Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 1st-4th Check Ups

I guess I had been procrastinating a lot. Actually the situation didn’t permit me to blog too. Last week hubby was off from work for a week. The factory was closed. In fact for the past couple of months the factory had been closed quite often due to low production demand. So hubby had been off sometimes a day in 1 week or 2 days, 3 days and the longest of course 1 whole week off. I was the most happiest wife to be having hubby at home accompanying me. Especially having someone to snuggle up with 24-7 especially in the morning until late noon 😛 I hate being at home alone, for the truth. But since I permanently live with him in here I have to bear being left alone constantly and nothing much I can do about it. So, I think I was the most contented wife for the past couple of months except of course the luxury came with the cost. Holiday means salary cut! Anyway most of the time we didn’t go anywhere mainly because my health condition which doesn’t really allow me to travel far. Other than that of course we don’t have extra budget for that too and we need to save for other important purposes. And to relate the situation with blogging, I can’t blog peacefully whenever hubby is around. My mind just couldn’t concentrate and all. So I better just give my full attention to that BIG BABY. Anyway the production demand is getting better so no more extra holiday after this. I guess the economic environment is healing bit by bit in Japan. Well… I wish so too.

Now… actually I had written about this a bit a week ago so I think I need to continue with this first and keep other updates on hold. As how the title says, so here it is.

Today I had sailed 17 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy. So far we had attended 4 check ups since I first realized that I got pregnant for the 2nd time. Throughout the 4th check ups, many things that we had encountered along the way both the already known things and new things. Now without further ado let me start with the updates already.

1st Check Up at week 7 (Tuesday, 6th January, 2009)


After informing the parents that I’m pregnant again, they supported the idea that we wanted to go for check up at any clinic or hospital. I informed that I wished to meet a specialist since I wanted to ask many things and I thought might be the doctor could make further examination on me and perhaps I could know what might went wrong, if there was any. MIL suggested that we went to Dr. D*laila’s clinic in USJ since she knew the doctor is very good. Actually the doctor serves at the S*JMC during the day and at night she attended at her and her husband’s joined private clinic. MIL knew the doctor since she gave birth to youngest SIL attended by the doctor at her clinic about 12 years ago and MIL’s friend also was doing her fibroid treatment with the doctor too. The location is also quite close to our house. So we went without appointment after dinner. We got called into her room at about nearly 11.00pm. Once got in… I told her that I wanted to do my my 1st check up on pregnancy. I told her this is my 2nd pregnancy and she asked about my 1st child. Then… only she got shocked hearing to my history. She asked back a lot of questions to me. Honestly… I was quite perplexed! I couldn’t answer most of her questions because I didn’t know. All the things she asked never crossed us since before and I must say that those things were new to me. I just couldn’t believe it because I thought I had studied as much as I could but actually there were still things that I didn’t know. I was pretty upset, angry, confused and disappointed with myself at that time. But well… I’m not a doctor myself and I’m not a walking encyclopaedia after all.

So back to the main story now. To cut the story short, the doctor did the scan on me and were so happy and relieved to know that it was actually happening for real. I told to myself that I should believe it already that I was really pregnant again. The doctor said that according to the image the baby was healthy. Nothing much we could see anyway. But we could see the sac. There was tiny embryo inside it and the doctor showed us the baby’s heartbeat. Then she commented that my uterus was fine with not cyst and all and the shape was also beautiful. However the position of the uterus is a bit backward so that’s why the image of the baby wasn’t really clear than it should. Somehow she said I shouldn’t worry because it wasn’t a problem at all.

After that during consultation she discussed with us and gave her opinion in prevention steps to be taken during this pregnancy. She couldn’t say much about the previous pregnancy since I said I didn’t have any complication like pre-eclampsia or diabetes melitus for examples which can also cause stillbirth. But she could only guess the possible causes that can lead to stillbirth. She said that it must be because of something and that something could be coming from me or the baby. It could be due to from DNA defects to abnormal labor or contraction progress thus causing the baby to simply drown. Anyway UP TO 50% of stillbirth always remains UNKNOWN. The 2nd baby now is perhaps healthy too but she said it is best if I can consider some steps that can be done as precautions. But well even if I do these steps they may not eliminate or avoid any problem but at least I can be prepared in advance. There were 3 things she suggested for me to do:

1. Do T*xoplasmosis Test and Cyt*megalovirus Test (CMV)

2. Amn*ocentesis Test

3. Deliver the baby right after full term of pregnancy at 37 weeks, induced or c-section

So since the 1st check up I did a lot of studies and asked for opinions from people whom close to me like friends and families. I received mixed opinions by the way. I even asked some friends who have had same experience or had gone through the particular tests. Besides I also studied about karyotyping, Ch*rionic V*rus Sampling Test (CVS) and some other things which had been mentioned by Dr. D*laila. Basically there is no problem at all to do the thing No. 1. The only thing required is my blood so I’m willingly to give as much blood needed to run any tests required. As for No. 3. there is risk to proceed with the idea but most of the time it is pretty safe. This we have to wait and see how my pregnancy goes first and then decide with the doctor later during the 3rd trimester. As for No. 2, I will talk about this later in the end.

Lastly I got the CD and she gave me her card and insisted that I contacted her if I have anything to ask her at all after that since she knew we were going back to Japan at the end of the week. Then we went home and I went berserk in the bedroom feeling like wanted to explode myself.

2nd Check Up at Week 10 (Tuesday, January 27th, 2009)


We went to the hospital in our village but only got to know they already had the system change. Maternal check up only be done on Thursday and Friday. However hubby managed to get the details on other hospitals available. Only 1 available actually that is Sh*na Ladies Clinic in Iida. We have heard many people saying that the hospital is very good in service and the service price is cheaper. So we made the appointment at 4.oopm on the same day.

Blood pressure:  151/89

Weight: 47.3kg

Urine: Taken but no result given

Swelling: Unchecked

We were attended by an old male doctor. We discussed my history with the doctor and told him the recommendations by Mesian doctor. He wasn’t really agree with the idea if I wanted to do the amn*ocentesis. Then he suggested that we do simple Anti-n*clear Antibody (ANA) Test first and if the result is positive he would suggest us to proceed with the Anti-Ph*spholipid Test. We would know the result by next check up. Somehow he said that if we still wanted to proceed with the amn*ocentesis it was up to us. He did the scan and the baby’s size was ahead its gestational age. It was fine. The buds of hands and toes had already appeared. Then I got my blood taken for common blood tests and the special test.

As an overall we were not satisfied with the service by this clinic. The doctor didn’t manage to attend to our inquiries to our satisfaction and there were many vague or unsure explanations which I thought was unacceptable. I thought most of the questions were pretty common and he should know. Well… might be the language was the barrier but at least he should have the idea of the stuffs once after we gave the explanation. Then he was so rushed to attend to each of his patient so definitely we didn’t have quality time with him. On other things, the clinic looked a bit cramped, not cleaned and organized enough as to be compared to the hospital I gave birth before. I really don’t understand why many people prefer the clinic more. Maybe more because of the cost charged, short waiting time, and type of room to stay after labor. Well… to me the hospital isn’t bad at all either.

3rd Check Up at Week 12 (Friday, February 13th, 2009)

Blood pressure: 127/74

Weight: 47.1kg

Urine: Wasn’t taken

Swelling: Unchecked

We went back to the clinic but this time we were attended by younger female doctor. She was better than the previous doctor. During the scan the baby looked healthy and active. Its hand and toes had grown longer. Its size also ahead of its gestational age. This time we asked for the DVD. Then we got the results for the tests. I got negative for the ANA result, Alhamdulillah. But the Gr*up B Str*ptococcus (GBS) is still there in me and there is new thing, Kl*bsiella Pneumoniae too. But I have asked my friend and she had asked a lecturer (previously practicing doctor) at where she works, and I got to know that the latter is nothing to worry about. We discussed again with the doctor about my condition and history. She also said she wasn’t really agree with the idea of doing the amn*ocentesis. We also asked other things like detailed scan, the place to do it, the cost and so on but not much information obtained. Since we were going to be referred to the next hospital, the same one which I gave birth at before; so she advised us to do further discussions there later. Actually we never said where we wanted to give birth this time but might be after knowing my history so the clinic automatically concluded that I would be going to the previous hospital. Probably because the clinic didn’t want to take risk with me. Okay maybe I should not be cynical. Might be the clinic thought the doctor at the hospital knew better what are good for me 😛

4th Check Up at Week 14 (Friday, February 27th, 2009)


Blood pressure: 125/80

Weight: 45.8kg

Urine: Sugar(+++), Protein (-)

Swelling: –

We met the same doctor who assisted me during labor. Actually I liked her except that she is a bit not informative enough. As I always said to hubby, she is berat mulut kinda person and mcm robot sket sbb mcm xde perasaan. So since we have had experience with her before, I always tend to do some studies every time before meeting her so that I can inquire as much as I can in order to obtain as much information I can. Upon seeing us, she laughed and greeted us. Agaknya dia pikir aikkk dia ni tetiap tahun beranak ke? hehe 😛 Anyway we discussed with her about our previous check ups and gave her the tests results. She said the ANA Test was actually useless. I’m not sure who was wrong and who was right because I think the tests are kinda related. I haven’t studied further about this yet. So we showed the Anti-Ph*spholipid Test pamphlet that we got from the clinic and she said she could do it if I wanted. I asked her about T*xoplasmosis Test and CMV Test and fortunately they are all available. I was glad that she already knew the CMV Test not like the other 2 previous doctors I met before. This time I took whole complete tests to be checked on me.

We also asked about precaution and prevention steps to be taken during current pregnancy and she said simply nothing. I understood why she said so. It was because nothing wrong that she could detect on me or Lil’ Munchkin No. 1 before this and after all the real cause couldn’t be detected. So it was pretty much hard for her to say anything. Of course she already considered I had already acknowledged that I need to take care of myself as usual or even more during this pregnancy. Talking about this I had rested myself from keep hunting for the answer why long ago. Hellow… it happened to me so of course I am the most person on earth who wanted to know WHY. So don’t simply say haa tak tahu? takkan tak tau kot whenever I answer after u asked why. I don’t know where else and from whom to find the answer and until at one point I was so tired to search anymore. All I have are predictions. DOCTOR IS NOT GOD who knows everything no matter how excellent the doctor is. I found that I am more happy now to just let it go. But it wasn’t that easy to just go on okay. I took times for that. Anyway I’m glad that I’m not alone. I found a bunch of friends who had gone through quite the same thing and their doctors also couldn’t tell why. Whereas about to give birth earlier once I reach full term later, she also didn’t promise anything. She said induced labor has risk and we will see how my pregnancy progress first. Furthermore it is still too early to decide. Maybe I can admit myself earlier into the hospital or go for check up everyday then during the end of the pregnancy. Well… one thing about giving birth in Japan is they really like to do it ever so naturally as they can. To me… any way has risk. Whatever. We will see how thing goes. But secretly I’m hoping that I would give birth naturally at week 37, insyaAllah; Amin hehe 😛

Last but not least, we asked for all the records during my 1st pregnancy and told her that we wanted every record after this printed for our copy too. After scanning the previous record then only some questions wondering in my mind were answered. But it already past so we just kept silent and didn’t ask further. I would like to advice to any of you kalau pregnant, do mintak all the results of the tests done by the doctor. Just in case for future reference. Kalau boleh janganlah tak amik tau langsung especially bila doctor cakap ok pastu terima bulat2 saja. Lain tempat lain cara and lain system. Just mintak kalau tak diberi and kalau boleh at least tanya what the result actually means. If not pun lepas tu study lah sndiri. By the way I only got to know that hey didn’t do the T*xoplasmosis Test and CMV Test during previous pregnancy. Actually only 50% hospitals in Japan make the tests compulsory on every pregnant woman. I only got to know this previously too. So if can, do ask the hospital you are attending. Buat je lagi bagus. Ambik darah je pun. We then asked about some stuffs related to post-mortem thingy and some more things answered. Kenapa tak tanya sebelum2 ni kan? Well… we didn’t know what we don’t know so how to ask? We are not doctors by the way. Finally again we talked about the amn*ocentesis. She also said that she didn’t feel like she needed to suggest me to do the test but it was up to us. And if we wanted to do it she could arrange for it.

During scanning, we asked her about doing detailed scan later at my 3rd trimester but anyway in between the translations she understood that we wanted her to do the 4D scan on that day. Sigh… sometimes hubby really couldn’t explain in a good way. He never can be a lecturer or a teacher 😛 So anyway she did it for us but nothing much we could see because the baby was still small. As an overall the baby was fine. It looked more humanly. His arms and legs were kicking and punching but of course I didn’t manage to feel all that yet. However she said that my placenta was a bit low-lying. Yeah, I could see clearly from the scan picture given to me though. But she said I shouldn’t be worried because as the pregnancy progresses the placenta usually will correct itself upward. Somehow if it is not and if by any chance it would affect the labor process then might be I would have to go through c-section. I really hope not, Amin.


So that’s all about the check ups so far. My next check up is next week on the week 18th. Owh I really can’t wait! Now I want to get back to the thing No. 2 Amn*ocentesis Test. However for No. 2 is the most mind boggling part for us. Although it is not a common test taken by any pregnant lady but actually there are quite many people doing it. There is risk in doing this test. Well actually we don’t need to only consider about the risk. As for us… we are also thinking about all the pros and cons of doing this test. Just to think about this test already had given me a lot of stress. I don’t want to jeopardize my state of sanity because I couldn’t stop from thinking wildly for the worst every time I think about the test. We had done our studies and we had already weighed all the pros and cons. We also acknowledged all the matters to be considered if we wanted to proceed with the test. Although the cost is very expensive but some particular factors identified are what really matter to me. The most main reason that makes it crucial a matter is because we are not in Mesia, that’s why. Ada beberapa benda yg buatkan kami xyakin dgn kepakaran kt sini berkaitan test ni… at least in our place lah. Malas lah nk citer panjang pasal ni.

Honestly I don’t like to talk in detail about this. In fact I hate to put them into words or even think of it. This is because sometimes I had feel like I rather don’t know anything first so that I can enjoy my pregnancy like any other normal people and accept the baby as the way it is. I wish and I pray that my baby is all fine, and in fact I do believe it actually is. InsyaAllah. Perhaps The Almighty will give me a chance this time and all my prayers will be granted, Amin. So we had decided not to go further with it. Truly… we are feeling a lot at ease and happy without thinking about the test. My pregnancy also is progressing good so far. I pray that it will continue to even be excellent, InsyaAllah.

2 Replies to “Lil’ Munchkin No. 2’s 1st-4th Check Ups”

  1. Ina,
    mmg susah kan nak cakap soal kepuasan hati.macam fith ni lebih prefer doc jepun more than msia.sbbnya masa blk bersalin hari tu doc fith jenis yg kurang nak explain,mgkn dia anggap klau explain panjang lebar pun fith tak faham kot.semuanya nak kena tanya,tu pun jawab mcm nak tak nak je.klau doc jepun ni,even tak minta explain pun dia tetap akan explain satu2 secara tu lah,tak semua doc jepun bagus,dan tak semua doc msia tu tak bagus kan,rezeki masing2 nak dpt doc mana yg bagus.masa 1st check up utk 2nd pregnancy ni fith ada cuba ke klinik lain yg lbh dekat dgn rumah,tp tak puas hati dgn service diorg,terus cabut pi klinik masa pregnant rafiqh dulu tu blk.
    psl test2 tu,mmg fith ni kategori yg tak amik kesah.apa yg wajib tu je fith buat tp yg optional tu,lps tanya detail keperluannya n fith rasa cam tak perlu,terus skip.
    psl result check ups pulak,tak pernah pulak minta salinan lengkap.apa yg diorg check,biasanya diorg dah bg salinan dah,ada lg ek yg diorg simpan?
    btw thanks ina,byk gak info baru ni.boleh fith study lbh sikit…

  2. Fith,
    Bg kiter mana2 pn sama. Nasib la rezeki masing2 nk dpt doc mcm mana. Mcm kiter kt sini kg sket so xbyk pilihan hospital. Kiter n hubby mcm lg suka doc Mesia sbb kami boleh tanya n paham dgn jelas. Kalau doc Jepun kdg2 kami dh translate n dh trgkan pn dia masih xtau apa benda yg kami ckp tu. Byk jugak citer xbest yg kiter dgr psl doc Jepun. Ada kwn penah kena hepatitis sbb amik rawatan gigi. Doc tu xhygenic. Nasib baikla hidup lg kwn tu. Dia berubat kt Mesia. Kami dok area Sngor n Kl so mebi bykla doc best2. Mana yg best tu mmg mcm goreng pisang pns. Doc yg kiter jmpa ritu lps kami jmpa dia ada lg patient lain. Masa tu dh kul 12 tgh mlm dh. Kdg2 doc ni depa malas nk explain lebih2 n slalu ckp ok saja. If depa explain sket je pn dh cukup at least we have idea on result we got. Kiter pn bukanlah ngok sgt xleh phm lgsg. Mmg la bosan patient tanya mcm2 n kena ulang byk2 kali. Dah tu kalau tak jgnla jd doc. Jd la benda lain keje dgn mesen ke kan sng. Kdg2 xplanation diorg tu pun sgt penting n membantu kiter wat keputusan. Even kiter dh study beforehand kdg2 masih xcukup sbb kiter xtau apa yg kiter xtau. Benda ni terkena kt kami psl post-mortem tu. Psl tests tu pn kami amik kisah sket2 je dlu. Tp kenapa ada hospital yg wajibkan? Sbb benda tu sbnrnya sgt penting n membantu juga. So elokla tanya lebih2 n compare dgn org2 lain. If xcompulsory tp ada listed tu mesti sbb dia common tests mcm Toxo n CMV. Setakat amik darah tu wat je. Cost pn xmahal sgt. Result tu pn kami dlu ada yg dpt ada yg xdpt. Skali blk Mesia doc tanya lebih2 xdpt nk jwb sbb xamik tau sgt. So elokla amik tau semua2 n simpan. Kami mintak record yg dlm pc doc tu. Ada kwn2 kt tmpt lain mmg depa dpt semua xyah mintak pun. Mmg kdg2 sbnrnya benda ni semua xde apa2 tp sbb benda dh jd kt kami n kami dh rasa so kami mmg xleh nk amik ringan kali ni. Kalau amik tau lebih2 apa semua pn mmg xrugi pn kan. Kiter lps ni kalau doc ckp OK je pun jgn harap la nk puas hati. Masak la kena jwb soklan2 kami nnt hahaha! Tapiii mmg service kt hospital Jepun mmg sgt top lah. Mebi kalau compare dgn private Mesia pn lum tentu bgs mcm Jepun. Mmg rasa seperti di babysit je masa dok spital ritu 😀

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