Quickie Update

Weekend was nice and only mundane things took place. I tried to produce an update on Saturday but it went on only halfway so now I’m gonna start again. I want to update about my pregnancy but I have many other things to ramble about first which had taken place earlier. So this entry is gonna be a mixed up of of everything.

4 Big Parcels

On Saturday I finally unpack all 4 big parcels arrived since about 3 weeks ago. I guess the very fine weather on that day had got an effect on me that revived myself with a very precious productive mood. So I didn’t waste the spirit at all. Actually the parcels were posted on the morning before we left Mesia previously during our 3 weeks holiday. Since I posted them through sea mail, the wrapper of the parcels were badly torn when they arrived. Fortunately the J*pan P*st and custom had helped repack the boxes a bit so that they were more steady during the journey to reach home. I started by clearing out all the food stocks available in the cabinets for sorting out. After that I arranged them together with the new food stocks from the 4 big parcels according to their expiry date and type. I even made the list of them so that it will be easier for me to keep track on those foods later. So that there won’t be any food hidden in the cabinet left forgotten. I can also scan each food after another so that I can use them before the expiry date arrived. Turned out as I’d expected there were many foods that have passed expiry dates and needed to be discarded and for now I have like 1 medium size box full of them. What a waste. Some foods like the dried spices for example the cinnamon stick are too large in quantity and I’m sure even until I’ll be back for good soon there will be plenty of them left. While some other foods like powder spices a few of them for example the turmeric powder have passed the expiry dates previously but I still keep them since they are still in good condition. Not only food stocks. There were also some non-food items like medications stocks. The usual things I always keep the supply are like paracetamol, axe brand oil, panadol soluble, first aid kit pack and so on. Now I can replace the ones that need to be discarded too. Besides I also posted other stuffs like lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and some other things.

Among all the stuffs to keep in stock, I also posted together with them the cengal wood tomb set which actually occupied 1 box and a half of the parcels. Now the tomb set is nicely put in the hallway to the washing area. I don’t know when are we gonna get them fixed at the cemetery. I ordered the tomb set made of cengal wood because that is much lighter to be compared using the ones made of those types of stones. I had tried lifted only the nesan of a baby cemetary size and it was so heavy. I couldn’t imagine how if we would want to bring back all the 1 set of them. So the cengal one was the best option. Somehow it still can last for more than 100 years. I think that’s more than good already because I might long be a deceased by then hehe ;P After all the doomsday might arrived soon or later so by other words nothing will last forever despite of how high resistance the tomb set I might order. But there is only thingΒ  that made me regret over the tomb set. I’d told the person to make it just like how I wanted it to be. I told her precisely the size and why I wanted it to be that way. But somehow some people really couldn’t do their work seriously. Tak boleh harap lah org M*layu ni buat keje. Kalau tak boleh buat, cakap tak boleh buat terus kan senang. I could find somebody else to make it for me. She said she didn’t make it herself but ordered it from her friend. Now I didn’t care about that because after all she did say that it can be done and took the order so she must be responsible. I didn’t want to know the excuses and whatnot. Well.. they did can do it for me but still they gave me the real set wrongly. The exact thing exceed the measurement by a few centimeters and it is intolerable. Sigh… Well… we will see how it looks like later when it get fixed at the cemetery else we need to find way to get the so hard cengal to be cut a bit. Menyusahkan org jela org yg buat kerja tak sungguh2 ni. By the time the tomb set passed to me it was already delayed from the actual date she promised so it was already too late to modify. So I just didn’t say a word. There were so much things left that I needed to settle at that time.

As an overall, all the things posted arrived in good condition. Except for the Sh*klee dish wash concentrate which spilled a little bit. Besides dozens of Sh*klee supplements and other nutrition products which I consumed everyday I love this Sh*klee stuff because for a bottle it could last for months which is very economical to me and it is very safe too since it is organic.

Ichigo Gari

On about last 3 weeks we went for strawberry picking in Takagi, about 10km from here. It was on Sunday. We went together with Nuha-chan’s family. They arrived here at about 10.00am and we left to Takagi in 2 cars right after that. Actually it was the 2nd time for me and hubby. We went for the 1st time on the Friday before that just to survey the place and all. But since we didn’t make any booking on Friday so we were directed to a smaller farm. The ichigo there was very big and some of them are a bit sour yet tasty and juicy. The ichigo too was grown on the ground so it wasn’t really that clean but everybody just kept eating so do we. I didn’t get any stomach ache after that so actually it was safe and the ichigo was quite clean to be eaten πŸ˜€ We ate until full and took some pictures. After about 1 hour and half we went home.

Big red delicious ichigo.


At the 1st farm.


Now as for the 2nd time of course it was much fun especially we went there in bigger company. Since this time we made a booking in advance so we were directed to a much bigger farm and a very nice one I must say. There were a few benches in the farm too so it was quite comfortable especially for parents with small children to have a rest or for us to rest our stomach before gobbling more ichigo πŸ˜› The ichigo also grown in throughs that is about the same level of our chest. So the ichigo was quite clean. This time in this farm, the ichigo tasted sweeter and the fruit is nicely shaped. The ichigo also mostly in 1 size and the biggest one mostly about the medium size usually sold in supa. While enjoying the highly vitamin C contained fruit, we had a great time chit chatting and I took chance holding Nuha-chan too. This thing really gotten big so fast! She weighted about 5kg and honestly my arms were cramps upon holding her for so long hehe πŸ˜› Of course it was because I never get used to it before. After satisfied with the ichigo we made way home.

At the 2nd farm.


Pinjam jap anak orang πŸ˜›


Not so riped yet.


At home we continue chit chatting and then we had a late lunch. I just made a simple chicken rice for them. Owh yes N*sah brought some fried mihun for me since I had been craving for the fried mihun cooked by his hubby. Yes, you heard me! I first ate the fried mihun cooked by Kh*irul when we went to visit N*sah and Nuha during their confinement period. So since then I had been trying to make mihun tasted just like Kh*irul’s but I never succeed.Β  Last year I was craving for nasi lemak M*ju&Maju Restaurant in USJ near PIL’s house but of course I never could make my nasi lemak tested EXACTLY like the one I ate at the restaurant πŸ˜› Even actually my nasi lemak tasted much delicious compared to the restaurant’s. Anyway thank you N*sah and Kh*irul for the tasty mihun. Sorry for all the troubles I’d caused too hehe ;P We chatted about many things and mostly about each others’ updates. At the same time, hubby and I took turns playing with N*ha. She was indeed so adorable and she has learned the art of cooing. I love cuddling her because she felt heavy in my arms and that gave such a satisfaction in hugging her: D I don’t know how to describe the feeling. Tapi best sebab dia macam sebungkus je and lembut hehe πŸ˜› Even before they left hubby and I couldn’t resist to stop kissing N*ha’s cheeks. I didn’t know that kissing a baby could be so addictive! Then at about 5.00pm they left. We had a great day on that day.

At home. Hubby at the left and Nuha’s walid at the right.



Owhhh ini pun nak citer gak! I finally have a toaster yeay! After about nearly 3 years living in a house without a toaster. I didn’t want to ask hubby to buy the toaster because I kept thinking that kesiannn banyak duit dia habis. Padahal toaster adalah sangat murah okayyy! I didn’t know why I kept feeling heavy to let hubby buy the toaster and it was such a very crucial matter to me πŸ˜› But I never hesitated if hubby wanted to buy handbags for me which of course costed more than 10 times of the toaster price πŸ˜› But anyway… on last weekend before going to sleep I said to him how I really wanted to eat toasted bread. I noticed that I really like to eat sandwich and toasted bread during both of my pregnancies. So on the next morning he woke up early to watch his movie. Then after a few hours I saw him changing his clothes. I asked him where did he want to go but he didn’t answer. Then after a while I heard him coming home and there were noises coming from the kitchen. I yelled, asking what he was doing but he didn’t answer again. By then I knew he was on something. Then finally I got up and went to the kitchen and I saw there was a cute toaster placed on the table hehehe πŸ˜€ My sudden reaction was of course, “Awww he is so sweeeeet!” but I didn’t say that to him of course. But I did say thank you and hug him while he was doing the dishes. *Mmmuahhh!* Apparently he was making breakfast for me at that time.

So… that’s all my latest updates for today. I wish to start babbling about Adik in my tummy next time.

9 Replies to “Quickie Update”

  1. hehehe, camana kite leh sama plak ni. baru gak beli toaster last week padahal dah nak masuk 4 tahun dok sini. samala asyik dok tangguh, benda lain yang mahal tak tangguh plak. apela perangai kite ni ek, nak kate boros tak jugak, nak kate kedekut pun tak jugak.. hehehe. kite ckp kat pg yang ina br beli toaster gak die gelak jek ckp entah ape2 la perangai org pompuan ni..

  2. ina,

    how are you doing? dah 4mths + kan? wuish geram tengok strawberry tuh..teringat mase beli kat sane n makan dgn icecream..perghh..dahla besa2..manis lak tuh..
    congratulations..akhirnya setelah lebih 3 thn kat sane baru dpt toaster ek..kehkehkehek..kelako la ina nih. oklah..take care ye.

  3. macam2 yer ragam orang mengandung ni,ina mengidam benda yang specific ek… kalau request pelik2 kat en hubby,mau pening dia,hahaha…
    ingatkan nak update pasal baby,tengok2 bersambung pulak…update jangan tak update,hehe…
    haa pasni boleh makan toasted bread setiap hari laa…

  4. seronoknyer pergi ichigo gari..masa pregnantkan rayyan, ichigo dah mcm makanan ruji..tiap2 hari makan ichigo..bila dpt pegi ladang..rasa cam xnk balik..hihihi..
    btw, mai pon suka toasted bread sandwich… healthy n oishii

  5. Murni,
    Haha itula kan. Benda mahal leh plak laju je beli. Toaster ni sket punya berat n syg nk kuar duit g bli. Leh tu tahan bertahun2 huhu. Bahagia la hidup kiter skrg ek dah ada toaster hehehe:P

    Hi Kak Kim. I’m doing good Alhamdulillah. Today genap 15 weeks. Itu la sedap sgt strawberry. Skrg mmg tgh musim la ni. Kene la pulun makan. Kami suka mkn cicah susu manis je. Kdg2 xcicah pun sbb mmg dh manis n strawberry kandungan gula tinggi. Hehe tq! Mmg happy sgt dah ada toaster wahaha:P

    Haah mengidam benda specific laa Fith. Diri sndiri pn geram dgn diri sndiri. Nnt nk wat entry psl ni. Sbnrnya bukanlah mengidam sgt. Mmg selama ni teringin pn. Tp bila preggy ni teringin sgt2 plak huhu. Dahla benda2 tu mmg confirm lah xde kt sini kan huhu. Tp nasib baik kali ni dh pandai control nafsu n xlayan sgt. Kalau tak mcm masa preggy yg 1st dlu siap boleh sedih amat sgt tau sbb asyik terkenang2 foods tu hehe. Tah pape je. Wokeh nnt kiter update yer;)

    Ichigo mmg best! Tp tula ichigo kecik kan so mcm mahal la compare dgn ringo ke atau buah2 lain. So mcm xpuas je mkn huhu. Masa autumn yg lepas mmg puas mkn ringo dh jd mcm mknan ruji gak. Asyik bli n mkn tanpa rasa bersalah jek. Skrg ni dh xsabar nk tggu summer sbb nk mkn corn, suika, honeydew n so on. Wah Mai sebut toasted bread sandwich rasa xsabar plak nak buat. Sgt oishi kan!:D

  6. wahh…skali sampai 4parcel tu..syok2..hehe..sama la kes kami kt cni.kekdg.pecah.sian plak nihon post la yg rajin dok pack balik barang2 tu..siap dtg umah…dia mintak maaf lg pecah2..dan dok cita..mmg pecah masa sampai nihon…–uhm.siapa layg dok baling2 tuh brang2 kt tuh eh..hehe..plus.pasal food yg da expired pon..sama gakumah ni..ader jek yg terbuang..nk makan pon takut…tp kekdg tgk elok jek lg..sayang jek..nak2 benda cam rempah ratus tu.slalu elok sj…
    ok..ina…take care…. ps:waa..ktrg xg lg ichigo gari.dah terliur2 nihsabo jekla..insyaALLAH this weekend…

  7. bestnya ade toaster baru…suke yer dia hubby dia bg surprise πŸ™‚

    jom2 nanti kita wat bbq plak :-d

  8. Awwww.. So sweeeeeeetttt.. Lucky you!

  9. heartilyina says: Reply

    Mommy Izzdanish,
    Itula kalau ada kwn2 dkt2 sini leh la share2 sama2 perabih stock tu sorg sket. Takdela membazir kan. Sayang je buang. Haa g cepat ichigo gari. Tgh peak ni mmg sedap sgt n puas hati mkn! πŸ˜€

    Alah toaster je pun. Sebelum2 ni tingin guna oven je tp bazir je byk guna letrik. Jommm kiter bbq plak! πŸ˜€

    Jiey Mien,
    Haa kalau nk handbag lagi mesti unlucky πŸ˜›

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