On Newly Bought Baby Stuffs

Now it is Monday again, sighhhhh! Although it is not me who is going to work but without hubby at home, weekdays seem pretty dull to me. In fact even being anywhere else without him is so not interesting. Of course this only apply to me since I am his wife. Anyway I like Friday because it is gonna be followed by Saturday and I love Saturday because it is weekend holiday and gonna be followed by holiday on Sunday. The reasons are simply that πŸ˜› We didn’t go anywhere during the past weekend. Since It was raining non-stopped both on Saturday and yesterday. We only went out yesterday after Asar to buy some groceries and we came home accompanied by heavier rain.

Anyway last night I couldn’t sleep because I was having bad heartburn. That was the worst so far and actually I rarely got heartburn during this pregnancy, at least YET. Might be because last night I had the hot and very oily sambal nasi lemak during dinner. I noticed that my arm and leg started to feel numb a little once in a while during sleep at night. I just hope it is not gonna be carpal tunnel syndrome just like the one I had during the first pregnancy. Although it is nothing serious but it really hurt and made me uncomfortable. My weight is increasing fast these days and I really have to watch out on that. I knew my body well that if I gained unnecessary weight, I tend to get more illnesses like leg cramps etc. I’m gonna enter the 3rd trimester soon and I soo hope it is gonna be much more easy this time like how I’m sailing my 2nd trimester. How I wish that WILL happen! hehe πŸ˜› Eh mana tau kan? InsyaAllah. Owh I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have many choices of clothes to wear anymore because my belly is big and getting bigger each day! Cehhh dan dan xde baju haha πŸ˜› Sbnrnya boring asyik ulang baju sama mcm masa 1st pregnancy. Kena tggu next mega sale ni. Cepat2 la sale!

Now on other thing. Actually today I want to show other baby stuffs that I had bought since the last purchase. As I had said before… this time we can proceed on more to not urgent and less important stuffs since we already had the basic baby stuffs from the previous pregnancy, all still good and new. During the first pregnancy we couldn’t do this since there were many things to prepare for the first time before the baby was born so we were kinda concentrated only on the basic necessities since those stuffs already consumed a big budget. As for this time… I’m trying VEEERY hard not to go overboard with all the can-be-called-unnecessary stuffs hehe πŸ˜› It is really hard to do you know especially when you are surrounded with all the colorful and cute things in the baby department. In my case, I will be blinded and started to feel everything seemed important and needed! I think the best tips to avoid great damage to your purse or especially your husband’s wallet is by making Β a list beforehand and keep referring to it while making your round in the department, bring just enough cash for your allocated budget, and don’t bring the credit card along ahaha! πŸ˜›

Now let’s proceed with my latest list of bought stuffs:

1. Winnie The Pooh gift set

It is consisted of complete set of clothes from top to toe. We bought this from a baby shop in B*ngi during our holidays in Mesia for our friends whom would be welcoming their first baby at that time. But turned out we didn’t get to meet them and I didn’t get the chance to post it either so I brought back the gift set along to Japan. I thought I would give it to any other friend then whom is also residing in Japan. But unfortunately once I took out the gift set from the luggage, the box was already torn tΒ and it really didn’t look nice. So I just thought of keeping it to our baby aje lah πŸ˜›

Rezeki Adik jela jawabnya.


2. Ring Sling

We went to another second hand shop which we rarely frequent the other day and in fact it was my first time going to that shop. Suddenly I found a ring sling and it was as good as new. I knew because I checked every inch of the sling and I can say that it was hardly used before. I’m sure of this sebab I tengok the padding masih keras, ring dia xcalar, even kain pun masih keras macam xpenah basuh je lagi, kain pun xde koyak ke warna luntur ke ataupun stretched kt mana2 ke so mmg mcm jarang sgt digunakan. Might be the previous owner thought the ring sling wasn’t suitable for her after buying it. Ntah2 guna sekali dua je. I noticed a website url on the ring sling box and thought I should just check it online first. So we didn’t straightly buy it. Then only I got to know the original price of the ring sling is 9,450 Yen and no way I would ever buy a ring sling with that price!!! That’s too expensive I thought, and far out of the budget I allocated. But the extremely good news was I could buy the ring sling still but from the second hand shop with very great bargain! I bought it with the price only 945 Yen!!! πŸ˜€ Alhamdulillah dah rezeki kot. I wanted a ring sling because I think it is adjustable so it can be used in longer time as the baby grows. Although the color is of course not my taste but it is till acceptable. After all I couldn’t choose pun kan. So here is the sling.

Pink color ring sling. If only it is blue in color.


3. Baby pouch

I tried wearing the ring sling I bought above and I thought I looked a bit untidy. But of course actually I need more practise wearing the ring sling in order to feel easy using it and look neat at the same time. Camner la nk kemas since I practised using 2 bungkus tepung 1 kg. However, since I got the ring sling at a very cheap price and dipengaruhi oleh sifat tamak haloba, that’s why I could consider of buying a baby pouch. I think the ones from H*stlings is easy to wear, neat, has nice pattern and Β lastly of course because I could buy it without much hassle. I bought one pouch from TheL*lCaliph with 25% discount last month. The original price was RM229 so after discount I got to pay RM172 only. If converted to Yen that will be about 4,777 Yen. Actually, there are a few H*stlings pouches sold online in B*biesRUs Japan website but the price is far more expensive. For example the L*aves Noir pattern from Reversable range price in TLC is RM259 that is only about 7,194 Yen but the one in B*biesRUs is sold with the price of 10,500 Yen! Mahal kan? My mom has yet to post the pouch to me and I guess I can finally put my hands on it in July soon. Here is the one which I bought. Do you think the color is nice? πŸ˜€

Full Bloom H*stlings pouch from Everyday range. I like this color and furthermore it matches the stroller we bought. This time we bought the baby stuffs many in blue color.


4. Β Miscellanious stuffs

I did mention previously that we went to shop at B*biesRUs in M*tsumoto during the past G*lden Week holiday. We did make a minor damage on that day and came home with a BIG and HEAVYYY plastic bag. Fortunately I managed to stick to my list and we just bought some stuffs that had finished (because we used it or given it to others) and a few other things to top up the ones already available at home. So here are the things we bought!

A pack of diaper. Nanti leh tambah kemudian. And that is the heavy plastic bag.


Since I’m planning of using cloth diaper later after Adik is a few months old, so I bought a few flats setakat utk pakai kat rumah. I thought of using campur2 between inserts and flats together with cloth diaper cover lah kan. So that as an over all boleh la cut down some costs.


Baby wipes and wet tissues. All one each. Nanti tambah kemudian.


Baby clothes and diaper detergent.


1 pair of onesie main sambar je 1 sbb ada less. 1 pair of rattle socks which I bought of course sbb ada cute small plush rattle toys on the socks hehe πŸ˜› 1 hooded towel which I took YEARSSSSS to decide which design to choose from. Dah amik letak balik pastu amik balik pastu letak pastu amik haih! The towel ada 3 colors, white towel with yellow ducky pattern, pink towel with cute flower pattern and this one. Setelah penat berpk I took this one sbb I thought baby girl pun boleh guna this color. Comel kan katak tu??? After all the pink one pattern dia xlawa sgt.


Nasal aspirator. Bli jenis ni plak boleh sedut guna mulut. And lastly… a set of small plush toys to be hanged on the stroller. Ini pun satu hal BERTAHUNNN nak carik yang sesuai sbb I kan CEREWET! πŸ˜› Finally decided on this one because the size is just nice xberat so xrosak stroller roof. It is cute and interesting at the same time since 1 can act as a rattle, 1 can produce music when pushed and another 1 squeak when pushed. And most importantly the price is reasonable la xla mahal sgt.


5. Laundry basket and washing net

I bought both from D*iso especially for the baby and they are very cheap. There was a cute laundry basket and I thought of taking that one but come to think of it… I will just use the basket to only toss dirty clothes. So I just bought the plain and cheapest one in blue. Whereas the washing net is white in color.

So, that’s all hasil rembatan mengarut untuk kali ni. I think there are not many things left to buy. Kalau yang mengarut n menjadi idaman hati tu memang lah tersangat banyak kan πŸ˜› Xyah citer la yang tu. Okie-dokie, till then! πŸ˜‰

7 Replies to “On Newly Bought Baby Stuffs”

  1. Seronoknya la hai tgk org shopping barang baby nih.. Tingin.. Tingin..

    Eh Jiey tu kan sokmo shopping brg Ian… mcm2 ada! Tp mmg puas kan? hehe

  2. Bestnya,comel2 barang yang ina beli…siap beli 2 babywearing,best2.
    fith dah tak sabar nak blk msia utk shopping lg,walaupun tak byk dah brg nak beli tp suka sgt tgk2 brg baby ni kan.

    Haha kalau xdpt yg ring sling tu harga 900 Yen lebih je jgn harapla nk bli smpi 2! Kiter mcm lg suka shopping brg bb kt Mesia sbb byk kena dgn taste kiter. Slamat shopping nnt Fith! πŸ˜€

  3. bestnye dah beli macam2 barang adik. pasni sila la buat wish list barang adik ape yang mama nak tambah. kami nak beli present untuk adik gak ni. cepat2 sebelum summer start!! hihihi..

    Uish hadiah utk Zayyan yg dh kuar pewot tu pn plan nk tggu jmpa nnt br bagi. Hadiah ritu pn xguna lg xsbr nk guna tau! hehe πŸ˜‰ Haa ada ke wish list ni? Nnt pk dlu yek

  4. Salam Ina,

    akak sihat2 je…hari ni baru dapat connect …line internet ada prob…

    lama tak ‘sembang’ ngan Ina….rasa rindu pula…

    Salam kak. Tula akak pn sure bz pindah sumer ritu kan. Nway life sure makin best skrg kan dh dkt dgn hubby πŸ˜€ Nnt free2 buzz la hehe

  5. alamak ina! murni dh start offer dulu la. kite pn ingt nk beli ape2 yg ina xde lg as present utk adik. kite pn suke tgk brg bb. tingin nk beli, tp, utk siape? huhuhu. nnt ina buat wishlist ape yg xde lg,k?

    teringt dulu ms pregnantkan fateh, baju2 beli 2weeks b4 fateh lahir tu pn 6 helai je. pampers + baby wipe beli 1day b4. lps beli pampers tu terus ckp kt bb dlm perut, “fateh, nk keluar esok keluar la…brg2 sume dh siap beli” tgk2 mmg btol2 fateh keluar.

    Uish dh ada permintaan ni kena la perah pale gak pk wat wish list. Akan ku cuba list kan PANJANG2 ye hahaha πŸ˜› Pandai Fateh dgr ckp Mama dia ek. Haih bila la nk g jmpa Fateh michelin tu. Kiter dok doa Adik kuar mggu 37 xyah tggu lama2 sgt. Tp bila2 pn xpela janji sihat sempurna n selamat. Itu yg penting kan. Huhu anak 2nd pn debar2 hebat gak ni cptla bulan August! πŸ˜›

  6. Yelah tu…’best’ dekat kat hubby….bak kata Ina…senang nak gaduh..hehehe… Yang pasti, dapat lah relax sikit coz ada dengan jaga Abrisam…and banyak dah tugas2 rutin akak dulu hubby dah take over,…etc ambil n antar Abrisam rumah pengasuh.. so akak dapat santai2 n relax2 before ke office…panjang sikit masa nak berkemas…

    Harap Ina dan hubby n bakal baby sihat2..Amin..

    Amin. Tq kak. Hehe xpe sng nk gaduh tp sng nk pujuk jugak. Leh request hubby mcm2 lps tu. Kalau jauh mcm dlu xdpt la kan hehehe πŸ˜› Haah kalau dh dkt gitu la kan rutin pn berubah. Susah sng sumer leh handle sama2. Semoga kehidupan di tempat baru n dlm persekitaran baru lebih mudah, ceria n baik2 saje (supposedly mestila kan) ye kak. Take care πŸ™‚

  7. ina,

    baby pouch tu cumel…teringat mase nak try mskkan hana dlm tuh..dia melalak sampai satu ampangpoint begegar..hehehe…terus x jadik beli. ye betui..kalau dah dlm children dept tuh..bende2 yg kite tak nak beli pun leh terbeli kan..hehehe…mmg sungguh mendamagekan purse n credit cardku..ahaks.

    Tula kdg2 tgk budak jugak xleh nk paksa2 kan. Ni dh bli harap2 Adik nak ler dok dlm tu. Kalau tak membazirrr jek! Haah kiter skrg hubby ajak jln2 window shopping je pn kiter mls. Karang alang2 dh jejak tu ada je terrrborong itu ini haha

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