Feels Like 16 Instead Of 26

Actually this entry has been due, but it’s never too late to tell. It was my birthday today, Friday, 23rd January 2009.  Happy birthday to me!!! Seriously with the increasing number I just can’t believe it that I’m growing old. Yeah… right duh~~~ If only it could be the other way round, eh? Anyway 26 years old really sounds old, don’t you think? I have only 4 years left before the number hits 30. And to me that’s the end of the early-adulthood phase. I still feel like I’m in the early 20 years old or maybe even less than that. Maybe because when I look myself in the mirror I don’t see myself resembles like how a 26 years person should be like.  Perasan ke? Biarkannn:P However as for the way I’m thinking… although I may look silent and  younger than I should but once I open my mouth you might be surprised of how much updated and advanced I could be… generally. But please don’t expect me to know about the latest electronic gadgets as for example:P. That’s not the field that I’m interested with and after all I’m NOT a living encyclopedia. Anyway… I’m a person with type B blood which according to J*panese blood type theory, is a curious person. So because of this I’m always hunger for more info and I wont stop until I feel satisfied or meet dead ends. So don’t judge a person by its’ cover. Diam2 saya berisi lah jugak at least. Okayyy… this has gone a bit slanted from the main topic!

Hmmm being 26 years old. Wow that’s actually quite a big number right??? I just realized it. What have I achieved so far? Despite of soo many things that I have yet to achieve especially in the matter of CAREER, still I’m proud of myself for every other things that I’d managed to get. I’d finished my studies… I got married at young age as I wished… I got married to an engineer again as I wished (although sometimes I did wish that he could turn himself to be a doctor *blink!* so that it would be easier for him to fill in the hospital form for me or a lecturer *blink!* so that he loves to read or even a gardener *blink!* so that he could maintain our compound outside without me having to nag to him every time and so on:P Eh rugi plak tak berangan kawin dengan millionaire ke kan?:P)... nevertheless I have a HANDSOME harharhar:P, loving, responsible and bla bla bla husband who completes me… I’d gotten pregnant and experienced wonderful pregnancy… I’d experienced giving birth very au naturel with the addition of ever painful induce procedure (complicated kan jadi orang pompuan ni:P)… I already had a son at least… I experienced motherhood at least even though not really in a common way most mothers gone through everyday… I’d experienced a great loss of the most beloved son which I don’t think every YOUNG parent gone through everyday… I’m being a housewife although never in my life before I imagined that this one wish of mine would actually became a reality… I’m living abroad and experiencing 4 seasons weather… I’m living in J*pan which again never in my life I thought that I would put my steps on this part of the world… I have our own home (tapi rumah sewa je la:P)… I have a car (what is his is mine :P)… I have savings though not much… I still have families and I have great family-in-law… I’m cute and satisfied with my body huahuahua!:P and so much more.

Although some of the things I had achieved went through or experienced… weren’t really the things that I’d been hoping for and if I’d been given a chance, never in my life I would choose that to happen. But those are among the colorful chapters in my life and the most precious memories to remember which of course had thought me more about the meaning of life. Anyway  as an overall these actually prove that my life is pretty CONTENTED and I should be grateful that I ‘d been chosen to follow the journey fated to me and not anyone else. Even everyone else has their own journey fated for them and I can’t ever replace them. Even though not everything I encountered along the journey are the things I favored… but well… I should accept and make the best out of it in order to survive until the day when I reach the destiny. What choice do we have as a weak human being anyway? Except to follow and strive for the best of it.

Now back to the real story. As for my birthday this time I didn’t feel like wanting to really celebrate or anything but of course I did expect at least something which proved that my birthday wasn’t forgotten by the people whom supposed to always remember. I didn’t mention anything about my birthday before the actual day arrived. Only that on one particular night I did say to hubby that I felt like wanting to eat a cake since I was feeling quite hungry at that time. I didn’t mean to hint or anything but apparently hubby thought that I was hinting it to him but still he played normal along the way. Hubby did order the cake especially for me since furthermore he though he didn’t have time to bake one like 2 years ago. By the way… to be truth, on the days before I kept feeling that there were some things going on without my acknowledgment. I’d been feeling a bit excited too since my instinct kept telling me that there was something prepared for me by him. This is because I felt fishy when I asked him things like where did he go? and what did he do? and I just could read it what was actually he had in his mind:P But I didn’t want to put hope since I wasn’t sure at all.

To cut the story short, on the Thursday night, 22nd January 2009 we went through our usual routine just like any other nights. Right after dinner we lied ourselves side by side in front of the tv watching a movie. It wasn’t a romantic movie or even a 4 stars movie to be exact. But we enjoyed the movie anyway. And there was until one scene when the guy was being sad after he had an argument with his bestfriend. He was walking along the street and suddenly he picked up a toy from the garbage bin and when he pressed the toy, it said someting like… “I love you bla bla bla” Then suddenly…

Him: Sayang, I love you.

His hands holding mine and his eyes looking at me and I nonchalantly answered him.

Me: We will see how much you really love me.

Thennn… it was the time when he said it.

Him: Happy birthday to you, Sayang.

We laughed. I pinched and pushed him while he stood up and made his way to go outside. I was already giggling and screaming slowly with my hands covering my face. I looked at the clock and it was about 5 minutes before the clock stroked 12.00am. I heard that he took something from the car and turned out it was a very cute box which contained a cake inside. He got the plate and the knife from the kitchen while I carefully took out the cake. I took like good 10 minutes just to take the picture of the cake before we could chomp it down. The cake was so cute, soft, not so sweet, chocolaty-based and delicious of course!

The cake


The cake layers


The presents


Not only that, hubby made another surprise too. He took out 2 nicely wrapped presents from his backpack. I was definitely excited to get present not only one but two! The boxes were not that big, one is a bit heavy while another was quite light. I thought that the one in the heavy box was jewelery but at the same time I thought that it was impossible because that might be expensive and it is not easy to find yellow gold sold in J*pan especially in our place. I unwrapped the presents anyway after taking the pictures of them and turned out it was Ip*d Classic 120GB in the heavy box and its casing in the lighter box! The same trick he used during my birthday last year:P I didn’t expect that I was going to get an Ipod but of course I liked it to the max. The Ipod is black in color it is indeed very smart looking. I remembered about saying to him that I also wanted an Ipod while we went to the Y*mada Denki once before we went back holidaying in Msia. We were surveying the price for a PSP duirng that evening. I wasn’t seriously saying that to him at that time but of course there is not harm getting one!:D Anyway although I might be a bit outdated compared to some of you guys who might already have even the latest gadget available, but still the one I got is the most suitable and convenient for my own use.

Mekacih Ayang Ucuk! *smooch-smooch* 😀

Unfortunately… up until now my Ipod is always nicely being stationary in the living room cabinet. I haven’t really got into the mood of making full use of the Ipod yet. Have I told you I tend to be dormant during cold whether? So, that’s why. Let’s wait for the weather to be a bit warmer. Macam polar bear plak kan? Wujud jugak rupanya org mcm ni.

Then on the next day we just stayed at home since hubby was off from work on that day. We didn’t plan anything special by the way. I did receive a few wishes from dear friends and for the whole day hubby took turn doing almost all the house chores. He prepared dinner for us on that night but of course with my assistance and guide. So… that was how my 26th birthday took place for this year. With my not so good health condition during that moment such a simple but meaningful celebration between both of us was more than enough for me. On the next day my parents called to wish. One day late than it should since they said they were busy with their stuffs and they kept procrastinating to call. I didn’t mind though because I knew they always remembered my birthday. They asked about my birthday celebration, what did I get, and so on.

Last not least, with the growing number I live my life in this world… besides all the obstacles set along my journey ahead but I wish that even more happiness will be blessed upon me and all the beloved people around me. And what is more important may Allah fated to me what is best for me and even if what I might face soon isn’t something as I expected earlier but may Allah gave me all the strengths that I need to survive. May I be a stronger person with better faith to face life ahead and may The Force will always shower me and the people around me with his guide, InsyaAllah.

6 Replies to “Feels Like 16 Instead Of 26”

  1. sedapnye cake itu. bestkan celebrated birthday berdua. tak lama lagi bertiga la tu. enjoy selagi ade mase berkepit berdue, kang kuar si kecik kene kepit kiri n kanan, sebelah en hubby n sebelah agi si comey mama..

  2. happy belated besday darling .. semoga apa yg diimpi dan didoakan diperkenankan oleh Allah … 🙂

  3. Murni,
    InsyaAllah, harap2 mcm tu lah, amin. Haah kek kalau tempah memang ler sedap n cantik. Kalau nk wat sndiri jgn ler harap nk jd mcm tu hehe. Kena asah skill dlu la:)

    Amin. Tq Yatie for all d wishes. Uhuk dh tua laaa:P

  4. salam akak
    kita yg bahagia terlebih2 dgr ur news. alhamdulillah3x

    sila mjaga diri. jaga baby and sorok2kan dia dulu, until dia dah reach dunia ni, barula kita boleh berkongsi kecomelan dia bersama2 ok.

    tengok colour blog ni je dah boleh gambarkan kematangan org yg dah 26.kiki
    akak, kita dah 23 this year.doakan jodoh kita cepat smpai ok. me pun sedang me’wishing’ untuk kawin muda.tapi 23 mcm tak berapa muda lagi.kiki!

  5. beb,epi belated beday!aritu aku dah komen.tp ilang.pc aku hang ms tu.nyampas laks.hehe…tp aku nak ckp…beday ko sama ngan ex-bf aku!tiba2 aku teringat kat dia.hahaha…dulu aku nye trademark 231267…23/01 ex-bf aku nye beday.aku 26/07…huhuhu…alahaiii…teringat kisah cinta monyet plak..hehe…

    nway,semoga ko panjang umo & murah rezeki…selamat lahirkan baby…amin…

  6. Saffa,
    Hi Saffa ok InsyaAllah akak akan cuba jaga diri sebaik2nya. Doakan akak n bb sihat slalu ye. Haha matang ke? Ntahla bosan dgn blog lama. Lgpun WordPress xleh main tukar2 template sesuka hati mcm Blogger. So pilih jela mana yg ada. InsyaAllah nnt jodoh akan smpi. Xpela Allah tahu bila yg terbaik. Yg penting jgn berhenti berharap n doa. N enjoy apa yg kiter ada skrg ni kay;)

    Tq! Wish je ke adiah mana? kehkeh. Haha sama dgn ex la plak. Maka harus la ko ingat bday aku smpi bila2 okehhh! Aku ingat hubby ko tulah 1st love ko rupanya bukan ek. Amin… tq doakan aku. InsyaAllah semoga dimakbulkan Allah:)

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