Mama & Adik’s List Of Stuffs

This morning I should be attending Adik’s 5th check up. Supposedly we have an appointment at 9.00am but suddenly something came up so yesterday hubby re-scheduled the appointment on coming Tuesday. Hishhh I had been soo excited to see Adik but now I have to wait for another 4 days arghhh! Kalau boleh beli mesen scan tu kan best! For the past one week too I had been on strict sugar diet. So I thought by this weekend I could redeem my desire to make and eat some kuih. Buttt I have to prolong my perang with sugar lah nampak gayanya! Hmmm I don’t care. Today I’m gonna make something that I have been wishing to eat. Tomorrow I’m gonna continue with my perang dengan gula. Woah terasa macam orang sakit kencing manis plak. Segala2nya makan n minum xde buh gula tau. Kalah orang sakit kencing manis. Apa nak buat… badan sensitif dengan gula time pregnant. Nasib ko lah!

Anyway bukan nak citer pasal tu. Nak citer pasal ni sebenarnya. Prior to this pregnancy, once we were confirmed that I’m pregnant again; I had told hubby about the a few things that I thought we should purchase very soon. Hubby too was very agree to why we needed to buy those things. Besides that, we had also bought a few stuffs for the baby. Kinda early, but we are just so excited. Among the things that we had bought so far are:

  • Blood Pressure Wristband Monitor – Since during my first pregnancy I noticed that my blood pressure result was always about to go above the normal reading, so I thought I should buy this thing so that I can check my blood pressure from time to time. Apparently I am so very healthy at home and my blood pressure reading is always unbelievably good. I guess I just can never relax myself during check up so it shoots up every time. Somehow I feel relieve because now I’m sure I don’t actually have pregnancy high blood pressure.


  • Family Stethoscope – Okay ni macam nak perli diri sendiri je πŸ˜› After my first pregnancy this thing was the first thing ever popped into our mind that we thought we should buy if I ever get pregnant again. Hubby was the most anxious to buy this thing. He really never forgotten about this. So we did buy it and it is pink! But apparently all I could hear are the sounds of my tummy rumbling, the gas, and whatever they are. I just can hear the sound of Adik when it moves around. I know because the sound will always be much louder and in a sudden compared to the sound of my tummy activities. But weirdly every time Adik kicks, I can’t hear a thing although I obviously can feel it. The kick, I mean. Well let’s just see how it will be as Adik grows bigger. By the way, this thing is my new favorite toy day and night. It is very useful and it helps cast away my worries πŸ˜€


  • Decaffeinated N*scafe – I love N*scaffe and I usually have a cup during breakfast. Although I can actually live without it but since hubby was the one who was eager to buy it for me. So I just didn’t reject.

  • Bedding Set – I had pestered my brother to help buy them for me from L*ttleWhiz or M*thercare since they are having sales. But apparently he had no money so he went with my mom to M*thercare to buy them for me and I will pay later lah. Biasalah orang bujang. Dah keje pun duit asyik xde. Minat kete plak. Hmm paham2 je lah hehe πŸ˜› I really wanted to buy the bedding set since during my first pregnancy. By bedding set, I mean the crib bumper, comforter, mattress cover and pillow and bolster set with cover. I had searched from baby shops near to our home but I never could find any which is sold without the mattress. All sets I found were sold together with the mattress. Pelik n xpaham betul! Impossible lah takkan takde langsung kan jual cover saja. But I haven’t tried searching at bigger baby shops like B*biesRUs, Ak*chan Honpo, and so on. Tapi jauh nye lah hai kedai2 tu. Takkan nak kena g T*kyo kot semata2. Anyway, my mother managed to buy them for me already and she even got the design which I wanted, yeay! Finally I got it! I guess I will just order from Mesia again if I need more of bedding set. No picture to show in here but I bought the D*ckling Fun B*mble Bee set from M*thercare.

  • Supplements – I consumed Shakl*e since like years ago. Since I got pregnant again, so I just topped up more of the required vitamins like V*taLea, B-Complex, Calcium and so on.

Hmmm I think that are all the things that I had bought. Now I’m gonna list down the things which I need to buy before and after Adik pops out. It is early to do the list but I’m still gonna have to do it soon anyway. Buat awal2 pun bagus so xdela terbeli benda2 mengarut (yeke ni? ntah2 lagi byk beli nnt :P). Those lists are including Mama’s stuffs. Actually some of the stuffs I had already have. The ones in gray are the stuffs which I don’t have yet or some of them I had given to others or used by ourselves. Whereas the ones in black are the things I already have but I need to buy more because I needΒ  to top up some stuffs, and including buy new ones with another pattern or style or design πŸ˜›

Before Adik Pops Out:

  1. Diapers
  2. Sleepsuits
  3. Rompers
  4. Newborn set complete with mittens, booties and bonnet
  5. Swaddling towel
  6. Swaddling blanket
  7. Washing net
  8. Baby wipes
  9. Changing mat
  10. Hat (Adik kan summer baby so kena pakai hat supaya tak sun burn)
  11. Infant head support
  12. Baby soap
  13. Summer blanket
  14. Diaper bag
  15. Plush toy – only one, a rabbit or anything
  16. Socks
  17. Minyak telon
  18. Basket for dirty clothes
  19. Handkerchiefs
  20. Confinement set – I used Amw*y’s before this and it was good. Helped my bowl movement, helped increase milk production (tapi susunya buang aje ler sapa nak minum :P), tak panas, set lengkap dengan bengkung segala (tapi panjang sket so my mom potong n jahit according to my size), jamu pun pill je senang nak makan. But I haven’t decided yet lepas ni nak pakai apa pulak. Kalau boleh nak top up aje mana2 yang dah habis. Sebab baki haritu pun banyak lagi macam set mandian herba, set cucian dalaman wanita, pilis and so on.
  21. Pajamas with front button shirt for easy feeding
  22. Kurma
  23. Air zamzam
  24. Dry shampoo
  25. Maternity pad
  26. Stretchmark cream
  27. Minyak N*na Roguy

After Adik Pops Out:

  1. Car seat
  2. Bath tub
  3. Baby cloth detergent
  4. Cotton wool
  5. Bath thermometer
  6. Baby thermometer
  7. Nasal aspirator
  8. Shirts
  9. Pants
  10. Drawer
  11. Baby carrier
  12. Crib net
  13. Baby sling/ mei tai/ pouch – (,,
  14. Nursing cover – (
  15. Wet bag
  16. Garbage container for used diaper
  17. BPA free feeding bottle
  18. Diaper cream
  19. Baby leggings
  20. Baby tights
  21. Baby sleeping bag

Well… I think those are not really that many compared to before, since I already have most of the things from previous pregnancy. Tapi nampak macam banyak la plak kan??? But as I said earlier actually only the ones in gray yang memang xde lagi. The ones in black memang dah ada. I love to have segala barang complete. Sebab tu siap nak tambah2 plak lagi πŸ˜› Tapi rasanya ada yang tak beli nanti ni sbb ada yang macam xberapa penting pun kan macam baby leggings and baby tights tu bukanlah urgent pun sbnrnya. Mana yang dah ada tu pun maybe pakai je dulu then baru beli jenis lain later2. By the way I had listed down my full list and hospital list before during my first pregnancy and here they are. I think for coming delivery I’m gonna need more or less the same things. I only listed all the things which I thought are necessary until during the early days after the baby is born. So actually the lists could be longer if I wanted to put everything in. But not all things are that important and compulsory yet so they can be bought much later. Now I’m gonna list down all the things that I already have in the closets in more detail one by one so that it will be easier for me to run a check when I’m nearing the EDD soon. Furthermore I just want to share my list with friends out there. But be reminded the stuffs I need not necessarily compulsory for other people to have too. Terpulang kepada masing2 rasa perlu ke tak.

Adik’s Stuffs:

  1. Breastfeeding set – breast pump, EBM container, feeding bottles (tapi non-BPA free)
  2. Sterilizing case
  3. Feeding set – fork and spoon
  4. Pacifier – saje beli sebab comel tapi sebenarnya xnak bagi pun
  5. Infant head support – nak beli jenis lain plak
  6. Stroller
  7. Rocker
  8. Baby carrier – tapi macam tak berapa bagus that’s why kena beli lain
  9. Plush toys
  10. Bedding set
  11. Baby crib
  12. Baby tent net – can’t be used dengan crib, that’s why have to buy another type
  13. Blanket
  14. Travel mattress set
  15. Mittens
  16. Booties
  17. Bonnets
  18. Sleepsuits
  19. Shirts
  20. Pants
  21. Rompers
  22. Bip
  23. Shoes
  24. Swaddling blanket
  25. Swaddling towel – kena tambah
  26. Bath towel – Papa dah rosakkan yang ‘Abid punya so kena beli lagi
  27. Gauze handkerchiefs
  28. Baby cloth detergent – kena tambah
  29. Grooming set – hair brush, nail clipper
  30. Nasal aspirator – nak beli yang jenis boleh sedut guna mulut plak
  31. Baby binder
  32. Baby oil – minyak yuyi
  33. Baby powder
  34. Baby lotion
  35. Cotton buds
  36. Nursing pillow
  37. Water resistant blanket

Mama’s Stuffs

  1. Nursing bra
  2. Maternity bra
  3. Maternity short pants
  4. Disposable panties
  5. Maternity pad – kena tambah
  6. Pajamas – kena tambah
  7. Nipple shield
  8. Disposable breast pad
  9. Bra extension
  10. Nipple cream
  11. Stretchmark cream
  12. Ice pack
  13. Batu sungai – untuk bertungku, ada melambak depan rumah
  14. Blood pressure monitor
  15. Stethoscope
  16. Confinement set – kena tambah
  17. Minyak panas – untuk berurut
  18. Bengkung
  19. Supplements
  20. Maternity blouses
  21. Maternity pants

Phew! Okay that’s all I can think of right now. As time goes by maybe I will add some more stuffs into the list plus I’m gonna need to run a check soon during the end of the 3rd trimester. Owh that’s surely gonna be fun to see many things on the lists to be slashed. If you noticed I had put some links too and there will be more stuffs linked soon. I plan to buy those stuffs from there or maybe I put the link because I don’t want to forget which brand and so on of the stuffs that I plan to buy later. Furthermore I haven’t finalized my decision yet on which one to buy. I have been doing my comparisons and so on so it is confusing to see the list of bookmark getting long. I can’ t really remember each and every of the link and things. Moreover hubby might need to reformat pc again so I don’t want my times and efforts of finding and surfing just lost in a poof! like that.

That’s all my entry for today. Till then! πŸ™‚

13 Replies to “Mama & Adik’s List Of Stuffs”

  1. ina,
    kak kim dulu pun both confinements guna set amway. senang..sume ada..n yang penting tuh…jamu dia in pills form! hehe..kak kim ni susah sket nak telan kalau jenis powdery n yg kene minum kocak tuh..erghh. lagi satu, ina ade tak minyak mustajab nona roguy or minyak halia tuh? before pakai bengkung kat perut leh sapu dulu…panas n sedap jek badan angin2 sume pun keluar. lega..hehe. n also cepat sket ramping perut kite tuh. kak kim after mandi jek sapu minyak halia tu satu badan then, bengkung. sbb nak sapu pilis bagai sume tuh kak kim malas sbb bile dia kering abis satu bilik penuh dgn dust dia..hehe..and minyak mustajab tu kak kim titik kat pad sket..dia akan sedut keluarkan darah2 ketul sume. ni mak mentua kak kim yang ajar. now mase period pun kak kim buat camtuh.

    owh terpanjang lebar pulak…

  2. wow,banyak sungguh barang ina dah/nak beli.memang sah laa ina ni jenis yang sangat teliti kan.fith rasa among all my friends,fith ni paling simple kot,haha,main belasah je.tapi takper,semuanya kerana kepuasan sendiri kan.
    btw nak tanya tentang bedding set,ina beli cot kat sini kan?saiz kot ni banyak kan?boleh ek beli cover2@keperluan cot tu kat msia?fith dok fikir2 jugak pasal ni sbnrnya,sbb tak pernah kaji betul2 psl cot so mmg clueless.

  3. kak yati lagi best, micah dah besar ni baru nak beli cot (we all beli yg 4-in-1) coz all this while cuma guna play pen jer.

  4. Kim,
    Kak Kim minum tak teh herba dia ritu? Kiter minum sambil menggeletis, tutup idong n jerit2 haha πŸ˜› Tula mmg sng. Byk lagi lebih. Pilis dgn param tu kiter pakai pagi2. Mama la jd bidan xbertauliah kehkeh. Mmg pun penuh rumah dgn pilis n param. Habis toilet, tilam, karpet segala. Hubby rimas tapi pasrah jela. Sesekali dia bebel gak. Ehhh kena la bebel balik dgn kiter hehe πŸ˜› Tula ritu sbb dh bli set Amway tu xjd la bli minyak nona roguy tu. Mmg dok dgr org kata best. Kali ni nk bli la wat mcm Kak Kim. Lgpn minyak panas Amway tu pn ritu mcm xbyk sgt n biasa2 je. Tq Kak Kim for d tips πŸ™‚

    Bukan teliti kot. Kalau nak lebih tepat bak hubby kata cerewettt hahaha πŸ˜› Baby cot tu kiter xbli. Kwn hubby bg. Anak dia 3 org kot so kami yg ke 4 la guna. Cot ni mmg yg standard size. Lgpn size baby cot xvary sgt. Fith jgn beli yg jenis plg kecik tu ataupun yg jenis boleh bukak2 n boleh guna smpi masuk skolah tu (sbb yg tu besar sket kot xsure). Bedding set tu pn yang standard size. Lebh krg je. Yg kiter beli tu fitted. InsyaAllah la boleh muat. Ada tgk kwn2 guna kt playpen n crib ok je. Mesti xlari jauh. Takkan cot n playpen tu saiz terlalu bsr or kecik sgt kan. Tp if xyakin tggu dlu. Nnt Fith blk Mesia lama kan sempat la kiter testing dlu n bgtau Fith later. Nnt kiter try ukur. Bumper, comforter and bantal2 tu boleh je bli dr Mesia. Mcm bolster kt sini susah nk jmpa. Cuma mattress cover tula kena hati2 pastikan lbh krg sama saiz.

    Play pen je pun ok Kak Yati. Nk kurung dia sng. Dia nk tunggang terbalik pn xrisau kan hehe πŸ˜€ Tula ingat blk Mesia nk bli cot jenis ni sbb jimat. Yg paling biasa kt sini kalau compare dgn yg dlm littlewhiz rasa alahai mcm mahal sgt. Dah la simple n xcantik tp harga lbh krg. Kami kt sini terpaksa guna cot sbb rumah kecik so ada at times rasa xsecure. Kami pn xde katil tdo style org Jepun. Lgpn nnt nk pindah segala. Nasib baik haritu ada org bg if not terpaksa bli gak.

  5. salam akak,

    wahhh…seems like i were left behind…i missed few updates about you..huhu..

    semangat tgk akak dah siap beli barang2 suma…well prepared btol la…bagos bagos…nisah dulu cam blurrr jer…apa menda pon tak dah tgk dunia baru kelam kabut..hehe..

    ps:lama tak dengaq habaq…sehat la kot nooo akak…len kali kita chat kat YM naa…

  6. salam ina..
    lameee sgt x bc blog ina..tup2 dia dah tukar blog rupenye
    Is that a normal stethoscope?ke mmg spesel utk monitor baby beli..
    ina beli la baby’s doppler(saje nak hasut!)..dulu mengidam jugak bende tu..

  7. Nisah,
    Alhamdulillah sihat. Ummi Nuha ni p mana senyap je? Bz shopping brg2 nk blk Mesia ke? πŸ˜› Ceh cuba tgk betul2 mana ada byk. Baru beli 4 menda yg plg ats tu je. Yg lain2 tu mmg dh sedia ada. Yg xde tu plan nk bli nnt la bila dh dekat2 due. Bli mana2 yg penting dlu sket je. Tgk2 blk nmpk byk yg mengarut je dlm list tu hehe πŸ˜€

    Hi how r u?! Lama xnmpk. Rupa2nya dh pindah ke flickr eh. Haah normal stethoscope je tu utk dgr baby’s movement. Tula xterjmpa lg baby’s doppler tu kt kedai baby yg dh pegi. Ni dh kena hasut terus semangat nak beli! πŸ˜› Kena cpt2 carikla. Hopefully xdela mahal sgt2 πŸ˜€

  8. Panjangnya list.. Takut plak tgk..
    Hopefully, ank no.2 nnt dapat rs the joy of preparing baby stuffs for the new arrival..

  9. Jiey Mien,
    InsyaAllah, Amin. Tak byk pn sbnrnya. Tu list brg dh ada dr dlu n list brg nk tambah. Brg nk bli akan dtg ni ciput jek sbnrnya. Byk benda ngarut je dlm list tu hehe πŸ™‚

  10. ina..

    seyes..bile tengok barang2 baby tu tetiba terasa gabra, gelabah dan seangkatannya..

    believe it or not, satu barang pun tak beli lagi for my baby..

    survey pun gitu2 bile terasa nak survey.. tarak guna…

    dan rasa ‘pitam’ kejap banyak nau nak kena beli…. ohh haa.. alang2 BPA free feeding bottle tuh senang ke nak cari ek.. tengok online.. berpinar jap tgk harga muahaahha

  11. heartilyina says: Reply

    Nurul Aina,
    Actually brg2 basic baby takla byk pun. N tak semua kena beli right b4 d baby is born. If u noticed I had mentioned that my list tu termsk segala brg yg I wished to get. Means they r not compulsory xde pun xpe. Lgpn as for me semua brg dh ada. So utk Adik ni sbb tu lah boleh spend utk bli yg ngarut2 tu. Time abang dlu xbli sbb concentrate on brg2 yg compulsory aje. So u have to kenalpasti urself only apa je brg u need. Lain org lain keperluan n citarasa kan. BPA free bottle tu dh byk. If kt KL tu sng je nk carik. Bli kt online bb shop pn lagi sng. Alah awal lg xperlu cuak if xshopping apa2 lagi. By early 3rd trimester I think is d best time πŸ™‚

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  13. wahhhh…manyak nyer list barang nih….huhuhuuh

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