Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 10th Check Up At Week 31

It is so hot today. Which cause me to wake up a bit early after having my morning nap (I don’t like having nap duirng afternoon by the way). Luckily there is wind blowing softly at least every now and then. Because of today’s weather too, I had decided to wash the blankets and pillow case and dry the pillow under the sun. Tomorrow only I’m going to dry the futon since hubby will be at home and furthermore I can’t stand the sight of the earthworms which starting to appear. There are 2 long clotheslines hung horizontally with the patio under the sun-roof but I usually use only the one nearest to the patio. Simply because I don’t need to get my slipper, step down and walk on the ground or by other words, I don’t actually need to go outside of the house since that comes as much of a hassle to me πŸ˜› Yup hubby is working today since he was on leave yesterday in order to take me for check up at the hospital.

Now let me start on yesterday’s check up. Our appointment yesterday was at 3.00 pm which actually gave chance to me to eat much earlier than usual (more than 2 hours before the check up), let my tummy processed the foods I ate, drank much plain water and went to the loo frequently in order to get good result for my urine test. I like attending the check up during the afternoon since furthermore there usually would be not many preggers and we don’t have to wait so long. Anyway on yesterday we had ultrasound scan done by the sonographer. I was excited since I knew the session would be long when with her. As soon as the sonographer put the scan on lower part of my tummy, I was happy to see it was Adik’s head there. Alhamdulillah, I’m relieved that he has finally turned head down. My instinct head been telling me so since I couldn’t feel his head on upper part of my tummy and because of a few other signs too. But I didn’t dare to let myself being too confident because I was scared I would be frustrated if my instinct went wrong. But after all, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Perhaps Adik is going to stay that way until he will safely be born, InsyaAllah.

But his position is a bit oblique (situated at an angle) since his head is at the lower right part of my tummy. He is facing the right side of my body while his butt is lying against my left tummy. Still, we have long more way to go. Furthermore sometimes some babies will only move to vertex (head down) position only during labor. From my reading, I got to know that a baby can engage as early as 33 or 34 weeks but may not happen before labor starts. If the baby engages early, this doesn’t mean that you will give birth early. Usually the baby will engage in the pelvis by 37 or 38 weeks but of course it depends on a lot of factors too like if the baby is large, if you have small pelvis, if you have a very well-toned abdominal muscle and so on. For a woman who has given birth before, baby being head down but not engaged (drop into the pelvis) is very common up until the very last few days before giving birth. It seems that woman who have had previous children will drop and labor in a relatively short period of time of one another. It usually tends to be like that. So, seems like I have nothing to worry about. I just pray that everything will go on smoothly and safely until the end, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

Besides that, owh Adik was sleeping yesterday during the check up. He only kicked hard for a few times. I requested to see Adik’s genital part again although it has been confirmed before Adik is gonna be a boy. Okay, finally I was satisfied yesterday. Hubby kata bape kali nak tengok? πŸ˜› We were showed his face, head, heart, legs, back bone, feet and hands. His weight as of yesterday was about 1521 g. I can’s really remember the last 2 digits but anyway I had already expected his weight would be around 15++ g. Again, I didn’t dare to expect him to gain more. As an over all, Adik is growing healthily Alhamdulillah. The only thing that I wasn’t satisfied yesterday was the scan image was not good at all to me. I was frustrated because I couldn’t really catch his image although the sonographer and hubby tried to explain them to me. I had been waiting patiently for yesterday to arrive and I was hampered. Or was it actually me who always hard to please and fussy? πŸ˜› I complained about this all the time during our ride home. Hubby kata xpela nanti kiter beli machine scan tu ek Sayang πŸ˜› Never mind, perhaps better luck during next check up.

Adik’s face. This picture is so not clear.


His foot and his leg bone.


Blood pressure: 121/78 (This is the second reading taken later by the midwife. I got the first 134/75)

Weight: 52 kg (I gained 1 kg since past 2 weeks!)

Urine: Sugar (-), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

Other than that, I told the midwife about the abdominal pain which I experienced recently just to let out my worry although I already expected that she would say it was normal. Furthermore, I also thought it were nothing because they weren’t severe. But, I just needed to ask for my own piece of mine. She asked me back a few questions to which I gave her not worrying answers but then she also told me to watch for some signs just as precautions. We also asked about my weight and the baby’s weight, few things about labor, hospital room, and she also asked and reminded us about baby stuffs preparation. Last but not least, it was regarding my blood test and vaginal examination result. As expected it was about the the GBS level Β in my body. The result was +1. We weren’t shock since we already knew I am the carrier of GBS since before the 1st pregnancy and I will carry it for the rest of my life. Β But somehow I was glad the GBS level was not alarming, Alhamdulillah. Then we needed to see the doctor. He told us about the GBS result and what will be done prior to the result. He said my urine taken earlier will be used to test for GBS again. Good πŸ˜€ I really like my pregnancy this time because everyone keeps giving extra attention to me πŸ˜€ We asked about consuming medicine for GBS before labor and just as what we were told long before, they don’t give medicine since level of GBS can change from time to time. Consuming medicine doesn’t help eliminate the GBS and what important is there must be antibiotic inserted through my iv during labor. We already knew all of it. Tapi macam biasa lah. Suka je tanya soklan sama banyak2 kali πŸ˜›

By nearly 4.00 pm we were done with everything and that was very fast! Since my sugar level in urine this time was negative, we stopped at the kombini to indulge ourselves with ice-cream πŸ˜€ We stopped to buy few things at a few shops during our way home too. And once arrived home, I started making agar2 chocolate+Nescafe (decaffeinated) dengan custard sauce. Huish sedapnya! Esok2 nak buat kuih plak which I have listed one by one in my mind mana satu nam buat dulu. Kena buat cepat2 n makan cepat since by end of next weekend I already have to stop consuming much sugar. Memang slalu macam ni lah. Lepas check up je cepat2 lepas gian n one week before check up mesti ‘puasa’ gula πŸ˜› Owh I can’t wait to attend next check up. Macam best sangat plak πŸ˜›

2 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 10th Check Up At Week 31”

  1. hehehe, sakan mkn eskrem pas check up ek. mknla puas2, kang kempunan plak si adik tu. jgnla risau sgt pasal urine tu. amboi2, pandai plak kite nasihat org. Alhamdulillah semua ok. semoga semuanye selamat hingga ke akhir. cuba bayangkan mase kite nk balik mesia bln 10 ni, adik already born. best2.. lehla umi mur beli ape2 kat adik from mesia plak.

    Terpaksa risau sbb mkn lebih sket je terus leh dpt +++ kdg2 tu πŸ˜› Bdn sensitive tol time peknen ni xmcm org lain. Xlarat kena bebel dgn doctor n midwives. Siap nk check mcm2 plak lg la malas. Blk rumah kena marah dgn pakcik tu plak adoi itu yg paling xtahan! πŸ™ Umi Murni doakan ye Adik slamat lahir, InsyaAllah nnt leh main bola dgn Abang Zayyan πŸ˜€

  2. Ina,
    fith pun kdg2 tu time pi check up makan lunch lambat,mesti keluar result tak berapa lawa,pastu nurse tanya,bila lunch?hehe,dah tau nak pi check up makan laa awal2 kan…
    adik pun dah pusing ke bawah,lega laa kan.insyaAllah tak pusing dah tu,dah besar pun saiznya…

    take care yer.

    Harap2 dia xpusing semula la, InsyaAllah. Kiter kalau pagi dh mkn awal2 pn kdg2 xdpt result cantik gak. Skrg ni kalau check up pg bukan je mkn awal, tapi mkn seciput sgt. Tp by d time hbs check up tghari tu mmg la akan xleh pk dgn waras sbb kebuluran mcm dh 10 ari xmkn hehe πŸ˜›

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