Of Sakura Viewing & A Growing Tummy

It is sunny today yet very windy too. The wind is so strong and I hope nobody is going to be hit by flying objects. Compared to yesterday, it was drizzling all day long until the evening. My entry on foods is still on the way since I only work on it bit by bit, so in the mean time I have decided to proceed with an update on myself first πŸ˜€ Life has been quite mundane, day in day out. Quite uneventful since nothing really extraordinary took place at all especially on weekdays. So, let me report on our weekends previously.

On Monday hubby ponteng kerja even though the kaisya was already started cuti on last Friday; to which made him having 4 straight days off from work. I was in the middle of preparing his lunch box when suddenly he yelled to me that he didn’t want to go to work. Definitely I straightly went back to the bedroom and nagged to him with WHATTT??? and WHYYY??? I thought he really shouldn’t waste his annual leave unnecessarily. But no point arguing with him and after all I loved him to be at home with me πŸ˜› So, I stored back all the stuffs in the dining table and continued to sleep with him. He did disturb me and all as like being so excited that he could ponteng keje but he stopped once I nagged him to just sleep πŸ˜› Yela dh xg keje tu tdo la puas2. Rewind back to the earlier, on Friday we went to the skin specialist since my right hand is getting worse. I had been infected by this some kind of skin illness since like 6 months ago and all these while I had been using some medications from the pharmacy. Anyway, the doctor said that it is common for a woman at my age to be infected by this skin illness. I don’t know what its name since we forgot to ask. The doctor said that the medications I had been using are already good but he prescribed me with 1 cream which is a bit stronger. He also told me to always keep my hands moisturized and I need to wear 100% cotton glove almost all the times. So, I had stocked up 2 dozens 100% cotton white gloves and a box of disposable plastic gloves from C*inze Home for me to do house chores. So when I cook in the kitchen, I will wear both gloves, first the cotton; then the plastic. I believe this skin illness is common and prone in 4 seasons country especially Japan, no? I have reasons why I’m kinda sure it is. Anyway, now I think I look like a magician every time when I go to sleep. You know, with white glove on hand. Maybe I should get a wand. Okay, whatever.

On Saturday as usual, we woke up late. Once I opened my eyes, I kept telling hubby right to his ear that I wanted burger for our late breakfast. Of course he couldn’t resist after so much of disturbance, “nak burger nak burger nak burger…”. I think the burger tasted extraΒ  yummier since he was the one who cooked it. Ececece hehe πŸ˜› For the rest of the day, we just stayed at home lazying ourselves. On the night, hubby started reformatting the pc. So I took out the comforters and slept in the hall near to him. Or else I’m sure I couldn’t sleep in the bedroom alone. Hubby was staying up all night and only joined me after Subuh prayer. It was kinda fun to be sleeping improperly every once in while. But, my body ached at here and there in the next day. On Sunday, I woke up very late obviously because I couldn’t really sleep comfortably especially when Adik had also decided to ‘play’ all night long. Once I opened my eyes I saw hubby was already continuing setting up the pc. Again, I told him I was hungry and I wanted burger; so he went to prepare it. Cayaaanggg dia! XOXO! πŸ˜€ Then in the evening we went out to buy some groceries and went to the river bank near the neighborhood right before heading home. We went there since I kept bugging hubby that I wanted to have a walk since the days before because I think it is a good exercise for pregnant lady. Furthermore I needed to freshen up myself and the neighborhood calming, scenic, tranquil and laid-back view really was a perfect booster combo. We walked back and forth the river bank, teasing each other, enjoying the scenery, taking pictures and all before finally decided to end the day.

Mi amor trying to cover his bulging tummy


My tummy at 22nd week of pregnancy with Lil’ Munchkin No. 2


Actually, on the weekends before that we went to do some sakura sight-seeing just around the neighborhood, along the river bank and at another place on the hill. This year hubby didn’t bring me to the famous hill for sakura viewing in Takato, Ina-shi or anywhere much interesting place because… I don’t know. He seemed not in the mood for that this year. We went to T*kato last year when I was 8 months pregnant with ‘Abid and the year before that. I thought we could make this as our must-do-every-year activity. Anyway, despite of my constant nagging; fortunately he brought me for sakura viewing around the neighborhood on the week before. Apparently it was our last chance since if we decided to go a week later which is during the previously passed weekend, I saw almost all sakura trees were already pink-less. They were naked with no more petals. By the way we went to see sakura on Saturday at the river bank and on Sunday at on top of a hill. They were beautiful and the path was full with fallen petals. It was like pink petal snow falling from the sky. We went there in the evening and had fun taking pictures. We didn’t do picnic like the previous years and perhaps we will have a much fun and proper sakura viewing next year with more company.

Sakura flower


Trying to get an interesting shot of the tummy πŸ˜€


Sakura snow


Us, the sakura destroyer πŸ˜›


Whereas on some other things, I really can’t wait to attend our next check up on this coming Friday. I can’t stop looking at the calendar and unfortunately this made me feel the time is moving even slower. I can’t wait to see Adik and I really hope that we can know its gender and get confirmed of it since I’m planning to start shopping for baby stuffs during this coming G*lden Week holidays. For your information, I can’t stop to tersasul saying Adik as a HE. Maybe because I’m so used with it since I had a son before. But this makes me feel guilty thinking that Adik could be a girl. Well… I’m not gonna update much on my pregnancy yet until after our next check up. Only that… you did see my tummy right? So how do you think? Is it big? πŸ˜€ I love my growing tummy and of course pregnant lady must have a ballooned-up tummy. It is actually a compliment! If you don’t want to get big so don’t get pregnant at the first place, right? No matter how slim you are but being pregnant obviously the tummy will get bigger than it should. Compared to my 1st pregnancy, being at the 22nd week of pregnancy this time; my tummy still feel loose unlike previously I think the tummy felt a bit stretched already. This time too I think my tummy is a bit bigger than before. However the best part is of course I’m glad that I still don’t gained so much of weight! My weight was already 52kg at 21st week of 1st pregnancy. This time, I’m still at around 48kg of weight.

Honestly, I’m proud of my own achievement. I don’t do diet but of course I watch of my food intake sternly. This time I don’t eat much unnecessarily between meals especially by avoiding feeding myself with high calorie sweetmeats and junkfoods. I only eat nutricious foods like dates, seaweeds, cereal, nuts and etc. But sometimes I just really can’t resist πŸ˜› But actually my pre-pregnancy weight this time was only about 46kg compared to the 1st pregnancy, it was 48kg. I really struggled to lose a lot of weight before preceeding to conceive for the 2nd time since I thought I really wanted my body and health to be in a tip top condition during pregnancy. I just wanted to be extra careful this time even though I didn’t really have any detected problems during my 1st pregnancy. After all this is all for my own good and especially Adik in my tummy.Β  Somehow I hope that Adik is growing big as it should. Still… I don’t expect Adik to be very big since I preferred Adik to grow big outside the tummy soon.Β  Pushing out a 2.51kg ‘Abid last time had already taken a toll on me, yet I hope Adik’s birth weight will reach at least 3.0kg. But… I can’t really compare with ‘Abid’s actually, since he was already passed away at that time so no helping force from him at all to struggle himself out. I needed to work hard alone during the labor. Anyway, we will see how Adik is progressing so far on this coming Friday. I pray that all goes just well, InsyaAllah. Amin πŸ™‚

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