Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 6th Check Up At Week 22

I just got back from our routine prenatal check up. And as usual… Adik never fail to present me with both surprising and shocking news, complete package of emotions, curiosity, and thoughts. But of course after all, it all came with Allah’s will. Anyway, our appointment today was at 9.00am but the maternity clinic was quite packed than usual. We had to wait quite long too until our turn arrived. Apparently, it was other doctor’s turn on attending the patients today. He is quite friendly and very informative I must say. The first thing he asked was how to pronounce my name and I told him my short name. I think that will make their work much easier πŸ˜› Then he told us that he went to L*ngkawi for honeymoon after knowing we are M*sian. So, that pretty explained why each patient took long time being checked by him since he is quite chatty. But honestly I kinda like this doctor more, only that he is a male doctor. His Engl*sh is better compared to the previous doctor and I felt very comfortable being consulted by him. We were so satisfied with his explanations too. We also asked about the usual doctor and he told us that she is going to transfer to other place soon in the end of May.

Hubby said this is the picture of Adik’s head. But I’m not so sure though. Is that its face or what? The doctor took the scan pictures with clear images for him to keep in the record file and gave us only this one.


Blood pressure: 132/79 (This is the 3rd reading since I got the first two a bit higher. Even the 3rd one is is a bit higher than the previous ones)

Weight: 48.65kg (I gained 1kg since previous check up)

Urine: Sugar (+) (I think it is because I ate bun this morning and it has sugar in it), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

First and foremost, I would like to say my gratitude to The Almighty, Alhamdulillah for we got to know that I am actually free from those SLE and CMV. I don’t know how to explain in detail since after all hubby was the one talking to the doctor and hubby couldn’t translate back each and everything to me. But the conclusion is, all I know is I am FINE and InsyaAllah Adik is gonna be FINE too. If I plan to get pregnant again in the future, that’s another totally different story to think about. But all in all, we are OK. In fact the doctor told us that there are many people too having the same condition like me and they are also just fine. Phew… that was quite a huge relief to us, seriously! But wait, I’m not gonna be excited soo soon yet! Not until at least Adik is finally safely born soon. Then, during the ultrasound session, Adik was being quite active kicking here and there. Hubby took the video but unfortunately still the image isn’t clear. Sigh πŸ™ I couldn’t see what was going on inside my tummy because this time I was instructed to lieΒ  in the opposite direction unlike usual. This was actually quite frustrating since I was like soo eager waiting for today to see Adik *sob-sob!* πŸ™ Well… perhaps better luck next time. Anyway from the ultrasound, we got to know that everything is going on fine in there, Alhamdulillah.

BUT… yes this is the worrying part. Adik is still in breech position or to be true, in exact position like during the previous check ups. That is like sitting, resting against the left side of my tummy wall and facing to the right. I guess it has found a really comfort spot in my tummy and really love the space that it refuses to explore around. But this is actually not what is worrying us. We have long more time to go and perhaps Adik is gonna correct its position soon, InsyaAllah. What is more worrying is, shockingly apparently Adik is smaller than we thought! It is even smaller than ‘Abid during this same age of the pregnancy. My tummy is even a bit smaller too compared to previous pregnancy πŸ˜› Adik’s estimated fetal weight (EFW) is only 396g as of this time. The doctor said that its weight is 2 weeks late than the normal weight range. Usually 1 week late is still acceptable but since it is 2 weeks late, so the doctor had decided to put us on monitoring. He also explained that although according to the femur length (FL), it is showing that Adik’s leg is at the same age of its gestational age but the EFW is actually obtained by taking the BPD, FL, FTA and so on into calculation. OF COURSE I knew what we got from the ultrasound scanner is only an estimation and the machine has in between plus or minus 300g to 500g of accuracy. But what is the point of relying to the machine at the first place if we decided to ignore the information we can obtained from it? As long as a baby is in the tummy, I guess we just have to pretend that the EFW is actually the real weight of the baby inside.

Because of this, the doctor decided to monitor us in every 2 weeks basis so that he can see how Adik is progressing. Since I already had a case so of course I have to be monitored more closely this time. And if there is actually a problem, maybe I’m gonna need to deliver the baby sooner than I should. So, we are going to have next check up in another 2 weeks. Honestly, I LOVE going for check ups more frequently πŸ˜€ Besides getting to see Adik more often than I should, I feel more at ease getting to know what is going on inside me after being checked by the doctor. Now why the doctor wanted to monitor Adik’s growth progress? It is because of this, Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR). So what is IUGR? IUGR is “Babies are diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) if they appear to be smaller than expected β€” specifically, if an ultrasound indicates that their weight is below the 10th percentile for their gestational age. There are lots of reasons that a baby appears small. In many cases, a baby who’s diagnosed with IUGR just happens to be small (perhaps like one of his parents!). In other cases, a baby who seems small in the womb turns out to be a normal size at birth. But in some cases, something is keeping the baby from growing properly, and the prenatal caregiver will try to figure out what the problem is.” – Resource: B* You can click to the link I provided if you wanted to know more.

So I think it is never wrong if I’m worried. Who doesn’t anyway?! But of course I will keep praying that Adik is gonna be just fine, Amin. After all I was also born with only 2.460kg of birth weight. That was quite small, right? And hubby too was born with birth weight only slightly over than 3.0kg. Please don’t say it is because I don’t eat okay. That’s just so non-sense to be a good reason. Mmg dh asyik makan je keje xbenti2. Ntah2 Adik nk mkn eskrim byk2 kot kan? πŸ˜› I’m just so tired to think about this and it has been so many things to think and study about since I got pregnant this time. It has been like one after another. I had been constantly being worried from time to time and until during nowadays I just can’t really be bothered anymore to be worried hoho πŸ˜› Nothing that we can do anyway so I leave it to The Almighty to grant all my prayers, Amin. Well… I’m going to just believe that there is actually nothing to be worried about and I will keep thinking positively. By the way… the doctor couldn’t see Adik’s gender. He said… it was quite hard to see. I didn’t understand why. Might be because Adik is still small and the doctor too didn’t want to say it until only when he can confirm of it. But while in the car we kept saying that might be Adik could be a girl since it was hard to see its gender clearly? And because of that too maybe that’s why Adik is a bit slimmer than ‘Abid? I said slim because Adik’s bone growth is same as its gestational age. Okay I know these are just ridiculous. But well.. we will see. Perhaps Adik is gonna present us with full of good surprise in another 2 weeks time in terms of everything, InsyaAllah πŸ˜€

After all… I’m okay. Please pray for me too ya? πŸ™‚

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  1. Dah agak dah sure ina update psl adik hari ni,hihi. Sori ek ina,psl fith tunjuk bun,ina teringin nak mkn,pastu keluar result + pulak. Hope everything will be fine…
    Bestnya dpt tgk baby,fith sepatutnya pi smlm tp tak dpt,kena tunggu minggu depan,huhu.sabar je laa,excited jugak nak tau gender baby ni,hehe.
    baby fith kali ni pun kecil aje,banyak gak lari bacaannya dari berat estimate,tp mcm biasalah bila doc takde sebut apa2,fith takde terfikir of course lah berbeza dgn your case kan,apapun jgn risau sgt k…
    take care

    Eh apa plak sori. Salah sndiri la dh tau nk g check up lg nk mkn bun byk2. Tp 1 je + tu still normal hehe πŸ˜› Xsangka plak Adik lg kecik rupanya sbb dia very active n kicking pn kuat. Preggy sblm ni pn doctor asyik la dok complain bb kecik. Agaknya sbb mak ayah dia pn saiz ikan bilis je takkan anak2 nk saiz jerung ke ikan paus ke plak kan? haha πŸ˜› Somehow bagus gak doctor check slalu kiter lagi suka. Cuma susahlah hubby kene slalu cuti. Xpela demi bb kan. Tp mmg harap sgtlah xde pape sbnrnya, InsyaAllah. Hopefully later2 nnt Adik menggemukkan diri dgn cepatnya plak, Amin. Nway tq Fith n u too take care always πŸ™‚

  2. alhamdulillah….sebaik sume tu dah OK….aku doakan semoga ko selamat melahirkan Adik dgn selamat & sihat nnt k….insyaAllah.

    Amin (aku ulang 44x) hehe. Semoga dimakbulkanNya. Tq Kak As πŸ™‚

  3. im praying for you too…jage diri baik2 and darling adik oso..keep sweet smiling..

    semoge semuanye selamat…tak lame lagi dah nak jumpe darling adik tu…insyaAllah..

    Tq Ita. InsyaAllah semoga slamat sumer, Amin πŸ™‚ Tp tula makin lama rasa makin lambat plak masa berjalan huhu.

  4. aah, takde apa2 la. kan elok babay kecik, senang nk kuar. adik nk minum nenen mummy byk2 kot, tunggu nk besar kat luar. gambatte ne, lagi separuh jln jek lagi nk jumpe adik.

    Hopefully mcm tu la. Harap2 pasni dia leh kumpul lemak byk2 n dpt berat in normal range. Tq Murni πŸ™‚

  5. hi ina..
    sihat tak sumenye? lama x jengah..ade sikit kebizian melayan korean2 kat opis tuh..dahla tenet pun lembapzz..ish..mengadu kat sini lak ek..hehehe

    anyway, u take care…taklame jek nanti leh jumpe adik kan…kak kim pun x sabo nih.

    have a gud weekend ya!

    Alhamdulillah kami sihat2 je. Hehe layan Kak Kim jgn xlayan. Tenet tu Kak Kim babap sket nnt dia laju hehe sesuka hati je πŸ˜› Tula xsabar nih nk jmpa Adik tp rasa makin lmbat lak masa berlalu. Kak Kim pn take care always! πŸ™‚

  6. hi ina..

    sihat tak sumenye? lama x jengah..ade sikit kebizian melayan korean2 kat opis tuh..dahla tenet pun lembapzz..ish..mengadu kat sini lak ek..hehehe

    jangan risau2 sangat ye…n have a gud weekend.

  7. Ina and adik will always be in our prayer.. InsyaAllah, Adik will be just fine..

    Amin… May all our prayers will be granted, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

  8. hi ina, lama yeh tk komen kt sini πŸ™‚ congrats on your second pregnancy!

    neway, mmg kalau pregnant ni mcm2 la yg dirisaukan especially the baby kan. nk risau pasal diri sendiri dah satu hal. dgn diabetis nyer lah, high blood pressure la..and etc. so far i’m doing quite good. the baby growth also ok.

    not to worry ina, you still have long way to go. eventually nnt your baby will turn to the labor position. my baby pon breech jugak, and today nk pergi scan tgk dah ubah ker belum. if not, my gynae cakap dia nk massage utk turn kan baby tu.

    but, i don mind by natural birth or caeser, as long as I could deliver the baby safely that would be good enough for me already πŸ™‚

    Tq Penol! Owh I have yet to say congrats on ur pregnancy. Congrats ye n all best wishes jugak sbb dh nk dkt bersalin pn kan hehe πŸ˜€ Itula bila pregnant ni sumer benda jd sensitif tp bila check sbnrnya ok plak. Pening. Mmg cuba xnak risau tp nyer ntah la cmner2 pn mesti terpk2 gak sket kan. Mcm dh kena pateri je dlm pale tu. I really hope dpt natural birth jugak kali ni tp mana2 pn xpela janji both of us sihat n selamat, I cuba terima hakikat la kalau kene ceaser plak huhu. Hopefully everything will just fine for both of us, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

  9. kak ina!!Hisashiburi !!! :-))

    tak sabaq nak jumpa akak…rindu lak rasa…tak sabaq gak nk tgk ur belly jugak…hehe..

    insyaAllah kami kat sini doakan Adik sehat dan selamat…

    Hisashiburi… Haa perut dh besau n dh rasa berat je nk jln. Mai la sini kiter wat bbq! GW ritu kami wat bbq berdua je huhu n kami ada g Matsumoto hehe πŸ˜›

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