Golden Week 2009 Recap

Blame the long holiday and thus having hubby at home almost 24-7 for the reason why I didn’t update the blog. I found snuggling with the beloved was the most interesting thing to do than anything else. It was G*lden Week Holiday in J*pan starting from Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 until Wednesday, May 6th, 2009. It is actually a series of J*apanese national holidays during this period so hubby got to have 8 days off this year. After working for 2 days, it was followed by weekend previously and gladly to say although yesterday wasΒ  already Monday, but hubby was off from work because the kaisya was closed. We went for pregnancy check up yesterday morning, but that is gonna have to wait in another entry.

I felt soo lonely and started to miss hubby to bits once he started working on Thursday. I fact today he is back to his usual routine again and I just can’t wait for him to come home. Nowadays I am so clingy and addicted to him. I am more emotional and easily cry if I don’t get his attention. Anyway, it has been quite warm for already 3 days since the non-stopped raining for 4 days previously. We had to turned the heater on almost all the time but now, we had restored the heaters and startedΒ  using the fan since it turned out to be quite hot already. What a contrast of weather transition! On previous weekend, Saturday and Sunday; not many things took place. We just went for a walk at the K*magane Farm Park on Saturday. The park was very nice and I had a good leg exercise πŸ˜› Before going home, we had soft creme cone each and sat at the bench enjoying the view. On Sunday, we just lazed ourselves at home. I called it hari tido sedunia since we slept so much on this day πŸ˜› Hubby only went out for a while to buy some groceries.

At K*magane Farm Park.


On the bridge. My tummy is getting bigger (love it!) and I’m getting chubbier (hate it!) too πŸ˜›


I know that it is a bit late for this but I still want to list down the chronicle of event that had taken place during the 8 days GW holidays. I must say that our GW holiday this year had been quite eventful.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009.

We went out after Asar and parked the car behind the old row of shops at the small town down the village. Then we had a walked towards the plant and seed shop. I had been wanting to go there since months ago and it was only materialized today. We surveyed all the vegetables plants, seeds and flower available there. After a few discussions and considering that I had already sowed a few plants at home before, we just decided to buy 3 chili plants each with different type of chili, 2 pots small type of pink roses and 2 pots of daisies each with different color, a soprano white purple and a soprano white improved. Then we straightly went home after that.

In the evening while preparing for dinner, I asked hubby to help clean up the bread maker which I used the night before. I thought of asking him right after using it Β but he came back a bit late since he went to spend some times with his friend. I baked some buns in double volume so the dough was kinda over-filled the bread maker container once it was proofed. So the machine was messed with some dough stick in it. Apparently after a day of course the dough was hardened and it was a bit hard to clean up. I told hubby he needed to wet the kitchen cloth first but after a few attempts hubby was already complaining. He decided to detach the bread maker component so that he could take out the container and wash it easily. To cut the story short, after an hour all I could see was screws scattering on the dining table and finally he gave up. He just said to me to straightly clean it up after using, then he left leaving the stuffs just like that. I cleaned up the bread maker then and managed to settle within only 10 minutes! Fast forward, I had dinner alone in the kitchen without inviting him, I slept in the bedroom, he was sulking with me and me too was pissed off towards him, he didn’t have dinner and he slept on the couch until morning.

Thursday, April 30th, 2009.

After waking up, I coaxed hubby and made him breakfast and I expected him to coax me back but he didn’t. We continued being silent and sulking towards each other. He spent whole day reading comics on the pc. Whereas I kept myself busy cleaning up and vacuuming the bedroom, also re-organising the clothes and as well as all the baby stuffs in the cupboard. Now I’m satisfied with the condition in the cupboard plus it’s gonna be much easier for me to proceed with the preparation of Adik’s arrival soon. Then after having my late lunch, I continued doing gardening outside. I did some weeding and transferring the newly bought plants onto the ground and into the pots. But I haven’t settled with the daisies yet. Whereas hubby, when I was outside he was busy fixing back my bread maker and settled after about an hour. I saw that he used some glue to stick some parts huwaaa!!! πŸ™

In the evening after Maghrib, I zonked out and slept in the living room and thought I would make dinner after that since I was so tired. But seeing me asleep, hubby went out and bought bentou for each of us. He woke me up to eat but then I lead him into coaxing me. Lastly he said sorry and I still nagged to him. I told him he should have listened to me and see, he already acted like an id*ot. Although I was so angry and regretted it that in a way I caused him to detach my bread maker, but I laughed him off since it was somehow funny too. How a man can be so weird sometimes, huh? I had my dinner and we were good after that. We watched funny movie together and kept ourselves cuddling under the comforter. Owh yeah… gladly my bread maker survived the unintended act of destroying it. I made some breads after that and it was as efficient as ever.

Friday, May 1st, 2009.

We thought of going to M*tsumoto but we woke up late. So we went out in the afternoon to buy a camera stand. Then we went to eat sushi as early dinner for me. After that we stopped at a second hand shop and finally went to C*inze Home to buy some barbecue stuffs. After reaching home, I made some simple dinner for hubby and make some muesli or cereal bar for tomorrow. I prepared everything I could before going to sleep since we were planning to leave early in tomorrow morning.

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.

It was supposed to be a 55 minutes ride from home by car using the highway. But the traffic was congested, started from our place until our destination. There were accident and some cars broke down and the cars were extremely in bigger number than usual. Most probably because the discount that every car needs only to pay 1000 Yen to any destination during national holidays and weekends (only? not so sure) given by the government. That’s very cheap! This is one of the J*panese government effort to help ease the burden of its people during this slow economic downturn. Anyway at first we were okay but about a quarter more from reaching the destination I had started feeling so sick emotionally which of course eventually affected me physically too of being trapped in the car. It was hot and I was hungry. The car tank needed to be filled and silently I started feeling pissed off with hubby. I was scared that the car would die in the middle of the highway. I kept praying in my heart that Allah wouldn’t fate it that I was going to experience the horrible situation. I had started to imagine the worst what could happen. But Alhamdulillah hubby managed to get out of the highway and stopped at a petrol station near the exit. There were long queue and I believed all of them must have came from the same way as us. Only after that I knew that the car still can travel about 30-50 km more once the fuel light blinks. Cehhh! No wonder hubby could remain calm, but I pinched him anyway because I always prefer to play safe.

Our first destination was the B*biesRUs. I got blinded by all the cute things in the department and I started to feel that everything was important and I needed to buy everything!!! πŸ˜€ But of course I didn’t πŸ˜› Even making a decision to choose which color and design were so hard to do since we didn’t know the gender of Adik at the first place. I tried to stick to my list Β and surveyed the price. And finally after numerous discussions, tawaf in the department, started to have headache, the stomach started to grumble and a few sessions of resting on the bench provided sebab dah sakit pinggang and kaki; we only boughtΒ some stuffs with only reasonable prices. But I’m gonna blog more about this in another entry πŸ˜€

Right after that we went to have lunch at S*izeriya and we ordered spaghettis and plain focaccia. Not many things that we could eat anyway. Then we straightly went to the M*tsumoto Castle. Hubby had been there many times but it was the first to me. There were many people there but we didn’t get into the castle though. We spent some times taking pictures with the view and resting a bit at the bench under the tree. Not long after that we turned back and had a walk at the row of souvenir shops. We had soft cream cone and lastly made our way home.

At M*tsumoto Castle Park.


In front of the entrance.


With the samurai frogs. Hubby kata ni katak Naruto πŸ˜›


Sunday, May 3rd, 2009.

We just rested at home and went out after Asar to buy some groceries.

Monday, May 4th, 2009.

It was quite windy today, cold and a bit gloomy too once in a while. But we preceded with our plan to do BBQ beside the house. After Zohor, we threaded the marinated satay to the stick, cleaned up the fish, heated the instant peanut sauce and so on as the preparations to start barbecuing. There were only both of us. But it was fun nonetheless πŸ™‚ We ate, we talked, we fed each other, we teased and took pictures. Anyway, we only had roasted corn, chicken satay accompanied with peanut sauce and slices of cucumber, barbecued fish folded in banana leaves and hot green tea to drink. After finished cooking, we ate at the patio under the sun roof where we usually hang the laundry. But we decided to continue eating in the house not long after that since the wind had started to blow strongly and it was getting colder too. We cleaned up everything and that was it πŸ™‚

Pakcik moncet comot is trying to start the fire. Ignore the bushes and our old looking house πŸ˜›


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009.

It was raining for the whole day and it was freaking cold that we had to turn on the heater almost all the times. We just stayed at home lazing ourselves.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009.

It was still raining non-stopped and we too continued lazing ourselves. In the evening I shaved hubby’s head and now he is bald again! I was head over heels with his new look for a few days as like finally getting to meet my boyfriend after such a long time hahaha πŸ˜€ I think he looks more handsome now but then of course he didn’t have that bulging tummy yet during our courting years. Owh I miss that guys so much πŸ˜› By the way, today was the last day of GW holidays this year.

So… that were how my GW holidays and the previous weekend took place. As an over all, it was a very nice long holidays all together. Perhaps we are gonna have even a much better one next year, Insyaallah πŸ™‚

5 Replies to “Golden Week 2009 Recap”

  1. bestnye bbq kat tepi umah. ni yang rindu dok kg ni. kat sini kalo nk bbq ade yg nk kene sound. hehehe, perut papa pun sama besar ngan perut mama tu..

    Tula psl. Kalo ada bb lagi sorg dlm perut tu pn bagos kan πŸ˜› Haa meh la sini kiter bbq bwh pokok dkt sungai sebelah semak hehehe πŸ˜€

  2. Ina,
    macam tu laa kan hidup rumahtangga,gaduh-baik-gaduh-baik,kelakar bila dikenang2!
    fith tunggu entry pasal si adik ni,dah tau gender ker?hihi

    Tula xphm org laki ni kdg2 pelik betoi! πŸ˜› Haa yang tu bagi suspend sket sila tungguuuew! hahaha πŸ˜€

  3. sweetnyer mommy n daddy-to-be nih… boleh pulak korang bbq berdua jer.hihih… sila update pasal adik cpt2..jgn malas2…mai pon mcm fith jugak,excited nk tau gender adik…hihihi

    p/s: ina, saya jeles tgk perut kamu itew!! rindu nk pregnant,bole?

    Sweet la sgt haha. Mmg slalu kami terpaksa berdua je wat pape cz we r d only Mesian kt sini. Yg terdkt pn agak jauhhh. Masa wat bbq ni kwn terdkt tu blk cuti2 Mesia plak xleh nk ajak. Ahaa teruskan usaha InsyaAllah nnt ada rezeki bg Adik kt Rayyan plak kay πŸ™‚

  4. oo patutla ade bau bbq sampai kl..rupe2nye ina ngan hubby dok berbbq kihkihkih..rajinnye korang nih masak menu sihat…kat sini baru lah nak start hujan..kalau tak rasa badan kak kim pun mcm kene bbq gak kalu kuwar lunch time.

    take care ina.

    Rajin tak rajin gakla Kak Kim. Kalau kt KL kiter bbq kt kedai je kan sonang n cepat! Pilih je nk makan bbq kat mana n nk makan apa… bbq satay ke… ikan bakar ke… hape ke kan hehehe πŸ˜€ Kak Kim pun take care tau! πŸ˜‰

  5. salam ina.

    waahhhh..lama btol kite xtinggal jejak kt blog ina. slalu bace1/2 je dh give-up. xpernah pn abis. sbb tu x bg komen. harapkan gambo2 ina je la nk agak2 cite the whole entry. entry2 lain pn xpernah abis. ingtkan nk smbg bace lps halfway tu..tuptup..ade plk entry baru. huhuhu…

    sorry la ina. lama btol x keep in touch. kite pn GW xbuat ape2 pn. ari2 dok ngadap muke fateh. fateh pn ngadap muke mama die ni. kalau kite tau ina x g mane2 GW ari tu, kite dh bwk dh fateh ‘gegar’ umah ina tau! (ehh…mane boleh..ina nk spend ina kan nk spend ur precious time cuddling dgn enchek hubby..xmo la kacau:p)

    ok ina. take the greatest care of yourself coz i really do! nnt insyaAllah kite bwk fateh jln g umah ina b4 Adik pop-out,k?

    p/s: kite mimpi ina dtg umah kite bwk Adik + fateh tersgt2 lah suke main dgn Adik:) ~semoga Allah permudahkan jln ina, insyaAllah!~

    Salam Fadh! Its ok tau Fadh bz dgn mcm2 hal. Papepun semoga Fadh n family sihat slalu n dipermudahkah semua urusan ye InsyaAllah. Laa kalau Fadh ckp nk dtg mesti kitorg tggu je kt rmh. Leh la wat bbq sesama ke kan. Leh cuddling2 dgn Encik Fateh mesti lagi best πŸ˜€ Ini balik2 kami berdua sajork. Sangat la xmeriah tau. Haa nnt ada kelapangan dtg la ye bebila pn. Ehee sibuk suruh Fadh dtg tp nyer kiter pn xsampai2 lagi rumah Fadh haha. Lps bersalin la kot… leh bwk Adik skali… InsyaAllah. Fadh pn take care always! πŸ™‚

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