Lil’ Munchkin’s No. 2’s 7th Check Up At Week 24

On previous Monday, May 11th, 2009 we attended the pregnancy check up in the morning. Hubby coincidentally was off from work because the kaisya was closed on that day. I thought it was going to be like the routine check up we usually had but apparently on that day we just had a simple one. The doctor just wanted to do the ultrasound scan to see how Adik was progressing. If only I knew, I would drink the orange drink during dinner on the night before and wake up late for breakfast in the morning and have the crunchy and delicious cereal instead of having a glass of hot milk and some plain biscuits 3 hours before the check up was scheduled. I would also not stuff my tummy full with plain water as an effort for me to get excellent result for the urine test because there was no urine test scheduled on that day 😛

Anyway, Alhamdulillah this time we walked out of the hospital in a chirpy mood again after a few times of having mixed up emotions after the check ups previously 🙂 Adik is doing fine in my tummy and it is progressing as it should. Its weight has entered back to the normal growth range and as of Monday, it already weighted 712 g. Yippie! I was hoping that if Adik could reach more than 500 g, I would be grateful enough but turned out it was going to be better than that! Honestly I was worried that I ate much since past 2 weeks even though the doctor had already said that there is actually nothing that I really could do to help gain the weight of a baby in the womb. Now I’m chubbier and my face has turned rounder 🙁 Owh nooo! Obviously I have gained unnecessary excess fat in me.  But if to be compared with ‘Abid, he weighted a little bit more than Adik during the same gestational week. Although the doctor said the weight is actually still a bit left behind but Adik is considerably progressing just well and nothing to worry about 😉

During the scanning session, Adik was awake so its eyes were opened and the doctor pointed out to us its moving eyeball. Hubby could see the eyeball moving left and right but I couldn’t notice that. I couldn’t even see Adik’s face because the image color was black and white so it was kinda confusing for me when the doctor and hubby pointed out the parts of its face. Adik wasn’t staying still at that time. Its legs kicking me and its hands were covering its face a bit. One more good news was, Adik had already turned its head down. I’m praying that it is gonna remain in that position until the delivery. Then when we asked about the gender, the doctor said that most probably MAYBE Adik is gonna be a *BOY*!!! He showed us its genital part and described it and that as why he thought so. We did see that the genital part was more towards a boy too. But since the doctor himself wasn’t 100% confirm (might be the image in the monitor was not convincing enough), and to be on the safe side I think I should just wait for another couple of days or weeks to get it really confirmed. During ‘Abid’s, the doctor at first said it could be a girl but after that we got to know that it was actually a boy.

Blur picture of Adik’s face.


As an over all, Alhamdulillah, everything is good. Perhaps it is gonna just be this way for the both of us until Adik is safely born, InsyaAllah. Our next check up is gonna be in another 2 weeks since the previous, at week 26th to be exact. Owh I can’t wait! Yup, we still need to continue attending the check up already in every 2 weeks basis. And don’t be shocked if I say I MIGHT need to attend check up EVERYDAY during the last days of my pregnancy this time.

Till then 🙂

3 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin’s No. 2’s 7th Check Up At Week 24”

  1. Alhamdulillah adik membesar ngan jayanye. tak sabar nk tgk adik. kuar bebaik ngan selamat tau cayyang..

    Alhamdulillah 😀 Yg penting semoga membesar dgn sihat.. sempurna.. bijak.. dan hensem (ada jugak?)! hehe

  2. Tahniah Ina,
    boy lagi laa tu kot,insyaAllah…
    moga semuanya berjalan dgn baik and both of us selamat melahirkan baby kita, boleh laa tengok adik ‘Abid dan adik Rafiqh…

    take care

    Amin, InsyaAllah semoga selamat utk kiter semua smpai sudah 🙂 Yelakot boy jugak. Xsbr nk cnfirm betul2 ni boleh proceed lg bli benda2 ngarut hehe 😀 Fith pn take care ye.

  3. nice to hear that adik is fine…ina jaga diri baik2 tau… 😉

    InsyaAllah, will do 🙂

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