Of Apam & Pudding

What to write about? I don’t really feel like updating but I kinda also feel want to. Anyway I have a few things in mind… but I’m not sure which one should go within this entry. Okay, remember that I did say I wanted to fulfil my foods cravings once after I finished the previous check up? Yeah… I’d managed to indulge myself Β with some foods or to be exact sweetmeats since in the evening right after the check up.

In the evening after arriving home, I made Choco+Nescafe pudding with custard sauce. It has been a long time since I last made the desert and furthermore I had 1 pack of strip agar-agar that had been in my stock for like forever. Since I am in the middle of decluttering and finishing any food stocks possible, so I decided to make the pudding. Furthermore when I asked hubby whether he wanted apam or pudding, he said he wanted the latter because he wanted something cold. It was hot on that day by the way. I’ve known this pudding since I was Β a kid. My mom used to make this pudding many times for the family because it is simply easy to make and yummy at the same time. We, the children love it very much especially eating it with the over-pouring sauce on top of the pudding πŸ˜€



  • Water
  • 14 gram strip agar2
  • Milo
  • Nescafe
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Fresh milk
  • Butter
  • 2 tbsp custard powder



  1. In a bowl, soak strip agar2 in water for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Take out the strip agar2 and throw the used water away.
  3. In a pot, boil soaked agar2 with 500ml water and stir until the agar2 diluted on medium heat.
  4. Then mix Milo, Nescafe, sugar and milk into the pot as much as you like according to your taste.
  5. Stir until the mixture is a bit thicken.
  6. Using sifter, pour the mixture into pudding mould.
  7. Let the agar2 to cool then keep into the fridge to set.

*Custard sauce

  1. Mix custard powder into 250ml water and stir.
  2. Pour the mixture into the pot on medium heat.
  3. Mix in 250ml fresh milk, sugar, 2 tbsp butter and a bit of salt.
  4. You can alter the measurement according to your taste. Put in more water or milk to get a more runny sauce. Or put in more custard powder to get thicker sauce. But remember, so much of custard powder used can make the sauce to harden.
  5. Stir until boiled and the sauce starts to thicken.
  6. Remove from heat.
  7. You can eat the agar2 with the sauce still hot or cooled.

My all time favorite.


Then, I made some cereal bar again because I needed to finish the 1 big pack of oat and now they have yet to finish and finish up some old dates in the fridge since I had bought a new pack of dates stock. Furthermore I thought the cereal bar can be made for hubby’s breakfast in order to give a bit of difference in hubby’s breakfast menu. He usually only has a few pieces of biscuits and a cup of hot Nescafe or anything to start the day. Plus the cereal bar can be my healthy snack too since I very rarely eat junk foods especially during this pregnancy period. Again, the cereal bar is very easy to make that I only needed to toss anything I wanted in it in the correct amount and in less than an hour I can eat the cereal bar with the taste that I wished. This time I put in some peanut butter, dates, almond, a few dried chinese dates, a few dried cranberries and some dried seeds. This time it tasted more delicious than the previous. Sometimes I need to keep reminding myself to stop eating this thing. I just can’t stop once I put my hands on it. Gambar xde lupa nak amik. But you can refer this entry for the recipe.

Whereas on Wednesday I made some apam mekar which I got from MyResipi.com. I really wanted to eat apam since for quite some times and I was glad that I chose this recipe. It was indeed a very yummy apam. My apam turned out so soft, fluffy, moist and chewy too. My apam color was quite faint since I never really like using artificial coloring in my foods or even buying foods with much artificial colorings. Only that my apam didn’t turn out mekar as what its’ name describe since I don’t have small cups so I just used the cake tin to steam my apam. I needed to steam it in a longer time since the container I used was big and furthermore the batter too was quite thick and a lot. But the apam really rose up and nice. The recipe quantity is quite much and I was contemplating whether to follow the full recipe or make it into only half. But I made it according to the original recipe and now I am so satisfied of eating apam. We only managed to finish it by Friday morning πŸ˜› Puas 3 hari dok makan apam. But anyway hubby said my apam was macam kureng. He compared the apam with chiffon cake. Memang lah xsama! Susah jugak Β nak suruh dia critic on my foods if he himself don’t know much about foods. Ceh like I know so much lah kan πŸ˜›

Memang mekar cuma xmeletup je kat atas tu.


Itu jelah the foods which I managed to make within 1 week. Owh I did make some cucur badak and kuih keria just because I wanted to finishΒ  up the cucur badak filling stock in the fridge. Bukanlah buat sebab nak makan sgt pun. Dapat la cucur badak 10 ketul then lebihan keledek tu buat kuih keria dapat lah 6 ketul. And starting by this week I already have to start puasa gula πŸ˜› Boleh ke ni? Nafsu makan macam melampau2 sket lately ni. Somehow I feel okay since I don’t really have any other foods in mind that I wish to eat especially the sweetmeats. Especially perhaps in a few days to come right after the check up. So I can just continue fulfilling my eating desire on sweet stuffs after next check lah kot.

Actually I’m a bit tired today. I couldn’t sleep last night and only managed to doze off after Subuh. So after having breakfast this morning I slept like a log until noon. Itupun I forced myself to wake up jugak because I was already feeling hungry and kesian kat Adik if I had my lunch late. Most probably this was because of I purposely slept late only after Subuh on the 2 nights before. So last night dah terbawak2 plak. Anyway, that’s all for today and I’m going to continue on what we did during the previous weekend later. I am so satisfied that our past weekend had been a very productive one πŸ™‚

I end this entry with the picture of dinner that we had last night. Simple tapi sedap. Recipe campak2 je πŸ˜€

Sweet corn, marinated BBQ sliced beef with Demi-glaced sauce, slices of salad and tomato and bun.


6 Replies to “Of Apam & Pudding”

  1. wuish pestime kak kim tgk apam beso gini ina..tapi bagus gak..jimat mase dari nak letak dlm bekas2 kecik tu kan pahtu nak basuh lagi….gud idea..hehe lenkali boleh follow nih..

    Kiter suka je masak tipu camni πŸ˜€ Tp kalo bks kecik dia merekah kt atas tu br betul2 apam kan.

  2. sedapnye tgk menu dinner tu. stok daging br sampai pagi tadi, lehla wat gak. yum yum.. gemuk agi!!

    Kami pn xmkn slalu. Byk perasa ni especially demi-glaced sauce tu πŸ˜›

  3. alu there.. am blog hopping..
    nice blog u got here!
    n the food looks so yummy…

    care to exchange link?
    thx.. πŸ™‚

    Hi tq. Yup sure let’s exchange link πŸ™‚

  4. arghhhh…ina…bernanah perut tgk entry u ni masa pantang…arghhhhh

    Sila bersabarrr hokeh! πŸ˜›

  5. perghhh…cedapnyer…bikin meleh air liur org dlm pantang. btw u kat nihon gak ke? which part? i link ur blog to mine ye…thanks gak jd my silent reader before this hehe

    Hi Yatie tq for dropping by. Dh nk hbs pantang pn kan. Leh la mkn nnt. I kt Naganoken. Yup, sure u can link mine πŸ™‚

  6. rina,nk recipe Choco+Nescafe pudding with custard sauce.
    kme teringin sgt la..oishiii!!

    Hi Kme how r u?! Nnt kiter buh recipe kt entry tu ek πŸ˜‰

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