I’m Tired But Eager :)

I always feel very excited and can’t wait to update the blog whenever I have interesting things to blog about. But unfortunately sometimes when I already reached the middle of the entry, suddenly the mood faded away. That’s the time when I would hit the ‘save now’ button and logged out right away. This cause me to always have a few drafts in my folder and usually… most of them would be gone obviously because I would delete them right after I logged in again later. This entry is also one of them but fortunately I didn’t decide to make it vanish so now I’m doing some editing and updating on it ;P

Anyway I’m quite tired today. In fact since last weekend my days have been pretty occupied in a row. I have just done with about 85% of packing the luggage and spring cleaning the house. Now my shoulder is aching and I will have to ask hubby to massage me again tonight. Today’s weather isn’t really sunny and it was drizzling early in the morning. So now there are damp clothes hanged all over the wall and the hall smells laundry detergent. Perhaps tomorrow the weather is going to be fine since I really want our little crib to be left in a perfect condition. By the way last night I had a nightmare of kids being chased by adults and once the kids captured, they were physically torched violently. The dream was really terrifying and it was vivid too! I hate vivid dreams and I still have them every once in a while up until now. It started once I got pregnant before… and if you don’t know vivid dreams is also one among the many pregnancy symptoms. So… I’m quite knackered already by now since I was busy running for my life and witnessing blood spattered everywhere. Luckily I wasn’t slaughtered though because I suddenly woke up with my heart pounding very fast and my mouth kept reciting all the prayers came across my mind. Glad that I had been saved ;P Memang boleh buat filem lah mimpi tu!

Actually it shouldn’t be that hard in preparing to go back soon. But it is kind of my habit to clean up everything from scrubbing the toilet to washing the teddy bears whenever I’m going to leave the house even for a night. I really mean it everything… no any corners in the house is excluded. You have the idea right? So that’s why I’m pretty occupied during these past few days and I’m soo tired!!! Arghhh!!! Hubby said that why I should take all the troubles myself and during his time he cleaned up the house too but it didn’t have to be like the idea of my house-cleaning. But I replied that he should be grateful that I wanted to ensure the house to be in great condition so he actually should be supporting and making things easy for me but not questioning me instead ;P ;P ;P Anyway my idea of perfect house cleaning includes cleaning the kitchen clothes to opening new air freshener to rearranging everything back to its’ supposed positions to cleaning up the fridge to checking the food stocks to picking up EVERY STRAND OF HAIR I found lying on the floor and so on heeeee~~~ ;P

However… I had quite an interesting thing happened last weekend. On Friday hubby had party and he came back quite late. So I slept late too upon waiting him to come home. While on Saturday we went to visit our friends in M*tsumoto since they just welcomed their first bundle of joy on last 3rd December. We arrived there at about 2.00 pm, left at about 4.15 pm and finally reached home at about 5.45 pm. Our distance is quite far from each other you see… but truly they are the nearest M*lay couple to us. We brought along some of our still new and unused baby stuffs because I thought we don’t know when we will be having a baby again plus some of the things couldn’t be kept for so long. So I better gave to them whatever could be given so that they can make full use of the stuffs. Not forgetting that we brought a few presents especially for the little one too which we bought like a month ago? before the baby actually popped out from he mom’s tummy 😀 As an overall I hope they like the very humble gifts from us.

This is what’s interesting 😀 Owh it’s a baby girl and she was soo adorable that hubby and I took turn to cuddle and kiss her! ;D At first we were scared to hold her in our arms but after seeing her parents doing it then we got confident a bit. And to N*sah if you are reading this… we were actually quite dragged to leave because we were already addicted to N*ha-chan! 😀 Fortunately we are not living that close or else I would be knocking on their door every there and then! N*ha-chan we definitely miss u lots! Hope we will meet up again some times soon. Please don’t grow up too fast okay because it weren’t enough for us seeing the fresh-out-of-the-oven you! 😀 To N*sah and hubby thanks for having us and sorry too that we been there for quite a long hours, 2 hours and half to be exact and actually constantly HOGGED N*ha-chan which came much to her annoyance. If only she could speak surely she would say, “Ummi walid please save me!”. Hihihi gomen-ne N*ha-chan ;P Then on Sunday was the day we started doing spring cleaning in the house.

Now on another matter… actually it has been quite some times I have been thinking about moving to a new blog. I started pondering about this since months ago. As much as I love Bl*gger but I think I’m starting to feel boring within the medium. I want a new platform.. with a new environtment which eventually will rejuvenate me more to blog. Plus lately I have came across a few blogs which mentioned about Bl*gger blogs beeing suddenly disappeared. So… I think maybe I shouldn’t procrastinate any more longer and moved already, should I? What do you think… should I or should I not? Honestly… I’m thinking to use W*rdpress because it has the private protected entry function. I think that’s cool. Although I don’t actually write everything regarding my life in the blog but sometimes I like to hide a few things I wished to write. That’s why I named the blog The L*ttle S*cret at the first place because I just spilled only a few shareable secret (not really) with public. Like in Bl*gger now… it doesn’t offer such function thus I can’t filter the readers for some particular entries. Some times I don’t feel like sharing the story with EVERYone because… ntahla… saje ngengada ;P Again… although I don’t actually write very personal things in the blog. What you read in my blog are only about 20% revelation from my real life. Even some things sometimes I needed to edit a bit for example kalau tak marah I’m going to write it macam marah sangat2 or kalau sedih I’m going to write it macam gembira je including sometimes exaggerating alot ;P and etc.

By the way I think this is gonna be my last entry for this year. I’m not sure whether I will blog once I reached home soon. If I have the kerajinan then you will be able to read my new updates. But I think I would rather fill my times filling up my tummy with glorious foods *perghhh!* rather than updating the blog ;P This also might be my last entry in this blog. I might have moved after this. Who wants my new link? ;P I’m gonna tell to anyone who wants but I warn you it is not in closest times to come since I want to organize and edit my new blog first. But… the whole idea of moving might also not happen. I haven’t really decided yet actually.

So… anyway I want to wish everyone Happy N*w Year 2009 and happy holidaying. We will be going back on this Saturday and I’m praying for our safe and smooth journey N*goya-KL-N*goya InsyaAllah. Please pray for us too okay 🙂 We will be boarding S*IA so we are going to transit in S*pore. That will be about if I’m not mistaken 10 or 11 hours dreading journey sighhh~~~ 🙁

Lastly… as usual here are pictures of what I managed to cook previously. And… I definitely gonna TEMPEK all the pictures of delectable foods I will be having soon buat tatapan kawan2 ku tercinta di N*hon. Don’t worry I’m gonna eat for you guys. *evil grin!* Silalah menangis sekarang ;P ;P ;P

Jya mata!

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