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I thought of doing the tag given by Fith on wedding anniversary and if I’m not mistaken there is another one also from Fith tagged to me months ago? But I still remember that I have a tag given by Murni still not done like AGES ago. So I’m gonna answer which one I got first. To other people else whom had tagged me before, if there was any and I have yet to answer your tag; I’m just gonna say sorry since I can’t remember anymore other tag given to me hehe 😛

~Upload Gambar Kegemaran Anda


~Nyatakan sebab anda menggemari gambar di atas.
Actually I have soo many favorite pictures and I had difficult time choosing one. But finally I settled on this one because it means a lot to me. Besides this picture doesn’t have our faces at the first place huahua 😛 Anyway to me this picture doesn’t really mean the end of the relationship or simply means the relationship is already secured but it symbolically means the key to a more big world ahead of us. The journey started since the day this picture was taken. And I am so glad to have come to this day together with the man I love and perhaps it is gonna be this way forever.

~Apakah matlamat anda pada tahun ini. Senaraikan 5 perkara.
1. To be a person with more patience, strength, faith and taqwa despite of whatever is waiting ahead of me.
2. To upgrade myself in terms of knowledge, motivation, self-esteem, productivity and produce something useful for example a product from beneficial hobby.
3. Be a better wife and better person to everyone especially family, family-in-law, relatives and friends.
4. Sailed my 2nd pregnancy smoothly and be prepared to give birth safely, InsyaAllah.
5. Be a beautiful supermom inside and outside and thus make my baby grateful to have me as a mom. Although I doubt it a baby would know what does it means by being grateful 😉

~Nyatakan sebab anda ingin mencapai perkara 1.
Because I believe that if I do everything and anything because of Allah or at least if I put my thoughts towards Allah, I’m sure The Force will also gonna always be there with me, guiding me. And thus I will always be at piece in the mind and heart knowing there is always Him for me to turn to.

~Bagaimana pula dengan yang ke-3?
Because they are all important people in my life and we need them to achieve happiness in life.

~Adakah matlamat yang ke-2 amat penting?
Yes it is. Because I think you can’t really achieve whatever you want if you don’t change yourself first, force yourself, or make a move towards it.

~Apakah warna kegemaran anda?
It depends of what the thing is. But usually I opt for pastel color.

~Adakah anda mempunyai teman baik?

Yes. And at the moment my husband has been the BEST best friend so far who are always there for me during every of my ups and downs.

~Bagaimana pula dengan teman yang sentiasa membuat anda mudah tersenyum?
It is hubby even when we have a fight and masa tu nyampahhh sangat dengan dia. Because without him near to me or when he is out of my sight, every moment seems gloomy.

~Apakah kenangan yang paling seronok?
Solemnization day, the day I gave birth to our first child, gathering moments with my family and family-in-law and every time I got to finally meet him after long period being apart from each other.

~Nyatakan 5 org yang anda ingin tagged. Dan sertakan sebab.
No one. Anyone who wants to tag herself can just do it 😀

2 Replies to “Tag On Gambar Kegemaran Anda”

  1. wah bagus betui matlamat tu. semoga semua tercapai, Aminn..

    Amin 😀

  2. Dapat tengok tangan je ek,hehehe.
    yer2,semoga semua matlamat ina tercapai,amin…

    Amin. Eh kan dah add Fith kat frenster. Dah boleh la tgk pic kiter yg melambak2 kt dlm tu hehe 😛

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