Officially The First

Officially this is my first post in this new blog and I’m glad that I finally made it happened! I haven’t finished yet reorganizing the blog and re-editing the archives but those works are gonna take some times especially for the fact that I had been procrastinating for already soo long, so I better start with the updating first. Actually the weather is the major factor affecting much with whatever I’m doing 24-7 daily. As you know, it is winter now and most of the times it is so cold to be in front of this pc. How I wished we have a laptop in the house 😛 The heater and kotatsu are located behind me thus its is hard to keep my feet warm. My feet have the least resistance to the cold weather and even if I wear socks that doesn’t help much either. Behind the pc, the view which I’m facing now is where a huge traditional J*panese house window located it. So obviously the cool air somewhat comes from there. Fortunately it is very sunny today so the weather is so  comfortable that I don’t have to wear my beanie and I’m only wearing 1 sweater instead of 2 as usual.

By the way this year’s winter in M*atsukawa-chou which is located at the lower part of N*gano-ken hadn’t seen much snow compared to last year and the year before. Hubby said to me as what the locals said to him actually we were lucky to witness bountiful of snow during the last 2 winters. That were a bit extraordinary since usually this part of N*gano doesn’t get snow falling so often and much like that. Well I found myself hard to believe. I wish there was more snow but with the condition of the weather now it seems like the snowing season in here has already come to an end. I believed the snow could become quite thick if it weren’t starting to become rain in the middle of the falling. This year I saw that the snow usually started with sleet followed by real snow but back to sleet again and lastly ended with non-stopped raining. I’m jealous with you guys who are residing in the west J*pan especially beside the coastline. You guys got a lot of snow right? Yeah, lucky you! 😛 I only managed to play with the snow once after I got back from holidaying in M*sia. Apparently 3 days before that the village got the snow falling heavily. So we came home witnessing a lot of white and hard snow all around the house compound. During last 2 years the snow would be very bountiful at the end of J*nuary until early February. But this time for the first time I’m gonna be celebrating my birthday with NO TRACES (yeah I’m exaggerating) of snow. Yup I’m getting older real soon!

Now I better stopped being gaga with the snow already. So… that’s it the first entry in the new blog. More exciting stories to come soon!

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