Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 12th Check Up At Week 35

I couldn’t sleep last night because I felt pain on my upper abdomen and the pain radiated to my back. It was mild but enough to make me uncomfortable, that kept me tossing and turning around in bed. In fact I moaned silently alone and kept thinking of waking hubby up but I didn’t. That was because I felt like couldn’t be patient with the pain anymore. Then during Subuh prayer I told hubby and asked him whether he had stomach ache at all or not but he said no. He asked me how the pain felt like. Was it like pain because of wind, the food I ate or anything. But I just couldn’t differentiate because it felt different yet alike too. I felt some wind and my tummy kept making noises. I really thought it was because of the spicy kung pao chicken or the watermelon that I ate during dinner but I could also felt Adik was doing somersault in me and my tummy was hardening continuously too. The two latter reasons could be the main cause but I’m always most afraid with the last one. I tried to time the hardening but it was difficult because it didn’t really feel like contraction since I couldn’t feel the contraction wave come and go. Somehow I was relieved Adik kept being active and that assured me he was okay. Although the pain wasn’t intense at all but I was worried. I kept praying for any obvious sign to be shown to me if it was really the moment had arrived but there wasn’t anything. Might be after all it was majorly because of the foods I ate before that. Furthermore might be there was wind in my tummy and that could be very painful for me sometimes. I noticed that after giving birth last time, I’m having hard time to fart successfully and I don’t Β know why. Anyway hubby helped rubbing my back when we went back to sleep after the prayer and that really subsided the pain away. Finally I could doze off peacefully.

During past weekend the weather kept changing from time to time. First it was hot, sunny and windy but suddenly the atmosphere turned gray and the rain was pouring. But after a while I could see the sun shining back yet it was followed again by the pouring rain. It was continuously like that since a few days ago until right now. Somehow I really like it this way. At least, I don’t really feel hot most of the time during this peak summer weather. On Saturday we didn’t go anywhere. Β I managed to settle down a few more agendas on preparation towards the labor. Especially nowadays when I’m more frequently feeling pain at my abdomen, I feel the urge to settle them fast since I’m afraid if I have to go into labor very soon. By the way, I sterilized the feeding bottle, EBM container and breast pump just in case I’m gonna need to use them soon after birth. But actually I’m pretty good with hand-expressing since I had been ‘practicing’ that unwillingly when I needed to since after labor last time until I got pregnant again. I did that simply because I still needed to dump my BM instead of letting myself in pain or letting the duct clogged and disturbed my future lactation. Other than that, I ironed the clothes for going to and fro the hospital. I always believe that suitable clothes makes me comfortable and thus gives me confident too. I need to feel very confident to go through excruciating painful labor, don’t I? πŸ˜‰ Then, I also managed to buy some more baby stuffs after check up on previous Friday. So, I washed all the things that needed to be washed and finally ended with rechecking and repacking the hospital bags. Once done, I announced to Adik that he could pop out much sooner if he wants to πŸ˜€ Hubby was excited hearing to that πŸ˜› In the evening hubby went to the laundrette and wanted to do some gardening but unfortunately it was raining.

As on yesterday, we went out in the afternoon to the town. I didn’t have anything specific in plan. I was just feeling boring by just staying at home. Well actually the town has nothing much to offer too. It is not like in the big cities. But anyway firstly we went to clothing stores, Avail and Shimamura. But nothing really caught my eyes although they were having summer sales. Then we went to 2nd Street which is actually a thrift shop. I don’t know about thrift shop in Mesia, however I just love thrift shop here in Japan and the stuffs majorly are of course as good as new; seriously. Most of the stuffs are no doubt have been used. But there are also a lot which actually unsold items from other shops. As for the stuffs sold in the thrift shop, sometimes they are labelled used or unused. Anyway, since 2nd Street was having sales, I managed to pull out 2 cardigans, a blouse and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I rarely buy from this shop since although the items are second hand but the price put are sometimes ridiculous. I could get an exactly new one with that kind of price. Come on, what are they thinking? Such a greedy shop πŸ˜› But yesterday I happily picked out out a few since the prices were rationally put as they should πŸ˜‰ Then we went to Daiso (my favorite shop) and lastly stop to buy the groceries before heading home. Owh yeah, once reached home I pestered hubby to take picture of us and my tummy (the main intention) in front of the house πŸ˜€

Now let’s rewind back more further on last Friday, July 24th, 2009. We went for check up as usual and this time it was at 8.30 a.m. *Owhhhhh what was that just now??? It was a sudden earthquake and it lasted in only a second! Goshhh I’m shocked! My heart is pounding fast! And I’m alone… sigh!* Back to the main story… it was also one of the most shortest pregnancy check up we have ever had. We were done in less than an hour. Anyway during check up this time the sonographer more focused on Adik’s face… Adik’s puffy cheeks to be exact. Hubby and the sonographer were fascinated with Adik’s cheeks while me as usual having hard time recognizing the image. All I could see was black and white and all round shapes every here and there. Sigh… I’d long surrendered and can’t wait for Adik to come out instead so that I can see him live. That’s much easier isn’t it??? Last week I had been cracking mind with finding name for baby girl, you know just in case. We had settled on that. But I was finally convinced again (how many confirmations I need anyway?) with not a slightest doubt at all that Adik is gonna be a boy, InsyaAllah. Now I think I’m confirmed with Adik’s soon-to-be official name, A _ _ _ _ Β I _ _ _ _ Β I _ _ _ _ . Yeah, it is changed a bit from last time πŸ˜‰ by the way Adik’s weight was already 2.089 kg. Small for others but perfectly normal and big enough for petite me. Then during the consultation I just informed about the abdominal pain I started to have and blah blah blah. That’s all. As an over all Adik is fine and I’m healthy too, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

Blur picture of Adik’s face.


Also picture of his face.


Blood pressure: 119/76

Weight: 54.1 kg

Urine: Sugar (+), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

My tummy is now more swollen and snugger compared to during the 1st pregnancy. Β Many people also said my tummy look big. Well, Adik is relatively a bit bigger than ‘Abid too and might be that’s why. Plus might be because this time other parts of me are much smaller thus making my tummy looking obviously protruded. During previous pregnancy my weight was already 58kg during the same gestational age. At that time people didn’t really notice my big tummy because their eyes would catch on my round puffy face first πŸ˜›

Us. And we are proud with that ballooning tummy πŸ™‚


I think that’s enough for today. Prior to my soon coming labor, I have been thinking a lot and thus I have many things to say. But I’ll save that for later πŸ™‚

5 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 12th Check Up At Week 35”

  1. eiii dengki betulla tgk weight : 54.1kg tu. kite yg tak peknen pun 56.8kg tau.. gamaknye kalo org tgk mesti ckp die ni mesti peknen ni.. huhuhu.. makan tembikai tu kot sakit perut. cam kite dulu asal mkn tembikai jek mesti perut tak selesa tapi nak gak makan..

    Poser xlama dh ni nnt makin turun la berat tu sket2 hehe. Tula rasa sbb mkn tembikai byk sgt. Angin kan sbb tu kot sakit perut πŸ˜›

  2. hi sweet dear :)…akak pun dah lama tak kesini…dah lama tak membaca story mory ina ni..heheh. eh akak balik dari US baru ni bermalam kat tokyou tau..akak bermalam dekat hotel JAL ..lepas tu kita orang pergi mall dekat downtow…kalau tak silap mall yg macam jaya jusco tu..lupa dah apa nam mall tu..hheheh. suka tengok kawasan kat sana..rumah dia cantik2 dengan hiasan taman bonsai semua…tapi yg susahnye derang takleh cakap english..huhu kita plak tak tau nak cakap jepun..main bahasa isyarat aja nak cakap..tu pun susahhhhhh sangat…huhuhu

    Hi Kak Fida… owh dh jejak Jepun la kira nya ni. Dapat gakla melancong kt Tokyo even sekejap aje kan. Nnt bebila leh la visit Jepun lagi hehe. Haah rmh org Jepun slalunya ada byk tanam pokok. Diorg suka berkebun. Even dok rumah apartmen pun diorg berkebun guna pasu hehe. Pasni slalu2 la update blog akak dgn citer2 masa cuti kt US ritu kay πŸ˜‰

  3. Jelesnya tgk badan Ina yang slim…akak yg baru pregnant 1 bln lebih berat lagi dr Ina tau…huhuhu (malu nak taip…berat bangat)

    Slim2 pun muka kiter dh mcm donut ni kak πŸ™ Wah byk nyer nk sembang dgn akak. Tp xnyempat2 πŸ˜€

  4. Ina….

    wah makin membesar dan sehat yer…alhamdulillah..
    bestnyer…tak lama lagi je
    kat sini pon bakal ada 2 new born baby…tapi ujung tahun…
    take care…

    Makin bertambah la warga Mesia kt sana. Makin meriah la nnt. Kami je yg tercampak jauh dr org lain hehe

  5. hi hop dr blog did u manage to maintain ur weight?any tips?

    Hi Neeza tq for dropping by. Xde tips apa sgt. Cuma I strict sket pantang mkn benda2 xberkhasiat especially yg manis2. Bila betul2 teringin I mkn la sket. Masak pn byk bakar, rebus n krg minyak. Banyak minum air suam. I xpenah skip meal tp I pastikan xterlebih mkn karbo. Kalau teringin nk mengunyah during bkn waktu mkn, I xamik junk foods or heavy meal tp mkn dates, cereal, yogurt, biscuits, fruits etc je. Tu jela kot. Tp at times payah jugak nk control nafsu πŸ˜€

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