby Zayyan sama fashion rambut. Suka tgk gmbr ni sbb Zayyan senyum lebar πŸ˜€


Onee-chan yg geram tgk Adik dia.


Picture of us. Saje upload gmbr ni sbb blur πŸ˜›


Balik je rmh kami wat pape yg patut pastu terus tdo smpi petang. Rasa letih sgt mebi sbb panas. Pdhal bukanlah wat apa pun. Rmh rasa sunyi plak. Yelah sblm tu riuh dgn suara masing2. Tambah2 tgk gelagat budak2 tu mmg mencuit hati πŸ˜€ This was kali ke 3 Zayna-chan and family datang sini. Kami penah g Toyama skali during last year’s Obon holiday. Ikut plan akan serang Yokohama hujung tahun ni plak, bawak Adik skali InsyaAllah. Masa ni leh tgk Zayna-chan and baby Zayyan dh pandai apa dh. Zayyan ntah2 dh dapat ‘kaki’ masa ni. Yelah budak2 dh lama xjmpa nnt sekejapan je tgk2 dh berubah kan. Thank you so much to Zayna-chan n family sbb susah payah dtg dr jauh. Present utk ‘Abid sblm ni pun xsempat guna lagi ni dh bg hadiah playmat utk Adik plak. InsyaAllah ada rezeki kiter jmpa lagi πŸ™‚

Sebenarnya rasa segan plak terima mcm2 drpd kwn2. Tp Adik nya belum gak kuar lagi πŸ˜› Kalau kwn2 tolong doakan aje pun utk kesejahteraan Adik or kami sekeluarga pun kami dah cukup bersyukur. Papepun terima kasih byk ye n semoga bertambah murah rezeki korg semua, InsyaAllah; Amin πŸ™‚

10 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No.2’s 15th Check Up At Week 38”

  1. Ina,
    lagi 2minggu je lagi.tak sabarnya nak tgk adik.take care yer

    Mintak2 la xyah tggu smpi 2 mggu. Penat ooo hehe πŸ˜›

  2. tula, suka sgt tgk pic zayyan ngan papa latif tu. pg ckp latif sgt pandai layan bebudak ni. ni memangla sgt bersedia nk dokong2 bb sendiri plak. terima kasih daun keladi ye, kami pegi serang umah korang time tgh sarat2 camtu. rezeki adik sgt murah, anak2 memang pembawa rezeki. semoga selamat semuanya. tak sabar nk tgk adik camana.

    Dia mmg pndai layan bdk2. Sbb adik dia ramai n time adik kecik2 dia tukang jaga. Kiter mmg krg bakat melayan bdk2. Dh bsr sket br dpt adik bongsu tu pn keje dengki dgn Adik. Kena blaja dgn Latif la hehe. Seb baik korg dtg at least ada gak something interesting cuti Obon kami kali ni πŸ˜€

  3. aah skrg ni mmg panas tak tahan, u tgh sarat cenggitu laaagii la panas meluap2…takper, bertahan sikit jer lagi. nanti dlm pantang, dha sejuk semula dah πŸ™‚

    Tula kena tanggung haba drpd bdn bdk kecik ni lagi. Rmh kami xde ekon. Kalau xtahan sgt I main spray tu sembur kt bdn sedap je πŸ˜€

  4. Waaa….best nyer ada tetamu yer..
    ni menghitung hari la ni nampaknya yer…tapi skrg ni siang panas kan!!!!

    Tu ler smbil2 tu menghitung hari bila nk habis summer gak nih πŸ˜›

  5. Kak ina,

    xkisah la adik pop up bila.. yang penting both of u sihat walafiat..


    memang xsabar pon nak tunggu ada lahir.. wahah.. kat ticker lagi 8 hari..

    Take Care sis..

    Haah yg pnting sihat n slamat kan. Mmg xkisah pun sbnrnya. Cuma xtahan melayan segala mcm perasaan. Kalau dh selesai sumer sure legaaa πŸ™‚


    Hehe bila la agaknya πŸ™‚

  7. salam ina .. wah, tak lama lagi dah ye .. aku doakan semoga semuanya selamat, Insyaallah … take care ye .. tak sabar nak tgk Adik πŸ™‚

    Salam Yatie. Lama xlama pun dlm tempoh seminggu ni la InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

  8. semoga semunya berjalan lancar…nnt nakg buat paspot adik singgah ler saitama πŸ™‚

    Hi Kak Nor tq for d wish. Xpnh jejak lg Saitama. Kalau tersmpi leh la beramah mesra πŸ˜‰

  9. Salam Ina..dah bersalin ke?…akak lama tak update blog..suka tido je sekarang ni..hehe

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