What I Did Last Weekend

Since hubby is gonna be at home tomorrow because the kaisya will be closed, so I have to complete and publish this pending entry on past weekend by today. This is because I know I’m not gonna be convenient to blog if hubby is around. By the way our past weekend were spent at home and sight-seeing at the neighboring village. On Saturday, we didn’t do anything much. As usual I had been looking forward to have a quiet and private weekend morning snuggling with hubby in the bed until noon πŸ™‚ Then only we had our late breakfast cum brunch of toasted sandwich with tuna in mayonnaise and slices of avocado. During this pregnancy I noticed that I really like to eat toasted sandwich. At the same time we watched the N*tinal Geographic series, Whale Wars which hubby downloaded from the internet. Then after that hubby went out to meet his friend in the neighboring village to go see car spare parts or whatever (I don’t really know) and before he went out I asked him to take out the bags from the cupboard.

While hubby was out, I on the other hand was busy scouring the cupboard where I keep all the baby stuffs in it. I pulled out the heavy and big containers and all the baby paraphernalia. Once I opened the cover and started taking out the stuff especially the clothes one by one, a very familiar smell lingered in the air. I looked at the yellow hooded towel which holds a very special memory. I took it. It felt so soft and gentle in my hands and I kissed it, sucking the smell into my lung before I finally put it aside. My eyes also caught the sight of a few white clothes and a plastic bag containing the same material. That’s the extra kain kafan and I did the same thing to it. They smell just the same as when I last smell them. It still has soft smell of the jasmine perfume I put on it during last time and the smell is really nice. The air I breathed somehow made me feeling so at ease. They made me smile though, but with a bit of tingling sensation in me. Anyway, in a minute I already made a mess and I didn’t really know where to start and how to organize everything. But I realized that nothing much I could do since actually we don’t really have a drawer yet, to organize all the baby’s stuffs. All these while we had been keeping them in 2 large covered plastic container, 1 for the clothes while another 1 is for everything else. While for all the other big stuffs, I covered or wrapped them neatly with plastic wrapper and tapes.

So, I just took out whatever the things which I could first and place them already at the supposed place. Then, I took out all the clothes and everything which can be washed and dumped them at the washing area. My mom said to just wash them one more time when I asked her even though all the clothes were still pretty clean and nicely smell. They looked a few but actually just to turn all the clothes inside out had already made me thinking when are they going to finish? Yeah actually there were dozens of them but since they are little in size, hence the pile looked much less in quantity. Washing them was one thing, to hang them to dry was another tiring task which took long time to settle. I have dozens of hanger and laundry clip but I never or not even near to ran out of them. I really been fooled by all the tiny clothes. I knew I could process them by batch but decided to settle with them all in one go. To add up, the weather couldn’t be of so much help since it was raining and gloomy on Sunday. But I finally had them fully dried on Monday and finished folding and rearranging them all of them on Tuesday, phew! Although it was quite a fussy job but I really enjoyed it to the max! What most important is, fortunately I decided to settle with this earlier since after looking back at all the stuffs I already have, I realized that I need to cancel some stuffs Β in my To-Buy list. Because I just realized that I have more than enough of the particular stuffs already. Before this I kinda forgot what I already have because I don’t see them often. I’m glad that this managed to avoid me from doing more unnecessary damage to hubby’s wallet πŸ˜›

I have to divide them into 3 batches and the machine was in full capacity every time.


Not only that, on yesterday I managed to pack my hospital bags already. They are ready by 80% since I still have a few things to get and pack them together later. Whereas a few stuffs else I will just grab them then right before going to the hospital for labor soon since I need to use a few of the stuffs every day still. I need to remind myself of this, so I’m gonna put a note of the list of Stuffs-To-Grab on the bags immediately. Wow… now I’m feeling even more excited for the big day to come. How time flies! And how times crawling soo slowly on these coming days πŸ˜› I have 12 weeks left or less before Adik pops out. I keep praying that Adik gonna make his grand appearance during 37th week. That is gonna be about 10 weeks left from now. In the mean time, I have listed down on a few things that I need to do and prepare before Adik is born. Considering that I’m not gonna force myself to do house chores during confinement, so I have quite a lot of things to do before labor. Moreover my due date is estimated to be on the 3rd day of coming R*madhan. And the most crucial thing is most probably my mom is not coming this year and that left us on our own then. There are a few circumstances my mom needs to consider and coincidentally there will be other matters for her to pursuit in August too. She still can come if she wants to. But now I myself already feeling not convenient to let her to attend me alone whilst ignoring all other matters or even keep them on hold. Furthermore she is quite reluctant Β to come for a long time like before and I thought it is really not worth it if she is only going to stay for 2 weeks. I also feel it is not gonna be fun if she comes in August since the environment is surrounded by very discomforting summer heat.

Owh by the way on Sunday we went sight-seeing in the neighboring village. We were feeling so boring so hubby searched from the internet on nearest places that we could go. He found one flower garden so we decided to pay a visit. At first I misheard hubby and thought the place is 30 km away from home but actually it is just 10 km away. Hubby drove the car into a neighbourhood on the hillside. The road was quite steep and all we could see was houses. Then finally we found a house which have a flower garden beside it. The other side of the house was where the parking area located at. We walked nearing to the house and there were an old couple gardening in the garden. Apparently the garden is closed at 5.00 pm and at that time it was already 4.30 pm. We were the only and last customer on that day. The man said that it was the last day for the garden to be opened this year and we were so lucky because it would already be June, 1st on the next day! We were having fun in the garden just the two of us as like the garden was ours.Β  Actually the garden also acted as a nursery and customer can buy flower plant there. I was mesmerized by the beautiful and varieties of flowers in the garden. But since the garden is actually quite small so there were not that many types of flower there. Still, we had so much fun taking pictures with the big, colorful, and very healthy flowers. It was quite a breathtaking and calming view being among the flowers with the green mountainous sights around the village. The atmosphere was very serene. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great since it was raining in the afternoon before that so the pictures we took were not that perfect. Then finally the time was up so we headed home. We got a flower plant as a gift and hubby have yet to plant it in front of the house.



My tummy at 7 months of pregnancy with Adik.




The 2 and half of us πŸ˜‰



Well… at least I manage to have fun at the small flower garden even though it was far from resembling a big famous flower gardens like the one in the big cities πŸ™‚

7 Replies to “What I Did Last Weekend”

  1. Wah ina,bestnya dah siap basuh barang baby.siap pack beg hospital lagi,hish jeles2.
    haa beli drawer baby cepat2,nanti boleh susun2 barang adik.fith dah laaamaaa sediakan,dah siap buh barang2 dah,hihi.nanti balik sini susun tambah apa yang patut je,masa rafiqh dulu dah balik sini baru terhegeh2 cari drawer,tak senonoh sungguh!
    best kan main2 dengan barang baby,semuanya cute2

    Kali ni kami cnfirm sndiri2 je Fith. So prepare awal2 sng lgpn sini xde sesapa. Pepandai sndiri la kan papehal nnt. Haa Fith tu lagi lah semangat sumer dh siap awal2 lagi hehe. Mmg best main dgn brg baby. Geram pn ye gak sbb kecik sgt. Penat plak nak kisahkan satu2 hoho πŸ˜€

  2. eiii.. tak sabarnya nak tgk baby ina.. nnt gambar baby jgn letak smiley face tu tau..

    p/s – dengkinya!! perut je membesar, part2 lain semuanya slim melim!! Uish.. Jeles.. Jeles..

    Jgn risau gmbr bb xde nyer smiley. Alaa bg chance la. Preggy sblm ni dh puas dh mengembang tau! πŸ˜‰

  3. perut dah besar.. mesti yg kat dlm tu lagi cute!! ha apelagi, so papa tu beli drawer cecepat..

    Cute la hendaknya, InsyaAllah. Yang penting sempurna, sihat n selamat, Amin!

  4. perut ina sungguh comel and saya sangat jeles dgn kecomelan itu..rindu la nak pregnant..doakan rayyan dpt adik soon yer! hehehe πŸ˜€

    Tu dh g honeymoon tu InsyaAllah xlama lagi dpt la adik utk Rayyan, Amin. Girl plak ye hehe πŸ˜‰

  5. Jeles tengok perut ina yang masih ‘slim’….

    Dlm gmbr je nmpk gitu. Even seluar maternity pn dh start ketat πŸ˜›

  6. nisah ade tgk kt news aritu…`bara no machi` (rose city) …kt sakaki machi (dkt masjid)…tgk dlm tv tu bnyk sungguh roses..kot la akak nk pi…hehehe…

    Belah2 atas tu mmg byk je kan. Tp hubby akak xnk bwk nyer sarat2 ni. G Matsumoto ritu pun jenuh merajuk. Kena tggu next year jela huhu

  7. jap je dh 7bln kannn

    mu’az pon dh 7 bln…keekekekeke

    Tp hjg2 ni dh rasa lmbt plak. Xlarat tggu due hehe πŸ˜›

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