Rearranged List Of Stuffs To Buy.

Today I love to start with regarding one of my previous entry, Mama & Adik’s List of Stuffs. I noticed many of you said there are so many things in the list. Well, yup it is indeed hehe πŸ˜› But actually I think the list is not really that long but since I wrote them in detail one by one so that’s why it looks so. For example I could only write baby’s grooming set and toiletries instead of specifying them one by one like hair brush, baby soap, baby powder, baby lotion and so on like I did. Also if you noticed I did mention that most of the things are already the things I had already have since my 1st pregnancy. The stuffs were meant for ‘Abid but since he didn’t get the chance to use them so the stuffs are still as good as new, untouched. However since now I’m pregnant with Adik, so I don’t have many COMPULSORY BASIC baby stuffs left to buy. Because of that, I think this time I can get all other NOT SO NECESSARY and NOT URGENT stuffs which I had been wishing to get. During my 1st pregnancy with ‘Abid I didn’t manage to buy EVERYTHING I wanted especially the not so necessary and not urgent stuffs since we had to CONCENTRATE on preparing all theΒ  compulsory basic baby stuffs first. Actually if you noticed there are actually two lists there. First is list of things I want to buy and the second is list of things I already have. And if you also noticed, only the ones in GRAY are things which I STILL DON’T HAVE whereas the ones in BLACK are the things I ALREADY HAVE. But still… I want to buy more some of the things I already have so that’s why they are still in the list of things I want to buy. So that’s why in over all my list in the entry is very long.

So, please don’t be shocked and scared to see my list. In fact I have seen others who had bought 1001 stuffs more than me for their coming baby. And be reminded that THE STUFF I NEED DON’T HAVE TO BE THE STUFFS YOU NEED TOO so if you are referring to my list, you might want to SORT OUT a lot of things and DETERMINE ONLY the THINGS YOU NEED. So don’t be scared thinking that you have to buy ALL the stuffs that I have written, For example, I wish to buy baby crib net for Adik even though I already have the baby tent net and I think it is among the important things I need, but you might find this thing is so not necessary for you; so you don’t have to buy it. Although this is my 2nd pregnancy but I never really had ever raised a child even, but I got the chance to take care my son for 3 days still, remember? Even though he was actually wasn’t really there hehe πŸ˜› But still now I’m wiser in acknowledging between the things necessary for me and not, hence I’m wiser while shopping for baby stuffs. Compared to the first time I did my baby stuffs shopping, I was so confused! Now I lebih tau kat mana nk bazirkan duit bli brg baby n brg apa yg xpayah langsung bazirkan duit g bli brg tu hehe πŸ˜› For example saya gembiraaa dapat bazir duit beli stroller Aprica idaman tu (btw model stroller Aprica ni ada kt Jepun je) n saya takkan beli infant car seat sbb saya sgt2 xperlu benda tu tapi utk org lain awak mebi lebih suka spend large amount beli infant car seat banding beli car seat and stroller yang canggih sbb bagi awak benda tu paling penting. In other words, different people have different PRIORITIES, NEEDS and DESIRES/ WANTS. So I don’t want any of you reading my list of stuffs feeling scared, confused, panic, left behind, not up-to-date or whatsoever especially for the first time preggers okay. Moreover perangai saya jenis suka sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Tapi kalau awak xmcm saya n kebetulan plak awak tinggal sebelah shopping complex xpayah la prepare segala benda siap2 mcm saya πŸ˜€ Kalau perlu brg tu nnt awak lari je g shopping complex sebelah rumah okay.

And yeah, I always started buying baby stuffs since early pregnancy because I don’t like to spend money in only one go or else I will feel burden to pay. Some people really don’t agree with me buying the baby stuffs very early. Even some people said to me that I shouldn’t prepare baby stuffs too complete and see what happened to me then. But I just think that is soo BULLSHIT and RIDICULOUS. Truly, how much or how many is actually complete? That’s soo abstract and hard to tell. Moreover complete to me shouldn’t only mean in term of material. In fact I’m glad I did buy whatever I could for ‘Abid before since those stuffs reminded me of my excitement being pregnant with him and those memories keep me happy at times nowadays. So I think it is actually up to yourself as the way how you think. Lain org lain cara pikir and setiap manusia tu pun lain2 kan. But still honestly I feel the 3rd trimester is the best time to start hunting for basic baby stuffs and pack the hospital bags already because at that time you are more sure of the baby’s gender (boy or girl), the situation and condition you are going to face (akan kena c-sect ke or ada complication ke), you are more knowledgeable regarding pregnancy, baby, and confinement (dah study macam2 benda) and so on. Because all the things actually really can help you to determine which thing is best for you and help you make the best suitable decision for yourself.

By the way if you are searching for a MAMA & BABY’S BASIC LIST and a HOSPITAL LIST. You can refer mine at here if you want to. The list is shorter but still there might be some differences on things that you need compared to mine. And the things listed in the hospital list too might be different according to the place you are going to give birth later. Lastly now I’m gonna list down again a list of things to buy for my own references. The previous list I made is a bit mixed up of everything and I myself pun pening nak baca haha πŸ˜€ So I had planned to write a clearer one so that it will be easier for me to refer during shopping for baby stuffs soon. Actually if Adik is gonna be a boy then the list is gonna be shorter than this because he can use especially all the clothes with already bought pattern and colors. For sure, I’m gonna be hunting for all the stuffs in the Necessary & Urgent category first before and after Adik is born then only I’ll go one by one with the second category maybe much later.

Necessary & Urgent Stuffs (Including things to top up)

  1. Diapers
  2. Sleepsuits
  3. Rompers
  4. Newborn set complete with mittens, booties and bonnet
  5. Shirts
  6. Pants
  7. Swaddling towel
  8. Car seat
  9. Bath tub
  10. Baby cloth detergent
  11. Washing net
  12. Baby wipes
  13. Changing mat
  14. Hat (Adik kan summer baby so kena pakai hat supaya tak sun burn)
  15. Infant head support
  16. Baby soap
  17. Summer blanket
  18. Diaper bag
  19. Socks
  20. Minyak telon
  21. Handkerchiefs
  22. Confinement set
  23. Pajamas with front button shirt for easy feeding
  24. Kurma
  25. Air zamzam
  26. Dry shampoo
  27. Stretchmark cream
  28. Minyak N*na Roguy
  29. Baby sling/ mei tai/ pouch
  30. Nursing cover
  31. Basket for dirty clothes

Necessary But Not Urgent Stuffs (Including things to top up)

  1. Swaddling blanket
  2. Plush toy
  3. Bath thermometer
  4. Baby thermometer
  5. Nasal aspirator
  6. Drawer
  7. Baby carrier
  8. Crib net
  9. Wet bag
  10. Garbage container for used diaper
  11. BPA free feeding bottle
  12. Diaper cream
  13. Cotton wool
  14. Baby leggings
  15. Baby tights
  16. Baby sleeping bag
  17. Maternity pad

Okay I think that are all the stuffs I need to buy soon. Huahua mcm ada je jugak benda2 ngarut terselit2 dlm lists tu adoiyai πŸ˜›

7 Replies to “Rearranged List Of Stuffs To Buy.”

  1. Memang terkejut gak laa masa tengok list ina hari tu,haha.tapi fith sejak rafiqh dulu memang style simple je,mana2 rasa tak perlu,memang tak beli.cth mcm bath tub baby tu tak beli pun,cause bila hbs pantang rafiqh dah 45hari baru fith bljr bg mandi.b4 tu mak yg buat,hehe.klau ibu2 baru wajib laa ada benda tu kan,demi keselamatan.
    beli brg masa 2nd tri pun bukannya tu laa kan,klau taktau gender tu naik pening gak nak pilih warna/design.semuanya terpulang laa pd diri sndr.klau semua nak ikut org,mmg parah laa poket kan.fith mmg suka tgk org shopping,saja gedik nak nyibuk ambil tau,padahal diri sndr takde nak pun,haha.
    tak sabar pulak nak tgk hasil shopping ina.kali ni pregnant tak ramai geng mcm masa rafiqh dulu.happy shopping!

  2. ina,

    nak kak kim belikan nona roguy ke?

  3. heartilyina says: Reply

    Jgn tekejut Fith. Bg kiter tu dh cukup simple dh tu. If tgk kwn2 kiter punya list brg lagi laa Fith tekejut agaknya haha πŸ˜€ Tula ikut keadaan n keperluan dri masing2. Lgpn mebi sbb Fith byk brg dh ada n jarak antara Rafiqh dgn Adik dia xjauh so byk masih boleh guna. Kiter rasa if Fith senarai blk detail2 satu2 mesti byk gak tu mcm cotton buds segala n if termsk skali brg2 bukan basic n urgent mcm kasut n toys. Kiter bath tub tu kwn kata nk bg so xsure lg. Tp since dok kt rmh ni to me kena ada bath tub la sbb rmh style lama n bilik air tiles bkn bilik air mcm rmh mansion or apato. Lantai kdg2 licin n summer pn bilik air sejuk. Lgpn nk bg baby berendam dgn rubber ducky bila dia dh besar sket hoho tu je agenda sbnrnya πŸ˜› Kiter sbnrnya dh biasa bg bb mandi dlu masa darjah 6 adik baru sbln lbh pn mak slumber je bg kiter mandikan guna air paip, ku pusing2 kan je adik ku itu xguna bath tub pn. Nasib baik slamat mamat tu huahua πŸ˜€

    Nnt mebi mama dtg kot Kak Kim so mebi suruh dia carikan je dlu. Btw thanks ye Kak Kim πŸ˜€

  4. banyak sungguh list dia…
    baby carrier nak lagi erk kalau dah ada mei tai??
    per kata beli sling je le…

    ahkak yg menyebok!

  5. heartilyina says: Reply

    Yg tu xdecide lg la Kak Fid. Sbb tu tulis ada slash tu πŸ˜› Tp mmg rasa nk bli ring sling. Mei tai xmau. Baby carrier tu utk hubby sbb dia mesti xmau pakai sling punyaaa hehe πŸ˜€

  6. mai lagi awal beli brg baby kalau nk ikutkan. sebelum pregnant lagi dah sambar mana2 barang bb yg rasa2 xleh tahan tgk kecomelannya itu..mcm kasut,baju2,mainan.. skg nih pon, xpregnant lagi dah start beli baju baby girl pulak.. byk sgt yg kiut-miut..berangan nk anak gegurl hehehe.. “kokoro junbi” bak kata org jepun, persediaan hati kalau direct translatenyer..ikiki..

  7. Mysara,
    Tula excited sgt kan kalau boleh sumer benda nk bli. Tp kiter kali ni dh pandai gak la tahan nafsu kalau tak awal2 lg dh kopak. Haa Mai harap2 doa termakbul la dpt girl lps ni. Brg2 dh siap ada tu if not lmbt lg la leh guna hehe πŸ˜€

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