Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 8th Check Up At Week 26

We attended the routine check up this morning at 10.30 am and today’s session was handled only by the midwives. There were not many preggers too so we didn’t need to wait long and settled everything at about past 11.00 am πŸ™‚

Today’s check up was very fun. Actually we really looking forward to it since we knew that today I was gonna be having ultrasound scan by the midwife. I like her doing the scan more since as I told before she always do it in more detail with plenty explanations, clearer image, and most importantly in a longer time. That always make our minds fell so engrossed enjoying the session. Finally it is confirmed today, that Adik is also gonna be a BOY! Actually we don’t mind at all whether Adik is gonna be a girl or a boy. But truly, there is a slight feeling in us which hoping more towards Adik is gonna be a boy. Coincidentally it turned out to be true and I think it is a bonus. Most probably because we don’t feel that we had gotten enough with ‘Abid and we had always wished for our first child to be a boy. If ‘Abid is still here today, we might be hoping more towards having a girl. Anyway, a girl or a boy… any which is FINE with us, we just accept whichever blessed to us, Alhamdulillah πŸ˜€

As usual Adik was scanned from head to toe. Owh, this little guy has turned back to breech position! But still there is more time for him to turn head down and by week 30th if his position remains the same, the midwife said that they will try to massage my tummy in order to turn the baby. As of now, Adik has already gained 889 g. Seems like he also takes after his parents size just like his brother πŸ™‚ During the scan we could see how active he was. I thought he remained head-first but no wonder I kept feeling weird that how came I could feel his punches and kickings more on the right side of the belly top to bottom. He likes to place himself lying his back against the left side of my tummy just like before when he was so tiny. The midwife scanned and studied his heart and Alhamdulillah as far as she could see everything was fine. She took long time looking at it and we were kinda err… feeling worried I must say πŸ˜› Then we could see him wriggling his legs, opening and clinching his fist, stretching his body here and there and the best part was when he opened his mouth so wide as if yawning and making an ‘O’ shape with his mouth. It was sooo FASCINATING and CUTE! We all laughed looking at his actions and the midwife managed to capture all those beautiful moments. She asked which picture we wanted but I just couldn’t decide and luckily she gave me 2 pictures each with 2 different windows. So I got 4 pictures in total, yeay!

Blood pressure: 128/76

Weight: 50.6 kg (I gained 2 kg in within 1 months!!!)

Urine: Sugar (+-) (I got plus minus but it is still very normal), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

Do you see his face? And his mouth opened at the left and the mouth making ‘O’ shape on the right? The midwife said he looks more like me, really? But I still hope his nose is gonna be like his Papa πŸ˜€


His arm on the left and his foot which touched a bit by his hand finger on the right.


Then we preceded with consultation with another midwife. Nothing special since we discussed a few common things. But before we ended I asked some things related to labor and that was because I’m feeling scared due to my previous experience. While talking about that suddenly I got emotional and sad. Suddenly I felt I missed my first born so much and being in the hospital itself which keeps many past memories really didn’t help. I got teary but of course I tried very hard not to get away with the feeling. Β But anyway, I eventually became okay myself and that whole thing happened really fast for like 3 minutes only πŸ˜› The midwife said that she understood but we shall see how things gonna be and what we can do soon. Hubby also said that we have long more time to go. When we were walking out to pay, then only hubby asked why did I cry just now.Β  Unfortunately he noticed and I think the midwife too πŸ˜› Owh by the way I gained 2 kg within a month arghhh! My face is becoming rounder each day and hubby said I look cute like hamster duh! πŸ˜› During previous pregnancy my weight was 59 kg during the end of the pregnancy. Now I have 3 months more to go and perhaps my total weight won’t exceed 55 kg this time, that’s the maximum. I hope I can achieve that and if I really do, that’s gonna be great!!! I think it is very possible. Well, I better watch out and work for that target too! πŸ˜‰

Our next check up is gonna be on week 29th. A bit late than it should since hubby is occupied with work. In about 2 weeks times I’m gonna enter my 3rd trimester and that is the time for me to start packing for hospital bag and prepare for the baby’s arrival. You know, just in case the baby might come out earlier than he should. But I’m praying that he won’t be that eager and stay in my comfy tummy until the right time to make his appearance. As and over all, Alhamdulillah everything is fine πŸ™‚

At least now I don’t have to trouble myself with mind boggling baby girl’s name anymore. I found that it is really hard to decide on a baby girl’s name. That is surely because I am cerewet πŸ˜› And also now we are confirm that Adik’s name is gonna be A_ _ _ _ Β (…..?…..) Β M _ _ _ _ _ _ _, InsyaAllah. That is gonna be 3 names and Β I think all of you can guess Adik’s first name already. As for the last name I don’t think anyone can guess it correctly since it is quite a rare Arabic name. But we still can’t decide with the middle name yet. The middle name will also be his nick name. Well… we will see! πŸ˜€

9 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 8th Check Up At Week 26”

  1. alolo dlm perut pun dah comey, kuar jap agi lehla umi mur gi picit2 pipi tu..

    Amin. Nnt raya dtg la sini tgk Adik πŸ˜€

  2. ahmad mustaqim…
    xpun ahmad muttaqin

    cepatlah hadiah:)
    haha? ke ahmad muhaymin..mcm best je!

    Semua salah! πŸ˜› Ada 3 nama la Saffa. Nama ke 3 tu sure xleh teka punya πŸ˜€

  3. Omedetou ina,
    boy laa jugak yer.haa pasnih boleh gambaru cari nama.fith dah ada dah,hihi…

    macam2 gaya adik yer.mesti mama dia geram n tak sabar nak tunggu dia lahir…

    take care

    Tq Fith. Owh Fith dh decide ek. Xsabar nk tau apa nama Adik Rafiqh πŸ˜‰ Kami pas ni leh finalized la dh cnfirm gender. Moga hero2 kiter slamat lahir, InsyaAllah. Fith pn take care ye πŸ™‚

  4. Yeay!!! Ian dapat kawan baru!!! Congrats dear!! =)

    Tq! Tapi Ian xdpt la nk ngorat haha πŸ™‚

  5. Baru nak angan2 nak kenen anak Ina ngan Abrisam…Boy lah pulak…hehehe

    Xpela cop Abrisam utk next bb kot2 girl plak ke hehe πŸ˜›

  6. wuhuu boy..alhamdullilah..yang penting sume selamat n sihat.
    take care ina..

    Amin. Harap2 mcm tu la, InsyaAllah. Kak Kim pn take care ye πŸ™‚

  7. love to see Adik`s image….natsukashii naaa….hehe..

    tak sabaq nk jumpa Adik…siap sedia la akak nanti kami nak pi serang umah :-p

    Mama n papa dia punya laaaa angau lps setiap kali lepas dpt tgk gelagat dia masa scan huhu. Wokeh kalau nk serang gtau la! πŸ˜‰

  8. owh kak ina, sekian lama ku carik2 link kak ina akhirnya jumpa juga..

    wlupun a lil bit late.. but not too late sbb baby stil xlahir lagi.. sue nak ucap tahniah atas kepreggiean kali kedua ini.. sue doakan segalanya selamat bagi kak ina n adik.. jg diri n adik elok2 yer..

    hehe im heppy for u.. now dah khatam ur new blog.. hehe..

    sue rasa kak ina mesti xkenal sue, tp blog kak ina la blog pertama yang sue baca n terus jatuh cinta.. than bila sue nak kawen ni su addicted ngan blog bride to be n i open my own blog, but mommy to be blog still have the 1st place in my blog link.. n of cos la ur blog is listed in it bila sue jumpa balik blog kak ina..

    hehe.. πŸ™‚ n sue a lil bit teruja bila dapat kenal muka kak ina camne since xder da smiley kat pic kak ina.. hehe..anyway.. sekali lagi sue doakan semoga kak ina n baby sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah SWT sentiasa. di permudahkan proses mengandung dan melahirkan.. Amin.

    Sue, thanks a lot for ur wishes n doa yer. Semoga semuanya dimakbulkan Allah, amin πŸ™‚ Sian dia kena carik2 link baru ni ek. Tahniah sbb berjaya jumpa n tahniah juga dah ada blog sndiri hehe. Lepas ni leh la akak khatam kan blog Sue plak. Haah akak xkenal Sue tp I think I had came across ur blog a few times before during blog hopping. Baru pasan Sue ada jd follower blog lama akak. Akak mistaken ingatkan Sue kwn akak. Ingatkan dia ada 2 blog dia pn Suraya jugak. Tersalah la plak. Xpsl2 ingatkan dia yg dh nk kawin hehe. Wah tgh sibuk wat wedding preparation ye. Akak doakan semoga semuanya dipermudahkan n selamat dinikahkan nnt. Enjoy all the moments! Haah 1 tu je pic akak biarkan. Sbb xnmpk semua muka so xpela. B4 that buh byk gak saja bg chance kwn2 tgk tp Sue terlambat la akak dh delete hehe. Okay Sue take care and all best wishes ye πŸ˜‰

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