I’m Back Home Safe & Sound

We reached our home sweet home on last Sunday, 11th January 2009 at about 12.30 p.m after 22 days PACKED holidays in Mesia. Our holidays seemed to turn out not as what we imagined and wished earlier obviously due to the short holidays and even far from reaching our expectation. Yes, 22 days IS a very LITTLE time to do everything we needed and wanted to do. But somehow Alhamdulillah we managed to settle almost all the important stuffs within the short time frame and of course we were happy and enjoyed our holidays to the max nevertheless.

Despite of that, we sacrificed alot on our own plans in order to consider more on the families. We were happy if they were happy, so that’s why. If only it could be prolonged to be a 3 months holidays instead of 3 weeks, I would definitely say SATISFIED already. However gotten to meet all the beloved ones back home was far more priceless moments rather than whining over what I didn’t manage to do or EAT or where I didn’t get the chance to go. Unfortunately we didn’ get to meet EVERY important persons in the families (there were a few numbers of them) though to be exact due to the distance and obviously the short staying (again). But we pray for longevity to all of them and us so that perhaps we can meet up finally someday, InsyaAllah.

What more to meet ALL of my friends since I needed to give more priority to the families first. I only managed to steal some moments to meet a few friends. Even that were done in the same time when I was on other missions for example meeting my friends while doing my own express shopping and bringing my SILs together for some bonding times. That’s in other words is 3 in 1. If I didn’t do it that way, there would be no more other time left to do each of the said things. I’m so sorry to those whom I had promised to meet up, to whom who wanted to meet me and to whom I didn’t contact at all. I did try to organize so that I could squeeze some times for you guys but I just couldn’t. So please forgive me. Perhaps there will be next time for us someday. We can’t ask for EVERYONE to understand but to those who do… thank you very much.

Anyway… due to the hectic schedule, I can remember everything I do for all the 22 days holidays in Mesia. I’m gonna write a journal of the holidays soon so that you can see how busy we were that at the end of the day (EVERYDAY!) by 9.00 p.m we were already knackered and just couldn’t wait to hit the pillow. But… we could only storm the bedroom usually by midnight and feeling dragged for tomorrow to come! We woke up early on next morning at like 8.00 a.m (had to) and the latest was 10.30 a.m (couldn’t help ourselves already) and started the day which full with new agendas waiting to be carried out.

Now I’m home… and I have almost nothing to rush for. I already feeling boring, lonely and empty on the Sunday night, only hours we reached home. It was so much felt that way perhaps because of the drastic transition of vast different situations. But I knew the feeling not gonna last long. I’m happy to be back home again where everything seems normal, serene and peaceful as before (but so COLD and everything is WHITE arghhh!)… where there are only me, him and the life around us to revolve about everyday. Life is simpler and more laidback in here. So now I can have all the rests and time for peace of mind as much as I need 🙂

Last but not least there were so many things that have been happening in our lives lately. Well… after all 2008 held so many major circumstances in our lives… full with both laughters and tears. I’m wishing for more happiness to come in 2009 and we (hubby and I) will be a better us with stronger faith and patience from day to day, InsyaAllah. Anyway I will be back with more stories perhaps soon. But not in here. It’s gonna be in my new blog. I’m now in my process of editing and reorganizing everything in the new blog and I will definitely meet you guys there… when I’m ready 🙂

I think I have had enough to be within this blog. I need a new escapade and of course a new spirit thus that’s why I need a new platform.

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