4th Wedding Anniversary

First and foremost I would like to say thank you so much for all the warm wishes regarding the newly spilled news in the entry below. Honestly, my reactions upon reading each and every comment was, “Please don’t say congratulations yet but please pray for me”. I know I shouldn’t have thought of it that way but I just couldn’t help it might be because I am much affected with past experience. But anyway I really appreciate it and overjoyed that you guys shared my happiness sincerely:-) Well… it’s a lie to myself if I say I’m not excited with this 2nd pregnancy but actually I am so thrilled! But yeah… this time there are so many mind boggling matters I have to go through so, that sort of killed my cheerful moods a bit. Anyway I have so many things to tell that keep pending in my mind. It is still so cold nowadays and I can’t write. Now enough about that.

Today was our 4th wedding anniversary. We celebrated it in a very simple way. Actually I was quite fatigued and hubby also was feeling quite lazy that he suggested me not to do anything. But I was thinking that it was only our 4th anniversary and if we treated the day just like any other day, then how will it be during our let say 10th anniversary in 6 years to come? Worst case scenario we might already forgotten the wedding date altogether, huh? So I better not take our anniversary day for granted.

So despite of waking up late, I still browsed for some recipes in the afternoon and finally decided to bake a moist chocolate cake and cook tomato rice for dinner. Hubby helped me in the kitchen by mostly doing all the dishes and tidying up everything. Everything went on smoothly except that there were a few hiccups. The first was due to a little technical error in handling the still warm cake, I made it cracked in the middle into 2 pieces. So there was a huge long terrain on the cake. I was pretty exhausted already that rather than hurriedly stopping the damage from worsening, I just looked at the cake until the damage was done:-P Actually while it  happened I was in the middle of transferring the cake from the cake tin into the plate. The cake was upside down while in the plate and I should transfer it into another plate hurriedly but I didn’t, so that’s when and how it took place. But I did a pretty good job covering the crack though. I just filled the chocolate topping into it, smoothed the cake surface and decorated it with some sliced almonds and colorful beads. Then the second hiccup was when I was cooking the ayam masak merah. That was the last thing to do before we could sit and eat. I wanted to saute the ingredients in the pan and told my charming assistant to put the water into the blender. But after that he straightly poured the water mixed with the leftover in the blender into the pan. He was so fast that I didn’t  manage to stop him. So I turned out a bit frustrated afraid that my ayam masak merah won’t be delicious. Then… my assistant vanished himself into the living room obviously sulking:-P

Anyway, as an overall everything turned out fine. We ate heartily after that and wishing each other “Happy Anniversary”. That was my second time making tomato rice and it was better than the last time. Except that for ayam masak merah next time I will do it more like ayam masak sambal since we like the chicken cooked that way more. Whereas for the cake, also it was my second time trying the recipe and apparently I’d forgotten how the taste was like when I first baked it. Well… the recipe was quite sweet for me and next time I’m gonna reduce the sugar 50g more. I got the recipes from here and here.

Moist Chocolate Cake


Tomato Rice


Owh not forget to mention, hubby did give a surprise for me:-D He bought a box of chocolate from the 7-El*ven and presented it to me while I was about to start cooking in the kitchen. Yeah… that really wasn’t much at all and in fact he forgotten to rip off the price tag at the back of the box which clearly stated it costed 600 Yen:-P But hey it ‘s the thought that counts;-) ** Thanks Ayang**. There were 6 pieces of chocolates in there which means each costed 100 Yen. Coincidentally it was nearly to the much raved Val*ntine’s Day so he took the opportunity to get 1 among the many chocolates specially dedicated for Val*ntine’s Day available. At least he gave me something rather than nothing. Truly, 13th February was an anniversary too for us but I shouldn’t disclose of what anniversary in here:P- Also the same went to 14th February. We met for the 1st time on 14th February 2004. We didn’t plan to make it on the Val*ntine’s Day only that he arrived Mesia from J*pan on 13th February 2004 so that’s why we met on the next day which happened to be on Saturday. Obviously I didn’t have class on that day. So… actually there were just a coincidence the anniversaries fell nearly and on the same date of Val*ntine’s Day.

The chocolate


So… there was how our 4th wedding anniversary took place. Actually I’m quite relieved that I managed to pull something out for both of us on that day instead of nothing. Since I was so fatigued and a bit nauseous on that day. Small celebration between both of us was more than enough. 4 years hmmm the marriage is still so new. But in 4 years among all the many things we had seen together, one thing that have changed tremendously since we been solemnized is the transformation of hubby’s expanding waistline and me too is going to balloon up for already the second time. Wow… that’s quite an achievement, eh? hehe:-P

I’m wishing for more happiness to come in our lives ahead and our love will always continue to grow, InsyaAllah:-)

10 Replies to “4th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. sweet 🙂

  2. sedapnye cake n nasi tomato tu.. nanti next time celebrate bertiga plak, InsyaAllah..

  3. Happy anniversary my dear…

    Walau tak pernah jumpa , but macam close to you coz akak ni ur setia silent reader…hehehe…

    Semoga Allah mudahkan semuanya..

  4. epi 4th anny babe!nway,camane celebrate tu takpe asalkan perasaan sayang & cinta antara korang sentiasa segar bugar.wahhh,mcm puisi cinta la plaks.hehe.celebrate simple pon best jugak kan!nak plak ada seprise coklat-bersama-pricetag.hihihi

    thats all!do take care of urself k!mwah.miss ya!

  5. Happy anniversary…
    nak tiru idea masakan ina lah,hehe.fith belum buat planning betul2 nak celebrate 4th anniversary kami ni.
    btw,moga bahagia selalu…

  6. amin…4th anniversary and still counting….still remember ur last anni entry , tup-tup dah 2009 nyer anni plak.

  7. omedetou!! semoga tahun nih lebih bahagia n meriah 😉

  8. happy anniversary dear..

    nak emel la.. nak tny sesuatu yg agak merunsingkan ni.. hehehe

  9. heartilyina says: Reply



    InsyaAllah harap2 macam tu lah:)

    Ummu Abrisam,
    Tq kak. Amin. Semoga dimakbulkan Allah.

    Tq! Nak hadiah! Hehe tetiba jer:P Itula yg penting ada berdua kan. Celebrate la camner2 pun jani celebrate ye tak hehe. U too take care dear. Miss u too!

    Tq Fith. Tiru jgn tak tiru. Wat simple2 pun takpe. Bukan harga jd ukuran kasih sayang kan. Yang penting maksud disebalik benda tu kan. Ehh Fith pun 4th anni ke? Bukan 5th ke?

    Tq Kak Yati. Tula sekejapan je kan masa berlalu. Hiks makin tua la maknanya tu huhu:P

    Tq for the wish. Aaa jap ni sapa ye? Ke guna nama lain ni hehe:)

    Nurul Aina,
    Tq Aina. Nway cmner cuti2 di Langkawi? hehe:)

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