At 20th Week Of 2nd Pregnancy

I wanted to update but I was lazy to do so. But now I’m forcing myself to ramble anything being inside of my head. Anyway, I’m fasting today and this is the last day for me to repay my 14 days missed R*madhan fasting. I hope that I can complete the day since unfortunately today I’m feeling not so good even though I have had my sahur this morning. Perhaps its because the growing belly keeps asking for it to be filled πŸ˜› The weather nowadays have become warmer each day. And it feels very nice I must say. We rarely use the heater except on rainy days and sometimes at night but put it on a very low mode. I’m becoming more energetic in doing anything too. The spirit is rejuvenated just like the blooming flowers during the early spring. Owh I haven’t gone for sakura sight-seeing yet. Despite of my constant nagging, hubby seems like not in the mood to be enjoying the sakura this year. Well, we will see then. Anyway I found that previously I have had hard time to continue to sleep after Subuh prayer. The sun rises so early and I don’t really like that. But how can you fight the nature? So live with it and love it πŸ™‚

As of now I’ve reached 20th week of my 2nd pregnancy. How time flies! Which means I have a half more of the pregnancy journey to sail. Actually, silently I’m expecting that I’m going to give birth right after I reach full term which is right after 37th week of my pregnancy. That’s gonna be about 4 months from now. I gave birth to ‘Abid at 38th week and I just hope that Adik is not gonna take a long time to make its grand appearance right after reaching full term. But honestly I just hope that I won’t have to go through my pregnancy this time until 38th week or more. I don’t want to eventually being refreshed back to the memory of 38th week of my 1st pregnancy. Furthermore as for this time, I’m having more positive feeling about going into labor. Although I’m feeling nervous just to think about it but I can’t wait for the moment to come. I keep praying to Allah that it is gonna much smoother and easier this time. Maybe because I have felt it once so I’m more prepared this time mentally, physically and emotionally. Well, there is still a long more way to go before I give birth so I better not talk about this yet.

Into second half of the pregnancy journey, I have started to feel time is crawling slowly on me. Not like during the first half of the pregnancy when I still overjoyed over getting to believe the fact that I got pregnant again and suddenly I got to realize that it is already the 20th week. Maybe because firstly, my baby bump is becoming more obvious. Before this I just felt that as like I had a fat belly. But now I’m happy that I’m becoming to look more like a pregnant lady. Secondly, I have started to feel being ‘pregnant’ because as the tummy growing bigger; more new pregnancy symptomsΒ  have started to be felt. Nowadays, I have started to feel that I’m getting heavy especially the tummy part. I need to be careful while transiting my positions and movements. My back has started to ache too and my heels ache when I walk and stand in a long time. There are also hands and legs cramps, numbs, and twitches attack once in a while. Not only that, I think heartburn is coming to greet me very soon too and I find that it is getting harder to sleep through the night perhaps because I need to turn and toss continuously in finding the comfortable positions to sleep. I have started putting pillow between my legs too since this helps me gives me more comfort. Besides, all other symptoms from first half of the pregnancy are still there; like mild headache, constipation, vivid dreams and wind. However although I gained weight very fast but fortunately the weight goes to the tummy and baby thus compared to my previous pregnancy, I don’t really accumulate unnecessary weight this time and as of now I’m happy that I’m still ‘slim’; except the tummy of course πŸ˜€ Thus this eventually causes all the symptoms I mentioned before are still bearable and ignorable since I think, the heavier the body; the more obvious the symptoms felt. Somehow, I see that my appetite is getting good and bigger too and I feel hungry almost all the times nowadays. This is scaring me. But I keep trying to control my desire by making sure to have fruits or other nutritious foods instead of having junk foods and sweetmeats. No, I don’t do diet. Of course I knew pregnancy is really not the time to go on diet. That’s just so wrong. But it is never wrong to control it and eat wisely and healthily. But I do go lenient with myself once in a while. Tak leh tahan ooo πŸ˜› But I hope I could stay ‘slim’ until the end of the pregnancy πŸ˜›

Somehow those things I’m experiencing as mentioned above make me becoming more anxious waiting for the grand appearance day. I have started to feel Adik’s movements officially since about more or less week 16th but and now its movements are becoming more frequent and strong. This makes me so anxious to see him getting bigger in my tummy and experience obvious punch and kicks πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to know its gender too and start shopping for more baby stuffs. So… that’s why I keep feeling the time passing by me getting slower from day to day because I really keep forward for the coming days to arrive. Owh I’m feeling like I’m gonna puke because of the wind in me. I’m having mild headache too. Obviously because I’m hungry right now and my tummy keeps rumbling since in the morning. But I have 3 hours more before I can break fast. Anyway, during my 2nd pregnancy this time although we are constantly have to be more mentally and emotionally strong and prepared; but as an over all I can say that I’m much more happy and cool compared to the 1st pregnancy. Not that I wasn’t happy during my 1st pregnancy but maybe because I experienced a constant bad mood swing and hubby too was still in learning process in understanding a pregnant wife plus a few other stuffs so more or less those things affected me much during the 1st pregnancy. Since now I’m more experienced and hubby too, so we very rarely have fight between each other. Plus of course fortunately this time I don’t experienced pregnancy mood swing. Hubby also always has been such a more caring, loving, concern and helpful husband who always lend an extra hand to me. One among of the things that I love most during this pregnancy is at night it has been hubby’s routine and responsibility to rub the stretch mark cream on my tummy and recite the prayers while doing it. And he is taking the job with full of dedication too! I can count with one hand only how many times I did that myself. If let say hubby fell asleep early on that day, so I went to sleep without having the stretch mark rubbed on my tummy. So… that’s why I CAN become lazy to do this πŸ˜› I love being pampered πŸ˜€

Hurmmm what else to blab about? By the way the other I told hubby that I can’t wait to get pregnant again although I did realize that I am indeed being pregnant πŸ˜€ Hubby looked at me in disbelief right after I finished my sentence! πŸ˜›Β  Tak bersalin lagi dah xsabar nak pregnant lagi hoho πŸ˜› Actually I want to upload all the pictures of foods which I have taken since past few months. Dah lama xupload gambar foods kan? Maybe I will save that for my next entry lah. I can’t think anymore and I think I need to lie down and COAX my TUMMY to be more patient for a few more hours. Duh~~~

9 Replies to “At 20th Week Of 2nd Pregnancy”

  1. Ina,
    beli langsir yang tak lut-cahaya tu,baru aman nak tidur sampai tengahari,hahaha…
    kejap je dah 20minggu kan,gambatte ina,tak lama dah tu.entah2 bersalin lagi awal dari fith ni.fith pregnant kali ni rasa cepat je,kdg2 bila org tanya dah brp bulan,boleh pulak confius tak ingat,adoi laa,teruk sungguh.rasa sedar2 je dah habis seminggu…
    bestnya dier slim aje yer.fith ni jugak laa nampak makin tembam,haha,taknakkkk!!!
    take care,happy selalu k…

  2. ina,

    kak kim ade lagi 29 days nak ganti nih..huwaaa…baru ganti sehari pahtu period..adeh..nak start balik biasalah..nak tunggu isnin kamis la…mcm2 alasan…tup2 period balik..aish..tapi ni kene start dah..nak masuk bulan may dah kan..cepat betul.

    ye ina..lame dah kami tidak menyantap makanan kat blog ina nih..hehehe

  3. Fith,
    Haa tingkap kami mmg guna langsir begitu sliding door takla. Hishh xleh2 bahaya nnt karang keje tdo je. Dh la mmg kuat tdo πŸ˜› hehe. Hopefully slim la until d end of d pregnancy. Dlu dh merasa berat terlebih (sbnrnya still normal for my size) so mmg xlarat n mcm2 masalah dtg. Sbb tu kali ni pulun control jugak2. Fith pn take care always kay πŸ™‚

    Tula byk cabaran kan. Kiter kuatkan hati gak Kak Kim. Sbb tula kdg2 bila rajin terus berderet2 je poser xkirer dh isnin kamis. If not nk kumpul semangat blk mmg payah. Mula2 hubby mrh cz takut harm bb. Tp nk xnk kene ganti gak so kiter ckp better dia bg moral support je. Ada gakla skali sekerat hari je poser sbb dh rasa nk tumbang. Alhamdulillah dh settled! Pasni nk cuba2 poser sunat. Time Adik ni pn nk kena ganti 30 hari gak nnt huhu. Cepat2 ganti Kak Kim, gambatte! πŸ˜€

  4. Huhuhu.. Nak pegnen gak.. Tapi takleh lagi at this moment.. Ian byk appmnt.. Kang campur appmnt mama dia plak, mmg lelah la jawabnya..
    Oh Ina, jeles ok.. Dh 20 weeks pn still slim.. Jiey yg tak pegnen ni pun sehat bukan main.. Smpi org dok tanya pegnen ke

  5. Jiey Mien,
    Xpe satu2 Jiey. Ian pn perlukan extra attention kan. I ni pn sbb xyah nk jaga Abang nyer. Tu psl xkisah je nk Adik cpt2 hehe πŸ˜€ Ni pn sbb dok sini Jiey. Cuba kalau dok Mesia segala macam sng2 boleh makan mesti berat naik mencanak2!

  6. hehey…hati sedang sangat2 gembira skg ni. tolonglah, me teringin sgt nak rasa perasaan seorang mengandung ni. cepat2 doakan kita cepat jodoh!

    mari..mari mencari jodoh

  7. Saffa,
    Sabar ye. Nnt tiba la masa tu, insyaAllah. Best tu mmg best tp dtg bersama tanggungjwb yg lebih besar. Papepun enjoy d present moment while u still can πŸ˜€

  8. wah sungguh semangat nak pregnant!! πŸ™‚
    good good…

  9. Lovelyummi,
    Berangan je lebih tu! Baru nk msk no 2 dh mcm2 kisah kena pk. Rehat plak lps ni bg kental jiwa raga baru pk preggy lagi hehe πŸ˜€

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