What’s Wrong With You (Read: Me)?

I have so many things to ramble about tapi 2 3 hari ni malas betul lah nak memblog. I did try to update tapi sekerat2 jalan je. Nanti lah sambung. Rasa macam lemau je nak wat apa2 2 3 hari ni πŸ˜›

At this moment I’m feeling itching to just buy the M*AS promotion ticket already but a few circumstances are keeping me away from doing so. I so wanna go back having a nice long holiday in Mesia. I was told about M*AS promotion until this June 10th by Murni, and I did check and find that it really offer an incredibly cheap price compared to usual! After forwarding the matter to hubby, the conclusion I got is I CAN go back but ALONE or with the baby. Hubby can’t go back, so he said because it could jeopardise his evaluation record for taking so many leaves and eventually of course that will affect his bonus too. To add up, since the economic down turn; the company’s progress has become slower and even though it is getting better but this had already affected EVERYTHING, from working system to bonus (again :P). Also not forget to mention, he is kinda important person when it comes to works that related to Mesia branch, so it is gonna be hard if he is not around. Β Last time the bosses also seemed reluctant to let him on leave for a very long time phbt! Still… he can go back if he wants to but the major thing is, he is NOT REALLY up to it… that’s why. Moreover because we had just gone back last January. And he thought he DOESN’T MIND not going back at all in the meantime since we are planning go back for good (most probably) in 2011. Dia kata… susah lah asyik nak balik je keje.

Okay now… I still can go back if I really want to right? The price is just too TEMPTING that even has made me thinking about going back next month and giving birth in Mesia (owh close to impossible for me to do) then come back here later somewhere in October with the baby. My mom and MIL will be very pleased with the idea, I knew. OR… I can wait for the baby to pop out first and go back with him right after my confinement and have a month or more holiday in Mesia before coming back to Japan. Yeah… that sounds REALLY SIMPLE actually. Hubby NEVER mind at all if I ever want to proceed with idea. Although I kinda pity him if he has to stay alone without me in this SO EXTREMELY BORING village, but that actually not going to become problem to him; NOT EVEN A LITTLE. So what’s the fuss actually? Well.. the thing is… I CAN’T just DO-IT-ALREADY!!! Simply because I CAN’T get myself apart with hubby sheeshhh! Yeah… that’s the real problem. Hubby said… hmmm payah lah nak cakap camni. Why is it so hard? Not that I never used to being apart from him for such a long time. I did before, and I survived indeed. But… I really don’t know. Can some one smack me on the face already? Can some one tell me how do you guys do it? Or might be I should ask hubby apa dia dah jampi kat I selama ni? πŸ˜›

Sigh… I just knew I’m not gonna be that happy if I plan to go back alone and having to live days without him by my side. I’m such a clingy wife, yeah what-e-vah~~~ I’m sure I’m gonna be insanely missing him and at times I would tend to be easily be moody and meroyan if he is not with me. I knew because that’s what happened last time long ago πŸ˜› How can lah kan ko boleh hidup dolu2 n tetiba sejak bila plak dia sentiasa kena ada kt sebelah as ur source of sanity?! Last time when hubby suggested for me to give birth in Mesia I had already cried for buckets there and then! Padahal pakcik tu baru je bukak mulut bagi cadangan. Moreover if I go back alone I have to settle things that I don’t like all by myself… this and that… so on and so forth. Owh so many excuses! Alah kalau nak buat boleh je. Banyak la ko punya alasan. Nevermind… I’m just gonna pass the opportunity this time and voluntarily glue myself under hubby’s armpit. Ngengada betul. As what my mom always said… nnt blk sorg2 asyik nangis2 tension2… baik xyah balik πŸ˜› But sbnrnya memang lah kalau I nak buat mmg boleh aje. Bukanlah susah pun n bukannya xpenah buat pun. Cuma skrg ni terlalu ikut sangat rasa hati yang senget ni eheee~~~

Anyway perhaps next time there will be M*AS promotion again and hopefully if hubby is not convenient to go back at least at that time I have changed the way I set my mind. Masalah lah ko (read: I) nih! Takpela somehow it will be much easier if Adik has popped out then. Lagi senang sket citer. Now I better stop thinking about this already. I don’t really think of it pun. Only gatal melayan the tiny voices at the back of my mind. I’m good actually. I don’t feel bad or anything at all although I think it would be nice if it could be true. But it is much nicer and my mind will always be at ease if I stay with what I feel best for me. Yeah… I’m gonna stuck myself here with hubby… and this what makes me comfortable right now and at close times to come. Cheers! πŸ˜€

PS- To friends who are going back soon, I wish you have a safe journey to and fro. Have a great time at home.Β And don’t forget to eat A LOT for me. Tapi sorrylah if ur weight increase plak and mine maintain hehehe πŸ˜‰

10 Replies to “What’s Wrong With You (Read: Me)?”

  1. kak ina.. klu akak xleh balik mesia pe kate jemput ur mum n mil dtg jepun..

    hehe.. rs sikit ada kt mesia.. bile ada org lain yg ckp melayu sekeliling kite except ur hubby..wakaka.. bleh ke?

    sue memahami perasaan nk ader ngan hubby je sepanjang masa.. wlupun sue xkawen lagi (wahahaha, ye ye je kan)..

    pe pun jg diri tau..;)

    Mak akak dh pnh dtg last year jaga akak masa confinement. Yg lelain tu sebut je lebih tp xsmpi2 pun lg hehe. Memasing bz dgn keje, anak2 n so on. If akak blk lg untung leh jmpa lg ramai org. Somehow dgn condition akak skrg mcm leceh gak. Mcm2 benda nk kena wat if proceed gak. Xpela ada kot rezeki lain kali. Bwk Adik skali lg best kot, InsyaAllah πŸ˜€

  2. wah.. wah.. wah.. manja betul.. =)

    actually, i pun slalu terpikir nak cari keje kat my hometown..
    at least ade support from my parents,
    tapi cam u ckp la.. tak tergamak nak tggl hubby sensorang.. πŸ˜›

    Owh mmg pun SGT2. Dah tu DEGIL jugak πŸ˜› My hubby xrisau apa pun if kene tinggal sorg tp apsal I plak yg risaukan dia lebih2 hehe πŸ˜›

  3. Alahai ina,gundah gulana betul laa,hadoi laa,kesian pun yer lawak pun yer gak entry ni,sori2…
    sabar je laa ek,hubby fith pun jenis susah nak ambil cuti,dia tak nak sbb dia cuti nanti menyusahkan org lain.lain sket cara diorg pk compare dgn org keje kat msia.tu yg sakit2 pun dia pergi keje,sgt berdedikasi,hahaha.
    klau ina rasa susah nak survive without your hubby,baik ina takyah balik sorg2,kang kesian your hubby,adik and family.nanti MAS mesti buat offer lagi,haa time tu boleh ler balik dgn hubby sekali,bawa adik jugak,mesti lg best!
    jgn sedih2 k…

    Haippp jgn gelak! hehe Actually kiter mmg pantang tgk offer yg sgt murah (ciri2 org tamak ni :P). Asyik teringat2 je. Sama la mcm tiket tu asyik pk bestnya kalo dpt bli, untung! Sbnrnya sedih tang tu je lebih hehe. Xpela mcm Fith ckp next time ada kot offer lagi n blk dgn hubby or at least Adik sure lg best kan. Nnt ada plak yg asyik xleh tdo mlm sbb ‘bantal masam’ xde kt sblh haha πŸ˜›

  4. adoii rase bersalah la plak ckp kat ina pasal tiket tu. hehehhe, takpe rasenye lenkali mesti derang wat lagi offer cenggini.
    aahla, sebenarnye nak dok jauh ngan suami ni kite yg kene set mind betul2. kite yg lebih2 taknak sebenarnye. pastu mula la terpikir kang balik mesia, kite dok mkn best laki mkn ape la ntah. nak telan makanan pun rase terlekat kat tekak kot. hihhhi. cam joe ni kalo murni yg betul2 tekad nk balik, dia kasik punye. dia jawab tak kasik mula2 tu saje jek dia wat camtu. tapi sebenarnye kite bini2 ni jek yg manja.. hahaha..

    Eh xpelah seb baik gtau. Kami ni slalu xamik tau pn benda2 gitu. Rugi je kan kalau kebetulan mmg nk blk. Lps ni kena amik tau gakla slalu. Geram sgt tgk harga tiket tu murah betul! Tq ye Murni. Tula pasal para suami ni mmgla lagi suka bini ada skali tp diorg xkisah leh je idop sorg2 kan. Kiter bini2 ni yg pk lebih πŸ˜› Mcm ada skali ritu dia dh wat kan keputusan suruh kiter blk sbb kiter xdpt decide. Sudahnya kiter lak nangis2 takut rindu. Ngengada. Pening la pakcik tu. Makcik ni pun lagi pening xpaham dgn diri sndiri haha πŸ˜›

  5. cute nye la ina. kite pn phm perasaan ina. kite ms first week hubby blk mesia ari tu..ari2 nangis. fateh yg slalu tepuk2 pujuk mama dia bila tgk fadh nangis sedu sedan. b4 blk siap mntk hubby tinggalkan 2 baju yg ada bau hubby (baju main badminton, slalu blk peluh2 boleh perah). mlm2 mesti ltk baju kt muka tido dgn baju tu. ari2 guna smpi skang ni baju tu dh xde bau dh:( tp, skang alhamdulillah, everything’s going back to normal life (ye la..dh sebln lebih tinggal jauh..ngengade sgt la kalo masih nk nangis) hubby pn 1 ari smpi 3,4 kali tipon. xde la terasa jauh sgt pn.

    xpe ina. offer MAS tu byk lg lps2 ni. jgn risau. “org dlm” MAS kate, “MAS byk rugi org xguna sgt sbb tiket mahal. sbb tu dieorg buat promotion habis2an skarang”

    p/s: ina..nk alamat umah! nny bg msg kt ym ke..xpn kt friendster,k?

    Ni nak kena cubit sbnrnya sbb ngengada sgt. Tp xde sapa nk tlg cubit hehe. Kiter pn dgr benda yg sama. Mcm C*thay Pacific tu leh kata hari2 ada flight dia sbb price dia very reasonable so ramai org naik kan. Still untung. Fadh sama la kiter pn penah skali hubby tinggalkan baju dia lencun dgn peluh tengit. Skali 4 5 hari pastu lupa terus. Ntah masa bila kiter teringat balik bila tgk balik baju tu skali dh berkulat hijau hahaha. Nasib baik la baju warna hitam. Terus basuh buh sabun byk2 πŸ˜› Salute lah kat Fadh skrg ni lagilah kan nk handle study, diri sndiri n Fateh sumer sndiri2. Kiter doakan semuanya dipermudahkan utk Fadh sekeluarga. Kiter tau Fadh mmg kuat n mampu sbb tu Allah takdirkan begitu kan. Bukan mudah nk berjaya. Sumday sure Fadh bangga dpt lalui semua ni. All best wishes ye Fadh. Seb baik ada Fateh pandai pujuk Mama dia. Hugs to both of you!

  6. kehkehkeh..sowee ina..kak kim tegelak beso dgn sore yg amat garau(sbb kene tonsil terus demam panas)..kelakar la ina nih..ala biasalah tuh nak kepit celah ketiak hubby..kak kim pun same mase dulu hubby asyik g over d sea buat audit tapi kene buat2 macho la kan mase awal2 kene tinggal dulu..sib baik ade LR buat teman tapi dah lelame jadik syok plak..hehehe skrang ni bile dah lekat 24hrs..rasa janggal plak…aishh

    Alaa cian Kak Kim sure xselesa sgt kan. Moga cpt sihat ye. Itulah kalau terpaksa tu lain lah citer. Ni kalau tak terpaksa, sndiri nk wat decision pn payah. Hubby wat kan decision xnak dgr plak hehe. Dh xde keje la ni peningkan diri sndiri πŸ˜›

  7. ala…tayah la bersalin kat mesia :-((
    bersalin sini insyaAllah ok jer…yg penting ade hubby kan…lg pon kalo akak balik, sian la kami kat sini takde kawan :-(..by that time Adik dah 2-3 bulan…aaaa…nak pegang masa dia baby2, masa dok fresh2 lg…

    InsyaAllah nanti akan ade rezeki lain utk Adik…kan ke setiap anak tu ade rezekinya..so abaikan je MAS promotion tu..eheh…

    ps: tak sabaq nak pegang perooootttt akak!!tanoshimi :-))

    Yelaa xblk laa ni hukhuk. Nnt cakap sket kt Adik tu suruh kuar mggu 37 tau. Ummi Nisah ada anak dara sure dia nak dengar cakap punya hehe πŸ˜› Tetiba xsabar nak makan satay. Ehhh tetiba je ahaha πŸ˜€ Doakan ayam percik kami menjadi tau. 1st time nk buat nih.

  8. Salam….akak ni dah merasa tau jauh dari hubby masa dalam pantang…W/pun 2 minggu before bersalin dan 1 minggu after bersalin hubby ada di sisi….

    selalu je nangis tu…w/pun dikelilingi ahli keluarga….nak hubby juga…hehehe…

    Tulakan sedangkan waktu2 lain dok jejauh dh rasa xbest sgt2. Ini kan lagi time berpantang pe sumer huhu. Xpela mmg xblk pun. Lain kali ada kot rezeki lagi πŸ™‚

  9. Bukan apa Ina….time lain kan boleh nak manja2….tp time pantang lagi best manja2.. coz hubby cepat je action…kalau time sihat tu, dia boleh tangguh2 apa kita request..tapi time pantang, dia tak sampai hati tau…hahaha…cian ngan bini dia, sakit2 lps beranak kan anak dia…

    Haah tula. Especially lps dh tgk bini penat2 teran anak kan. Insaf dia tu terlebih la sket hehe

  10. meh sini aku cubit ko!hahhahaha…

    tp btol la apa perasaan ko tu.kang klu ko balik,laki ko tak balik.tak best!!baik sama-sama balik or tak balik.heheh.ye la,klu balik time baby dah lahir.baby kecik lagi plak tu.karang susah plak kat airport ke ape.perjalanan jauh lak tu.bkn 30minit wei!huhuhu

    aku rs banyak kesusahan la klu laki ko takde.huhuhuhu.sbb aku ni pon sama.jenis nak laki ada sama-sama.klu sorang2 tu.tak semangat weh.hehehe.

    takpe la.MAS skrang kan selalu ada offer.insyaAllah ada rezeki ko tu nnt k.jgn risau.

    skrang,fokus kat sana je.pack barang sume elok2.jaga diri & baby k….

    Auwww kuatnyer ko cubit aku! πŸ˜› Itu laa kan. Berbelah bahagi hati ni dibuatnya. Mmg la boleh je nk survive if hubby xde. Tp aku mmg malas nk menyusahkan diri sndiri. Dah penah rasa… mmg penat n pening. Aku plg xtahan kalau kene hadapi benda ngarut2 sorg2. That’s y aku mmg suka benda yg senang2 je. Biarlah susah senang sesama kan. Xpela xyah pk2 kan benda yg xleh dpt. Kiter hepi2 sajer! πŸ˜‰

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