Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 9th Check Up At Week 29

I’m sorry if any of you had been waiting for my new update. I have been feeling soo lazy to come up with new stories even though I have a few to tell especially on the recent barbecue picnic we had with Nuha-chan’s family on the weekend before, June 7th, 2009. But I will keep that for later. As for today I’m forcing myself to update with my latest pregnancy check up first.

It is Monday again today and I’am back to my norm weekdays routine and keep waiting for weekend to come again. Anyway on Saturday, I was waiting for my one and only Mesian friend who is also living in the same neighborhood to come since the morning. But she only arrived at nearly 3.00 pm in the afternoon with his son. Her house is sekentut away anyway. But I didn’t mind though since hubby was also working on that day so I didn’t have any plan with hubby. So I could just wait for her. While waiting for Β her I managed to voice chat and on the web cam with my parents and youngest brother back at home for about an hour. Buat macam sembang2 berdepan. My mother and brother were sitting in front of the laptop. My brother was playing the game on laptop while my mother was hand-sewing my father’s shirt.

Before that I got to see my brother crying but only a bit after being lectured by my mom. Once in a while I could see my father passed by. My father showed me his shaved to bald head and also my brother stood by side with him when I asked how tall my brother already is. Owh my father just got five new fury cucus and my brother took one and showed it to me. It was so cute and it kept meowing non-stopped so loudly! πŸ˜€ I’m sure it was scared being taken away from its’ mom. I even got to listen to my parents conversation on nak pegi ke tak pegi kenduri kawin and my mom talking to relatives on the phone. It was funny though. Haih macam2 kisah. Imagine a mother and a daughter bergossip and once in a while the guys in the family would menyampuk πŸ˜‰ Lastly I ended by showing them the potato bun I made on the Friday night and actually eat one in front of them πŸ˜›

By the way my friend brought me some vegetables she planted herself (I think it was spinach), a bottle of chili sauce and a big baby bath tub together with the bath tub net. Besar betul. Tp xpela leh guna sampai Adik besar sket. I thought she had given it away to other friend when she didn’t get to give it to me last year since I wasn’t going get to use it anyway. But apparently she still kept it for me. Alhamdulillah xyah beli πŸ™‚ It was her youngest’s but he is now already 4 years old. The bath tub is white in color and is still in very good condition. She kept them nicely in her home’s store. It only got a few fine scratches on it. I already washed it and the net too and gonna keep them back nicely in the plastic wrapper. Now I’m feeling so excited to bath Adik in it. Owh come fast August. I can’t wait! πŸ˜› My friend stayed until 5.00 pm after more than 2 hours gossipping in the kitchen while munching our mouths with the potato bun, kerepek, popcorn and green tea πŸ˜€

Well… now I’m gonna proceed with as what the title says. We went for check up on Friday, June 12th, 2009. This time I was attended by another male doctor. I never met him before. Maybe he is a new doctor there. But he was good anyway and he even tried to converse with me in English. Before we ended up our meeting he even said he would try to study and improve his English. Awww… felt like been hit right back at myself. Listening to that, eventually made me feel more determine to study and improve my Nihongo too πŸ˜› Anyway Adik is still in breech position. The same position as always. I hope that space won’t be his comfort spot for any longer soon and eventually will make Adik turn into the correct head-down position. My placenta is already in upper position and I’m so relieved with this, Alhamdulillah. Adik’s weight is already 1241 g. Although a bit small and even a bit less compared to his elder brother during the same gestational week but fortunately still in normal range. During the check up AdikΒ didn’t stay still at all! The doctor tried to show his body parts especially his face but the image wasn’t good at all and I had hard time looking at all the images. We asked about Adik’s gender just to confirm again but the doctor said… today is bad position. Hehe it was okay though, since I could also feel Adik constantly kicking the doctor’s hand. After that I got to do the vaginal check up (I really hate this) and had my blood taken for blood tests.

Adik Β looks like trying to grab the scan. Anyway do you notice my name there? Ntah apa2 n sket punya panjang jadinyer πŸ˜›DSCF1476

Blood pressure: 135/87 (This is the second reading. I got the third much better. The first reading was a bit high. This is not so satisfying still)

Weight: 51.35 kg (I gained nearly 2 kg since past 1 month)

Urine: Sugar (++) (Not so good too), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

You see… I got my blood pressure and sugar in urine a bit higher this time. Most probably because in within past 2 weeks I did go lenient with my sugar intake and salt. Although I’m so sure I didn’t really eat much sugar or salt like most other preggers. I can count only how many times I indulged myself with an ice-cream. I had my chocolate drink diluted with much water and my orange drink without sugar at all and it tasted very bland. But my body is very sensitive and vulnerable during pregnancy. So… from this now on I really have to take it seriously strict and watch out on my sugar intake and salt. Quite hard to do, but I must! I like pregnancy moment but of course not this part. Seriously sometimes I feel like I am not any different from any other people with real hypertension and diabetes diseases. I have about 2 months and a half more to go so like it or not I have to be more patient. Especially during this crucial trimester of the pregnancy, I really have to take better care on myself. Owh yeah, I think I have already eaten much these days. Gaining about 2 kg in a month is already a lot I think. But still it didn’t help Adik to gain more weight. But I don’t mind actually. As long as Adik is progressing as he should, I am more than happy. What important is I must keep restoring myself with lots of healthy and nutritious foods as always. During the check up the funny part was the midwife said that my belly is a bit smaller than before πŸ˜› But the fundus height reading is usually not that accurate since it depends on the baby’s position in the tummy too.

We had our appointment at 11.10 am and only managed to settle with everything at nearly 2.00 pm huh~~~ That was so long of waiting! We only had our breakfast in the morning so we were already drained by the time we were done with everything. We cancelled our plans to stop at a few shops and headed home instead. The weather too was quite sunny and hot and that really put a boost on our already steaming emotion πŸ˜› You know, the funny thing was… we were feeling geram with this little fella in my tummy. Hubby kept repeating to Adik to please turn his head-down. He said… “Adik ni nak kena cubit ni.”. To which I said… “Belum apa2 dah nak kena cubit nanti dia langsung xnk pusing.” πŸ˜› But I on the other hand kept patting my tummy too asking Adik to please move ASAP. I googled the net and found a few ways I can try to help move the baby position. So besides, doing sujud lama2 during solat hajat every night, I try doing a few floor exercises too before going to sleep. Still… it depends on your luck lah kan. Nasib lah baby nk pusing ke tak. I’m not that worried pun since Adik still has a lot of time to correct his position and if he still not in time to come, the doctor will try to massage my tummy. But I am already entering the 30th week of my pregnancy so I think Adik should just correct his position already. Never mind, we will see. In the meantime I just prepare my mind to be ready for whatever it takes soon during labor, I really don’t mind but of course seboleh2nya I keep praying I can go on normal and natural labor just like before. All in all, everything is fine with us. And what is more important is whatever it takes for us in the future, as long as Adik and I are safe and healthy, that will be good enough, InsyaAllah.

A little more updates on Adik, I noticed that he is becoming more active once I entered the 3rd trimester. Maybe because his increasing size making all his movements more harder and obvious. Adik doesn’t really kick much perhaps because it is his position that restraints his legs from kicking freely. But he wiggles, stretches, punches so on and so forth a lot. Not forgetting he loves ‘scratching’ which makes me tickled and continuously ‘knocking’ according to the clock’s second needle rhythm too. Yeah… that’s how it feels and I think it is his left hand on the lower left side of my tummy. Since he is resting against my left tummy wall… so that gives a lot of space for his left hand for some activities. Adik loves to toss and turn around when I sleep at night. But up until today there were a few times when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night because my tummy felt so hurt. Sometimes it felt like my tummy is being ripped off or like a period pain. I’m sure that were because of him. Apa lah yang dia buat. So I would turn and change my position and fortunately the pain gone immediately, phew! Risau jugak lah kan. Now my tummy looks like a watermelon. Runcing ke depan. And it feels full and hard at lower part of the tummy. Yelah since dia duduk macam berehat bawah pokok. Penuh la that part kan.

Other than that, Alhamdulillah I’m still feeling fine as in over all. But of course as the tummy growing bigger each day I still feel minor pregnancy symptoms here and there like my legs feel tired if I stand or walk in long time, I need to change my positions a few times while sleeping at night, I have started to put my legs higher to avoid swelling and put a pillow in between my hips when I sleep, I have vivid dreams at night, sometimes my back and hip aches, sometimes my hands aches too when I sleep at night, I am experiencing excess perspiration which makes me smelly especially during hot days, I burp a lot hours after having meal since my digestion is slower and I have much wind in me, toilet is now becoming my best friend because of frequent urination, sometimes I got heartburn so I need to sleep on two pillows and sometimes I spend longer time in toilet because of constipation and so on. Takkan lah xde langsung kan. Sedangkan kalau xpregnant pun ada je sakit itu ini kan. But all are very minor ones and so tolerable. I can say that it is much easier during this pregnancy compared to previous pregnancy. If not because of my protruding belly, I might forget that I am actually pregnant! Perhaps it is because of the less weight I gained throughout this pregnancy so far. Next time if I get pregnant again I will definitely ensure myself healthy and slim enough before conceiving πŸ˜€ I pray that I will stay to sail this pregnancy smoothly like this until the end amin, InsyaAllah.

Last but not least, yesterday we bought a drawer for Adik out of sudden from C*inze Home. Actually I thought of buying it much later after Adik is born. We just did some survey but right before going back I thought kalau beli pun bagus jugak senang nak susun n ambik barang. Hubby pun pening dengan I kejap macam tu kejap macam ni. Dia ikut je. We just bought the plastic one murah je. Untuk tidak menambahkan beban bila nk balik Mesia for good later. Once reached home we straightway fixed it and reorganized all the stuffs into the drawer and the previous containers. Hehe makin excited plak rasa πŸ˜€ But somehow banyak lagi benda nak buat before the baby is born. Hmm will continue with that some times later πŸ˜‰

Owh seems like we are already confirmed with Adik’s name. Confirm tergeliat lidah nk sebut dalam katakana. Like I care lah kan πŸ˜› Tp xtau la kalau berubah lagi nama tu. Now I have to find name for baby girl. You know, just in case πŸ˜‰

7 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 9th Check Up At Week 29”

  1. ina,

    suke tengok gambar adik tuh..hehehe..dalam perut dah cerdik tahu jek doctor tengah scan yek..
    kak kim pun tak sabar nak tengok adik nanti in August…bile due date ina? ke nanti adik boleh celebrate sama dengan Hana on 19?..hehehe

    Amin… mintak2 mmg cerdik la hendaknya hehe. Edd 25/8 tp kalau kuar awal pn lagi bagus. Abang dia dlu pn awal 2 mggu.

  2. Ina,
    masa fith pregnant rafiqh dulu,lepas dah due date pun dia tak engaged due to kepala dia tak tepat ke bawah,senget 2-3cm ke kiri,tp gynae tu tak reti nak betulkan,fith betulkan dgn bidan.klau doc/midwife/bidan yg pakar bab tu,even baby songsang pun diorg boleh betulkan,cuma antara kita nak dgn tak je laa kan.insyaAllah nanti adik perbetulkan posisi dia,ada 3minggu lg.byk masa lg,hehe…

    baby fith skrg kurang nak kicks dah,boleh rasa dia mengeliat,bergerak beralun2 perut ni,sakit gak kdg2 malam punya laa aktif,nak tido pun tak senang,dia ajak main kot,haha…

    wah bestnya dah beli drawer,nanti stp hari dok tgk brg adik…

    My mom dlu pun betulkan dengan bidan je sbb 2 org adik kiter breech. Tapi dah dok sini cuma leh harapkan doctor je. Cuma doctor kata tggu, byk masa lg. Pusing kan awal2 pn karang dia pusing semula plak. Lagipun mentang2 dia kurus so ruang luas lagi kot. Kiter pun leh agak mana kepala n bontot dia. Mmg asyik berubah2 tersasar jauh. Berpusing2 sesuka hati je keje. Smlm kt tepi. Arini kt atas plak. Tapi pandai plak xnk pusing ke bwh. Tgn ni gatal je dok gosok2 kepala n bontot dia. Rasa nk tolak je. Kalau tekan2 dia tolak balik. Hubby kata jgn nk memandai2 πŸ˜› Hehe xde nyer belek2 brg Adik. Dah lama sgt simpan since b4 Abang dia lahir. Xlarat tgk dah haha.

  3. teringat balik time peknen zayyan dulu.. penat n renyeh kan malam2. ngan perut besar pastu 5,6 kali terjaga tgh mlm pi buang air. nak tido pun tak lena. pastu dah kuar memang terkejut tgk besar cenggitu. huhuhu, bestnye peknen. dah masuk 3rd tri dah kan. cepat jek. kang pejam celik dah nk masuk bln 8. tak sabar nak pi jenguk adik. mama n papa adik lagi la tak sabar kan.. gambatte ne mama!!

    Paling malas kena g toilet byk kali mlm2 tu la. Seb baik skrg dh panas. Kalau sejuk mcm ritu rasa nk nangis je nk kena kuar drpd futon. Tambah2 skrg perut dh bsr leceh nk gerak. Sabar jelah lagi 2 bln stgh. Gambarimasu! Meh la dtg. Leh Adik jmpa Abang Zayyan ngan Kakak Maira πŸ˜€

  4. HAHAHAHA! lawak gile bace nama ina! HAHAHAHA! nama dlm sebutan katakana jpn yg di’romaji’kan. cenggane la nama adik kalo buat cenggitu,kan? sure bapak segala panjang jdnye.

    btw ina. doa kami sentiasa mengiringi ina. mudah2an Allah permudahkan segala2 nya. InsyaAllah, amin!

    Kali ni diorg amik nama penuh. Part binti dgn nama ayah yg klaka tu. Salah plak tu dia eja dlm romaji. Tiap kali panggil mesti tersekat2 n xbaca habis pun. Suruh hubby betulkan dia malas plak. Tahun lepas pregnant ‘Abid diorg tulis nama kiter aje so xde masalah la. Tq Fadh for d doa. Semoga dimakbulkan, Amin πŸ˜‰

  5. aku tgk gmbr scan ko tu….aku dok baca nama ko!hahhahahhahhahah.pelik gila diorg tulis nama ko ek…hahahhahaa

    sori..aku gelak sbb aku teringat aku blaja kelas jepon dulu!hihihihi

    aku ada cite nak share ngan ko.nanti esok2 ke aku tego ym ko ya.takde la cite best pon.saja nak share ngan ko….ehhehehhehe

    Itula nama aku yang dh dijepunkan. Pjg tu mmg lah cz dia amik full name. Tp nama ayah aku dgn binti tu dia salah eja lagila pelik bunyi nyer. Okeh nnt tegur ler. Xsabar nk dgr citer apa tuh! πŸ˜›

  6. lama betul tunggu update ina!
    comelnya adikkk.. tak sabar nak tgk muka dia!
    kalo dpt cium lagi best..
    rindu bau baby.. =)

    Skrg ni dilanda kemalasan. Xde mood nk update. Tula Mama dia lg xsabar nk tgk n cium dia hehe πŸ˜€

  7. ehhh…dah 29W dah ker??? sekejap je lagi la yer…tanoshimi

    Dah start nervous ni πŸ˜›

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