Summer 2009 1st Barbecue

This event took place a fortnight ago. We had a barbecue on Sunday, June 9th, 2009 with Nuha-chan’s family who came from Matsumoto on that day. It has been a while since we last met about more than 2 months ago when we went for ichigo gari together. Luckily it was a very fine day after a straight of gloomy days before that. The neighborhood as usual was silent and calm. Anyway, they arrived at about 10.00 and Nuha-chan definitely had grown up since the last time I saw her! I took her from her mom and she was puzzled looking at me.Β  After a while I holding her she cried and okay I was scared! hehe πŸ˜› Obviously she has learned recognizing faces. However after a while, we started getting warm with each other and she was so sporting and well-behaved! She really wasn’t a fussy baby and I kept wondering how her parents were so lucky! She has started to crawl and lifting her butt and it was fascinating to see her behaviours.

We started with the barbecue right after they arrived. Hubby and Nuha’s dad started to fix the barbecue set, start the fire and grill the foods. Owh by the way, we had delicious satay, peanut sauce and honey dew brought by Nuha’s family whereas hubby and I had prepared butter rice, salads, ayam percik, custard corn pudding and watermelon. I just made all simple dishes only. But all of them turned out so plenty to us that there were leftovers for them to bring some home. I also didn’t need to cook for dinner on that day. Hubby and Nuha’s dad were barbecuing beside the house right under the hot sun. I told hubby it was okay to do it right under the sun-roof but he scared the smoke would get into house, the grass was too dried and could catch the fire and bla bla bla. Well… whatever. They were the ones doing the grilling and also being grilled themselves too! πŸ˜› While the guys were busy doing the job outside, Nuha’s mom and I were busy chitchatting inside the house, playing with Nuha-chan and also preparing all the dishes.

By noon, all dishes were ready to be eaten so we enjoyed eating and chitchatting more. I felt so relaxed and laid back especially with the glorious of foods that kept my tummy full. Especially when once in a while the wind blowing softly from outside despite of the warm weather… well it was so nice! I ate so much that I had to lose my maternity jeans but it still felt tight. In the morning before that, I needed to fasten my pant to the very first tightest button! πŸ˜› Owh, I forgot to take all pictures of the foods. In fact we didn’t take many pictures since obviously we were busy eating and chitchatting. While eating, hubby and I enjoyed playing with Nuha-chan too. To me, she is quite a silent baby. She didn’t ‘talk’ a lot. Might be she likes to think more hehe πŸ˜€ We tried to take the pictures of her smiling and it was so hard to even get one. But we finally got decent picture of her smiling. After eating, we watched a few Malay dramas which hubby downloaded earlier. Then at about 6.00 pm they left for home. Perhaps next time we can make another barbecue session again, InsyaAllah. It was definitely a very fun day πŸ™‚

Kawai Nuha-chan. She looks cheeky in this picture πŸ˜€


Now on other thing, it is getting warmer each day. I can’t stand it when we I have to take a ride by car during the noon. Although the air-cond is definitely turned on but I feel sick with the so bright weather. Puteri lilin la konon πŸ˜› Seems like the summer has started setting in. During this time, I can start to witness heavy and noisy rain just like the one in Mesia. Owh it is accompanied with the thunderstorm too. It is only common during summer. So after a long time not experiencing thunderstorm, sometimes I feel scared too when the storm is too powerful. Talking about summer, it is also the time for all the crawling creatures to appear onto the ground surface. Living in a house on the ground surrounded by grass and trees all around surely I have spotted with so many insects. A few are tolerable but majority of them most of the time makes me eery, euwww! We had bought a few pesticides and put and use them at wherever and whenever they should. By the way I have seen centipedes, cockroaches, slugs and the most common one spiders inside the house. Spider is the only insect I still can tolerate with not like others which usually makes me shrieks once I spotted them! πŸ™ Of course hubby is now appointed as my so-called insect buster, like it orΒ not πŸ˜›

While outside of the house, I have seen caterpillars, bugs, snails, lots of ants, crickets, praying mantis, flies anddd the list goes on, huh! But as long as they are outside of the house it is not gonna be a problem. But they do crawl or fly into the house sometimes and that annoys us a lot. Byt the way, my plants have been attacked by ants and bugs. Owh that’s another story to tell, sigh~~~ Don’t let me starts with that yet. I like early summer like these days since it resembles a lot like Mesia’s weather. But in a few weeks to come it is definitely gonna be much hotter than this and I’m gonna loathe that. And that is gonna be the time when during the days the surrounding is gonna be filled with the sound of cicada, the very official summer insect in Japan that is going to just buzz all day long. I know, that time I’m surely gonna be wishing if I were in Mesia or if only it were winter. But actually I don’t really like winter too. Okay, whatever. Anyway, we don’t have any plan for this coming weekend probably will just spend time at home. I’m not so fond of going out when it is hot outside. Even there is not many interesting indoor places that we can visit too. I think I will do some weeding, grass cutting and trees trimming this weekend. Because they are getting long and uncontrollable. Furthermore I need to save my plants before more damages done. As long as they can live ling is more than good for me.


I think should find this book, Gardening Basics for Dummies before I start gardening again next other time πŸ˜›

What else to blab about? I’m not in the mood to talk about my pregnancy at the moment. But anyway we are having next check up on next Friday. I think Adik has turned his head down. Well, I really hope this is not only my feeling and he is really has turned into the correct position, Amin! Because I feel my upper tummy, right under the chest like somewhat ‘full’ and he does somersaults a lot around that area too. Plus I can’t find his head at the usual spot and I don’t know where it is. Β Every time when I try to find and press my palm, he will push back. But that’s fascinating though as like we game πŸ™‚

Have a nice weekend, everyone! πŸ˜‰

3 Replies to “Summer 2009 1st Barbecue”

  1. bestnye, ade peluang nk join gak bbq tu (dgn muka tak malu pelawa diri sendiri) hehehehe.. comeynye nuha tu..

    Kalau dtg sini kiter wat bbq nak? Slalu kami ber 2 je sedih tak? πŸ™ Sian Nuha tu pantang jmpa kenal gomol dgn kami πŸ˜›

  2. Ina,
    bestnya buat bbq.
    lately memang panas kan,fith jd tak selesa sungguh kali ni pregnant.panas luar dalam,hati berasap2,hahaha.masa rafiqh dulu siap puasa dlm summer tp releks je tp kali ni hadoi emo sungguh.mgkn sbb badan tak selesa,pastu rafiqh ni aktif kemain,haiyo sabar2.blk msia esok ni sah2 lg panas,tp rasanya panas msia boleh tolerate lg,panas nihong ni perit semacam.

    Fith lagi best sesekali join bbq meriah sungguh ramai member kan πŸ˜€ Agaknya cz Fith pn dh sarat sgt, tambah2 byk wat keje b4 balik ni n dgn nk kawal Rafiqh lagi. Nnt smpi Mesia rehat puas2 ye. Seronok ramai2 dgn family tu xrasa sgt panas n penat tu nnt. Slamat la Fith tahun ni xrasa kemuncak summer Nihon. Jeles nih πŸ˜›

  3. insyaAllah, adik dah pusing! =)

    Aminnn!!! πŸ™‚

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