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Updated: Time is up! so I have deleted some of the pictures 😀

Hubby is working today. But since it is Saturday, at least I don’t feel so alone at home not like on weekdays. How can I come to feel like this is because of my mind setting, I think. Anyway hubby took leave on Monday for our next pregnancy check up but the boss was kind enough to switch it with today, so that technically hubby doesn’t have to burn another annual leave this Monday. I’m kinda worried for the time to come since definitely I’m gonna have to attend check up more frequently. I told hubby to always plan earlier which day to book so that we can make appointment in advance. Sometimes we didn’t get to set the appointment at an appropriate time for hubby since the time we preferred was already full, so he was forced to take 1 whole day leave instead of half day leave if the time was inappropriate.

Anyway as the title says above, I’m gonna proceed with the tag. This tag also gotten from Fith. Actually we didn’t really take pictures of us during the past wedding anniversaries. It simply didn’t occur to us to freeze the moment so that we can see the progress of us from year to year. Perhaps we are gonna start doing that during next anniversary. By the way… this time I put all the pictures without smiley 😀 But I resized the pictures to much smaller size. But I think I’m gonna delete or put smily on those pictures later. For the time being bagi chance la kawan2 tengok 😉 Dah terbeley2 plak pics I bubuh kan? 😛

0 Year ~ February 12th, 2005

Wedding Solemnization ~ 12th February 2005

This picture was taken right after the solemnization and it is the continuation of the picture in previous entry. Of course I have dozens other wedding solemnization pictures like at home, in the bride’s room, with the families and so on but apparently mostly the ones taken in the mosque have been my favorite.

After 1 year ~ February 12th, 2006

Actually during the exact date of first anniversary, hubby and I were apart from each other. He was in Japan while I was in Mesia of course. So there was nothing special done on that day. We just called and talked with each other, that’s all. And I at that time was so emotionally unstable missing of him and so was him. We were planning and working on for my second trip to Japan so that we could meet each other. As we were so troubled ourselves, we caused troubles to the families too. Parents pun pening dengan anak2. Tak kawin susah, dah kawin pun susah hehe 😛

This was about 2 months after the 1st wedding anniversary. Got to finally meet him again and I stayed in Japan for 1 and half months. Sungguh happy! 😀 I already tembam a bit.

Sakura viewing in Iidashi.

This was during our wedding reception in August 2006, that was about 6 months after the 1st wedding anniversary. I was SOOO TEMBAM to which my friends kept asking are you pregnant? on my wedding reception day plak tuh! Sungguh xbest hokeh! While hubby was SOOO SKINNY during this time. Plus I HATE my make up and I DON’T think the pictures taken by the hired photographer are creative and beautiful enough. So that are the reasons why I don’t like my wedding reception pictures 😛

The bride and bridegroom.

In the bedroom.

This is my favorite picture from the wedding reception though. Obviously because xnampak sangat my ketembaman and kekurusan hubby.

After 2 years ~ February 12th, 2007

Masih berdua. But that was because we were on family planning. Some people may think newly-wed shouldn’t do family planning for the first child. But we beg to differ. Even the religion doesn’t prohibit to practise family planning if we have rational and acceptable reasons. It is easy to raise a child but it is not easy to NURTURE a child. And for that we thought we should be prepared first in order to hold the responsibility in over all mentally, physically, acknowledgement, materially and so on.

In Takato, Iinashi. About 2 months after the 2nd wedding anniversary.

During summer at Tokyo Disneyland. About 6 months after the 2nd wedding anniversary.

After 3 years ~ February 12th, 2008

At this time we were already 2 and half since ‘Abid was still in my tummy. I was already about 6 months pregnant with him. We have the picture of us posing with the cake and anniversary dinner foods during this day in the house. Tapinya alahai selekeh betul dua2 orang 😛 So I put the cake picture only.

Black forest cake.


Picture below was also taken at Takato, Iinashi. I was already more than 8 months pregnant with ‘Abid and this was about 2 months after the 3rd wedding anniversary. It was April 16th, 2008. I gave birth about a month after that, May 14th, 2008.

I was at the stage of HEAVIEST me in my life so far 😛

We went to Toyama holidaying and visiting Murni and family during summer holiday. This was about 3 months after giving birth to ‘Abid that was about 6 month after the 3rd wedding anniversary. Kami kembali berdua 🙂

I was already shrunk to my original size.

After 4 years ~ February 12th, 2009

We don’t have the picture of us together but I took picture of hubby with the cake. Funnily instead of celebrating the 4th wedding anniversary together, it was like me celebrating and entertaining hubby on his birthday 😛

Chocolate moist cake.


Ichigo gari near Iidashi. I was already 3 months pregnant with Adik. Kembali kepada 2 setengah. Sepatutnya dah 3 setengah hehe 😛

Sakura viewing in Matsukawachou. 4 months pregnant with Adik.

During previous G*lden Week Holiday at M*tsumoto Castle Park. 6 months pregnant with Adik.

So, that’s how we progressed since the past 4 years. Mengembang mengempis, mengembang balik mengempis balik. Tapi boleh kata maintain jugak la la dua2 orang 😀

11 Replies to “Tag On Wedding Anniversary Photos”

  1. Ok la tu,kembang-kempis-kembang-kempis kan,yang takut tu kembang tak kempis2,hahaha…
    hubby ina student under mara yer?sama umur?hehe,menyibuk nak tau pulak

    Tula jgn asyik kembang je xkempis2 dah la hoho 😛 Haah student JAD, sama umur. Kenal ke? 😀

  2. ina, akhirnya dpt jugak tgk muka. now i remember. Kita MEMANG berjiran masa kat 5th dulu.
    ye lah, sebelum ni kan asyik letak smiley je dlm blog, mana nak nmpak muka kannn

    Ahaha boleh jugak ingat muka ni ye? Duduk 5th masa 1st year je. Tp kalau Kak Nannoor tu org kuat 5th, as a junior cnfirm I remember u punya lah hehe 😉

  3. ina..sib baik kembang kempis balik..kak kim ni kembang…terus menerus..adeh…
    suke tengok gambo2 tuh..baru besh dpt tengok muke..feeling sikit nak baca stories..hehehe..boley ke gitu..

    Kak Kim kene poser g Starbuck la br kurus kot kehkeh 😛 Actually if ada smiley blog owner ni pn xde feeling nk baca. Sesekali exposed leh la. Sbb xreti la Kak Kim I ni kan pemaluew gituew (bluekkk) haha! 😛

  4. hahaha, tgk pic kat disney tu papa latif dah mula kembang. aah okla tu, kembang kempis. kite kat sini kembang tak sudah2.

    Dia tu mmg xleh ckp apa dah. Penat dok suruh dia exercise tang perut tu 😛

  5. Cantiknya photo2 ni.. Suka sgt tgk.. Hubby Ina awet muda la.. =)

    Wah kembang la pakcik tu karang ada org puji dia haha 😀

  6. Takde laa ina,tak kenal pun.fith tanya sebab hubby ina nampak muda,cam budak2 masa kawen tu,hihi.memang muda pun kan,baru 22tahun…
    ina dulu duk asasi kan,kita mesti pernah jumpa tapi tak perasan je kot kan.

    Tula cekeding sgt dia masa wedding reception tu. Masa tu dh 23 tp nikah tu baru 22. Baru mula keje time tu asyik xsempat nk mkn kot. Seb baik skrg dia dh bolat hehe 😛 Haah mesti pnh terserempak. Ada muka2 girl batch Fith yg kiter cam smpi skrg.

  7. aina baru ler tertny2 bile ler agaknye nk nmpk muka dlm gmbr yg ditempek.. sblm ni tgk kat fotopages ina je.. hehe..

    org tgk ok je gambar & mekap masa reception tu..lawa jer 🙂

    Tak lawa lor sbb nya muka kiter berubah sgt pas mekap. Dahla mcm tepung gomak. Kiter suka natural gituew. Kak andam tu lar pasan terer sgt kot 😛

  8. Wah Ina…Good….letak gambar makin feel akak baca…hehehe..

    Akak sebelah hubby ni, masing2 ngadap lap top…akak bz baca blog orang..hubby sibuk tengok peta dunia…ntah apa2 lah pakcik tu..hehehe

    Jap je ni. Sesekali ltk gmbr. Tp esok lusa kiter delete blk 😛 Hubby akak nk g melancong kot tuh sbb tu study peta dunia hehe 😀

  9. at last,dpt juga tatap wajah empunya nama puan ina ni.. 🙂 comel la kamu berdua..

    Tatap jgn xtatap. Jmpa memana nnt sila tegur. Esok lusa nk delete dh ni 😀

  10. salam ina …

    oh dear, i misssssss u sooo much laaaaa … mmg meroyan betul aku takde internet nieh .. hiksss .. apa2 pun aku doakan semoga perkahwinan korang berdua bakal diceriakan lagi dengan kehadiran the little one tak lama lagi .. u just take care ok .. tak bleh nak crite panjang laaa .. anyway, thanks bebanyak for the cute souvenirs … Alhamdulillah sampai benda tuh kat aku .. so skang nieh u just wait from mine ok … semoga berpuas hati 🙂

    Salam Yatie!!! Tq for ur doa. Harap2 ko pn sihat sentiasa ye. Nnt dh boleh online mcm biasa sila la update aku. Bagusla dapat jugak souvenir aku bg tu ek. Nasib baik sampai 😀 Hopefully ko suka la souvenirs xseberapa tu ye. Tq jugak sbb susah2 bg souvenirs kt aku. Cnfirm puas hati punya lah. Take care Yatie! 😀

  11. Ala sweetnyer…..mmg betul le….korang berdua tetap maintain gitu…hihiih……

    Hopefully maintain la. Jgn kering sgt atau kembang sgt 😀

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