On Gardening

I had written a few times in my previous entries regarding planting my own vegetables. So now the spring has come and the weather has started to become warmer each day. The frost season had ended too so this is really the right time to start sowing.

As I mentioned a few times before, our house is a single unit house owned by the company. It has compound all around it. At the front, the big compound is enough for us to run around, park more than 2 cars, play badminton and so on. I have been staying in this house for about 10 months plus. Within this period I had never seriously tried to maintain our compound. Well.. I always had the intention and willingness but unfortunately I didn’t really have the gut and ability to do all by myself. I’m so scared with pests and insects. They are very eerie to me. Since I gave birth, I thought I wasn’t that strong yet as before and furthermore I didn’t want to force my body. I wanted my body to heal completely. I think confinement period wasn’t really enough to allow me going hard physically right after that.  However despite of all these I still did try to grow garden vegetables like chillies and cherry tomato. I planted them in the pots and only one cherry tomato tree on the ground. I didn’t cut down all the bushes or pull away the weed. I just dig a hole at the edge of the bush and sowed the seeds inside. Whereas for the pots I put them right beside the house entrance. Unfortunately my vegetables weren’t doing well at all. My tomato trees only managed to produce only ONE FREAKING FRUIT and got eaten by the caterpillar on the next day, even! As for my chillies tree, it was kinda lack of something and the fruits didn’t grow big and well. The fruits produced really didn’t worth the money I spent to buy the tree. But anyway since then I studied and knew few tips and everything regarding gardening. Well.. not really everything.

We first got into this house during end of spring and it was followed by summer. So of course all the bushes and everything grew at a very tremendous speed. My house was like surrounded by a small jungle. I was feeling unsafe, scared of all the insects or whatever animal that might make a nest around my house. Plus I was feeling ashamed too with others seeing our his in that condition. As if we were so lazy type of persons or whatever. Numerous pestering to hubby wasn’t a success. He knew he needed to and he even wanted to do something about it. But he is really such a PROCRASTINATOR! 🙁 So I tried to cut down the bushes bit by bit, most of the times I did it with boiling heart sulking with him. There were times during in the middle of cutting, I encountered grasshopper, bugs, cricket, spiders, EARTHWORMS! and so on to which automatically would make jumped out of shocked every time! I would just run and left whatever I was doing and all the tools right there and then. Sometimes I would pester hubby to help me and we continued to do it together or sometimes I just tried to be brave and continued with the work. But most of the times I would just collect my equipments and called it the end 😛 This soil around the house is very fertile. So it is kinda earthworm paradise during the summer. They are every where! And I hate earthworm! It is like every 3 steps I walk I will definitely see one or even two!

So anyway… the bushes in front of the house is now gone. My 10 months effort of cutting the bushes bit by bit is now can be seen. Owh yeah… hubby helped too sometimes especially with all the hard works like cutting the trees, removing away the weeds, repositioning the big stones and so on. What more now I’m pregnant again so I never want to take even the slightest risk. I have to even be more careful this time. So I have planned to grow my own vegetables like okra, leaf lettuce, chillies and cherry tomato; all the small plants suitable for a tiny garden. I saved a space at the left side in front of my house for this purpose. Recently I kept bugging hubby to join me into my little project. I keep reminding him that it is now officially his thing and he too has to take this seriously. Like it or not… I’m making it our new found hobby as our together activity 😀 It is a waste you know for not using the soil around you beneficially. And we had been wasting that for already 10 months. But gardening has so much to offer to you like as a way to exercise, it can help release tension by looking at the greens, you can get pleasant and beautiful garden, you can save money and eat your own vegetables and so on. But of course gardening always comes in a complete package too including the a few things that you loathe so much like playing with the dirt and scary encounter with the insects. But I think that shouldn’t stop you from gardening. Find help! Like me… I use my hubby as my newly selected gardener 😀 Furthermore… what’s the meaning of having a husband if he can’t help you do gardening, right?! 😛

These days we are feeling more excited and take this job seriously since I don’t want to pass the supposed sowing seasons. Moreover I really envy and inspired by seeing the neighbors all around us gardening. You see, mostly the Japs always make useful of the soil all around them. Even for those who are living in the apartment type of house, they will grow their vegetables in the pots at the balcony. And it is even a very common scene if you encountered private small paddy field in the middle of the city right beside the main road. That’s the way how the Japs really make useful every feet of the soil they have. I’m planning to copy this culture and continue gardening once we are back to Mesia for good someday. Well as for now the compound has already been cleared. But I need to do some more weed and stones removing, loosing the soil, leveling the surface, creating the plant rows and so on and finally row the seeds. I wish I can do that right before April comes or early April. We even bought a few more gardening equipments, a big hoe, the garden fork and a pair of gardening boots each! Owh I’m so excited! I even plan to plant some flowers around the house. But we have a lot more of clearing works to do especially at the right side front of the house and along the left side of the house. I don’t know what kind of flower to plant yet and I don’t even know what flowers are suitable to plant during warm weather. I have so much to study about this. By the way I hope it is not going to be raining so much during the day because it will only prolong the work. Anyway I really hope my small garden going to be great. We don’t maintain the whole house compound because it so big and that is a lot of works to do! So we just maintained the area right around the house. I wish my vegetables and flowers gonna be fruitful and blooming beautifully soon 🙂

Here are the pictures of the garden sites. Still so far away from achieving the objectives. But the last picture is the picture of my mom with our house in the background. So… if you see the compound around and to be compared with latest pictures, there are quite much differences right? 😀 You see, we are newbies in gardening. So, to pull away all the wild grasses and weeds were not that easy for us. We really should be proud with ourselves hehe 😛

The front left side. We are planning to grow the garden vegetables here including a few flowers.


The right side of the house which have yet to be cleared and turned to as above. But actually there were bushes as high as reaching the window before. To be turned into this condition is already far so good. You see the green round bush tree? We trimmed it to be like that 😀 Anyway there are a lots of pebbles and stones here so it is quite hard to be turned to as picture above. Maybe we will just dig the holes along the side and plant the flower seeds just like that.


The front right side of the house. You may think there is not much improvement on this side. but actually there is a kind of floor plant on the ground. I don’t know what its name. It has been there sine I think years before. But since it is not maintained so the floor plant has grown freely and wildly as it can. It is very hard to pull away the plant since it has very strong, long and thick webbed roots. They grew feet away into the ground. So… to be turned into like this is also already quite satisfying for me.


Lastly, the picture of my mom in front of the house. Yup… that’s the house we are living in. Macam cottage kan? It is a typical traditional J*panaese house. It has sliding doors to segregate the rooms and it has the paper windows in the rooms just like the ones you see in the tv. But the individual traditional J*panese house can be very beautiful, interesting, and much bigger compared to this. This is the kind of simplest one. Rumah kt sini mmg kecik2. Cost of living in J*pan tinggi. Lagi besar rumah lagi mahal lah. Sebagai perantau, dpt dok rumah mcm ni pun dh cukup bertuah! Owh jgn compare dgn rumah Mesia lah mmg lah xsama keadaan n situasi nya. Anyway… you see how the compound around the house was like?  The picture was taken a month after we moved into the house. Then… we will see how the compound will look like soon!


Anyway, wish us luck in gardening! 😀

4 Replies to “On Gardening”

  1. ina,

    kak kim suka gardening but everytime bile start tanam jek tak sampai sebulan sure dah nazak pokok tuh..hehehe..mak mentue kak kim ckp..tangan panas x sesuai dgn tanah…sama mcm kak kim…tengah syok2 digging tanah tuh nampak jek cacing terus terlompat lompat kat situ pack terus cuci tangan msk rumah..hehehe. hubby ckp over tapi nak buat camne kan kalau dah geli geleman..hiks.

    anyway, gud luck in yr lil project! tak sabar nak tengok gambo2 nye nanti. jgn lupe ek!

  2. ina… wahhh seronok nyer boleh gardening.mai mmg suka gardening compare to cooking..hehehe..dulu kat nihon pon selalu tanam2 pokok sayur+bunga,tp dlm pasu jer,sbb tanah xde sbb tu xberapa produktif. skg nih mmg tgh sesuai menanam kan? the weather is just nice.. beshhnyerr..gambatte gardening.!!

  3. Bestnya kalau dapat halaman macam rumah ina.tapi tu laa kan,bila summer jenuh arr, nak kena maintain-kan laman tu,cepat betul naik semak time panas hujan tu kan.gambatte…
    fith memang kureng bab menanam,tak macam mak yang suka betul tanam sayur2.ni pun sejak winter habis kering pokok2,nak mulakan balik pun malas sebab nanti bln 6 dah nak blk msia,sah2 takde sapa nak tolong siramkan.tunggu balik nanti laa jawabnya,hehe.
    selamat berkebun ye ina.nanti buh pictures tau.

  4. Kim,
    Kiter suka gardening Kak Kim tapi xsuka buat sndiri, boleh? Geli betul lah 🙁 Tp tula nk tanak terpaksa la buat. Xtau la tgn ni pns ke sejuk ke but hopefully menjadi la. Kena jadi kan jugak2 sbb dh penat2 membanting tulang menebas semak samun tu b4 this. Tu pun location xsesuai betol sbb betul2 dpn rumah. Tp nk wat kt belah lain mmg lg xlarat lah n lg susah nk maintain. Harap2 murah la rezeki sayur2 n bunga2 nyer nnt , InsyaAllah 😀

    Kiter ntahla dua2 xsuka sgt sbnrnya. Tp since dh kawin terpaksala maju kan diri bab masak. N skrg paksa diri gardening plak. Lgpun rasa semangat n jeles sgt bila tgk kebun2 jiran menjadi2 betul 😀 Haah skrg ni depan blakang kiri kanan pakcik makcik sumer sibuk menanam biji benih. Diorg ada mesen bajak comel tu sng lah. Diorg dh siap tabur benih kami terkial2 bersihkan tanah lg hoho. Xpela beginner pun kan 😛 Main blasah je.

    Salah 1 tujuan gardening ni pn sbb supaya sng nk maintain area keliling rmh summer nnt. Pakcik gardener kaisya masa summer mmg akan maintain kan kwsan ni sumer tp dia xdela clear kan habis2 smpi ke kwsan dinding rumah ni. Jd kena la wat sndiri even xbrapa suka. Tp skrg dh excited plak 😀 Kami wat sket2 je. Pokok2 besar n semak2 besar keliling rmh tu pakcik tula nnt maintain. Dok rmh mcm ni masa summer mencabar sket la mcm2 serangga n binatang mula kuar. Ni pn dh warm ada je dh jmpa mcm2 siap msk dlm rmh. Ni dh clear keliling rmh xdela susah sgt nk berperang dgn segala serangga n menatang tu nnt.

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