Just Another Rambling

Although it is getting hotter from day to day and each day by the end of the afternoon my body will feel sticky of excessive sweating (excessive, because of I’m pregnant) but I love it the part when I hear the sound of raindrops from outside the house. Thanks to God for the blessing pours down to the earth. Have I ever said that I love rainy days? πŸ™‚

Nothing extraordinary for me to update since everything is going on in a very mundane way. Except that I just come to the fact that I need to take more than one shower in a day during this summer weather. Surely I realized of the fact since before but I’m just so used with my cold weather shower routine. I don’t know why I feel so lazy to take shower more than once a day. But definitely I still do it anyway, so that I won’t get smelly and the shower help refreshes my body too eventually. Although sometimes I do skip and just do it once a day πŸ˜› I know it is so gross of me if I don’t take more showers. Well, as the days getting hotter I’m sure I’ll definitely pay more visits to the shower soon… like every 1 or 2 hours πŸ˜› And in the middle of scorching summer, I’m sure my very favorite place in the house is to be inside of the bathroom showering myself for hours. Just like past years.

I officially completed 8 months of my 2nd pregnancy and very soon next week I’m gonna enter my 9th month of pregnancy before reaching full term. I still feel like it is quite a long way to go. I’m feeling so maybe because I can’t stop myself from keep looking at the calendar and counting the days. I’m so eager for the day to come. But sometimes I just feel like I can’t go through the day, the feelings, the adrenaline rush, the atmosphere and all which are so familiar once again that makes me wishing if only I could just skip and jump to when everything has already happened which is in September. But I can only dream of it. I’ll still have to face all of the things one by one once again. So much of thoughts and feelings mixed in me but amidst of those, one thing for sure is a big part of me do feel wanting to experience all those beautiful moments once again and I pray hard, perhaps with only happy ending too; InsyaAllah.

I can feel it I’m getting heavier each day and my tummy protruding more forward too. Thus making my every movement especially getting up from sitting or sleeping position becoming slower. I have to hang or support to something too for easier transition. So far, a few pregnancy symptoms keep accompanying me including a few new symptoms just developed. Let’s start with the tummy. Well, it is ballooning obviously πŸ˜€ and I love it. But now I’m running out of suitable pants to wear especially to be suited with during this hot summer weather. I noticed that my tummy is getting so tight and it starting to feel itchy. Perhaps hubby will have to apply the stretch mark cream more often. I hope that I won’t develop the stretch mark on my tummy this time. I was lucky that during my 1st pregnancy I didn’t get stretch mark too. Now on other things, I’d said before that I got carpal tunnel syndrome which makes my arms ache. This time, my left wrist is quite affected. It feels hurt when I bend my wrist in any direction and when I give more pressure to it like holding heavy things or supporting myself when getting up. But fortunately not to the entent that I can’t do my chores. Hubby tried to massage it but it felt worse then. I think there’s nothing much I can do about it except to just be patient and live with it until I give birth. But so far it is still very mild and much better than my 1st pregnancy’s. Last time, it was like 10 times greater. I always couldn’t sleep at night because my both arms kept pounding with pain. Any position didn’t seem to ease the pain away except to not to sleep which of course I couldn’t do that because I needed my essential sleep. I always woke up with my hands swollen and I couldn’t clench them into fists. They usually felt numb too. The symptoms only went away about 1 month after I gave birth. Perhaps this time the symptom won’t go that far.

Besides that, I experience excessive sweating and I’m addicted with smelling my armpits and forcing hubby to smell them too πŸ˜› Okay, that’s gross, I know! I also Β face the usual foods cravings but I still can keep the symptom in control and not to go overboard with my eating desire. There is also a bit of leg cramps and numbs every once in a while but very mild. Β I also feel pain at my right hip or it is actually sciatica. This sometimes cause me off balance or yell in pain out of sudden when trying to make a transition. But still it isΒ very very mild compared to my 1st pregnancy’s . In fact last time it started as early as once I entered the 2nd trimester and it happened very often too. There were times hubby needed to help me move by lifting me up or supporting me since I couldn’t move myself. Then, my legs are still not swollen yet and perhaps they will stay that way until the end of my pregnancy. Is it possible? hmmm. Anyway at night, I sleep with my legs slightly lifted too so that at least I could lessen the swollen in case it is still gonna happen soon. Other than that, by this week I noticed that I pay more visits to the toilet especially at night. This is so mentally exhausting to me! πŸ˜› I know I just need to live with it for about 2 months more. Last but not least, I feel heartburn once in awhile during sleep at night, wind which sometimes makes my stomach ache and cause heartburn, being a klutz because I’m starting to keep forgetting or wrongly doing stuffs, easily feel fatigue, linea nigra, skin darkening at a few areas of my body, heels easily ache usually after walking and standing in a long time and disturbed sleep because of various of reasons especially in not being able to stay comfortable in one position in longer time.

However, I should say Alhamdulillah despite of all the symptoms; I can say that my 2nd pregnancy this time so far has been so great and much easier. Perhaps one of the contributing factor is less weight gained throughout the current pregnancy. To me, the more weight gained, the more prone for the body to develop more illnesses and more severe the pregnancy symptoms could be. At 32 weeks of pregnancy now my weight is still at 52 kg but during my 1st pregnancy I was already 56 kg! But, although my 1st pregnancy wasn’t that hard either. Each people and each pregnancy is unique. I’m very lucky in this matter. I can remember when my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother. She was really in a bad shape and she even had long hours delivery for all her children! In the rate of 1 to 10, my condition is like 10 times better than her. Β But i know, that depends on each other’s fate as plan by God too. I just pray that this time soon everything is going to be smooth, easy, safe and perfect for Adik, me and hubby, amin; InsyaAllah.

Owh by the way, Adik is getting very active nowadays and I find it very fascinating and it always carried me away while enjoying his movements in me. His activities are always at peak during the middle of the night up to the dawn. He rarely kicks during other time but during this hours he kicks very often and very hard too. This is also the reason why I rarely have good sleep nowadays. Then he would continue to play during morning when I have breakfast, in the afternoon sometimes, in the evening when I’m busy in the kitchen and during the time after dinner when we usually resting and enjoying the movie. Hubby is happy nowadays that he could easily feel the baby’s movements not like a few months before. We used to say that Adik didn’t want to befriend him since every time he tried putting his palms on my tummy, Adik would stay still silently immediately. Well… it might just be a coincidence. But only that it tended to happen every time! πŸ˜› I love playing with Adik that I always push or press my fingers on his butt and sometimes I pat my tummy non-stopped. Most of the times he would push back, wiggle, kick or change his position. It is very amusing and incredible at the same time. Thanks Allah for this feeling once again πŸ™‚

I have many other things to muse about like my list of things to do before the delivery day, more foods (I keep delaying this, I know :P), my plants (sigh!!!) and so on but I think this is enough for today. Till later! πŸ˜€

3 Replies to “Just Another Rambling”

  1. saje jek wat kite jeles dpt rase bb gerak2 dlm tummy tu. bestnye kan. tapi bile tingat balik dpt back pain yg teruk peknen zayyan dulu, rase alahaii renyehnye.. dh tak lama nk jumpe adik, yeayy..

    Biasala best2 jugak tp yg xbest pun ada kan. Asyik seronok rasa baby gerak je tapi betul2 tgk baby main2 kat luar perut belum gak lagi. InsyaAllah, soon!

  2. Ina,
    fith skrg pun dah tak larat sangat dah.nak2 pulak stp hari keluar uruskan itu ini,penatnya subhanallah…kdg2 tu rasa mcm dah nak terberanak dah,haha.

    pregnant ni ada part yg syok ada gak yg tak brp syok.tp still nak jugak pregnant.tak lama dah kan nak tgk baby,ish tak sabar betul…

    Fith asyik kuar g sini sana byk jalan insyaAllah lagi cepat n mudah la kot bersalin hendaknya. Tula best pregnant kan. Tp bila teringat yg xbest tu hmmm pikir 2 kali gak. Part nk bersalin tu pn cuak dah ni. Tp xsabar jugak nk jmpa baby. Hehe mcm2 rasa ada ek πŸ˜‰

  3. ina,

    mmg besh rase mase dorang buat sommersault dlm perut tuh n rasa tak sabar jek kan nak main betul2..tapi bile dorang dah keluar n betul2 buat sommersault puting beliung satu rumah tambah lagi ngan perangai yang cantik manis….hah mase ni rase mcm nak mskkan dlm perut balik..hehehe
    anyway, ni lah kurniaan allah kepada kita kaum ibu Ina..syukur kita dapat rasa nikmat mengandung n melahirkan anak ni kan.

    Haha betul tu Kak Kim. Tambah2 bila baby dh kuar byk benda nk kena pk n dikisahkan. Kalau time pregnant dia dok dlm perut je sng sket nk jaga. Tp penat nk bwk badan plak hehe. Alhamdulillah syukur skrg2nya dpt rasa semua ni. Even sbnrnya bila pregnant n once baby tu lahir dia adalah amanah n lebih bsr tanggungjwb menunggu kiter parents ni kan πŸ™‚

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