Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 13th Check Up At Week 36

I just got home from our routine pregnancy check up and I have interesting news to tell. I’m not sure from where to start but anyway as an over all everything is fine Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ By the way we didn’t get the ultrasound scan picture today since the doctor forgot to print out one for us πŸ˜›

Blood pressure: 126/80

Weight: 54.9 kg (I gained nearly 1 kg in only within 1 week!)

Urine: Sugar (+-), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

During consultation we were given birth plan form to be filled and were briefed on stuffs about newborn care Β and precautions and there is also a form on that given to be signed. After blah blah blah during the consultation then only we met the doctor. He did the ultrasound scan. He checked Adik’s heartbeat, head, stomach, legs, the amniotic fluid volume and blood transfer through the umbilical cord. He did the scan pretty thoroughly because he wasn’t quite satisfied with Adik’s weight increase. Adik’s weight as of today was only 2.118 kg which is quite slow and small to be compared with past weeks and Abid’s weight during the same gestational week which was 2.159 kg. Although ‘Abid was quite small too but the weight different is considered quite wide. The doctor even said that for other person who has the same size as me, the baby’s weight increase don’t go slow suddenly like this and the other baby has heavier weight too. So because of that, as a precaution and confirmation I was directed to undergo the CTG scan already after that although actually I should only do the test by next week once after I reach full term. Somehow I was delighted to undergo the CTG scan since I just couldn’t wait for next week to come ehee πŸ˜› From the CTG scan, I was excited to hear Adik’s heartbeat go WOW WOW WOW πŸ˜€ Anyway It were concluded that the baby was fine and I was having a few mild abdomen hardening. The doctor was satisfied with the results.

Somehow, the doctor was still worried with the baby’s development progress. Adik’s height is okay, same with his gestational age but he seems thin. So the doctor’s theory was, it could be the environment in my womb is becoming not suitable to cater for the baby’s development anymore so that’s why he is starting to gain weight slowly already. But it could also be the error or difference of the ultrasound scan machines because last week, the abdominal scan on me was carried out by the sonographer. So he said, we will wait until next week to see how the baby is progressing. If it happened to be that the baby is still gaining weight slowly, there will be not many advantages to keep the baby in the womb any more longer. So, I might be scheduled for immediate labor then so that the baby can gain weight and develop more well outside the womb ehee πŸ˜› I like this part, seriously. But the not so favorable part is of course I might have big chance to be induced by using medications or balloon or etc. I had gone trough that before, been induced by balloon and it was so hurting like hell! πŸ™ And another not so interesting part is… if Adik is really going to be delivered very soon, there would be chance that his weight doesn’t reach 2.5 kg which is giving him tiny chance to be room-in with me πŸ™ I definitely prefer him to be by my side all the time so that it will be much easier for me to breastfeed him. I don’t know about other place but in here they are quite rigid with newborn’s weight. Although the baby may be healthy but if the baby’s weight is low, they will not hesitate to admit the baby for a longer time. Lastly the doctor reminded me of labor signs blah blah blah and also not to forget to monitor baby’s movement regularly.

During previous pregnancy I was fat. And this time, I gained a lot of weight since last week. Still, I don’t know why my babies tend to be quite thin. I know some parts that distribute to this are of course genetics. But I don’t understand that why my tummy is quite big but the baby inside is small? My MIL said it could be because I retain more fluid in my tummy, so that’s why; she guessed. I’m quite of the same size with my mom and MIL but their children are bigger than mine. Owhhh… I was born with only 2.460 of weight. Might be after all my sons are after me eh? πŸ˜› But honestly… I don’t mind about the weight much since I prefer Adik to grow big outside. Less the hassle for me in pushing him out soon, perhaps! πŸ˜‰ But if Adik’s weight could reach 2.5 kg and above… that’s gonna be a relief for me since I don’t have to worry to fully breastfeed him and eliminate the chance for the paediatrician to suggest high nutrition formula or whatsoever to be given to him.

So truly now… actually I’m feeling quite ANXIOUS for the baby to pop out soon πŸ˜€ Everyday since during early pregnancy I keep praying for the baby to born at 37th week and… I don’t know… might be this is the sign that it is really gonna be granted? But of course deep down in me I’m hoping and praying that it is gonna happen naturally. Whenever is also fine with me actually. I still cringe whenever I remember the moment I was being induced, wow I couldn’t believe I had gone trough that. It was so painful really but absolutely the contraction during labor was much more painful πŸ˜› Still however, I pray that whichever way is totally fine with me too as long as Adik and I will go through smooth labor, healthy and safely, InsyaAllah. I told hubby that we should go for a massive walk this weekend and keep praying that there will be miracle that Adik is gonna gain weight rapidly in times to come and my contraction will come eventually naturally without me having to be induced for labor. Well… I leave the rest to Allah, He knows what’s best for us but we will keep praying hard for our wishes to be granted, Amin πŸ™‚

8 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 13th Check Up At Week 36”

  1. adik sayang, cepat2 kuar leh kami pegi dokong n gomol2 adik..

    Amin. Mintak2la dia kuar cpt πŸ˜€

  2. Adik, blk mesia jenguk abg ian tau

    InsyaAllah. Ada rezeki nnt kiter jmpa eh πŸ˜‰

  3. ina…takpe kalo adik kuar kecik pun,,aku rase dah genetik ko kecik..ur son seems likely u too lah…tgk mcm aqil aqif kuar pun kurg 2 kg, tgk skg ni dah bp kg sorg2 kan..takpe budak kuar kecik, nanti die cepat besar…env kat luar lain dr kat womb tu…tapi kalo dah 37weeks nanti, better pop out kan adik tu…tak sabar dah nak nengok tau….anyway, ibu abg aqil and aqif doakan adik kuar dgn selamat..dah kuar dr womb mama, nanti leh membesar dgn sihat cam abg aqil aqif..cant wait to see u adik…

    Tq Ita πŸ™‚ Aku xkisah psl dia kecik tu janji sihat n selamat kan. Cuma aku malas kalau dia krg 2.5kg nnt xleh room in skali or dia kena tahan. Diorg cerewet sket psl berat. Tp xpela mana2 pun janji selamat n dipermudahkan semuanya kan. Tula doakan la Adik kuar next week hehe πŸ˜‰

  4. Hai Ina,
    lama sungguh fith tak jengah blog sgt kat sini.
    btw happy to hear that everything is fine.tak lama dah ina nak bersalin kan.fith tak ter-cover laa pulak nak baca semua update blog ina ni.slowly laa sikit2,hehe…
    btw take care dear

    Hi Fith bestnya dh slamat. Yelah mana xbz nyer nk kena kawal 2 heroes nk berpantang lg hehe. Xsabar nk baca citer2 terbaru Fith. Haih kwn2 sumer dh pakat bersalin. Can’t wait for my time plak πŸ˜€

  5. hi ina…

    wahh soon kite sume akan tgk muke adik..tak sabar nih.
    nanti cepat2 kasi tau bile dah beranak ye…hehe suruh latif tlg updatekan blog.

    semoga sume dipermudahkan ye!

    Amin. Tq Kak Kim. Hehe bertuah la pakcik tu nk updatekan. Kiter cuba ye inform cpt2 πŸ˜€

  6. salam hazrina..
    wahh, x lama lg je nk jumpa Adik kan?
    semoga semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan Allah…insyaAllah!
    pasal berat tu jgn risau sgt..anak wan dulu pn lahir 2.4kg @ 36w4d..
    skrg ni dh makin montel dh..
    nnt Adik dh kuar tepek la gmbr banyak2 ok..
    Take care! =)

    Salam Wan. Harap2 mcm tu la, amin. Tq ye Wan. Risau kalau kena induce tu je. Tu yg malas tu. Tp xpela kiter redha je mana2 pun asalkan kami sihat, sempurna n slamat kan, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

  7. ina….kalo ikut k,yati dah kuar adik nih hehehehhe take care dear πŸ˜€

    Hehe ntah bila la sbnrnya dia nk kuar ni. Jgn lmbt sgt dh la πŸ˜€

  8. salam ina

    semoga ina, bb + enchek hubby sentiasa dlm lindungan Allah selalu. ina, fadh nk mntk maap byk2 sbb dr dulu janji nk dtg bwk fateh g umah ina. gamak nye xsmpt la ina sbb kami nk blk 15hb ni, insyaAllah. fadh plk smpi 13hb ari2 g lab..byk bende nk diuruskan kt lab b4 blk. sorry sgt2 tau ina. ape2 pn, insyaAllah ade rezeki kite jumpe lain kali plk, ye? ok ina! semoga dipermudahkan segala2nya πŸ™‚

    Salam. Tq ye Fadh. Wahhh nk blk next week ke! Bestnya la hai. Alahai xpela Fadh xyah nk mintak maaf. Kami ni pn dr haritu nak pegi tp xsampai2 jugak ke rumah Fadh. Xpela mana tau ada rezeki kiter jmpa time ada Adik Fateh skali sure meriah kan wahaha! πŸ˜‰ Memain je Fadh ye. Kiter pn doakan Fadh semoga slamat pegi balik n dimudahkan segala urusan ye. Take care tau πŸ™‚

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