Happy 26th Birthday Sweetheart

Dear baby,

It’s you birthday today. Finally we share the same number of age! 🙂 I’m trying not to make a quite touching entry just how I always did 😛 Anyway, I tried not to make any fuss at all until this day arrived but I just couldn’t. Owh even Ibu did wish you in advance when you called home. I did ask what kind of cake do you want so and and so forth. Truly, I couldn’t stop thinking about today since weeks ago. It might be because I realized that there is nothing much that I could give you in term of materially so I keep thinking of what can I do for your day today and one of them is of course to specially cook something nice for you. Even though I cook for you everyday, but I know cooking isn’t really my forte. But there is a quote saying that ‘Food Is The Key To a Man’s Heart’. I think it is somewhat true in one of the ways. So still, I hope I manage to add at least a bit spices in your special day rather than having mundane one just like any other day. I’m sorry we can’t celebrate it exactly today since I’m going to have check up tomorrow. And you know it is important to keep my sugar level as low as possible 😛 But then let’s stretch the excitement until tomorrow! 😀

I’m just excited and birthday has always been a big matter to me. I don’t mind ignoring Father’s Day and Mother’s Day for example but not Birthday especially of the loved ones. Although you might think birthday is only about adding up another year to the number. But baby, the number is always adding up and it never going down. Adding up another 1 year seems like nothing but it takes 12 month or 52 weeks or 365 days to be exact. So, that’s actually pretty a lot. For all the things that you have had for the past 1 year, ups and downs; you deserve at least a little celebration today. I wished that for the past 26 years of life has make you another year wiser, better in faith, happier, tougher, healthier and all. Our grateful to Allah for the breath He gives you until today, Alhamdulillah. I had seen how you were during exactly 1 year before. Thus I’m just so glad that you had made it this far today and I pray for more in the years to come, InsyaAllah. All and only the best wishes to you, baby. Last year I gave your birthday present, ‘Abid advanced in May and this year I’m gonna give you Adik a bit later in August, InsyaAllah. 2 kids within 2 years in a row. Wow, that’s tough you know (in getting them out of my tummy) 😉 You have lots of love all around you baby, from me, from our angel ‘Abid in heaven, from Adik in my tummy, from beloved families and many more. Our prayers are always with you.

I dedicate the wordings below and the Never Be Replaced music video by 1st Lady to you. I know you knew this song already since I kept repeating it right to ear some times last year 😛 This song doesn’t really describe what I have in mind and us best. But I think it’s so sweet and if I’d known this song before we got married I would probably dedicated it already to you. I love you so very much baby and I pray that we’ll always be in love together until the hereafter, Amin. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the man I love,

Always and forever,

You’re everything I ever wanted in a man,

A heart that’s warm and caring,

A spirit that’s wild and free,

A soul that’s deep and compassionate,

A smile that’s kin and sincere,

A love that’s strong and secure,

You’re a gift, a blessing, a treasure.

You complete me.

I only hope I give as much to you,

As you give to me everyday.

Happy birthday my love.



8 Replies to “Happy 26th Birthday Sweetheart”

  1. kalu ler entry nih tok k.yati, dah berjurai2 nangis terharu…eeee muda nyer korang, baru 26, k.yati this year dah 28. anyway kem salam kat en.hubby dgn ucapan hepi besday n jaga ina baik2 (hahahahha ucapan gila lari dr tajuk)

    Ala beza 2 thn je Kak Yati. Eh bukan ke sbnrnya kiter baru 16. Kak Yati lak baru 18. Muda haper haha (perasan muda :P)

  2. happy birthday papa latif, semoga bahagia yea..

    Tq ummi Murni 😀

  3. olololo…so sweeettt……dah 26 ekkk..aku la muda…br sweet 17!hahhahaha…*perasan*

    aku tak sabar nak tunggu kehadiran Adik………semoga semua berjalan lancar.insyaAllah..amin…

    btw,beday aku ke *17* lagi 20 hari ye.HAHA

    Aminnn! Wohoo 29 hb ek? Tul ke? Kena la aku bersiap sedia utk bagi present ‘ucapan’ kt ko. Present tu je lah ye haha 😀

  4. mommy izzdanish says: Reply

    happy birthday to latif ye ina..hehe..yatto dah same umur ye!!kt jek blom lg..tggu his birthday–21july!!yatto 26..same2…ina..byk nak cite..update…tp bz sesgt…mmg happy!!!sbb byk aktiviti rupanya kt cni..family pon slalu datang…heaven lah!!nak2 bab makan…g jek kedai memane..take care ok….ps:izz dah boleh berlari suma skrang..siap garang gileee kt nursery!!!ayoyo…sabo jek la anakku srg tu….

    Tq Syima! Lama xdgr citer! Open n update la blog bila free. Kiter wish Kerek happy advanced bday hehe. Bestnya Syima kt sana. Papepun moga sihat n ceria slalu ye Syima sekeluarga. Bila la kami plak nk balik for good ni hehe 🙂

  5. salam…kakak!!

    kak ina deaar, kita dah pindah umah ni. ni add bru blog.
    sweetnya ada suami ntuk di wish. bila lah agaknya dapt bgi bday wish kat incek suami.haha

    doakan adik muhaymin sihat sjahtera dlm womb yg comfy:)
    jmputlah dtg umah. msih under construction. care kakak:)
    love love

    Salam Saffa! Tq for the new url. Nnt akak visit rumah baru ye 😉 Tq for the doa too! Eh anak sapa plak nama Muhaymin ni? Suka suki dia je tau haha! Nama Adik xde Muhaymin la. Tggu bln dpn eh leh tau apa nama Adik 😛 Saffa pn take care!

  6. Happy birthday..

    Ina..tak Abrisam nak dapat adik juga..hehehe

    Tq kak. Aaa Abrisam nk dpt Adik? tul ke?! 😀

  7. 26julai…aku salah kira ke ape tu..hahahhaha…lg 20hari sesuka ati aku je letak..hahaha

    Ahaa xlama dah hari ‘tua’ ko nk smpi hehe 😛

  8. Ye….so surprise..(ye la planning kata kan..(manual)..hehehe…)

    Macam tak ready je…tp dah rezeki..huhuhu…apa pun doakan semua di mudahkan Allah …kalau dapat baby girl lagi best kan..ehe

    Wahhh yeke! Tahniah! Xpela rezeki dtg awal. Abrisam pun dah lebih 6 bln so ok je tuh! Nnt kiter sembang pjg ye kak. Sorry bz sket lately. Akak take care tau! 😀

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