Pregnancies Comparison

Honestly I don’t know from where to start. I have so many things to tell all at once. But I also don’t know whether to jot down everything or keep a few particular parts to myself first. But I think for today I’m gonna start with how’s my pregnancy is doing so far except the check-up part. As of today I have sailed 15 weeks and 3 days of quite a very smooth pregnancy, Alhamdulillah. I wish that it will continue to be smooth until Adik is safely born soon in August, InsyaAllah.

To compare my 2nd pregnancy with 1st one, I think both of them are quite the same except of course a few minor differences that I noticed here and there. Now let me describe both of them:

1st Pregnancy with Lil’ Munchkin No.1

During my 1st pregnancy, the nauseous and fatigue only started at about 6 weeks of pregnancy and lasted until about week 12. Gladly I vomited for only like 2 times throughout the pregnancy that were merely because once I had my breakfast so fast and the second was because I consumed my supplements with empty stomach. Fortunately every time I went out for outing with hubby by car or anything I hardly felt like I was pregnant at all. I felt very healthy and energetic instead! At home, the nauseous felt almost all the times day and night but it usually got better during the evening. I couldn’t tolerate the smell of food especially the reheated one, spicy food and oily food. I also didn’t really have the appetite to eat rice. Coincidentally it was the fasting month but still I could do all house chores everyday without any problem. However despite of all that, I should say that I had quite a big appetite and desire to eat. I was craving for so many things and kept eating day and night even right before going to sleep. I faced quite a tremendous hunger symptoms and I really think this had been caused by my excitements with the 1st pregnancy too. As a result, I put on weight very fast during the early 1st pregnancy.Β My pre-pregnancy weight was 47kg and at week 15 my weight was already 49.2kg. As an over all I gained about 11-12kg during the 1st pregnancy and after giving birth my weight got stuck at 52kg after about a month giving birth. ‘Abid was born with only 2.51kg of birth weight and 49.7cm of height (He is really Mama’s son! I was born with only 2.46kg of birth weight anyway). So this definitely means I gained unnecessary fat for about 5kg in me.

On other things, throughout my 1st pregnancy, I really liked to eat sushi, onigiri, drink hot M*lo, hot decaffeinated N*scaffe with R*tz biscuits, bread and sweet stuffs. I also craved for some specific stuffs so badly like nasi lemak and roti canai M*ju & Maju Restaurant’s in USJ which my MIL always used to buy for my breakfast, yong tau fu behind fire station in T*iping (I was schooling in MRSM T*iping before so for now it has been like 8 years I haven’t eaten this but it keeps haunting me!), air sirap kenduri kawin, lauk-pauk kenduri kawin, my mom’s laksa, sambal udang with petai and mihun soto pasar malam K*rinchi. I also wished to go to pasar malam so badly. Actually I had been craving for them even since before I got pregnant. Obviously because I hadn’t eaten all those foods for already a long time. But the cravings got worse once the pregnancy started. Since I was having my early pregnancy during fasting month so I was very depressed and frustrated that I couldn’t get to eat all the foods that I wanted. I also kept thinking about pasar R*madhan, kuih raya, and all the tasty delicacies usually spread on the table during A*dilfitri. Then, that’s why until at one point I was so miserableΒ  and depressed merely because I couldn’t eat. I cried a few times! I wasn’t sad at all because of missing the families or anything else. But it was only because of the foods. Well, this and this pretty explain how I was on R*madhan and Sy*wal 2007 hehe πŸ˜›

Besides that, I also experienced roller coaster ride mood swing throughout 1st pregnancy. Truly, even before the 1st pregnancy I’m already quite a dramatic person and unfortunately it got worse once I got pregnant too. It was quite frustrating sometimes when I felt like hubby couldn’t understandΒ  my feelings. I expected more from him exactly as like he could read my mind. The truth is of course it was hard since it was a very new experience to both of us but most of the times my rationality was overpowered by my emotions. He got tensed too and most of the times I drove his patience over the wall. Now on other things, I started to experience heartburn, constipation, wind and a few cramps especially around my butt and legs during the 2nd trimester. Obviously it was hard for all the particular muscles and tissues to stretch for the first time. So I was having constant mild pain every now and then since as early as the 1st trimester. Whereas my nauseous had been completely gone once I got into the 2nd trimester. Not only that, I also had to experience terrible vivid dreams almost every night.

In the 3rd trimester, the same things still didn’t ease off but this time all the cramping and aching all over the body had started to become stronger. I got carpal tunnel syndrome and it was very hurting especially during night sleep. My hands and legs also always got cramped and ached at night. Day and night I needed to massage my chest too and keep burping myself especially right after meal and in the middle of the night. Sometimes I even needed to sleep in sitting position until all the wind came out and the heartburn eased off. Throughout the 1st pregnancy too, my blood pressure had always been nearly to go overboard every time during check-up. I just never could relax during check-up but most of other times my blood pressure was really okay. My sugar level also became really hay wire that I really needed to watch my sugar intake all the time. But further observation by the doctors, they said I was actually fine only that the readings coincidentally seemed not to be really satisfying during the check-ups. As an over all ‘Abid and I were fine and all. Excluding the end part of the pregnancy of course which turned out to be really an unexpected and shocking one. That… all of us including the doctors are still confused πŸ˜› Of course if more time and further complicated tests were to be taken, we might know what had actually gone wrong. Still the chance was 50-50. Well maybe I should share about stillborn some times later.

2nd Pregnancy with Lil Munchkin No. 2

Previously in the 1st trimester, I noticed that the nauseous came a bit early that was at week 4 of pregnancy. Even at the week 3 of pregnancy I had started to feel different than usual. The nauseous and fatigue this time felt a little bit stronger than the 1st pregnancy. It usually got worse once the evening nearing andΒ  by night I felt uncomfortable at all that I couldn’t sleep. I always needed hubby to rub my back or anything so that I wouldn’t feel so sick. Contrast from the 1st pregnancy, this time going out for outing would just make me felt even worse. I couldn’t go out of the house even for a short time because I easily felt very tired and nauseous. Once I went out usually the view of bed and bedroom kept playing in mind and I just couldn’t wait to go home. So the most favorable place that I love to be at was of course in bed. So far… I had only vomited once that was during an outing with my friend at the KLCC during the previous holiday. That was because of I didn’t have proper lucnh on the day before that so my body had caught full of wind. I vomited like nobody’s business constantly in the toilets, in front of the lift, at the stairs and in the car. Fortunately I had one big plastic with me and my friend for the rescue. I stopped vomiting once after my friend successfully delivered me to hubby.

As for now I’m already in my 2nd trimester and Alhamdulillah everything is getting better. I stopped feeling nauseous at about week 13 of pregnancy. But I noticed that whenever I feel really hungry or have my meal a little bit late I will easily feel nauseous. I need to burp a lot too nowadays from time to time especially after meal and the heartburn too sometimes has started to appear. As for now… I already can go outing with hubby without any problem. But wait! Just about 2 days ago I had faced a new experience and that really pushed the panic button on both of us. Actually since early pregnancy I noticed about 3 times my vaginal discharge were mixed with a very pale pinkish discharge. Then just 2 days ago and yesterday I noticed that I got spotting and this time the vaginal discharged were mixed with tiny red color blood. The discharge appeared once in both days and they didn’t continue to come out. In fact I must hadn’t noticed of them if I didn’t care to see at that time. They must had gone even unnoticed.Β  Somehow it was new to me so of course I was scared. I never faced anything like that during my 1st pregnancy. Then because of that I surfed the net and hubby called the hospital. Turned out it was actually pretty normal but I shall be aware that if suddenly the spotting become worse and I feel any pain at all in the abdomen, I must hurriedly go to the hospital.

To tell the truth, I’m having constipation since I got into 2nd trimester so lately I kinda gave more pressure to my abdomen every time I went for my business. Well… that might not be enough for the blood to come out I think. To be exact, this time my placenta is a bit low-lying. I found out that it is normal to have discharge of blood if the placenta is a bit low or even more. Since I’m yet into my 20 weeks of pregnancy so the placenta might correct itself. The doctor said it is not to be worried furthermore my condition is very minor. The placenta will be monitored constantly but somehow if it is going to be worse and troublesome for me so I need to go through c-section then. But I have to beware of my activities and all. Or by other words I shouldn’t be very active. Well… I don’ mind… I will do whatever it takes and will even take more precautions just to be safe. Now I’m feeling scared every time I need to do my business. This time this constipation is kinda very stubborn. During the 1st pregnancy prune had been my savior but this time no matter how much prune I had eaten it seemed no effect on me. During this pregnancy I had tried eating prune, raw veges, orange, banana, drink milk and so on but they didn’t really give satisfying effect still. But anyway I have found the effective solution for my constipation. I eat oat for breakfast and ensure that I eat apple before meal too. Besides, I also still eat all those other foods known good to help ease constipation. Now I’m thinking mana nk dapat apple ni. Musim apple dah lama habis n skrg dh makin susah nk dpt apple. Hmmm takpe maybe once the summer is nearing I can eat corn and watermelon plak. Mesti gembira je lepas kuar toilet kan? hehe πŸ˜›

What else? Owh yes… since my belly had once got expanded before so as for now it has no problem at all to expand easily. My belly will looked like I’m 5 month pregnant right after I’m having my meal. But in the morning when I wake up from sleep of course the size gets back to normal πŸ˜€ Honestly my baby bump has started to show. I can’t wait for my tummy to get bigger and heavier. Obviously I can’t wait too to feel the first kick to be truth. I have been waiting day and night you know since like last week? Way too early for that, right? πŸ˜› However this time I very rarely feel any ache at any part of my body. Perhaps this time all the parts need not to work hard to expand. But still sometimes when I’m too tired I will easily feel back pain. On other things, my blood pressure and sugar for this 2nd pregnancy this time have continued to be hay wire. I never could relax during previous check-ups and my sugar level was very high hohoho πŸ˜› No, I didn’t eat so much of sugar instead I believe if to be compared with some of you pregnant moms you will be surprised to see only how little sugar I consumed. Might be on last month I consumed a bit more than I should, so that’s why. But anyway I have arranged my strategies to be followed before next check-up so I’m expecting the sugar level is gonna be low next time. We will see how the sugar level result is gonna be. According to my previous pregnancy, my own experiment usually proved to be as I expected hehe πŸ˜›

Anyway my weight for my last check-up on last week was 45.8kg *woot-woot!* I am so happy happy happy! Hubby said, “Kesian baby tak cukup makan”. But actually I think this is good. I shouldn’t eat for 2 person. I think I lost a bit of weight recently was because I did fast for few days and now I have 4 days left to be repaid. Furthermore up until now I still follow my diet regime. I’m so used to the regime and I can’t eat so much of rice because I get full easily. I’m targeting to just gain as maximum as 7kg only throughout my 2nd pregnancy so that right after giving birth I will get back my pre-pregnancy weight hehe πŸ˜› By the way my pre-pregnancy weight for this time was 47kg too. But don’t worry, I never miss my meal day and night. I ensure that I must eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between of them I do have some light healthy snacks like fruit, cereal, sandwich, toast, salad and so on. I’m sure that are more than enough to supply Adik with rich nutrients and all that he needs. And definitely Adik and my own well being is always on top of my priority. So, I don’t really mind if I need to gain weight over my target. Only I believe that less weight gained can ensure our better health too. Whereas about vivid dream, I have started having them since as early as the pregnancy started and it is very tiring. But this time the vivid dream is usually from fiction or drama genres unlike during the 1st pregnancy which almost every night I had terrible science fiction dream. I really don’t like science fiction movie by the way.

During this pregnancy too I noticed that I don’t really crave badly for any kind of food like previous pregnancy. Somehow I do noticed that I like to eat sandwich, not so fond of rice, air sirap, decaffeinated N*scaffe with R*tz biscuit and toast. I’m not a sweet tooth this time compared to previous pregnancy which is very good actually. Perhaps now I know how to control my desire to eat and ignore all the non-sense and ridiculous ones. Besides, I do noticed that I’m having less mood swing. In fact I realized that I kinda be a bit kind since after I gave birth last year. I’m also more cool in anything I’m facing everyday and I’m able to take things one at a time. Most importantly, I can control my pressure quite well too, I’m being more berserah kind of person and I don’t really think all the things that out of my force; quite unlike during my 1st pregnancy. I always asked hubby, “Rinny macam baik kan sekarang, Ayang?” to which he always answered, “Yeke? Sama je.” πŸ˜› But actually recently he did finally say yes I’m a bit baik nowadays hehe πŸ˜› Besides I believe that one factor that contribute to my positive changing in attitude is also because hubby has been quite a very understanding, concern, caring and loving husband now compared with during my 1st pregnancy. Obviously it is because he is now more experienced and acknowledged to attend to a pregnant wife πŸ˜€

Last but not least in my opinion, pregnancy with ‘Abid was smoother except of course we were hit by very big wave at the end of the sailing. However pregnancy with Adik so far… I’m still gonna say that it is smooth too but this time I noticed that the water throughout our sail is a bit rough once in a while. It is not Adik or whatever is going on in me that cause the water to stir. But obviously it is much affected by past pregnancy with ‘Abid. Yeah, that’s why. But anyway… I pray that everything is going to turn out fine and happy this time… no big wave at the end of the sailing and we will climb the deck succesfully, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

9 Replies to “Pregnancies Comparison”

  1. Hai ina,
    bestnya at last dapat jugak baca your pregnancy latest update.dulu masa 1st pregnancy ina pun fith suka sangat baca,hehe.

    fith pun tengah “kumpul” points nak update tentang perbezaan 1st and 2nd pregnancy ni jugak.tapi kinda terbalik dari cerita ina,hahaha.this time lebih mencabar compare to masa rafiqh dulu…

    ok dear,take care ya

  2. Fith,
    Ni pun tulis mana yg agak2 teringat je Fith. Xbyk jauh beza. Tp kalau Fith baca betul2 kiter pun 2nd pregnancy ni a little bit mencabar banding 1st pregnancy (xtermasuk part end result la hehe). Tapi Alhamdulillah masih boleh kirer mudah sgt2. Kali ni byk part yg tekejut2, suspend, risau2 n byk kena pikir. Sbnrnya lebih byk mencabar dr segi mentally n emotionally la. Sbb tu kiter asingkan dlu part check-ups. Nnt baru citer. Cpt2 update Fith nnt leh compare hehe. U too take care dear πŸ™‚

  3. love to read this πŸ™‚ sebab dpt blaja manyak menda…

    lain ibu lain cabarannya kan…lain anak satu ibu pon bnyk cabaran jugak :-p

  4. salam ina.

    gomen lama sgt2 xjenguk sini. dh lama x godek2 tenet (ada a dekat 1bln kot?). sibuk dgn keje skolah + umah. ni pn xsempat nk bace entry ina yg semmgnye-panjang-mcm-biase πŸ˜› actually, kite nk mnta maaf sbb janji nk chat ari tu. tp xsempat2 plk. nnt la insyaAllah ade ms kite msg lain,ek?
    ok ina. take the greatest care of yourself,k? mau sambung keje.

  5. Nisah,
    Tula kan. Kan best kalau benda nyer sama je n sng je sumer hehe amboi2 πŸ˜› Dh ada 1 experience pn masih xcukup kena blaja lagi. Luas sgt ilmu pregnancy ni.

    Salam Fadh. Apa citer sihat ke? Hehe its ok la tau Fadh sure tgh bz kejar dateline pe sumer. Dgr citer dh nk blk bulan 9? Biar betul Fadh! Kalau betul sedih la ntah2 sempat jmpa skali je nnt Fadh dh nk blk plak. Free2 nnt msg la ye xpun email ke. Take care gak Fadh! πŸ™‚

  6. salam akak πŸ™‚
    bila lah kan kita nak rasa perasaan ibu2 mengandung

    aish2 silalah doakan kita dpt jodoh awal
    this year dah abes belajar okeyh

    neway, selamat menjaga perut sendiri (juga perut suami)~

  7. Saffa,
    Salam Saffa. Hehehe xpe byk masa lagi. Pastikan segala impian sendiri tercapai dulu. InsyaAllah jodoh tu akan dtg punya. Allah dh tetapkan siapa n bila. Tunggu je ek sapa Mr. Right tu hehehe. U too take care dear πŸ˜€

  8. Hi!! Congrats on ur pregnancy… hope all goes well *hugs* tk care ya!

  9. Naddy,
    Hi Kak Naddy tq! Btw sorry dh lama xtinggal jejak in ur blog. Slalu baca senyap2 je hehe. U too take care always πŸ™‚

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