I Have Moved!

Finally it really happened. Since past few weeks I had been updating my new blog but up until now I haven’t finished reediting the archives and a few widgets in the blog. But that’s not really a big deal and I’m gonna do those one by one when I feel like to. I found out that my new blog platform doesn’t support Ph*tobucket and since I used that a lot before, most of the pictures in the previous entries especially the slideshows don’t appear as how they should. This is actually the most dreading part for me because I hate to do this kind of editing. I can just ignore all the previous entries but that will not make them look nice and I hate that too. If can… I want to make everything look perfect from the beginning, at least to my eyes ;P I’m gonna still maintain this blog anyway, for me to refer to the updated blog list and I have been thinking that to turn this blog to my link list blog. Well… I haven’t really decided yet.

Anyway, I have told a few people the link of my new blog. Keep it hushhh ya! As for others I have been waiting for the right time to reveal/give it to you guys. But this doesn’t mean that the firsts been informed are more important compared to those who haven’t yet, or whatsoever okay. I even haven’t told to my best friend yet about the existing of the new blog. So please don’t feel offended at all. After all my blog isn’t that interesting or special compared to many others pun.

Actually… instead of putting the new link here… I’m thinking of to make it the other way round. Who wants my new blog URL, please leave me your email address here in this new entry so that I can give it to you. If you don’t want me to publish it, don’t worry just tell me not to. I intentionally do this because I wanted to know whether there is any other silent reader following my blog. I found some blogs whom stalks this blog (and even I do the same too hehe:P). I just think it might be nice that we could be friends. So, mind coming out from the hiding?:D To my frequent blog readers, please leave me your email address too so that I can inform everyone in one go. Senang keje.

I won’t email you the new link right away but please be patient okay. Honestly, I still gonna put the new link here but that’s gonna be ages from now;P Tataulah bila… next month?… next 6 months?… next year? hehe:D Itupun pandai2 la carik where it is hidden hehe;P

That’s all tah-tah! Leave me your email if you want to. I don’t mind at all, seriously.

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