I Felt So Yummy Pushing It :P

I’m having my breakfast of cooked oat now. I prepared it by putting 5 tablespoons of oat into the bowl, added with a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of dried blueberry and mixed everything with some water. I made sure that the mixture wasn’t thick at all. Lastly I put the bowl of mixture into the microwave-oven and cooked the oat at 600W for 2 minutes. My oat was ready to eat by then and the water absorbed into the oat so the mixture became thick. My mom sent this pack of oat from Mesia like in the middle of last year? But I only realized that it is gonna expired coming this May. So I need to finish it up soon. I’m not so fond of oat but I told my mom to send it anyway since I know oat is very nutritious. But I haven’t really done a good effort in finishing it. But last night I had my another series of constipation. So… I think I need to give some booster to my bowl movement. Anyway actually last night I couldn’t really sleep. I tried but my stomach kept rumbling and I couldn’t stop thinking of having a toast. Other foods in the kitchen didn’t seem interesting to me. So then I thought I should just get up instead of continuing with endless tossing and turning in bed.

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about. Somehow yesterday or to be exact last night I felt Lil’ Munchkin No. 2, okay that’s quite mouthful so lets just proceed with Adik; kept kicking and punching me. It felt more obvious and harder so I didn’t have any problem distinguishing between its movement with the wind or anything in my stomach. It was kinda fascinating to get to be feeling this wonderful moment again ๐Ÿ˜€ Honestly I was kind of worried. It went on inactive since past couple of days. Actually I had started to feel its movement since like week 15 but I wasn’t sure. Until last Friday, March 13th, 2009; I confirmed of its movement. It was because the movement was continuously and it felt at the same spot. Surely it who did that. So last night I was feeling relieved and couldn’t help smiling to be enjoying those poking from inside. Even up until now; I just wished that it won’t stop even if it goes to sleep. Unfortunately hubby hasn’t managed to feel it yet despite of his attempts by putting his hands on my tummy. I guess the little one doesn’tย  want to surprise its Papa yet. Out next check up is next week and I just can’tย  wait for that. I really hope to know the gender ASAP but I think it is kinda impossible to know that yet during coming check up. Well… I’m hoping that I would be lucky enough that perhaps Adik is going to spread its leg right in front of the scan machine.

To be honest… that’s not really what I wanted to talk about too ๐Ÿ˜› So… I did mention about hubby was off for a week last week. So we had much time to spend together. Since I haven’t gone out for a while except for groceries outing of course, so I planned that we went to J*sco. There is pretty much nothing here… sangat kampung. Kalau xpegi J*sco, pegi Ap*ta. Nearest towns around here pn got nothing sangat. Remember that I said somewhere in one of my previous entry that I had decided not to buy anything yet for the baby and not at least until I reached my 3rd trimester? Even that, I planned that we buy only the compulsory things first and go for the bigger and not urgent stuffs later once after Adik pops out. So anyway… we went to J*sco with my pure attention was to only window shop, exercising my legs by wandering around seeing the stuffs, wasting my energy and surveying the baby stuffs; that’s all. As usual once we stepped into any shopping complex our first destination would always be the baby’s department. It kinda programmed into our mind and the legs would just made way towards there. I had rather say it is more on me. Hubby isn’t affected much with this kind of disease. And as usual too once we reached the baby’s department we would head for the stroller and car seat section first.

Very fortunately on that day…. we stumbled upon the stroller that we had been dreaming of since like ages ago. Quoting what hubby said, “Aik sejak zaman dulu2? Sejak bila? Bukan baru je tahun lepas ke? hehe :D”. But the most UNFORTUNATE part (owh really? :P) it was on sale!!! YELP!!! Of all time in the year why on earth that it has to be on sale during that particular of time??? Called it rezeki presented right in front of our eyes or actually a trap? In fact J*sco was having sale until this week.ย  I shrieked upon seeing the price and we were so seduced by the price to which it was costed only 2/3 of its original price. Although the discounted price was a bit out of our planned budget but we knew we might not get that stroller with that kind of price anymore after this. Plus the price was still considerable. It was really like once in a lifetime chance! Okay I’m just exaggerating ๐Ÿ˜› Actually there was another one… the one which I originally aimed since before. The one which every time I passed parents with baby in that exact type of stroller along the street, would always make me turned my head and gazed. But FORTUNATELY even with the discounted price it still costed a bomb to us. So it was nearly impossible that I would consider to take that one ever. But hubby kinda liked that one more though. I couldn’t even believe it that he asked me the dangerous question, “Nak beli ke?”; when I had been secretly hoping he would just dragged me away. I had told him about my plan and he should remind me instead of also being affected by the stroller and its price. We were drooling over the strollers and a few other choices that we liked there for quite some times before finally I decided that we should go see at other places tomorrow to do some surveys.

So on that night I surfed and studied about stroller again. I found out that the top stroller brands in Japan are different from the ones in US or even Mesia. These are all about marketing distribution market penetration. So even if it is not sold in Japan doesn’t mean it isn’t good and vice-versa. Surprisingly hubby too gave his full cooperation and shared his keennessย  with me comparing all those strollers. Then on the next day day we went to S*ty and Ap*ta but they were not having sale. Straightly we made our way back to J*sco again. We were contemplating whether to choose the one that hubby preferred or the one that I preferred. Both were on sale but he liked the expensive one. But he also knew that it was near to impossible that we would spend so much of money for a stroller. I can get 2 designer handbags with the same price! We asked the promoter and he explained to us about all the strollers we were considering. The one that hubby liked was Aprica Chocolat 680 and it has only 2 colors to choose from, green and orange. The one I liked was Aprica Biscuit Select costed slightly less expensive and it has 5 designs to choose from. From our past experience, we were now more knowledgeable in choosing the right stroller for us. The previous Peg Perego stroller we bought was kinda bulky. And both of us are relatively small in size. Even though the brand is among the top brand in US but it wasn’t really suitable for the small us. So this time among the important criteria that I had listed are:

  • A very light stroller
  • Easily fold and open with one hand
  • Easily carried when folded
  • Not bulky
  • Has reversible handle
  • Red and black as based color with polka-dot design
  • Has 5 harness
  • Has sun roof
  • With head padding
  • Etc. basic features

Apparently both strollers fit all our criteria except for the color. Both model has no red color. But both model has the reversible handle feature which is the most reason why we loved both strollers. So finally I decided that we chose the Aprica Biscuit Select with soft polka-dot blue design roof. Because I thought it is a safe color. It won’t get dirty easily and it is suitable for both baby boy and girl. If we wanted to choose other colors we have to order first and get it later but I didn’t like the other designs anyway. The final thing was… whether to buy it already or do some more thinking and buy it at the end of the sale day. But suddenly… hubby said the word, “Mmm ambik la”. He told the promoter and the promoter went to take the new one in stock. I was like… laughing in disbelief and said, “Eh betul ke? Tunggu la dulu esok2 boleh datang lagi.” Then he replied, “Yelah promoter tu tak nak pegi je dok tunggu gak macam malu lak kalau tak beli”. Laaa pulak hahaha ๐Ÿ˜› Once we reached home hubby asked whether we did the right thing or not. I said that well… we had been dreaming to get one since long ago and with the price and features of the stroller we got… it was really a great catch. We were excited with the reversible handle and surely we love to see Adik to see the world of us soon when we take him for a stroll in the park.

But yeah… the timing wasn’t really right… we bought it too early and if you know what I’m thinking. You know… we are so much affected by the previous thing. Actually it is me who is very much affected. But I need to fight those feelings and thinking away. We deserve to be like other normal parents who are expecting too and we deserve to be happy and excited, right? I’m always striving for that, you know. We have hopes and dreams too and whether they will be granted or not is isn’t ours to decide. So we just do what we are able to do. Anyway… at home… we checked the stroller and attached whatever was necessary so that it was ready to be used. Then only we kept it back in the box and put the box into the store closet. I called my mom few days after that and I thought she would be angry with me when I told her about it. But she just got away with my excitement ๐Ÿ˜€ I even had pestered my brother to help me buy something too since it is sales everywhere in KL and Sngor. But I doubt that he would get the thing for me hmmm we will see.


Last but not least now I’m presenting you, the stroller we bought for Adik very recently, Aprica Biscuit Select Jewel Dot- in blue and black. Yup, UNFORTUNATELY we couldn’t resist the price that’s why we bought it ๐Ÿ˜› Please tell me it is gorgeous because now we are broke! Hubby got a huge hole in his pocket. Pity him! ๐Ÿ˜›

It is so yummy to me, really. I felt so yummy pushing it. So might be I looked yummy pushing it too huahua ๐Ÿ˜€ (Soo not hehe :P).

6 Replies to “I Felt So Yummy Pushing It :P”

  1. hahaha lawak laa ina,boleh pulak terbeli stroller tu.tapi fith dah agak dah,masa ina sebut terbeli benda mahal tu,mesti either stroller atau car-seat je laa…
    seriously i think you made the right choice laa.walla,fith pun berkenan tengok stroller tu,design-nya cantik.mesti mahal kan,aprica pulak tu,fuhh…tapi takper,bukan selalu pun,yer tak?fith pun tengah aim stroller,tapi bukan untuk si adik,sebaliknya untuk rafiqh.nanti dah beli baru boleh buat entry,hehehe.
    actually fith pun sama macam ina,dah terbeli beberapa barang,konon tak nak shopping lagi,hahaha.tapi tak sampai lagi,nanti fith update bila dah ada dalam tangan.
    pasni boleh senyum2 laa dah rasa si adik gerak2,dah mula beli barang2,eiii best kan.part perasaan dan kerisauan tu,moga ina makin tabah untuk laluinya.moga dipermudahkan segalanya…take care

  2. Fith,
    Itula dh lama tingin. Lgpn brg2 boleh kata sumer dh ada. Kebetulan ada sale plak. Tu yg bleh terbeli tu. Kalau tak sale telan air liur jela. Itupn harga lps sale 10x pk gak la nk bli tk. Tp hati dh suka kan. Alang2 pun biarlah puas hati. Mcm Fith kata lah bukan slalu. Nnt guna la smpi lunyai kan. Mak ayah je lebih2 hehe ๐Ÿ˜› Wiken lepas dpt tau ada brg kiter pesan dh dibeli. Excited sungguh rasa. Itupun dr dlu tingin br skrg dpt. Tp xtgk dgn mata sndiri lg. Nnt dh dpt gmbr kiter upload lagi hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ InsyaAllah kiter berserah sumer pada Allah. Setan bertanduk ni byk sgt hasut2 ni. Tula teringat n terpk gak mcm2 kdg2. Amin, semoga dipermudahkan semuanya utk kiter ye. Fith pun take care always ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Sangat cantik hokayy.. I love it!!

  5. Jiey Mien,
    Kannn cantik kannn? ๐Ÿ˜€

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