Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 5th Check Up

I really want to update about our latest check up but I’m feeling a bit dragged, since yesterday I had just posted a new update. I feel like soo not me la slalu sgt update blog. I kan update blog slalunya 2 mggu skali je? huahua 😛

5th Check Up at Week 19 (Tuesday, March 31st, 2009)

Its raised left leg on the right. Tapi sayang xdpt nk tgk ada peanut ke xde ke tgh2 tu sbb kecik sgt lagi. Hai anak dok sopan2 sket.


Its opened mouth and stretched left arm on the left and its right arm on the right


But still I’m gonna have to write today since I have quite many to tell. So on previous Tuesday we attended the 2.30pm check up appointment. We arrived there quite early and the maternity clinic section was quite deserted. Well.. not really… there were full of parents with their newborn babies who are still red and tiny. I suddenly felt uneasy to be seeing such scene. Don’t get me wrong… I love babies but most of the times when I go to the hospital and suddenly needed to see so many newborns in a group I will usually have this kind of dejavu feeling which I really don’t like. To which make me thinking that if only I won’t be there at that time. And usually, I will keep myself busy seeing around except the fresh and fragile newborns. I only feel like this at the hospital and upon seeing newborns, other than that at other place is always okay for me. Maybe they were having their check up appointment on that day. Maybe the afternoon session is usually allocated for new mother and newborns. Because I hardly seen any other preggers. I could only notify two other preggers besides me. Dahla sebelum tu masa baru sampai hospital I saw a group of family were waiting for their rides to bring back a newborn baby. I suddenly remembered my own episode of bringing back my baby. Where did I wait for the car, what are the things I was having with me, how was the weather and so on. That’s so vast differences to be compared with the family. But of course I was feeling happy for them 🙂

As usual I had my urine taken, blood pressure and weight. Then we had the abdominal scan session with the midwife. This time the scanning session was quite long. Of course hubby and I were extremely excited and enjoyed to be watching Adik on the screen for a longer time than usual. Might be because there were not people they needed to attend to so that’s why we were kinda having a movie ride. Actually, we love the way the midwife doing the scan on me. Well, obviously because within a longer time; she could do it more gently and we could see clearer images of Adik continuously. Compared to the doctor, usually she did it a bit in a hurry and she just checked and showed us all the important images. But of course the scanner machine used by the midwife doesn’t have the 4D scan. Only the doctor have that. The midwife showed us almost all of Adik’s body parts from head to toe. There were a few scenes that all three of us were laughing to be seeing at Adik’s action on the screen, like its legs suddenly kicking me hard, its hands waving, it stretched its arms up high and drew it back to its face, it turned its head and it opened its mouth. At one part, even the midwife said Adik’s head looked like an alive skull and that’s scary. I laughed and it was even funny to see Adik’s scan image was also shaken due to my shaken stomach. The midwife managed to print all that for us to keep. Adik seemed very active and cheeky at that time. Besides that, the midwife also showed us its fingers, its beating heart its spine and so on. As an over all, Adik is very healthy; Alhamdulillah. But unfortunately we forgot to take the video of the abdominal scan session. I kept blaming hubby for that in fact I already had the camera battery changed a day before. But well, we were both totally forgotten about to record the session. Perhaps next time. Yup they don’t give DVD  of the scan at here. I’m sure they can actually do that but maybe because maternity clinic at the hospital is always packed with patients so they don’t give priority to the DVD thing.

Blood pressure: 124/80

Weight: 47.6kg (I gained nearly 2kg in 5 weeks!)

Urine: Sugar (-), Protein (-) (Seems like my precautions on sugar intake were sucessful! I will continue to do these 🙂)

Swelling: –

Then after that we had consultation with another midwife. She measured my tummy and checked my legs. And we discussed and asked about a lot of things especially regarding my conditions. I told her about my constipation, numb feeling on the legs and arms, the bleeding episode and so on. She recorded everything and advised on a lot of stuffs. Owh yeah, my placenta has remained upwards so seems like it is not gonna give a problem. But still it is gonna be monitored since I have long more way to go. The midwife advised that I should not move a lot or being very active just to be on the safe side and that’s my first priority, since I told her maybe I should exercise more hehe 😛 Lastly she asked whether I could feel the baby moving or not and told me to please be extra alert and careful this time. If I ever feel anything weird at all, I should hurriedly go to the hospital. Actually, I don’t really remember the midwife attending to us although I’m sure I had met her before but obviously almost all midwives at the maternity clinic knew us and knew my history. Dah la kat sini xramai gaijin apatah lagi M*slim. Rasanya dlm Nagano-ken ni pn 3 org je pompuan M*lay yg pakai tudung including myself. Itupn masing2 jauh2 n kt bahagian lain. So lagi lah sng sgt midwives tu nk ingat kitorg ni. Glamour sungguh. Kdg2 mcm best jugak sbb diorg bg perhatian lebih n very concerned. Tp kdg2 rasa segan pn ye gak. Ntah la.

Lastly, we met the doctor. She gave us the results of my previous blood test and said I have no big problem at all. To which made us asked her kalau xde big problem, ada small problem ke? Tp dia kata maksud dia tadi xde apa2 masalah langsung la hehe 😀 I got both the normal blood test result and special blood test result. As an over all the doctor said I have no problem and the results are good. We were so relieved to be hearing that. Hubby was obviously couldn’t hide his excitement and happiness for the rest of the day. He told me that he had been worried about the blood test result. I told him that I didn’t really think about that. Hubby was so grateful that he said Alhamdulillah so many times. Well… of course I was grateful and relived too but I didn’t really show my happiness but in the inside my heart was screaming in joy. What more with the previous beautiful abdominal scan session we had, so we were chuffed all day.

That’s the end of the 5th check up story. However on yesterday hubby received a call from the doctor requiring me to go to the hospital tomorrow to have my blood taken. Hubby couldn’t really understand what she was saying and why she needs my blood more because he was also busy working at that time so he couldn’t concentrate on the conversation. But only from what he managed to catch, the doctor want to run more detail and specific test on me and obviously by that it means my blood taken before wasn’t enough. Somehow, this call has made us worried sick because we are scared if there is actually problem from my previous blood test results so that’s why the doctor wants to run more specific test. But I’m trying to not think about it and be positive. Maybe the doctor really just wants to do some specific tests on me just as precautions and so on since I already have a case before. After all, she had once said during my post natal check up that if I ever get pregnant again they will give more observation on me. I really pray that there is really nothing and my result soon will be okay or even better, Amin.

But then… since I was worried last night, I had started scanning my blood test results with the help of the net. Berpinar2 mata ku membaca medical terms like asparte aminotransferase (AST), alanine transminase (ALT), adult t-cell leukemia/ lymphoma (HTLV-I) (CLIA), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) and so on. Perghhh I don’t even know how to pronounce them correctly. They are really like tongue twisters to me. Even though the doctor had already said the test results showed that I am okay but at least by doing this I can be more sure and helps ease away my worries. Susah kalau jadi org cepat risau ni. I just surfed what’s their meaning, what are the normal results should be; and compared them with my own results.

Here are the results and my notes on them


Well… seems like hubby has to take another half leave again tomorrow. Dahla cuti mmg dh xbyk pdhal baru je msk tahun baru. Sumer gara2 economic turned down ni la. Hmmm anyway wish me luck for my blood taken tomorrow. Not that I’m scared though. But I’m really hoping that whatever the test they are going to do, I’m gonna get good result at the end. Dah banyak darah aku kena amik. Setiap kali amik dlm 8 picagari dia sedut hoho kering la. Lepas ni xtakut dah la kot leh la cuba donate blood plak 😛 Till then.

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  1. erm..kat cni rupenye..alhamdulillah..u did it again..congrats sis!

  2. Ina,update selalu pun takper,hehe :-p
    wah dalam kontrol2 tu naik 2kg,adik membesar sehat laa tu…nanti fith tulis laporan fith pulak,sure terkejut,hahaha.
    skrg nihong tukar sistem baru lg kan utk ambil darah.masa 2007 dulu 2kali je sepanjang pregnancy,lastyear 5kali,this year 14kali??? hadoi,lomah den,hahaha.
    take care.

  3. heartilyina says: Reply

    Mummy Miqhael,
    Tq Ita. Doakan kitorg ye 🙂

    Itu bukan yang coupon ken tu ke Fith? Isk pengsan laaa kalau betul 14 kali amik darah! Kiter 2008 dlu ken tu dpt 2. Pertghan thn lps tambah jd 5 tp kiter xdpt la yg tu sbb dia start pn kiter dh nk due. Skrg ni dpt 14 takla koyak sgt poket hehe Alhamdulillah. Tulaa hopefully adik tetap membesar sihat la InsyaAllah tp jgn la berat naik byk sgt haha! 😀

  4. Hohoho.. Cuaknya bab2 amik darah ni.. Apa2 skali pun, Jiey doakan yang terbaik untuk Ina sekeluarga.. AMinnn..

  5. heartilyina says: Reply

    Jiey Mien,
    Doakan ye Jiey. Thanks! 🙂

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