Lil’ Munchkin No.2’s 14th Check Up At Week 37

Heylow!!! Yup I’m still here at home! I didn’t manage to SURRENDER myself into the hospital and I went home with a bit of DISAPPOINTMENT yesterday after check up hehe πŸ˜›

Well… of course at the first place is because we both me and Adik Β are doing good that the doctor had decided to let Adik stay for a little more time until next week. Even until next week or any time after that, if not needed, most probably the doctor will prefer me to go through au naturel labor. Which means… more times for me to wait and all I can do is just keep praying to Allah for Adik is going to pop out soon and everything turns out fine finally, InsyaAllah. I went to the hospital yesterday well prepared thinking that I might be admitted very soon. I brought the hospital bags and all my necessities but turned out I was hampered at the end πŸ˜› We went for window shopping after check up but I was not in the mood so after a while we went straight home. There goes my angan-angan of giving birth to Adik on beautiful date 07082009. I like today’s and tomorrow’s date too, 08082009 and 09082009 but it seems like I wouldn’t have the chance to get into labor that soon. Since because… I only started to feel mild pain on my abdomen but I think the real moment would take more time to come still. I thought I could already hold Adik in my arms yesterday or today… but in my dream lah! πŸ˜›

Anyway actually it is a good thing too. Yup obviously it is much better to get into labor naturally without being forced. Mana boleh sesuka hati nak paksa2 kan. As much as we want to avoid any complication but induced labor has its own risks too. Plus induced labor actually gives more chance for C-section if anything doesn’t go as expected. Kalau boleh lagi lah xnak kan. Half part of me feel relieved. After all it is better for Adik to develop in the womb and get real matured before he is born. By that he has more time to gain more weight too before making his grand appearance. Honestly… the only thing why I really can’t wait for this pregnancy to end is because I feel burden everyday playing with all sort of emotions. I feel tired emotionally. But as much as the emotional turbulence grow wild in me, my fighting spirit is growing too in order to keep everything under control. Well… I have no choice. I have to. My mind really has to be tough during these days but sometimes I admit it that I feel like the spirit is dwindling. But it’s okay. I still manage to stand strong. Especially if it is to be fated that my pregnancy gonna be stretched into next week, I must be even tougher. Week 38 has always been something to me. Obviously the significant Week 38 will give a dejavu to me πŸ™‚

Now let me rewinds back on yesterday’s check up. When the sonographer did the ultrasound scan on me, She got Adik’s weight only around 2.2++ kg. She checked the amniotic fluid too and the volume she got was very little. She took quite a long time scanning on us but the results she got were all the same. During the CTG scan, Adik was being active turning and tossing around and the results showed that Adik was very healthy and there were a few mild hardening on my tummy. I was checked for dilation too and turned out the opening was still closed but beginning to open and the baby’s head is still upward. Then we discussed on birth plan. However since the result we got for ultrasound scan wasn’t so good, we were directed to meet the doctor. The doctor did the ultrasound scan on me again thoroughly. But this time he got Adik’s weight was already around 2.3++ kg. We noticed that the head size was 2 weeks advanced when checked by the doctor compared to before that. No wonder that Adik’s weight results calculated gave wide difference. Might be the sonographer didn’t get a good position when taking Adik’s head measurement. Then the volume of amniotic fluid was although decreasing to reach its minimum limit but still enough for the baby to develop in. So the doctor ruled out that he was very satisfied with everything especially that the baby was very active too. Although no doubt Adik is small but his weight has increased in satisfying pace since the past 1 week. So he said that we will meet again on next check up if I don’t get into labor yet in the meantime.

Blood pressure: 123/76

Weight: 54.7 kg (Noticed that I lost 200 g since last week? :D!)

Urine: Sugar (+++) (Kena marah dengan hubby sebab result gula teruk :P), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

I took this picture before going for check up yesterday because I thought I would get into labor very soon πŸ˜› Besar kan? (for my body size lah sebab I pn kecik je).

Adik’s face. Tak lah clear sangat. Tapi nampak pipi tembam macam ikut I je. Dahi n hidung tu macam ikut hubby je πŸ˜‰ Ntah la. We’ll see nnt.


On the left is Adik’s feet and on the right is Adik’s head again. X clear lah ada bayang camera.


Never mind… I will be more patient and keep praying for everything to turn out fine… with lots of smiles, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚ Yesterday in the evening it was raining and since we needed to get up early in the morning so we both had our nap. I heard someone called hubby’s hand phone and when I checked there was 1 missed call from MIL. A while after that my mom called my hand phone asking how’s everything. She said that MIL called her. I was feeling groggy because although I was tired and sleepy, I couldn’t really sleep. Not only I can’t really have beautiful sleep at night nowadays but during other time too. I feel so drained these days almost all the times πŸ™ Anyway I just told my mom everything was okay and since I didn’t call it meant there was nothing lah. Β I had told them apa2 nanti kitorang call lah, diorg xpayah call. Eheh macam marah je bunyi nyer. I told her that I would call her back then but I still haven’t eheh. But I’m sure she knew that I was sleeping at that time. Then not long after that my friend in the same village called asking how’s everything. She said that her sister had already sent a box of used baby clothes for me as soon as she told her sister about the probability that I might be admitted into the hospital earlier. I laughed at her and asked why with the hassle??? since I have my own baby clothes too and it was okay if her sister sent the clothes much later. By the way her sister kept insisting to lend me her used baby clothes because she said used clothes are good for baby’s skin since they have been washed many times. I xsuka nak susah2 kan orang. Tp dah orang insist nak bagi… terima jelah. Rezeki jangan ditolak kan? Alhamdulillah. At least boleh guna baju2 tu untuk pakai kat rumah πŸ˜‰

Today it is the starting of Obon holiday already for some people in Nihon. But hubby is working today πŸ™ In fact his Obon holiday only will start on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009. This year’s Obon holiday is quite short. But we don’t plan to go anywhere anyway because of my condition right now. I think it would be nice if I give birth in between these few days since it may be easier for hubby to accompany me at the hospital day and night. The midwife said I might get a single room and hubby can stay. By the way since this is not a big city so maternity hospitals are very limited in number (I think there are only 2 available :P), many preggers, thus the rooms are always busy and packed. That’s why we hardly get chance to choose because the single room is usually prioritize for patients with worse case or condition. Owh… how I wish for Adik to pop out soon.

7 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No.2’s 14th Check Up At Week 37”

  1. adik, cepat kuar!! hihihi.. nk gomol2 adik plak ni.

    Jom sama2 doa dia kuar cpt hehe

  2. Excitednya nak tgk adik..

    Hope that everything will turn out to be great..

    Amin, harap2 mcm tu la. Tq Jiey πŸ™‚

  3. salam…haish…betuilla…xsabar jugak nk tgk muhaymin
    haha…suka nama ni

    akak…watch over ur step tau. jgn ganaz2 sgt…kita doakan keselamatan akak..
    menjaga diri…menjaga diri sehabis baik. alamak macam moto pengakap je buat sehabis baik..hihik.update news nnti. love love

    Hehe nama samaran ek. Ok InsyaAllah akan sentiasa cuba jaga diri sehabis baik hehe. Tq ye dear. Take care gak tau πŸ˜‰

  4. rina.. tak tau lak ada munchkin # 2 πŸ™‚ take care tau.. nor pun tak sabar nak tgk muka baby rina yg pipi tembam, hehehehe..

    Hehe skrg dh tau. Itula xsabar nk tgk muka bb πŸ˜€




    Haha xdelah nama Adik lain. Rahsia. Kena tggu kuar dlu br leh gtau. Si Saffa ni la sesuka hati bagi nama ke 2 utk Adik. Xpela suka hati dia nk panggil apa pun asalkan makna elok hehe πŸ˜€

  6. ina, ganbatee ne! sikit jer lagi kita boleh jumpa adik! mai pon sama excited nih…

    Hait, gambaremas!

  7. aku kan bab2 tgk gmbr scan baby dlm perut mmg aku failed gila .. semua gmbr yg ko letak ke .. gmbr yg blogger letak dlm blog ke .. aku tgk mcm tak nmpk hapa .. org kata nmpk kaki laa, nmpk pipi tembam laa , nmpk itu nmpk ini .. serius ina aku tak dpt nak bezakan sbb aku tgk cam gelap2 blur2 aje… nmpk sgt laa mmg aku innocent gila dlm bab2 cam nieh .. muahahaha ..

    Bukan ko je Yatie. Aku pn sama. Ada certain gmbr tu mmg aku xdpt nk tangkap langsung. Even doc dh explain ini apa n apa tp still xnmpk. Tp ikut jela dh doc kata cmtu. Sbb mmg blur pn kan gmbr2 tu. Kalau guna yg 4D tu leh la kot nmpk jelas.

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