Holiday In M*sia Journal

As I promised here is my 3 weeks holiday journal in M*sia. Honestly I felt so tired already just after I finished writing and read back all from the beginning until the end. It really wasn’t a holiday as what I had imagined earlier. You should be pity of me after reading this instead of blaming me why we couldn’t meet or why didn’t I go back to visit who and who. I had tried and that was what I managed to do. Anyway, perhaps better luck for all of us next time, eh? InsyaAllah 🙂

20th Dec 08, Saturday

Left the house at about 5.20 am and took the 5.45 am bus to Ch*bu Central Airport in N*goya. The ride by bus took 2 and half hours. Once reached the airport we directly checked-in and left in S*ngapore Airlines (S*A) flight at 9.40 am. We reached Ch*ngi Airport in Singapore at 3.40 pm. We had 3 hours to kill so we walked around the duty-free area and searched the prayer room to pray. We got into our connecting S*A flight to KL at 6.45 pm and after about 55 minutes we reached M*sia *WELCOME HOME!* at 7.40 pm. After about 30 minutes only we managed to get our luggage. Long queue, that’s why. Once out, we headed to the McD and ordered 2 D*uble Pr*sperity Burger and a big C*ke. Were SHOCKED with the bill and fortunately I gave hubby enough money to pay before that. We sat there eating and going gaga with the expensive price we just paid. Then we went to the phone booth and called the PIL to come fetch us. Met hubby’s uncle at the airport while waiting. Reached home in USJ, S*bang Jaya at about 10++ pm. Hubby’s baba (grandma) was there together with his other uncle and his family. Baba came to stay there that night just because she scared she couldn’t has other chance to meet us. She was very understanding huh? Chit-chatting with the family members and had late dinner of chicken rice cooked by MIL. Got upstairs and hit the pillow only after midnight. PHEW! What a day!



21st Dec 08, Sunday


Got up early and after breakfast at home left for S*menyih (near K*jang) to my parents new house in order to meet my family. Ouh We hogged MIL’s cute car during the 3 weeks holiday, thanks Ibu! Met my parents at about 10.00 am. My auntie and her 2 children were also there. Then my uncles came with my cousin and his 2 grandchildren. Mama made my favorite laksa and I ate heartily for 3 rounds. Then at 12.00 pm Ayah needed to go back to Sg. P*tani and my brother no.3 went along to accompany him. My auntie and her children took lift with Ayah to go back to Al*r Star. We rested after that. At 2.00 pm we went out to my grandparents house also in S*menyih. Then we went to W*rta B*ngi to exchange the Yens (they gave good price rate so that’s why we went there), cash transferred the RMs also in B*ngi, went to K*jang and had satay at Haji S*muri’s. Went back to S*menyih and finally went back to USJ after Maghrib. We went out for late dinner at G*ant and we had delicious char kuew teow, cendol, cendol pulut and roti canai.

22nd Dec 08, Monday

Woke up late. Hubby went to S*mmit to buy present, a PSP for his brother. BIL went out with FIL for PLKN health check-up. Hubby managed to give PSP to BIL. Hubby’s family were going to PD for holidaying. We were the ones supposed to go with the siblings but we had to change plan during last minute. After they left, we went out to T*ipan and Business Center settling some matters at C*MB and Bank R*kyat, sent pictures CD for printing, went to pharmacy, went to eat Pr*sperity Burger again at McD and lastly went to G*ant to by some necessary stuffs. Went home and after Maghrib left to back to S*menyih.

23rd Dec, Tuesday

Hubby went to work in B*lakong. I went out with Mama and brother no.2 to K*jang. Managed to discuss and ordered the tombstones for my late son. Then we went to M*tro K*jang and did some shopping and eating. I managed to grab a blouse and a black sandal to wear on Thursday. Got a wedding to attend on that day. At night we went to my grandparents house again since Mama had something to discuss with them. Only stayed a while and got home to rest. Hubby were already waiting at the gate while we reached home.

24th Dec, Wednesday

Hubby went to work. I woke up late and rested during the whole morning. Went out again with Mama and brother to K*jang to settle some matters at the ATM machine. We went to M*tro again and did some shopping. I bought scarves to wear for a wedding tomorrow. We went home early before Asar since hubby’s family were coming from PD. They stopped to visit my grandparents who weren’t well and visited my parents’ new house then. At night I did some bank matters online and wrap wedding gifts. Hubby didn’t come home because he wanted to meet his friends then he went back to USJ instead.

25th Dec 08, Thursday

Woke up a bit early and did whatever I needed to do. Called some friends and discussed for meeting up. Hubby reached and we left at about 12.00 pm for my friend’s wedding in Sg. Bul*h. However we were SO LOST and at 2.00 pm we still couldn’t find the place so we decided to go home. Were so tensed, hungry and tired. Stopped to buy some keropok lekor near house and reached home. Mama and brother made big fussed out of it DUH!~~~ At night hubby went out to meet his friend.

26th Dec 08, Friday

We left house before noon and hubby left me with my friend who was waiting at W*rta B*ngi. Hubby needed to go back to USJ to settle something with the newly bought PSP since BIL called him telling something was wrong. My friend, F*z brought me to K*CC and we met another friend Ang*h there. We did some catch-ups. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so well and vomited like no body’s business. Went in and out of the toilet non-stopped. I called hubby but no answer. Still I managed to leave message to SIL no.1. We decided that F*z brought me back to her house first since I didn’t want to trouble her much though she didn’t mind. I vomited at the lift and in the car. Fortunately I had a plastic bag with me. A HUGE one duh~~~. Suddenly hubby called back so we decided that F*z sent me to The G*rdens and hubby waited for me there. Finally I was relieved to be with hubby and he brought me home to S*menyih. Apparently it was because of yesterday’s lost episode that my body got full of winds due to late lunch. Ayah and brother no.3 came back from Sg. P*tani.

27th Dec 08, Saturday








Attended hubby’s friend wedding in B*ngi during the noon. Met Km* there and doing some updates with her about many things. Last time I met her when she was still staying in M*e-ken. Spent quite some times there then went to a mosque in B*ngi to pray. Then went to P*NS Bangi to kill some times. I bought a few books and a scarf there. Had the scarf changed at the shop. Then went back to the mosque for Maghrib prayer and after that waited for my family to come. Then they lead the way to a seafood restaurant in B*ngi. Had some bonding times and we took many pictures. Actually Ayah planned to treat us so that’s why he planned for the eating out but I secretly gave some money to brother no.3 to pass the money to Mama. I insisted to treat them instead since we got no chance do to that anymore after that. My family left and we went to P*trajaya to attend MIL’s family gathering. We met almost all hubby’s uncles and aunties, some cousins and his Baba (grandma) again. Baba made beryani but unfortunately we were already stuffed. We were the last to reach but the first to leave. Reached S*menyih after midnight.

28th Dec 08, Sunday

Woke up late. After the noon the trailer bringing my parents stuffs from previous home in S*bah came. So everybody including hubby were busy moving in the stuffs. Most of them were teak furniture which were heavy and huge. However, I on the other hand was busy ticking and checking each thing’s label besides complaining together with my mom 😛 My mom was busy searching for the damages on her teaks while my brother was busy capturing pictures as proofs to claim. Then everybody hurriedly made themselves since we got dinner with hubby’s family in USJ. We left home after Maghrib and reached there by Isya’. MIL ordered a kind of rice (Ar*bian foods) and it was very nice especially the chicken. I was able to eat much and was really happy to be able to stuff my tummy 😀 We left at about 11.00 pm.

29th Dec 08, Monday



Just rested at home. In the evening after Asar we went to L*CT by 2 cars to send my parents. They were going back to S*bah to settle some stuffs and Mama needed to go to school. She hasn’t got transfer letter yet so that’s why she was stranded in S*bah. Then brother no.1 brought me, brother no.2 and no.3 to Al*manda. We roamed around before we finally decided to eat steamboat at J*hny’s. Well, it was nice but not that superb. But still it was worth the money, really. We were stuffed! After that we went home and reached nearly midnight. Ouh before that we bought B*g Apple doughnuts.

30th Dec 08, Tuesday

We should be back to USJ but suddenly it was scheduled blacked out until evening on that day. So hubby and I brought brother no.2 and no.3 for lunch at a M*mak’s restaurant near house then we decided to bring them to Al*manda again. We watched movie B*dtime Stories, bought some doughnuts at B*g Apple again and went home. Hubby and I left to go back to USJ right after Maghrib and brought back some of the doughnuts.

31st Dec 08, Wednesday

We went out to G*ant to buy all the food stocks and other stuffs. We also picked up the pictures that we sent for printing. At night I just rested and hubby went out to meet his friends until midnight.

1st Jan 08, Thursday

We had breakfast at a restaurant which served superb murtabak. Actually their murtabak is glamor in S*pore and the restaurant is one of their branch in M*sia. Then hubby and I brought all 3 SILs to M*dValley for some bonding time. Or else we wouldn’t have any other time to do that anymore. Once reached I did some fast shopping with hubby and SILs helps. Pil also came after that. Then at 12.00 pm I met 3 of my friends and we had some chit-chat at the B*g Apple. While hubby and his family went to do other stuffs like searching new school shoes and uniform but they couldn’t find the ones they wanted there. Hubby also brought them to buy things they wanted like casual shoes from Cr*cs, a pair of working shoes and blouse for SIL no.1 and so on. At 2.00 pm I went to pray and and then met another friend Kak *s and her hubby. I called hubby so he left SILs with PIL and he tagged along. We had a short chat at the food court before decided to leave. Then I accompanied hubby to search for his new wallet, went to pray and met SILs in front of GSC. We went to much M*lay movie, Br*inScan. Then after that we straightly went home. Late at night my brother no.1 fetched me since we needed to fetch Ayah at L*CT. Supposedly I went with hubby but we had a slight change of plan.

2nd Jan 08, Friday



After Friday prayer hubby came to S*menyih with SIL no.2 and no.3 to fetch me. We needed to check-in to P*lace of G*lden H*rses as guests. PIL joined an investment thingy so they booked the place 1 night for free. We were a bit lost and only reached the hotel at about 5.00 pm. The place was awesome! But I was already in the bad mood. We both were. So I just laid and slept in bed before hubby managed to coax me after he took SILs for a walked around the hotel. At night we went to The M*nes and had dinner there at K*nny Rogers. Managed to grab a new shirt for hubby. Then we went back to hotel since the shopping complex was already closing. We redeemed our welcome drinks at the hotel and had some sweet times taking pictures and listening to some people karaoke-ing. And not to forget laughing over them for their voice were not soothing at all. After that we went out and walked around the hotel compound and took some pictures again. Finally we went back into our rooms and called it the end of the day.

3rd Jan 08, Saturday



PIL came in the morning and brought us breakfasts. We took some pictures inside the rooms and also outside the rooms. Then we checked out. PIL brought SILs back to USJ while hubby and I went back to S*menyih since ayah was supposed to go back to Sg. P*tani. But once I reached home I got to know that Ayah was not well. So… I stayed there to take care of ayah and hubby left to USJ in the evening. Brother no. 2 and no. 3 were also at home. P*k L*ng (Ayah’s brother) came with his wife and son to visit Ayah. They were from L*ngkawi and came to KL to send their son to his college. At night after coming home from work brother no. 1 and no.3 brought Ayah to the clinic.

4th Jan 08, Sunday

Ayah was already getting better. He went out to wash his car in the morning. Then he packed all his stuffs to bring back. In the evening brother no.1 told that he wanted to drive Ayah to Sg. P*tani since ayah wasn’t actually really well. So they left at about 10.00 pm. Brother no.3 also went along since he needed to go to his new school already. Hubby came that night.

5th Jan 08, Tuesday

We woke up late. We brought Brother no.2 for lunch at a M*mak*s restaurant. After sending brother no. 2 then we went to M*tro K*jang. I did facial there at L*onard Drake. They use D*rmalogica products. But I will not go there anymore after this since I think I had been scammed. I didn’t mind to pay more but their service was really not worth the money I paid. Well… I learned my lesson well. We headed straight back to USJ. Hubby got severe headaches so he was fast asleep right after Maghrib. I got to know that might be I needed to fetch my brother no.1 from the P*duraya during midnight if he arrived KL very late. When it was already 11.00 pm I told him that we were gonna fetch him and we left the house at 1.30 am. We reached P*du at about 2.00 am and then reached S*menyih at about 2.30 am.

6th Jan 08, Tuesday

Brother no.1 went to work. We went back to USJ in the morning. After Zohor we went out again since I needed to settle some bank matters. Turned out it would take some more times so I just gave up and left them there. Hubby and I discussed on some monetary matters and the decisions made. In the evening hubby and I went for body massage at T*ipan for an hour session. MIL sent us there. We were massaged by blind people. We felt good right after being massaged. At night we went to G*ant since SIL no.1 wanted to treat us for dinner. We ate delicious nasi beryani. right after that hubby and I we went to a specialist clinic accompanied by MIL.

7th Dec 08, Wednesday

In the morning we were busy packing things to be posted. Right after Zohor we went out to Giant to post the stuffs but there were so many people. So instead, we decided to shop for some other stuffs left that we couldn’t find earlier. Then we straightly went to Sh*h Alam to meet A*nul. She was down with fever so we met at her house. While hubby went resting himself at a restaurant. Did some updates with A*nul then we went to a pasar malam nearby. Hubby also accompanied us. After that I ate the meehun soto I bought at A*inul’s house and after prayer I left. Hubby waited for me in the car eating the foods he bought and left to the mosque nearby to pray. At about 8.00 pm we went to P*NS Sh*h Alam to meet my cousin. Before that I managed to do express scarves shopping at a shop. Had some updates with my cousin at the K*C. Then we decided to leave. We reached home at about nearly 10.00 pm. I continued eating all the foods I bought at the pasar malam. There were putu bambu, nasi kerabu, mata kucing, rambutan, belimbing, jambu air, ayam percik and keropok lekor. I tasted each of the foods but didn’t manage to finish my portion. My appetite wasn’t so good that night even though I was feeling quite hungry.

8th Dec 08, Thursday

In the morning we went out to Armc*rp Mall. I managed to buy a story book. Then we rushed to M*dValley. Only managed to have lunch at food court. I had T-bone steak but it wasn’t that delicious compared the last time I had it 2 years ago. Managed to visit P*t Wonderlands, my favorite place. Then met Az*ra at food court then continued by meeting Sh*hrul at the same place. At about 2.00 pm hubby and I decided to go home. PIL was out once we reached home. Managed to rest for a while. At about 4.00 pm we went out together with PIL to T*ras Jernang B*ngi. Stopped for Asar prayer at T*ras Jernang then straightly went to pick up the tombstones I ordered for my baby. After that we went to visit hubby’s uncle (FIL’s brother) who had just gone trough bypass operation. Right before Isya we left and stopped P*pa Chops M*ma Grills and had some late dinner. FIL wanted to treat us but hubby insisted he wanted to pay since we had no other time left to treat them. Hubby went to meet his friend while I followed PIL and went home.

9th Dec 08, Friday

In the morning were busy packing for some other stuffs left that needed to be posted especially the tombstones. So totally, we had 4 big parcels to send to J*pan. Also I had some 7 other smaller parcels for friends all around S*ngor and KL. In the afternoon I was just busy doing laundry and packing our bags. MIL helped too. At night MIL made delicious chicken rice for dinner.

10th Dec 08, Saturday

We woke up early and had breakfast at M*ju & M*ju Restaurant, my favorite restaurant. We had roti canai and teh tarik. I also took away some idli. After that we went back to S*menyih. Met Mama who arrived from S*bah on Thursday night. We went to visit my grandparents for the last time and also P*k L*ng’s family at his home. It was just a short visit then we went back to S*menyih right after that. Then after Zohor we rushed back to USJ. Had pizza for lunch bought from P*zza H*t nearny the house. Then I continued packing our stuffs until settled. Hubby went out to cut his hair. While I rested for a while and made ourselves readied after Asar. Before that right after lunch PIL went out to Sh*h Alam to see SIL no.2 at her hostel. She was having a fever and apparently it was her birthday on that day so they brought along the pizza for her too. Then at about 5.30 pm we left the house for K*IA. MIL didn’t come along. Only FIL and SIL no.1 and no 3 followed us. Met MAMa and brother no.1 and no.2 there. Also met Kak *s for a while since she wanted to give me something. Unfortunately too I was really not well at that time might be because of the constant rush. Anyway our luggage was overweight but fortunately the flight wasn’t full so we passed. Just after Maghrib we bid goodbye to everyone and got into our S*A flight which scheduled to take off at 8.30 pm. We reached S*pore at 9.25 pm and waited for our connecting S*A flight at 1.00 am.

11th Dec 08, Saturday

Reached Ch*bu Cental Airport at 8.15 am. We were the last to check out since I took long time being in the toilet recharging myself. The halls were deserted I think because there were not many flights landing at that time. And we were the last persons to claim the luggage and pass the immigration. I was stuck at the immigration counter since the scanner couldn’t take my finger print. My right hand peeled off badly. So almost every immigration officers who obviously didn’t have work to do were busy looking at me 😛 Then again since we were the last to pass the immigration inspection, the officers decided to check one of our luggage. So they discovered the soy sauce bottles which they thought were sake harharhar:P and the oyster sauce bottles too. They checked every corner of the bag as if finding any hidden compartments. Yeah I understood that they were just boring and trying to find some works to do. So we just let them did whatever they wished. Not that we could stop them though, anyway 😛 Then we boarded a train to bus station. We got the 10.00 am bus and reached I*da City at about 12.00 pm. N*miki-san fetched us with our car and we finally reached home at about 12.30 pm. Afterward then only we had the real ‘holiday’ at our very home sweet home.

Huh…. what a holiday!

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  1. alahai sgt teruja tgk donut big apple tu.. bestnye balik, rindunye nak balik!!

  2. murni,
    mmg teruja. skrg pun dok teringat2 ni huhu sadis!

  3. ina..cantek2 nye baju ina. (errr..nk puji tuan nye bdn pn cantek juge xbole sbb xde muka..hihihihi)

  4. Chiput,
    Ada2 jelah Fadh ni. Tp org dh puji kenalah terima kehkehkeh:D Tq! Baju murah je tu bli kt Jusco Midval masa sale aritu. Tgk byk kali rasa mcm bdk2 plak pakai cenggitu huhu. Alah Fadh tu apa krg nya makin ramping kiter tgk:D Kiter ni nnt kena ganbatte kuruskan bdn lagi skali la hehe:P

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