Death By Chocolate Cake

Finally the summer has really set in and reaching to its peak. It has been continuously raining lately but since yesterday suddenly the atmosphere was surrounded by the real summer heat wave. Luckily today, it is quite windy and I feel quite relieve. I don’t really like summer. But the good side of it is it gives me chance to perspire after more or less 9 months being in hibernation mode during the past 3 seasons. So now I can actively and easily get rid the toxin and all as maximum as it can off my body. I feel much healthier, yet messy and smelly at the same time πŸ˜›

Last Thursday, July 9th, 2009 was hubby’s birthday. But I decided not to celebrate on the exact day itself because I was gonna have check up on the Friday. So I just made tomato rice for hubby during dinner on Wednesday night. On Thursday, I cooked as plain as possible and made mini sausage bun as a treat for hubby. Then only on Friday, once after we were done with the check up; we made a stop at the supa on our way home and I bought a few stuffs for me to cook. After reaching home and we were done with our lunch and all, I started rolling up my sleeves and doing my projects in the kitchen. Hubby wasn’t allowed to enter the kitchen too but he knew that I was gonna make pizza and a birthday cake for him. When I was busy struggling with my cooking and saving them from turning to a disaster, hubby was leisurely watching the tv, reading the comics and finally dozing off until evening.

Simple tomato rice with ayam masak merah.


At first everything went on very smoothly and accordingly as how the recipe directed and how I planned them. But during in the middle of the cooking, a few things starting to turn out not so well. My pizza dough turned out very runny even though I had followed the exact measurement and set the bread maker correctly. That wasn’t my first time using the recipe but I admit it, there were a few times the recipe gave me the same problem though. But how come sometimes they could turn out very well too? I was so confused and angry as well especially when I couldn’t detect what I had done wrong. But I knew, bad mood would just turn thing worse so I tried to stay calm as possible and took my own sweet time to deal and finish up with the baking. I tried adding up more flour and knead the dough again using the bread maker and I did the same thing for twice. Still, the dough didn’t turn out as how it should, but I just shaped the dough into 2 pieces, topped them with sauce and toppings and baked them. Alhamdulillah, Β finally the pizzas turned out soft and delicious as I wished, still. But I had vowed that I’m never gonna follow that recipe again and gonna find a new one soon. I made the pizzas one with tuna topping and another one with sausage topping.

Tuna topping pizza.


Sausage topping pizza.


As for the birthday cake, I got to know that hubby wanted a chocolate cake with cream. That sounded really like the typical birthday cake we usually had. Β After scanning dozens of recipe, finally I decided to give this recipe a try. Just like the pizza… everything went on very smoothly but when it was time for me to prepare the whipped cream, the cream suddenly melting and all. I was so blank and didn’t know what to do. But suddenly I thought of adding in some butter into the cream. So I let everything melted by putting hot water at the bottom of the bowl and stirred the mixture again until well-mixed and soft peak formed again, this time with cool water at the bottom before putting them into the fridge to harden. And finally, I continued doing whatever I should in decorating the cake and were done with everything by evening. Since I’m just an amateur, my cake as usual, didn’t turn out that beautiful but I had done my best though. To me, the cake was indeed so rich of chocolate and so yummy. It wasn’t that hard to make too. Review form hubby, he said the cake was delicious but… it was wayyy too sweet for us! Somehow actually the sweetness of the ganache was balanced by the taste of the cake. I had decreased the sugar a bit but since that was my first time trying the recipe, obviously I couldn’t imagine how the cake taste should turn out to be to suit our taste buds. Still, the recipe is definitely a keeper! I said to hubby… as how the name describes the cake, memang confirm lah DIE kalau makan kek ni slalu πŸ˜€

The birthday boy’s cake. Death By Chocolate Cake.


Layered with whipped cream.


There is still one piece left of the cake in the fridge. Hubby went berserk every time I ate the cake because he is worried with my sugar level and weight increase. But I was the one who huffed and puffed in the kitchen in producing the cake so of course I would want to indulge myself with some of it. I ate only a few since I couldn’t stand his nagging and sulking. But don’t tell him, I stole another 2 pieces when he went to work πŸ˜› As a result of consuming extra sweetmeat and pizza cheese, now my weight has reached 44kg. But I believe I could control this. My target during next check up is that my weight would still be less than 54kg (I’m crossing my finger! πŸ™‚. But at least I’m gaining weight because I’m pregnant. Not like hubby. I don’t know what has gone wrong with him. He has turned out chubby nowadays with bulging tummy. The panic button was pushed when one day he made fuss that he couldn’t fit into almost all his pants! Habis tu nak pakai seluar apa??? I don’t think buying new set of clothes is a good idea in solving the problem. After all his health is much more concerned especially for long term effect. Honestly, hubby doesn’t eat exessively everyday, and during work; he does lot of physical activities too. In fact, we are not fan of junk foods and I cook more in a healthy way every day. Might be it is something common with the level of the age? The function of the body system or hormone or anything that causes the body easily to become out of shape if we don’t do something in maintaining it?

So nowadays, after coming home from work hubby will rest a while before starting with his workout. He follows the Billy Blanks’ Ab-Bootcamp workout which he downloaded. He started with this about a month ago and he has loosen weight slowly and I can see that his stamina is getting better too. But he still has a long more way to go especially in shaping his abs and get himself fits back into all of his pants. I told him to follow my way of loosing weight but somehow some of the ways are not that practical for him. Since he needs to go to work and by the time he reached home, there is only a few energy left for him to do the workout. He can just do them for a short session or else he will be knackered before bed time comes. Never mind, slowly but surely! Go Ayang you can do it! πŸ˜€ We will do it together once after I completed my confinement period soon okay πŸ˜‰

6 Replies to “Death By Chocolate Cake”

  1. Ina!!!!!!!!!!! the cake looks so yummy ar, adore how u cook lar dear. mana nak tgk latest pic of u

    Latest pic xde la Kak Yatie! dok rmh je pn. Add kiter kt fesbuk eh Ada nnt kiter upload kt fb or fs.

  2. rajinnya masak..patut lah ur hubby makin sayang..and that death by choco cake looks really yummy.
    takpe makan dulu apa nak makan sekarang..nanti kang nak ngabiskan tempoh berpantang seksa terliur macam2 hehehe

    Xrajin pn. Lama dh xwat kek. I pregnant bdn sensitive kene jaga mkn huhu. Ahaa last time I berpantang xstrict pun tp berpada2 gak la. Soon ni camtu gak kot πŸ˜€

  3. saje jek tau tunjuk gambar kek tu. sgt mengghairahkan n memberahikan nafsu i ni tau.. latiff wat billy tu ek. pg pun wat gak tapi tak turun2 gak, makin bulatt ade la.. hehehe..

    Haippp sila tabahkan hati! πŸ˜› Pg tu nnt Murni blk Mesia lama kurus la dia kot sbb xde org nk mskkan sedap2 hehe

  4. ina! 44kg?!!!!! with Adik inside ur tummy..44kg? WOW!!!!!!!!! same mcm berat kite b4 preggy dulu. ringan nye ina..JELES!

    btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to enchek latif. hubby kite jgk blom same umur lg dgn kite :-p

    Wohoo salah type la! Seb baik Fadh ckp. 54kg la! Tp jgn xtau ada kwn kiter due date 2 mggu awal skrg baru around 48kg! Jom jeles dgn kwn kiter nak? πŸ˜› Tq Fadh for d wish πŸ˜‰

  5. tiap kali aku masuk sini… msti nmpk gamba makanan sedap2.. arghh!!!
    blk la mesia wat ns tomato tuk aku plak… gegegege =D

    Eh xleh ko dh kawin sila buat sndiri muahaha! πŸ˜›

  6. salam tuan rumah,

    Masuk sini dari pautan moblog dengan ucapan terima kasih membuat pautan catatan jahrera.

    Semoga baby dan emak ditemukan dengan selamat dan gembira.

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